「絶望を斬る」 (Zetsubou wo Kiru)
“Kill the Despair”

Just when I thought things couldn’t look any more grim, they do. I don’t normally cry watching anime, but I nearly did this week.
And I say almost because that romantic subplot just seems to manifest itself out of thin air. Nonetheless, I am still sad. I wasn’t a huge Mine fan in the beginning, but I started warming up to her once a lot of the original cast members were killed off. Her situation with Seryu was also an interesting one and I loved seeing them finally get a confrontation a few episodes back. As much as I love her as an individual though, I haven’t completely warmed up to the fact that she and Tatsumi are ”a thing”. And maybe they’re not! But I refuse to believe that Akame ga Kill is meant to be a harem (and also reading some spoilers, it’s clear that it’s not) so it’s a shame that this ship was so short lived. Although I don’t really care for Tatsumi either way, I very much appreciate how he’s not paired up with Akame and instead, he chooses a secondary character. I also love these types of pairings because I’m a huge fan of underdogs and to me, Mine is an underdog. As brief as their romantic encounter was, at least there’s some sort of romance inclusion at all in the show.

I wasn’t expecting Mine to die because… well I’ve read spoilers (and if you’re reading the manga, please remember to keep everything in spoiler tags; I feel like the readers have been a fantastic job of it thus far so keep it up. Yay for amazing readers!). The shock hit me pretty hard given all my love for her so I was close to shedding a tear or two. I imagine that a lot of people may be unsatisfied with this ending though because it guarantees that we’ve derailed the anime into an alternative ending. The manga and anime are worlds apart now and being a non-manga-reader myself, the ending is seemingly very rushed. I’m not sure if these are the intentions of the mangaka, but with everyone dropping like flies and characters lacking development, I think the anime writers are just trying to conclude it. Period. It almost feels like they got tired of following the manga after given direction that it’s going to be an anime-original ending so they thought, “Well they have to die eventually!” Unfortunately, this also means that we get a lot of short-lived plotlines and characters – like Budou and Shura who were both written off in consecutive episodes after being introduced. This time could’ve been much better spent expanding on Mine and Tatsumi’s relationship or even Kurome and the Jaegers.

Speaking of Jaegers, Esdeath has certainty proved herself this week. That was one spoiler that I managed to avoid so it was a shocker to see her “special ability” to freeze time, literally. No offense, but I don’t really see how the two are connected in a scientific matter… but hey! I learned not to question the world of anime much. It was still pretty awesome to see both Susanoo and Esdeath forced to use their special abilities though and provided a side show to Mine and Budou’s combat (even if I thought the latter was the better showdown). That also means that Esdeath is even MORE overpowered than before and it leads me to believe that she will live to see the end of the series. I feel bad for Susanoo for being left behind but I find his sacrifice a worthwhile one for the team. As much as I love the guy (even if he’s not human), I spotted his death flags a mile away.

With the end of this episode, it leaves two less individuals on the Night Raid team and next week… it’s no secret that Kurome is probably the next to go. I don’t know how that’s supposed to tie to the plot since the Jaegers have been pretty much sidelined lately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the goal is to just kill off more characters by the finale. At this rate, the show has lost a lot of continuity jumping around between these plotlines; I’d be satisfied just seeing the Prime Minister stabbed by the end of the series. The pending finale is appearing less and less appealing to me as all my reasons for watching are being killed off one by one. Please don’t just kill off more characters for the sake of it! There’s still a month of the series left!

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: What an emotional episode for #AkamegaKill. I think I’m on the verge of tears myself =( I wasn’t expecting such losses so early! And by so early I mean, we still have a month left T_T Nooooo… I feel so utterly depressed after this one.

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Author’s Note: Since there’s probably going to be a lack of a formal announcement, I thought I’d make a small note here that it is officially RandomC’s 10th Anniversary today! On Nov. 24th, 2004, Omni started this blog as a venue for him to talk about anime/manga and stuff… and today, we are a full community of anime viewers sharing a common interest. It’s been a full decade already, and regardless if you’ve been with us for a day or all 10 years, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the staff and myself for visiting our site. You’ve helped make it what it is today and we only hope that we can continue running this site for another 10+ years. We love you all =)




    1. about the time freezing, all the particles will theoretically be frozen if all the energy are drained from them, such as with an ice spell(which creates ice by draining thermal energy from water). everything won’t be able to move, so effectively the time will look like frozen.

