Episode 08

Episode 09

“Freezing Point” & “Beyond Good and Evil”

「氷点」 (Hyouten) &「善悪の彼岸」 (Zen’aku no Higan)

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would complain about getting two Kiseijuu episodes this week, especially considering how top-notch they both were. This is quite a lengthy post since we got double the content, packed with lots to discuss and digest. I’ll be tackling the two episodes at once this time around, going through one character at a time.

First is the new badass Shinichi. Or is he? Sure, he looks awesome now, and his transformation really does show how much he has changed over the past seven episodes. I think what I enjoy most about all this is that it feels so… wrong. As interesting and proactive as he is right now, it doesn’t feel right, and I have every confidence that that was the intention. The stone faced emotionless protagonist is a character archetype that many love and hope for, but it’s not the Shinichi we knew. Regardless, it’s the Shinichi we are getting, and even if I’m intentionally unsettled by the development I am intrigued to see where his character goes from here. But I must admit, I miss the geek next door look already!

We do get confirmation of his upgraded senses and abilities that were discussed last week, and it really does seem that he is unable to cry. It’s official, he is less human than he was before, and that is not a good thing. But to watch? It’s awesome! Except from when he literally throws a dead dog in the trash.

Not. Cool. Shinichi. I am disappointed in you, son.

Thankfully, his father doesn’t feel the same. It’s painful, honestly, to see him struggling to cope after the traumatic events that happened. It’s entirely logical that he’d be affected by it, and turning to drink is his short term solution, as unhealthy as it is. But hearing him ask when his son got so strong was powerful. Whilst Shinichi is evolving (or devolving?) and adapting to the situation at hand, his father is being left behind and can’t cope. Thankfully for him – and quite surprising to see – he doesn’t bottle it up for much longer, and involves the authorities with situation with the “monster“. But it seems they are already aware of what’s going on, which adds more fuel to the fire; it really has me wondering what has gone on behind the scenes up until now…

I want bring up another thing regarding Shinichi, and that is how much he is fucking up everything he has with Murano. First the dead dog in the bin, then him unable to properly explain himself and giving a bad impression, and then after being asked two more times if he is really Izumi Shinichi, he loses it. I’m not going to lie, when he screamed at Murano to shut up I actually recoiled. Will that be the deciding moment that marks the end of Shinichi and Murano’s relationship? I certainly hope not.

I’d like to touch upon Murano in these past two episodes as well. She was quite passive for the most part, reacting to Shinichi’s strange antics until everything boiled over at the end. But before that we got a really cute flashback to her and Shinichi getting their results, chatting with one another for the first time, and hoping that they get to be in the same class. So much hope! Young love! Gone! Dead and buried!

When cutting back to what’s happening right now, it only drives the dagger further into the wound – I don’t know where Murano is going to go from here, but it’s clear that she doesn’t see Izumi as the same boy that she knew not too long ago. And she’s right! She has every right to be freaking out over what’s going on. If you put yourself in her shoes, assuming you knew nothing about what’s really going on with Shinichi, you’d be worried for and scared of him for his recent behaviour. Watching his transformation is unsettling as a viewer, so I can only imagine how Murano would feel.

Someone who is more or less embracing this new Shinichi, though, is Kana, who is one I have my eye on. It’s confirmed that she can sense parasites, as well as how she is actively trying to involve herself with Shinichi. Her reasoning? Well, she may just like him (if this moment is anything to go by) but I think she is genuinely curious about him being ‘different’ as well. I feel like she knows more than she lets on, but then I can’t be certain. What I can be certain of is that she is a gifted girl. That, and she’s becoming less involved with the other delinquents that she was around in her introduction, and I think if she sticks around for the long run, she might just end up abandoning them altogether for whatever it is about Shinichi that has caught her attention. Soulmates? Maybe. Shinichi x Murano isn’t looking so hot right now.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Shinichi meets Uda, another part-parasite who is in the same situation as him. They hit it off with one another, and Uda decides to assist Shinichi in his revenge.
  • After Migi picks the worst time to rest, Shinichi and Uda team up and take down the parasite within Shinichi’s mother’s body. It’s afterwards when Shinichi returns home, showing off her new look.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 17 p.5 – 22

Tamiya’s Reappearance:

  • As mentioned, we are re-introduced to Tamiya in these two episodes. She’s heavily pregnant right now, and she’s still got an impressive forward-thinking attitude that I like.

Shadowed Man:

  • Another character we see briefly is the shadowed man she is conversing with. It’s in this little moment that she asks what the purpose of her existence is.
  • and as it turns out – according to this stranger – it is that she and the other parasites are here to wipe out humanity from Earth.

Quote of the Week:

“You shouldn’t mouth off when you don’t know shit.”

