「光輝剣士(フィアナナイツ)と姉妹の絆(シスターズ)」 (Kouki Kenshi (Fiananaitsu) to Shimai no Kizuna (Shisutaazu))
“Fianna Knights and Sisters”

It’s Levi’s time to shine, thought she only barely escapes death multiple times. And who is that coming to the rescue … Liese!

Combat Misdirection

I love watching Levi strut her stuff, and not just because she’s such a delightful tease. Her style of combat is very suited for a ninja, because it’s all based on of speed and misdirection. The use of her shadow clones—was I the only one that went “Akatsuki!“?—is a more straightforward example, because she distracted Lugh (Fukuhara Ayaka) to get at her neck. What I really liked about her Last Crest gambit was that it fooled me too. She called her attack (trope!), and I went “Oooo, her Last Crest. I wonder what it will be?” … not even thinking for a second that she could be lying. Which is partially because we tend to trust what the characters in our stories say more than we do people in real life, but it’s a great gambit too. And, apparently, an effective one.

I do wish they had put more effort into justifying why the Headmaster wasn’t helping, either by having him duke it out with the other evil mage or at least showing them more obviously in a staring match, but the preview seems to insinuate that neither of them planned to fight at all. If that’s the case, this is all retroactively fine with me.

Liese Has Come, To Save The Day!

The preview last week gave away the game on Liese’s return, but I do like how it happened. Granted, I didn’t believe for a second that Levi was dead (or even in danger of dying)—this isn’t that kind of show. Selina getting to show her stuff was nice, though. She looked really cool, even if Liese looks better in her body.

Strangely enough, the theme of misdirection continued with Liese, especially how she healed Levi so she could sneak attack Lugh. What I found more interesting was her change of heart, which actually felt organic. Compared to the way some of the other girls (Lilth, Yui, Arin to a degree) glommed onto Arata without much of a reason, Liese’s growing affection (even past her always-present flirting) was built up to better. It really feels satisfying to have her rejoin the Trinity Seven, right in time to save the day ahead of the final showdown.

Even When She’s Evil, She Blushes

I wish I had a better handle on why Hijiri and the others are doing what they’re doing, other than “This world is rotten.” That could be true—maybe the events behind the scene in the magical world really are that bad. But without seeing it, we don’t know. I say this because, while flat villains can work—Outbreak Company used one to good effect—Hijiri keeps looking shocked and wistful, even when she’s in demon lord candidate mode, and that reeeeally makes me want to know what makes her tick. Unfortunately, we’re almost out of time.

Looking Ahead – The Final Battle

It’s looking like next week is the last battle. I have no idea if they’re going to wrap the whole thing up or continue to adapt faithfully, but it looks like we might end on some love. Lilith-sensei isn’t best girl, but … well, maybe she’s the right choice for Arata. Them oppai, daym!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Levi struts her stuff, & barely survives. Luckily, look who’s back … Liese! And a somber Hijiri as well #trinity7 11

Random thoughts:

  • You’re practically light. Sure. Science calls bullshit on your magic, Lugh! (Oh right, it’s magic. Never mind.)
  • Shadow Thread Binds. All right, Lubba. (I should probably finish that show now.)
  • An interesting comment from Hijiri … she wants to stop them before “the demon lord takes control over the Trinity Seven.” This is getting curiouser and curiouser.
  • Lugh might be ill-suited against Liese’s magic, but she’s also ill-suited to deal with something else … Arata. Lugh is down for the count!

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  1. After this episode, I came to a realization that this series never imposes any feelings of dangers. Everyone is just so relaxed even when all hell breaks loose.

    According to the dialogue, Levi is supposed to be 3rd strongest in “the world”. The 3 artifact dual blader is second. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in previous episodes, they said the pink haired song girl was the strongest in the academy.

    Were the subs inaccurate or is there some discrepancies with the writing?

    1. Forgot to add – Since the top 3 “strongest in the world” are filled by these 3 people, does that mean everyone – including the headmaster, are weaker? That makes no sense because previously, when the headmaster fought Liese, he was practically dancing around toying with her.

      1. This confuses me as well, but it says the same in the manga, so I doubt it is a translation error.

        It might that she is regarded 3rd strongest among her peers (other mages of her level), but not include levels above her (paladin-class and demon-lord-candidates). Or perhaps 3rd strongest in physical prowess. (Blades girl and Levi both fight with a more physical type of magical combat, then just casting artillery spells).

      2. I’m pretty sure that what was meant here was 3rd strongest ninja. The other chick is a ninja as well, or at least, a follower of the same art. I don’t watch the anime but I follow the manga, and I recall it says that there.

      3. Yeah unfortunately that 3rd strongest thing isn’t being said properly in the anime.

        Oh and Hijiri’s tick is actually a good one, Stilts. Assuming they actually let her damn well explain it.

      4. ok… here’s for those who can’t understand…

        levi is the 3rd strongest, and Lugh is the 2nd strongest fighter in the world as a fighter only in terms of pure physical strength and skill (while not using magic)…

        while Yui is said to be the 2nd strongest in the academy as mage (attaining cardinal class magic) and the school Headmaster getting the 1st place (attaining palladin class magic) as a mage, this ranking is based on magic strength/skill/ability… (and just to add in, arata is not given a rank because he is just a newcomer FOR NOW)

        hope this info helps

  2. The reason why the headmaster refused to fight is because then the “other evil mage” would have to intervene, and he knows a fight between the two would cause major collateral damage. That’s how powerful he is.

    1. I understood that, but it didn’t feel like they were holding each other off when they weren’t even staring each other down or … doing anything other’n watching their comrades/students fight and possibly die, ya know? The other evil mage didn’t even clue in Lugh to Levi’s escape until it was already done.

  3. So this time we had a battle of figurine standing still fighting with false flattery compliments with the nice highlight of Arata touching more boobs as soon as he popped up. But the top is them explaining magic spells when they’re not showing them. Oh God, this is so ridicule. I think I’m dropping this soon…

  4. What got me is that Lugh is “fast as light” but she couldn’t dodge a falling Arata and instead gets molested. I’m pretty sure Levi was able to dodge all of Arata’s accidents, it really just felt like the author wanted another girl in Arata’s harem by using a boob grab, which I’ll never understand… boob grabs definitely do not work unless the girl is already in your harem.

    1. Amen. Ignoring for the moment that innocent boob grabs really do not happen in real life—maybe fall against a lady, but when your palm is there at all, you probably had some active input into the events—they can perhaps be forgiven, but they don’t result in affection. Annoyance is far more likely.

  5. The anime adaptation was so bad IMO. It was like I was reading a manga slideshow in an anime episode. And also super rushed. Like they could have added more fight scenes in this episode. (That’s not in the manga, like more detailed fight)

  6. I’ve gotten along with this anime fine until now. It’s not great, but good enough. I’ve come to terms with the illogical happenings of this series before it even started cause I’ve been following the manga for a while now.

    However, this episode was below my expectations; too much so. And for only one reason really: Lugh’s ability to move at the speed of light was not at all felt in this episode. Everything happened rather slow even. I think that took a lot of the tension out as well. Even the manga (no BG music!) was more exciting…


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