「聖戦少女(クリミナルガール)と魔王世界(ヒズワールド)」 (Seisen Shoujo (Kuriminarugaaru) to Maou Sekai (Hizuwaarudo))
“Criminal Girl and His World”

Trinity Seven ends as it went on … with eccentric girls and a confident harem lead at odds with shifty pacing, production values, and plot. Last episode wasn’t bad though.

Secret Technique: Final Fight Let Down

If there’s one thing Trinity Seven has screwed up with the action portion of its magical-fantasy-action-harem genre, it’s—okay, actually there were several. But one of the major ones is tension. Without tension in the action, it’s all just pretty colors and lights, but it doesn’t mean anything. Throughout the final fight against Hijiri, I never once felt like Arata & co were going to lose, or even be seriously challenged. It was so cookie cutter that I was honestly surprised. I enjoy good magical-fantasy-action-harem anime because they combine a lot of things I like, but if you’re not going to even bother adding basic tension to the action, don’t waste our times. The harem hijinks were 15,532 times better.

Another irritant is the constant explaining during battles, which is necessitated because they never laid down a firm concept of what the magic does, and the simple fact that lengthy explanations don’t work as well in anime as they do in manga or written forms. That’s an endemic among anime, and one I’m willing to excuse, so long as the show has been doing other things well. Trinity Seven’s action has oscillated from usable to mediocre, so it doesn’t get any slack.

All that contributed to a final battle that was totally blah. It did lead somewhere more interesting, though.

The Secret Of This World

The secret of the world is that the Demon Lord + the Trinity Seven are destined to destroy the world, so it can be reborn and destroyed again. It wasn’t clear whether the specific Demon Lord and Trinity Seven changed each time (like the prophecy of The One in The Matrix), or whether it was a full-on closed loop where Arata and these seven specific girls always lead to the apocalypse (a fatalistic/deterministic scenario). It also wasn’t clear if they were trying to break the cycle, also Matrix-style, but I’m going to assume so, because otherwise Iscariot’s plans don’t make a lick of sense.

Either way, the idea that Arata could be the series’ (unwilling) big bad could be fascinating. If that was developed, it would leave us always wondering whether he’s going to go full Demon Lord and flush the whole world down the toilet, which would be compelling, because I could actually imagine it happening in some form. I’m afraid that Trinity Seven doesn’t strike me as series that’s interesting in tackling such a meaty and delicate scenario. That requires a level of tension the anime at least has never brought out in a simple battle, so I don’t think they could execute on it on a larger scale. Though Arata’s battles with Iscariot could push him more and more into becoming the Demon Lord, which would be a delicious piece of irony.

Of Course Hijiri Disappears

Long-running stories often have an obsession with the status quo. I’m fond of citing Mirai Nikki as one series that didn’t do this … I was always surprised that it was so willing to kill characters off, and it worked. Trinity Seven stuck with the status quo. Take Hijiri. When she disappeared again, my only response was “Of course.” That could have been a chance to evolve the story, maybe tackle that idea of the ticking time bomb Arata I talked about above, but they didn’t. They kept Hijiri as his motivation by yanking her back. I don’t know how far we’re in the source material, though it’s probably not far … 20-30 chapters, or so? (Commenters, give us the word and I’ll edit it in.) (Edit: This season covered 30 chapters.) That they had Hijiri show up at all was good. Letting Arata and co actually save her would have been even more courageous, but it wasn’t to be. A shame.

Lilith-sensei no Daito

The last half of the episode was a bit of fluff, establishing Lilith as the lead girl, though it all seems rather pointless when we know the harem end is firmly on the table. Though for a wrap up section, it was nice. It just didn’t end up being very memorable, which is something that could be said for the anime as a whole.