But there is someone else she finds herself involved with – the creepy new addition to the cast: Shimida Hideo. We see him at the start of episode 8 with Tamiya, who instructs him to become involved with the newly badass Shinichi, as Tamiya claims he is a key part in the future of their parasite species. After transferring, he goes straight up to Shinichi and they have their first confrontation. From there we see the back and forth between them, which ends with Shinichi saving the delinquents from Shimida’s bloodthirsty ways. It was certainly an interesting moment, considering how on the surface it does seems like he is saving Shimda more than anything. Little do they know…

But this Shimida character is a curious one. We know that he’s been sent here, but other than that not much is given away about what he intends to do, if it is anything else than just adapting to living a human life. He confesses to Shinichi that he hasn’t taken a human life, but his claim is contradicted not long after when he murders an innocent girl. Why? I’m not quite sure yet, but at the rate everything is going, I’m sure things will become clear fairly soon.

The last character – and the most prominent in episode 9 – is Tachikawa Yuuko. We’ve seen her as Murano’s friend in the background for the past few weeks, but she now has the focus, and it’s all surrounding the arrival of Shimida. To put it simply, she has a crush on him, initally at least. That doesn’t last long though, as she quickly sees him for who he really is, noticing early on that there is something off about him, before watching him change faces in front of her very eyes.

What I loved most here was how Tachikawa is indirectly tied to what is going on with Shinichi and his dad right now, as it turns out that her brother is the man who drew the artists’ depiction of the parasite that killed Shinichi’s mother. Slowly but surely, all the characters are connecting together, becoming more and more involved with what is going, even if they aren’t aware of it yet. But Tachikawa is certainly one that is aware of the situation, as she manages to piece everything together and come to the conclusion that Shimida is one of those body shifting monsters. She decides to confront him before telling her brother what she knows, which was not that the wisest decision, but it provided us with a tense final scene – that’s for sure. Tachikawa finds great courage and tells Shimida straight, but it doesn’t end well. Thankfully, Shinichi and Migi are aware of what’s going on, as evident by Shinichi’s newly found screaming habit.

If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that next week is when everyone will become even more involved in what’s going on. Shinichi, Murano, Kana, Shimida, and Tachikawa are effectively all on the same spider web right now, and I suspect that next episode might see that web come crashing down. It won’t be pretty, but nothing much is with this series. I suppose that’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch every week!



  1. Oh, man. Shinichi is turning into Migi’s concept of demon.

    1. Throws dog into the trash can. ”It’s a dog-shaped lump of meat.”

    2. Yells & scares Murano with his berserker face.

    3. Becoming emotionless & losing his empathy. ”Are you made of steel?”

      1. I think the humans have a very good chance here. The parasytes aren’t multiplying. They are limited in number. All humans have to do is detect one and snipe the host’s body from a distance. The parasyte wouldn’t know what hit … it maybe a flame thrower could do the trick. or evac + rocket launcher 😀 or just humans who go and *stab* hosts from nowhere. umm I’m getting into this. I don’t think they can detect humans if they could shimada would’ve known glasses-girl was following him.

      2. “I know he is a human-eating monster so I will confront him. Because f*ck logic. She’s gonna die of her own stupidity. I say let her die. Natural selection at it’s finest. ”

        Oooh man, as a manga reader I can tell you right now the next episode is going to make you break some of your stuffs.


      1. silke13
  2. So I’ve noticed that the cute guy in my class shares similar attributes to the human-eating aliens/monsters my dad warned me about… Guess I should go confront him about that with just a bottle of paint thinner(?) to protect me.

    Seriously, no shit Migi thinks all humans are retarded. #facepalm

    1. Did anyone catch what the bottle Yuuko grabbed was, by the way? I wasn’t clear about what it contained but assumed it was paint thinner because she grabbed it from the art supplies.

      Also, my bad: thought her father was the sketch artist but I see it’s actually her brother.

    1. From the sign of things he’s only lost his immediate emotional capabilities, but he still retain his old moral values to some extent. He unconsciously do something logically cold but when someone else pointed it out he realizes that he’s in the wrong, and amend afterwards, proven by he burried the dog after putting some thought…

      1. He still seems to have emotions, but just deals with them in an extremely logical and practical matter. Shinichi felt sadness and empathy for the dog, but he didn’t pointlessly cry with grief over being powerless to do anything, he just gave what little comfort he could in its dying moments. And when it was dead, it couldn’t suffer any longer. He mostly seems “emotionless” about the things he cannot do anything about. If Murano, his father, or his friends were in danger, I expect he would risk everything to save them.