    2. https://randomc.net/image/Akame%20ga%20Kill/Akame%20ga%20Kill%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
      “my love, let us escape and make a baby together.” Would have been a nice thing to hear rather than Esdeath wanting to be the executioner of Tatsumi. T_T her loyalty to the fat prime minister, more rather her sadism, is probably the only thing that love can never conquer.

      Unless there is a different outcome in the manga and anime, where Esdeath possibly actually follow her feelings of love, then it is tempting to see what the manga has.

  1. Placing my bet now, everyone except Akame dies.

    Damnit Mine, what did I tell you about raising those death flags last week! Though I was expecting her to get killed by Esdeath going full yandere when she showed up…

    1. Akame and Tatsumi should survive, I consider them both the main characters even if Tatsumi’s name isn’t in the title. I didn’t think it was possible before, but its true; the others have a high chance of dying in this anime original: Najenda is weakened and Leone is getting knocked out in every fight; the Jaegars that still remain are beyond her league I think. Still waiting for some Wave fights though, we only got to see the dude battle once against Tatsumi.

    1. I’ve never seen, in all of my life, an anime original ending that deviates from the manga that ends up being good -.-‘ Since the days of Claymore that those endings are carved in my mind #SUCKS #OH.GOD.WHY
      You can pinpoint the time where this show, who was one of the best of the season, started shooting itself on the foot, exactly when it decided to be original. The characters start taking stupid decisions, there are continuity issues, vilains appear and disappear in the blink of an eye…
      This is going through the road that Claymore followed…
      All Hail to the Manga, seems i’ll be picking up another one 🙂

      1. Th first FMA would be my only exception for me to the rule because the deviated from the manga early on. I can’t say it was better then the manga though. lol

        I’ve seen to may anime that try to do a rush ending in 2 episodes. KaraKono and Pandora Hearts where both cringe worthy. (With Pandora Hearts finish up I would love to see that one get fully animated. *_* )

  2. Oh well, at least this is kind of like an “alternate route” of sorts, and the “true route” is the manga road. They might as well kill Akame for the lol’s since it’s not following the manga anymore (half kidding). Still a pretty entertaining ride regardless, but the recent episodes have been going at some insane speed, i can’t even begin to point out how much stuff they crammed in this episode. Budou fights for like 3 minutes and dies, tatsumi talks to esdeathe, esdeathe uses her ultimate move, najenda uses up most of her lifeforce, suoh does some cool stuff and dies, and then mine dies. It was actually going very smoothly up until mine’s fight with justice dog girl :O

  3. If they followed the manga,these episodes would have made more sense. Everything just lost part of its depth when they derailed all sense of continuity. Mine was more badass in the manga by the way, so sad we didn’t get to see that one. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. But Mine had more reasons to be badass in the manga:
      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I dropped this show around episode 14 but decided to pick it back up since the captions on randomC looked interesting. I was really enjoying the show til Lubbock got killed. Then Mine follows him an episode later 🙁

    Kinda of pissed. Even Urobutcher doesn’t go this hard does he? We ain’t got hardly anyone left by now.

    Rick Anime
  5. I have to say I wasn’t too fond of Mine and the whole Tatsumi x Mine “thing”. She was pretty much my least favorite character in Night Raid so I am not too sad to see her gone, but the story feels pretty rushed at this point. I guess that is to be expected with alternative ending coming up in the anime, but it would be more satisfying if they had more time for it. Besides that I like the idea of the anime having an different ending. Makes me more interested in reading the manga. Besides the fact that “Tatsumi x Mine” apparently is a thing there too.

    1. Thank you! =)
      I can’t really “spoil” anything since I can’t foreshadow the future but…
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I pretty much doubt that this will spoil the manga. In fact, if you are right the author was involved in the anime ending, even less so. It means that the anime can’t spoil the manga even by coincidence, since the author knows what will happen in both and change things accordingly.

