OP Sequence

OP: 「幸せについて私が知っている5つの方法」 (Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou) by 坂本真綾 (Sakamoto Maaya)


「ほかほか, じゅわっ.」 (Hokahoka, Juwa.)
“Warm, Juicy.”

What would you expect from an anime primarily focused on food? Well it turns out that Koufuku Graffiti surprised me with a good background story for our main character, Machiko Ryou (Satou Rina) in this premiere. This one-cour slice-of-life starts off with our introduction of Ryou who lives alone and cooks for herself but finds her own cooking subpar. She was raised by her grandmother whom passed away a year ago, but had a heavy influence on Ryou growing up. One day, she bumps into her second cousin, Morino Kirin (Oogame Asuka) and invites Kirin over to stay with her as she attends cram school. During the next few days Kirin gets sick and is nursed back to health by Ryou who feeds her a ton of delicious foods from nabe to inarizushi. In the process, Kirin figures that Ryou doesn’t enjoy her own food because she doesn’t have anyone to share it with and she promises to be more like family to Ryou, especially having learned more about Ryou’s grandmother. Kirin and Ryou part ways at the end of the episode, but I think it’s obvious that we’ll be seeing more of her soon… next week!

An anime about food is all I need to convince me that this is what I’m going to blog this season. It’s like all the forces in the universe came together and brought forward my two favorite things – food and anime. For all the readers that don’t know, I love food. I hate calling myself a “foodie” but that’s essentially what I am without the need to be a connoisseur of food. I like to eat and I eat a lot of everything. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that posting images of all the food porn in Koufuku Graffiti is pretty much exactly what I do in real life on my social media anyway so you can expect more of that. Koufuku Graffiti is delivering everything to my expectations for a show about food and cooking. There’s a lot of shots of just food, food being eaten (or ”food-gasms”) and conversations developed around the dinner table. I’m glad that an animation company like SHAFT got their hands on this one because the impact of delicious food on your tongue cannot be accurately portrayed if the drawings aren’t as solid as this (the noises don’t hurt either). I think they hit the nail on this one and despite how over-exaggerated it may seem, I think it goes to show what an experience eating good food can be. The intentions are for it to be kind of erotic and a sensual experience, but I don’t see it that way – I just see it as a girl really enjoying her meal. With all the recent SHAFT productions I’ve seen lately (Monogatari Series and Nisekoi), I appreciate the absence of black bars and head-tilts too, which is a bonus.

So for a story about food, there’s a lot more substance to the slice-of-life aspect that I anticipated. I thought each episode was going to feature girls cooking and eating and perhaps some comedy here and there but I was pleasantly surprised by how this premiere turned out. The plot was heart-warming and there’s a strong focus on not just the food itself, but what it means to Ryou. Her situation is not ideal, but I think it demonstrates what a strong and charming character she is. Kirin on the other hand is a miss for me, but her concern for Ryou is a good balance to show the relationship between the two. In just one episode, we already see why Ryou can’t appreciate her own food and that’s all thanks to Kirin. The ending of the episode was incredibly sweet and shows just how food truly bring people together. It’s not uncommon to send-off loved ones with goodies and bonding over food is a great way to strengthen relationships.

Personally – I haven’t been this excited for anime since… probably the sequel to Rozen Maiden and that aired a year and a half ago now. I haven’t even read the manga for Koufuku Graffiti but I’m quite biased with my passion for food and everything delicious so to me, this anime is made for me. Even objectively speaking, I think this episode stands very well on its own. It leads you to believe that Ryou and Kirin will end up living together more in the future and it introduces potential individuals that may end up trying Ryou’s food as well. If each episode can be as heart-warming as this one, then I think we’re in for a great slice-of-life series. If not, then at least we’ll get a ton of food porn and foodgasms. Either way, I still think it’ll be a win/win situation and Koufuku Graffiti has delivered exactly what I was expecting coming into this anime. Oh! And I don’t recommend watching this one too late at night… it might make you hungry!

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Wow… It’s like all the powers of the universe came together to bring me the two things I love most. Food and anime. Now I’m hungry… =3


ED Sequence

ED: 「笑顔になる」 (Egao ni Naru) by リョウときりん (Ryou and Kirin)(佐藤利奈と大亀あすか)(Satou Rina and Oogame Asuka)


End Card


    1. Wow, this show makes me feel even worse about my eating habits. I have to really admire shows that put a lot of effort in food animation. So there’s this, and then with the upcoming Shokugeki. All that’s left to create the triangle of delicacy shows is that the Hells Kitchen manga(and no, Ramsay isn’t in it) needs to be adapted into an anime.

    2. IMO, Shokugeki no Soma will be the next Yakitate Japan in terms of very good food anime. (IMO, it already is for the manga) At least I’m hoping. They better not **** this one up, whoever is doing the animation.

      So while I wait for that, I’ll give this anime a try.

    1. I hear ya. I’ve been to a bunch of Japanese restaurants in the US, but none of them are close to the taste I got at the local cafe where I lived in Japan. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. A 500 yen set meal with the most awesome miso soup ever, and a warm flavor I have yet to find here.


      Also, I love this anime.