  3. Well, I’m not really surprised that Shinichi is turning into Migi, given what we know. What really caught me off guard was that apparently Migi is also changing fast, and in the opposite direction. He even tried to cheer up a moody teenager!
    Also, please bring back the glasses, nervousness and quirkiness! 🙁 I know stoic characters are all the rage, but I can’t be the only girl who likes her men nerdy and weird…

    1. I brought that up a couple episodes ago. It seems the symbiosis between the two is, as is expected from such things, having effects on both them and I’d guess the time when Migi restore Shinichi’s heart was when it really accelerated that process.

      It’s like the parts of Migi that were sent out through Shinichi’s body were “lost” to Migi and “gained” by Shinichi.

  4. there was this one scene this ep that really stuck out to me: when migi is on the computer and shinichi is laying in bed questioning his change. Migi and shinichi’s relationship is no longer as jovial as it used to be. Shinichi and migi are becoming like each other, accept one of them deems their change as a negative thing while the other does not see any problems with it. It’s almost like when two people are living maldapative lifestyles and then all of a sudden one day, one of two people questions whether what they are doing is right, only for the other person to say “it pointless to think that way, i see nothing wrong with what we’re doing”.

    person a: “hey, do you think it’s okay for us to keep stealing money”
    person b: “we gotta pay for our expenses right? we’re not physically hurting anyone so i dont see what the problem is”
    person a: “yea….i guess you’re right”

  5. I saw them out of order because I didn’t realize today was the day 😐 Woe is me U.U
    Woah hold up there, Mr shinn’chi. You can’t just dump a dog carcass in the trash. did you check to see if it was bio-degradable ? Oh wait. It is ~ ! Ok Then it’s all fine. Carry on young lad.

    1. yeah thankfully it’s really faitful to its original material exept to the aperances of the characters. from the 80’s getup they gave them all modern wardrove and hairstyles and kana looks like an office lady on the manga.btw have you seen anyone in the series using a cellphone?

    1. The problem is Shinichi keeps Murano in the dark, she doesn’t know anything about parasite at all. Hell she doesn’t even know about his mother’s death, she only knows his father was hospitalized. Please remember Murano is not us, the watcher who knows every single events related to parasite.

      1. Within the context of what is happening, Murano’s reactions make perfect sense. After all, he isn’t the same Shinichi that she knew up until now, and it only makes sense that she’d question it. She knows nothing that we know, yet is able to tell (very early on, as well) that something about him was changing, it’s just that he’s told her nothing so far, so all she can go by is her suspicions. I think it’s really unfair that people cast hate on her for being annoying just because she is out of the loop.

      2. Everyone needs to keep in mind that it isn’t that Shinichi won’t tell her, but rather he can’t tell. Shinichi is afraid that Migi might eliminate people who know about their secret, whether Shinichi likes it or not, because they would pose a threat to their existence.

    2. I know what you mean. He lost his glasses and speaks more confidently, and he’s clearly tense about something, but the aspect of him that’s lonely and struggles to express himself hasn’t changed, so I can’t empathize with her repeatedly calling him a different person. I wonder if she notices (from all the subtle clues) that something about his life itself has changed–not just his personality.

      1. I think it is very normal for Murano to be afraid of Shinichi’s sudden changes, she likes his old personality and she’s only a highschool girl. Shinichi matured way faster than her since he got his traumatic experiences, but for Murano and everyone else they are still on the school and love life mindset.

  6. Considering how he just lost his mother, I was thinking Shinichi was just toughing up mentally, to prepare for the battles ahead, so he just closed off some of his emotions. Oh look he even saved(well maybe not “saved” but ya) a dog that’s right in the middle of traffic, see nothing has changed. Oh look now he’s throwing the dog in the garbage…………………………….. YOU CAN AT LEAST BURIED THE DOG! YOU COLD, HEARTLESS BASTARD!! (which he does, but the first thing that came to his mind was “garbage” rather than “ground”). Okay so maybe he did lose some of his empathy or emotions or w/e. Kind of makes you wonder why he even bother to rescue the dog in the first place, but hey at least he saved those six guys from totally getting massacre, and now he’s going to save Yuuko in the next ep. So he’s not totally a heartless bastard, I’m sure he’s still himself somewhere in there. Or maybe I’m still in denial that Migi is actually affecting him at all, mentally that is, because I have been for the past seven episodes.

    I thought Murano was quite annoying, always questioning Shinichi with the same question every single time, “Are you still Shinichi?” being nothing more than a constant reminder that “he is not human”. I’m not surprised he snapped because he’s probably been questioning his very humanity for a while now, and choosing to ignore it or lie to himself that he is still well… him. I actually don’t remember if the past episodes really address that, but I do think him snapping does mean something along that line of thinking. And yes, Murano doesn’t exactly know what he’s going through, but she can at least just…. believe in him? “You are some friend Murano, I totally wished I had a friend like you by my side when my hand is taken by a parasite and forces me through a change that’s similar to that of puberty” /sarcasm. I don’t know what I’m talking bout, just forget I said anything.