Final Impressions below.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – It’s over. It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but at least the girls stayed great. Levi/Liese/Mira/everyone best girl #trinity7 END

Random thoughts:

  • I’ve been hearing word that Lugh is amazing in the next arc. After seeing her talk about how Arata was trying to make her one of his mistresses, I can believe it. Antagonist hng~!
  • Even when the naked girls are hanging all over him, Arata still can’t get the scarf off Levi. Because she’s a ninja, nin-nin!
  • Praise Madokami-sama for this delicious meido Mira feast.
  • Five bucks say that anti-magic amulet will become plot important later on, likely when it saves Lilith against a rampaging Demon Lord Arata.

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Final Impressions

While Trinity Seven has always clearly belonged to the magical-fantasy-action-harem (sub-genre: ecchi) genre, I had higher hopes for it because the fundamentals looked good. The manga was funny, the girls were eccentric, and Arata was a main character who took the third option, liked to flirt, and seemed to generally have a spine. All of which could have made for a great anime … if only the magical-fantasy-action aspects weren’t so badly done.

The magic was never really explained, to the point where I didn’t know what multiple main characters could do even into the final episode. Arata deus ex machina’d his way out of problems, often as someone lectured him while they were supposed to be fighting. Tension was absent in nearly every battle. The animation was decent, but not great—it wouldn’t have held the series back had everything else been good, but it wasn’t. Arata stole Dress Break form Issei.

The lowest point was episode four, which did almost everything wrong. It was so discouraging, I was seriously regretting picking up the show. Then Liese was introduced, and things got better. (I guess she didn’t get her body back yet, did she? What is this crap! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ) The best points were always the ecchi antics, the harem antics, and the banter, with Levi’s teasing, Lilith’s tsukkomis, Mira’s blushing, and Liese’s eroticness (among other elements) all combining to create a damn good time. As long as it focused on those elements, the show worked.

I really wish they had taken the chance to evolve the story

The rest of the time, not so much. Trinity Seven will go down (for those who remember it at all) as a serviceable magical-fantasy-action-harem anime. If it were plotted better, and the original author and/or anime team (I don’t know who’s at fault here) knew how to build tension, it could have been great. As it is, I might pick up the manga eventually, but the anime didn’t make a strong case for it. Commenters, if you’d like to step in and give us the scoop on the source material, to the comments with you! (Please mark spoilers.) Otherwise, I’ll add it to my ever-growing backlog. Fuck me!


  1. This run is more or less on the mark (almost page by page accurate, imo) and it literally stopped at the end of chapter 30.

    One thing that dawned on me as funny, Arata’s finally got Lilith to act better towards him (rather than JUST being the straight ‘girl’) after 12 straight weeks of having her around the resident ecchi Maou being the guide.
    The pendant is more than deserved for her.

    another thing:
    I can’t take that final battle seriously with that mental image around.

    btw, Stilts, everything that you want and guess (ie, Liese, Lilith’s amulet, etc.) HAVE been seen further along in the manga.



    Kawaii Sensei is Kawaii.

  2. After the first episode I had absolutely no expectations for this show; the only reason why I decided to keep watching it was because Stilts covered it. This genre isn’t really my thing, I guess. For each episode I still had no expectations and just enjoyed whatever good it threw at me. And because of that, I enjoyed it quite a bit!

    Re: episode 4


    squee. loli Yui made it worth it.

  3. The last half of the episode was a bit of fluff, establishing Lilith as the lead girl, though it all seems rather pointless when we know the harem end is firmly on the table. Though for a wrap up section, it was nice. It just didn’t end up being very memorable, which is something that could be said for the anime as a whole.

    That was a lead up to the next arc, I am afraid. Which would have answered some of your questions about the entire concept of the Trinity Seven.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Trinity%20Seven/Trinity%20Seven%20-%2012%20-%2017.jpg

    NOPE. NO NO NO. So many levels of HELL TO THE NO.

    Still, Trinity Seven was nine levels of amusing- at least Arata is self-aware of his status as a leading harem protagonist and bloody takes full advantage of it! I think there are many glaring plot holes, but screw that! His interaction with the girls was what I enjoyed most. Dude was a shameless pervert, but he treated them with respect, and wanted them to be happy above all. This is a rarity in harem romcoms! Or so I’m told.

