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Trinity Seven – 12 (END)

「聖戦少女(クリミナルガール)と魔王世界(ヒズワールド)」 (Seisen Shoujo (Kuriminarugaaru) to Maou Sekai (Hizuwaarudo))
“Criminal Girl and His World”

Trinity Seven ends as it went on … with eccentric girls and a confident harem lead at odds with shifty pacing, production values, and plot. Last episode wasn’t bad though.

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Trinity Seven – 11

「光輝剣士(フィアナナイツ)と姉妹の絆(シスターズ)」 (Kouki Kenshi (Fiananaitsu) to Shimai no Kizuna (Shisutaazu))
“Fianna Knights and Sisters”

It’s Levi’s time to shine, thought she only barely escapes death multiple times. And who is that coming to the rescue … Liese!

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Trinity Seven – 10

「支配者(ゲームマスター)と憤怒の魔人(セイタンスレイヴ)」 (Shihai-sha (Geemumasutaa) to Fundo no Majin (Seitansureivu))
“Game Master and Satan Slave”

Trinity Seven is making some of its old mistakes, though a reveal that changes the series calculus keeps the episode from being a loss.

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Trinity Seven – 09

「魔道書戦闘(バイブルバトル)と過去記憶(スイートメモリー)」 (Madou-sho Sentou (Baiburubatoru) to Kako Kioku (Suiitomemorii))
“Bible Battle and Sweet Memory”

For once, I actually wasn’t sure whether Arata and friends were going to make it out of this crisis.

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Trinity Seven – 08

「魔道勉強(スタディ)と安息日(ホリデイ)」 (Madou Benkyou (Sutadi) to Ansokujitsu (Horidei))
“Study and Holiday”

It’s been an uneven path to here, but finally the magic is explained, the plot is progressing, all the characters are introduced, and it can all work side-by-side as they dial the ecchi-funny up to eleven. This is the show I always wanted Trinity Seven to be.

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Trinity Seven – 07

「奥義(ロストテクニカ)と異変解決(プロブレム・ソルヴィング)」 (Ougi (Rosutotekunika) to Ihen Kaiketsu (Puroburemu Soruvuingu))
“Lost Technica and Problem Solving”

Sexy gives way to badass, and leads to tragedy.

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Trinity Seven – 06

「悪の魔道士(ダークメイジ)と学園襲撃(ビッグイベント)」 (Aku no Madou-shi (Daakumeiji) to Gakuen Shuugeki (Bigguibento))
“Dark Mage and Big Event”

This week it’s everyone but Arata who is powerful, except for with the ladies. When it comes to being impure, Arata is still number one.

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Trinity Seven – 05

「夢の世界(ドリームワールド)と第二の魔王候補(サブアドミニスター)」 (Yume no Sekai (Doriimuwaarudo) to Saini no Maou Kouho (Sabuadominisutaa))
“Dream World and Sub-Administer”

Arata, meet the evil twincest molesting magus. I think you’ll get along just fine.

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Trinity Seven – 04

「巨大迷宮(ラビリンス)と魔銃起動(マジックガンナー)」 (Kyodai Meikyuu (Rabirinsu) to ma Juu Kidou (Majikkugan’naa))
“Labyrinth and Magic Gunner”

Arata wins over the girl and saves the day, but not before he spends the rest of the episode getting lectured and being useless.

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Trinity Seven – 03

「魔道士(メイガス)と錬金術(アルケミスト)」 (Madou-shi (Meigasu) to Renkinjutsu (Arukemisuto))
“Magus and Alchemist”

Arata manages to survive Akio’s attack, so it’s off to the beach because … look, don’t ask questions. Swimsuits!

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Trinity Seven – 02

「空間閉鎖(プリズンロック)と王立図書館検察官(グリモワールセキュリティ)」 (Kuukan Heisa (Purizunrokku) to Ouritsu Toshokan Kensatsukan (Gurimowaarusekyuriti))
“Prison Lock and Grimoire Security”

Arin is on the attack, in more ways than one.

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Trinity Seven – 01

「魔王候補と第三の選択」 (Maou Kouho to Daisan no Sentaku)
“Administer and Third Selection”

Finally, a magical-fantasy-action-harem anime with a calm, confident protagonist. The quirky, funny, and occasionally flirty haremettes are a big bonus too.

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