      1. Arguably, she IS annoying. It’s justifiable since, as you say, Shinichi isn’t giving her any information on what’s changed in his life. He could at least let her know his mum has passed away (and claim he’d rather not talk about how), which would help her understand part of what’s changing him, but it seems he doesn’t want her to have any real part in who he is now.

  7. For those who said Murano is annoying please consider her position in the storyline from a character point of view. She doesn’t know anything about parasite, and suddenly the boy he likes turns 180 degree and doing something drastic as throwing puppy’s dead body to trash bin, seemingly beating up a delinquent, talking alone to himself, suddenly running around on impulse etc. And it’s not a positive change in the POV of normal people. She’s worried about him, trying to understand him but can’t because Shinichi keeps her in the dark the whole time.

    1. But we also have to consider Shinichi´s position, the more Murano knows greater the possibility she ends up as sliced meat, the poor already lost his mother, if he loses the girl he like right after it will be a one way ticket to crazy town.

  8. I’m so glad this was a double episode. Had this been just one episode, I wouldn’t have been able to adjust comfortably to the new pace and mood the series has now set and especially with our protagonist. The dual episodes came at the perfect time to deal with the aftermath of the previous episodes and let us get used to the new Shinichi. I really love how methodical and slow the series is in setting up what it needs to after the roller coaster it has been so far. Shinichi isn’t the same person he was before and it’ll probably take a while before he comes to terms with it.

    I also find it funny how Hideo was just introduced and he already got his cover exposed and on the verge of eating someone in school.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  9. One thing would have been cool, if Migi pointed it out. (again)

    Obviously the reason why Shinichi was able to find out who the boss of that group was, is because he can read their strength levels as it was already introduced previously where Shinichi was given a 10 and the other guy 18, as surely all of you remember.

    So I would have also liked to know the level of the boss, probably somewhere over 20, the coolest thing would have been if Migi told us about Shinichi’s strength at the moment.

    Like way beyond 100 ?

  10. Character in an anime with glasses being the dumb one? This isn’t acceptable.
    Seriously though…this Kaneki Ken-like feel with Shinichi’s transformation is fun to watch.
    At first I thought he was just cold and unresponsive…then he threw the dog away and I facepalmed with the intensity of a thousand suns.

  11. Regarding Shimida I think he kind of serves as another example of the parasites transformation in the human society. He is straight up lying when he tells Shinichi that he doesn’t kill humans, because that is what Shinichi wants to hear. (At least the old Shinichi longed for coexistence.) Lying is a very human trait, and up to now I don’t think we saw the parasites straight up lying. Sure there are deceiving humans, but I don’t recall them lying into their faces. For example Tamiya didn’t lie to the headmaster of the school or her mother when confronted.
    Another point is he developed a sense of taste. The first parasites we saw, didn’t care who they would eat. Tamiya choose not to eat those around here, because she feared the repercussions and now we have Shimida who seems to target only healthy girls. I don’t think it’s really important from a nutrition point of view.
    So like Migi the other Parasites start to display more human traits although in a twisted way.

    Anyway really great series.

  12. This week’s episodes were amazing. I really feel sorry for Murano. Her actions make perfect sense to me, but it really hurts to watch their relationship carry on like this. Shinichi and his sudden shouting make me cringe, especially when he shouted at Murano. I just hope that Murano will be there for him in some way till the end; please don’t let her die (though I doubt she will, not yet at least?). I like strong Shinichi, like when he goes against a group of delinquents and scares them off without actually fighting, but as Samu says it really does feel wrong at the same time.
    I still don’t know what I feel about Kana, but I don’t hate her. I just have a feeling it’s not going to end well since she has some ability to sense parasites. And I truly don’t think Murano’s friend will survive next week, the poor girl.
    This show has been great at making me want to watch the next episode. I want it, now.

  13. “Who the hell are You?”

    I think those words say all we need to know this episodes and describe veryy what has been tormenting Shinichi for a while now. But let´s be clear, his father and Murano all said he has chaged and they are right but I don´t think he has lost the ability to feel emphaty nor is the fault of Migi, the death of his mother scarred him for a life and he keeps everything bottled up; an insensitive monster wouln´t have hiven that poor some confort or company before he died niethe have snapped the way he did to Murano.

  14. Say does Murano know that shinichi’s mom is dead??? m(._.)m Not to mention when kana was awaiting shinichi to come up the steps and was staring at him I thought that kana saw migi’s eye when it opened for a moment (*_*) I thought that he would know what Murano and his dad would mean if they said he changed by trying to remember how he was when he first got migi (^-^)♪


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