      1. I don’t even want to imagine what you think when seeing someone eating a banana. Anyway, eating actually is erotic in some way, just like most things we do everyday – it’s just that we don’t consciously look for sexual interpretation every single minute. Basically, I guess it’s called living.

      2. nah man u can clearly tell the scen was sexualized and if i were to show that very scen to any person who doesn’t watch anime daily they would be disgusted or disturbed. yeh they “try too hard” to dispute this peasants

  1. Could this be the rise in food-centered anime? I have noticed that animation studios sneak in close-ups of food dishes in even anime that is just barely associated with food, including Hunter × Hunter (2011). Is it a trend? I have no complaints though (lol).

    Back onto the main topic, judging from the screenshots alone, I’m super happy that SHAFT picked up Koufuku Graffiti as well from the animation quality. While I have yet to watch the actual episode, it is safe to say that I will definitely stick with the series to the end. It seems like you will do the same, Cherrie, so I look forward to your continued coverage! Thank you for being here, Cherrie and Random Curiosity (-^o^-)/!
    P.S. It is near lunchtime so I’m glad this post is ending as I really need to eat something now. These shots were almost too irresistable.
    What’s on the menu today? Bye! *runs off to lunch*

  2. I hate the fact that we have to eat -_- Wastes so much of our time and imbalances so much of our hormones.
    Imagine if we can get all of our nutrition for our brain to function just by walking under the sun… or stepping into soil.

    Petit Orenji
    1. …..are you for real???? no seriously……are you for real?!…you must be a plant then..
      as for me, IM IN!!!! as a foodie, cook and all around Hedonist…gonna watch this when the “munchies” kick in as part of my weekly ritual.

      BROOKLYN otaku
    2. Well technically, the need for food is both a blessing and a curse.

      –Blessing pointers–
      Eating can be part of a social activity in fostering bonds; eg with friends, family, colleagues
      Eating can be the part of the day you look forward to; eg favourite food, snack, etc
      Eating does not have to be repetition; there are plenty of food flavors to be found throughout regions.

      –Disadvantage pointers–
      Eating too much or too little can be hazardous for health.
      Getting addicted to junk food is bad for health.
      Getting addicted to expensive food is bad for the wallet.
      When in a financial situation, yeah, eating is the unavoidable expenditure.

  3. on another note. it certainly has been a while since I’ve seen a food centric anime..”maybe i just didn’t know about any new ones”…loved cooking master boy, also loved that show i forget the name PAN something with the kid who makes bread and the outrageous reactions.

    anyway not a fan of the art style but NO MATTER, lets see what its got!

    funny thing is i cant really get into TORIKO….cuz all those foods are straight bullsh!t haha!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Some of the animation feels like Nisekoi, and upon looking at the staff list, both have a Tatsuwa Naoyuki as its Deputy Director.

    Ever since the success of Madoka Magica, Shaft seems to be using Shinbo Akiyuki’s name to attract audiences more. Though Shinbo still has the final say in projects with his name on it, he’s mostly given his deputies a lot of creative freedom. Now it seems we’ll only be seeing the real 100% Shinbo in the Monogatari Series.

    That said, Tatsuwa is slowly becoming a good protege for Shinbo. Collaborating with Okada Mari of all people to come up with something so heartwarmingly cute and delicious slice-of-life. Even the preview and end-card segments get their cute theme songs independent of the OP and ED.

    Trivia: The OP animation is directed by Umetsu Yasuomi of Kite and Wizard Barristers fame.

  5. Finally got the chance to watch this, as Crunchyroll uploaded it about two hours ago.

    Cute little series. I wasn’t expecting much at first, but it managed to warm my heart. This is definitely a keeper for the new season.

  6. Speaking of potential individuals…I get the feeling that random girl who ordered pizza might become important at some point? She was also commenting on the smell of the yellowtail & daikon near the beginning. 😡

  7. Oh man…. They should give a warning before every episode.

    The yuri vibes in this is strong and it’s making eating it on a weekly basis utterly sinful.

    Call 911 please for a case of blocked arteries due to overflowing cuteness and yuri

    Makise Kuristina
  8. I”m glad I ate before I watched this. I salivated enough as it was.

    I’m not even sure what I just watched. Yuri vibes, food porn, iyashikei, SOL. Almost needs a new category. I wasn’t expecting anything special and just checked it out after reading your review. A feel good show if there ever was one. One point from what I read on Wikipedia is that Kirin is supposed to be Ryō’s second cousin at least in the 4-koma this is derived from. If they can keep the feels going this is going to be a nice change of pace to watch.

  9. Hakunamatata
  10. a great food anime, an exquisite experience, but what hit me on the heart is the lesson it gave in mid-end “food tastes better when shared with everyone”. I’m living alone now and after watching this i miss my mom’s cooking T_T

  11. As a lover of food manga/anime I’m excited I learned of this new anime. Thank you.
    Just want to add, for fans of Food War, the father of exotic food manga was “Addicted to Curry”
    Pretty good ( though it’s only about curry) but had waay too much fan service as the series went on.

    Also here to say it’s sorta sad the two godfather of food manga, Oishinbo and Mr. sushi never got translated enough.
    Oishinbo for example is up to its 110+ book!!?!


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