      1. Thank you Cherry, I have been here since the beginning eve-though. I don’t comment very often, I like to read different points of view about the shows I enjoy watching that way I have more to say when I recommend them.

      1. Hmmm, it does make a sense but dropping here can also have a sense particularly that the anime version looks now relatively closer to the manga. I think as of now the manga’s pacing is much better than the anime itself considering the facts that a lot of detailed scenes were removed so dropping here as early as possible will remove the possibility of irritating yourself from a trainwreck ending.

      2. They left out/changed too much for me. The thing is that at teh start it was a very good adaptation in my eyes, but the details left out on some characters and scenes are now too much for me.

        I can now only see it as an alternative version while i was enjoying it as a good adaption at first 🙁

        Will probably watch it whole, when the manga is done, but for now i don’t want to see how it deviates from the manga.

        Just dissapointed, that’s all :/

  6. Jeez haddent seen that coming esdeath walks out unscathed as usual and another character of the nightraid dies.

    I know the nightraid are taking alot of risk and all that but still the anime makes them rather drop like flies and the leader of the nightraid is the most incompetend leader that ive ever seen she is so fricking usless.

  7. This anime better not be a sign of things to come in the Manga, because Mine isnt dead….yet.

    This episode felt weird to me, they mixed half of the events from two different parts of the manga into 1, the whole Susanoo vs Esdeath fight was supposed to happen during Borick’s assassination. But they mixed it with Tatsumi’s execution here. Hmm.

    Well I pray the anime original ending will at least be decent.

    With that said, happy 10th anniversary RC! And thanks to all the bloggers for writing these :3

  8. I have no problems with changes. I don’t to complain when is unnecessary or just to do it because I find a lot of people criticizes even-thou, They themselves don’t create anything.
    My problems is when there are changes. I wonder how the author feel? if, I ever write a story and by a miracle get adapted in to something, I will be sad knowing that they begin by fallowing close my story , but at the end they decided that my story is not good enough to continue following it, without the original story will not be any story to begin so, that is why I feel that they should have been more faithful.
    This just my opinion:)

    1. First you don’t know anything about the people that make a comment, all you know is a screen name and what they write down on the screen.

      Second, if only people that “create” are allowed to comment, then the net would be a real empty place.

      If you adapt something to a different media, there are bound to be expectations, especially by the fans of the first product. Changes will afcourse be widely discussed, praised if done ok, shunned if done incorrect. If you don’t want that, then don’t make the product. If you don’t want to read it, then scroll down, but please don’t try to kill the conversation with oneliners like “you don’t create anything so who are you to cirticise” because that is utter ****** ok thanks.

      1. I don’t understand your commend. I did not say who and who can not commend, I was just saying my opinion. I think when i show is don’t right and follow close to the original can be really special like stein,gate. I personally don’t know if, its follow to the original material but I had been told that is does and I enjoy that show a lot when was airing, and time to time go back a re-watch some episodes, and then come here and read the commends from long ago. I also check for my own commend to see what i thought about the show at the time that was airing.

  9. Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a big problem with the pacing of the anime? I’m not sure how much of it is down to me not being a manga reader, but it’s only irked me a little here and there. For the most part, this show feels pretty consistent to me.

  11. I swear if that just spoiled the entire part of this manga I’ll lose my shit. I wait twice a month for this shiz, they’re putting up these throwback chapters…only for what I’m waiting for to be spoiled here?

  12. I am not sure if i can even continue watching this anymore. Having Bulat die hit me hard and made me not watch it for a good 7 weeks now Mine is gone, what else do I have to watch for …….. A friend of mine spoiled to me that Mine and Tatsumi get together which is what got me back into this show. Now I just don’t know anymore. But for Mine’s sake, I must not falter.

  13. (and if you’re reading the manga, please remember to keep everything in spoiler tags; I feel like the readers have been a fantastic job of it thus far so keep it up. Yay for amazing readers!).

    Well for once it seems like it’s the other way around hehe

  14. “Just when I thought things couldn’t look any more grim, they do. I don’t normally cry watching anime, but I nearly did this week.”

    Really? At this point the deaths in this show are just for comedy… Almost every episode on main character dies. The very first death was shocking… And that’s it. I don’t even care about anyone in this show anymore.

