「オレは知らない」 (Ore wa Shiranai)
“I Know None Of That”

If you thought Kise’s powers to perfectly imitate any of the Generation of Miracles was ridiculous, Akashi’s Emperor Eye pushes that boundary to a whole new level.

The Emperor Awakes

After the whole ordeal with Haizaki and his whole bad boy act, I never expected Akashi to knock Haizaki off my “I don’t like this character” pedestal. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Akashi’s attitude toward others after watching him nearly slice Kagami’s neck off but I have wondered what made him special enough to lead the legendary Generation of Miracles.

Which, after we found out about his ridiculous Emperor Eye, I had a little difficulty accepting. Because up until this point, every new skill or technique that we’ve seen no matter how ridiculous it seemed, would have some sort of weakness built into it that would allow the other team to fight back. But as we sat there and watched Akashi go on a rampage, literally bringing some of the best players in the show to their knees, it feels like there’s no way to really fight back. Sure it remains to be seen what Shutoku has left in them but even with Midorima and Takao ready to reveal their trump card, how do you fight against someone who knows what you’re going to do before you even do it?

And let’s say that Midorima and Takao manage to somehow get around Akashi’s all seeing eyes — what are they going to do about the other players who are just as skilled if not even more skilled than Akashi in their own respective positions?

Good Luck Shutoku! And Looking Ahead

After getting a closer look into the dynamics between all the players on Shutoku as well as seeing just how hard they’ve been training to make it through the Winter Cup, I’d be really bummed if they don’t manage to pull ahead of Akashi’s team. At this point though, it looks like things could swing either way and in either case I’m sure next week’s episode will be a blast to watch.

See you guys around the bend!

P.S. I tried getting through ISUCA’s third episode and after finishing it, I just couldn’t. So as of this week, coverage of ISUCA is probably over :/




  1. Akashi: Lower your head.
    Manga version: Know your place.

    Akashi finally used his Geass Emperor Eye and it is God-like.

    People falling and ankles breaking everywhere. Very humiliating and a huge blow to their confidence.

    1. Can’t disagree with you there, since Akashi is both extremely smart AND skillful. Hell, on top of being Captain, he’s also Show Spoiler ▼

      Also, you’ll see in the ED that he also excels in music

      Red HeartGold ZX
  2. While Akashi’s eye is over the top and then some, I felt the gorgeously animated action more than made up for it. It lent a tension and pacing to the episode that you wouldn’t expect from such an OP turn. And looking at the quality made possible by today’s animation standards, I wish Slam Dunk’s national chapters would get animated.

    1. “While Akashi’s eye is over the top and then some, I felt the gorgeously animated action more than made up for it.”

      I completely agree with you. This episode had one of the best soundtrack and animation sequence to date.

    2. LOL to me from the beginning KnB is already ‘over the top’ basketball story so it’s kind of expected, it would be strange if they don’t
      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke%203%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    After this transition, I’m pretty sure some non-manga readers are now dying to know what kind of player this Mayuzumi guy is.

    Kuroko and Kagami may be my most favorite duo in KuroBasu, but this episode made me cheer for this duo like no other! Damn, can’t wait to see this “trump card” of theirs

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. I personally thought calling it the ability to see into the future was stylistically okay. I think the shots of him looking at the movement of the legs did a good job at explaining how his Emperor Eye really works but it’s a bit of a mouthful to say “Oh, he can predict with near 100% accuracy what his opponent is going to do based off signs their body show because of his innate ability to notice the fine details.”

      Also, if he can do it with 100% accuracy, it’s like knowing the future amiright?


  4. The extent of Kuroko’s popularity with Japanese fangirls can be illustrated through a Japanese TV show I once saw,]. It was interviewing their female anime fans; one 20-something girl had pictures of Kise Ryota (and various Kuroko cast) plastered all over her apartment (and bathroom) walls. There was also a Kise plushie and a Kise (sexy pose) bedsheet. Intense. 0_0″

    Surprisingly, her husband said he was fine with it.

    1. Reverse the genders and you’ve basically describe male otakus and their 2D waifus. If you want to see another example of KnB obssession then check out THIS picture of people celebrating Akashi’s birthday. Made me lol the first time I saw it.

    1. Yes it’s true. Hiroshi Kamiya chooses well, most of his anime characters are popular (Orihara Izaya, Akashi Seijurou, Trafalgar Law, Levi) Most of the time the character somehow would be witty, sadistic, manipulative, cold, calculative… well maybe he likes that kind of characters LOLOL

    1. Yes, I loved this episode, too. If I were to compare, the action in the Seirin vs Touou and Yosen matches were dynamic and tense, but this one was cool and stylish. As I mentioned above the music and the animation complemented each other very well. The artistry was definitely on a different level especially the silhouette images.

  5. https://randomc.net/2015/01/18/kuroko-no-basuke-3-02/

    January 18, 2015 at 5:47 am

    Don’t fall for it guys. It’s an obvious bait. This person is trying to get a rise out of us and will probably continue to do so for the next 20+ episodes. Don’t waste your time & energy and just ignore it. 🙂

    Yeah, too obvious. It’s why I didn’t respond to it last week as well. I agree with @esdesu. Expect the same comment every week till the show’s over

  6. Man, I hate this kind of character. It’s wish fulfillment of the worst kind, the type you always see in josei manga. Oh, it’s the domineering Mr. Perfect whose only flaw is his totally unrelatable psychological issue (that is actually not a flaw because it’s obviously meant to make him more charming), swoon!


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