    I also like all of the girls? Akio and Levi were the standouts for me, but everyone else was so much fun that I genuinely enjoyed all of their characterizations. Everyone best girl indeed! Lilith might set up to be the leading girl, but… nah. Status quo is god.

    I actually want a season two! Huh. Weird. IS (my first harem romcom, loathed it for unknown reasons) got one, so… yeah. Hoping for more laughs from Trinity Seven.

  5. The last thing I thought I’d be watching honestly, but this series turned out to be pretty darn entertaining, or at least something fluffy to watch while waiting for the meatier shows. Arata is fun and each of the girls are super cute, plus each of the ending songs have been on my repeat list for days now so, yeah, I’d call this a mediocre yet still entertaining series. reStart Za Waaald.

    1. If I remember the manga correctly, this instance is Liese doing a temporary age up of her sister’s body and her outfit is her mage outfit so that’s why she’s wearing htat. I think the eye thing is just to let you know it is Liese still, I think.

      Don’t quote me on that being the exact reason, since I haven’t read the manga in awhile.

  6. I read most of your posts but I actually didn’t watch the anime myself, so I don’t really know how much of a good job they did with the adaptation. But in my opinion the manga’s one of the better high school fantasy magic harem out there.

    1. The anime is a very faithful adaption of the manga for the good and the bad. So most of the issues Stilts and others have are also present in the manga. But for me it looks like most peoples issues stem from the fact that they expected an action series which Trinity Seven is primarily not.

  7. Eh, it didn’t feel like a complete waste of time. I won’t say I liked it, but it wasn’t terrible enough that I feel like trashing it.

    The comedy, as stated, is the best part. I tend to enjoy tsukkomi humor (gonna bring up Sakurasou again because it’s hilarious that despite Matsuoka-san being amazing at the tsukkomi role in that, his character was on the receiving end this time) and Arata was at least a breath of fresh air from a harem protag standpoint. To be honest though, I think the author should have toned him down a bit. Being a raging perv is funny and all, but it can only go so far before it starts to get a bit annoying.

    The other thing I really didn’t like was just how chill everyone was over everything. I’m pretty sure the only time someone actually lost their composure in a fight was just before Arata turned demon lord. The tsundere’s were the only other two that really lost it, usually during Arata’s antics. Episode 11 was probably the worst offender during that entire Levi/Lugh fight where it was kind of like a endless cycle of busting out new powers and the other person giving zero f***s or making sarcastic comments.

    Ah well, at least I got to behold the magnificence that was Liese.

  8. I hope the studios give green light to a second season when the manga is over 60 chapters. It was an enjoyable, good, decent substitute for the best: High School DxD! Season three is due to April 2015, along with a butt-load of good series and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Freezer (Yeah, that how Latin America calls Frieza)

  9. Not the best anime adaptation, but honestly it served it’s purpose as a fun series to watch with great girls.

    Even the manga isnt something to take too seriously, it’s mostly about the interaction with the haremettes for me.

  10. This one was great it followed the manga very closely, from my humble point of view, so I do not have anything bad to say about it, expect there were some episodes that I felt the drawing quality went down, if you take a closer look, over all great anime 😀

  11. A classic case of IMO, “A great source manga material that the animation studio ****ed it up!” And I HATE IT when they do that. The only reason this anime was even “good” was because the original source material was good. If it wasn’t for that, this anime would be total garbage.

    The last time I had a HUGE face-palm to my face of how horrible an anime adaptaion was done to a good manga this bad is Negmia TV series. (There are others, but I can’t think of other good examples after Negima) And usually, when an anime studio ****s up the adaptation, they either change the anime art style, or do not stick to the source material and go total orginal rogue. In this case, it’s NONE of these, and yet it still sucked because it was too rushed and everything felt stale and slow-mo that it felt like watching a slideshow, not an anime series.


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