    The plot and character development just went to shit a long time ago. Now Akame is just one more mediocre shounen in anime history.

    Too bad because it had a strong start…

  15. Not trying to be a downer here but there was so much bullshit in this episode that made it more hilarious than sad (though still kind of sad I guess).

    I already knew Mine’s weapon was stupidly overpowered but the fact she can defeat one of the most powerful opponents in the ENTIRE capital BARELY implementing any strategy is still pretty stupid. All I have to do is let myself get beat up and nearly die to win! With Justice Girl she had to at least work for it to win that fight but here she literally just keeps getting owned and manages to win. The reason this bugs me is because it basically forces me to accept that Mine could possibly even take out Esdeath with her Pumpkin which is a huge stretch to me.

    And from what I’m being told from recent chapters in the manga Show Spoiler ▼

    Not exactly the shows best fight.

    Esdeath can now apparently freeze time. HOW or WHY she can do this is beyond me and probably won’t ever be explained because the writers just wanted to give her a super OP powerup to prove how much she loves Tatsumi (gag). Or that might just be some wordplay joke “LOL she can freeze everything even [spoiler]time[/spoiler] hyuk!”.

    That scene between them in the jail cell might have actually been nice if the two shared some decent chemistry. But since their relationship has been cringe worthly one sided the entire time I’m still not feeling anything for this couple. A real shame that the couple that did have some chemistry is now gone.

    Mine’s death was…………okay if not a bit cheesy.

    Even if I disliked Mine at the start for what it’s worth she IS the most developed character in the Night Raid aside from Tatsumi. So I can actually see why people would be broken up about her death unlike everyone else who were only liked for their personality and not much else..

    The show was getting good at around the midway mark but now it’s going right back downhill to the nonsensical gibberish that I originally took it for since they seem to be cramming an anime original ending into the mix now.

    1. I think the whole time stopping thing might just be a play on her ice powers, freezing time literally…etc.

      At least thats how I interpreted it. Does it make sense scientifically? Nah, but in anime it kinda does, lol.

  16. Let’s all have a moment of remembrance for omni and all the writers we’ve had here at Random Curiosity. Without them, this place wouldn’t be what it is today. As a reader from Omni’s days I still check back here almost daily to check what shows people are talking about.

  17. Akame ga KILL
    truth in title
    I suspeceted not everyone will come out alive from this battle, but BOTH Susanoo and Mine?
    And both in a hertbreaking manner… Susanoo finally found a group that treated him as person, and even Esedeath honoured him as a warrior, not a weapon in his last moments… Mine finally fully confessed her love, got the first – and last! – kiss… SIGH…
    And we dont know exactly if Najenda will make it after life-draining technique she used on Susanoo….
    This leaves Night Raid extremely short on staff, to say the least. 3 combat ready members: Tatsumi, Akame, Leone.On the other hand, it seems Imperial side is running out of personnel too… Not sure if Budou is dead, but looks like he’s out of combat for a while. And considering Kurome is seemingly dying anyway from her drugs, I would not bet on her winning incoming duel with Akame. Maybe even she wants to die from Akame’s hand just as she wanted to kill her in a twisted version of seeing your loved go to next life… This way or another we probably shall see matters between two sisters settled next week.
    Last but not least, the ability to freeze TIME itself is not only ridiculously OP but quite fitting for Esdeath. Frozen water doesnt flow, frozen things arte immobile.

  18. I hate the I know I’m dying trope. It only right when it’s certain you got hit by the sure to kill you poison or like Justice Girl you can’t live much longer sure. Mine had no clue she was going to die or not you just can’t diagnose your internal injuries like that yourself.

    Esdeath freezing time thing fun but of course pure magic. If you take the rest of the area and drop it to absolute zero yep it all freezes and everything stops but all the molecular and atomic bonds end and every thing falls apart in a atomic size pieces. Movement for the caster magic only as no physical way to move in such an area.

    Evangeline A. K. McDowell uses a absolute zero area effect attack and that is what happens, good for taking out demon gods.
    (side note love a cross over where she fights fellow True Blood {created from a spell not another vampire} Alucard, as both are basically unkillable probably a draw)


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