「大人の時間」 (Otona no Jikan)
“Adult Time”

Koro-sensei is steadily building a top-tier education system that’ll empower his students. Assassination physical education and alluring small-talk in English (and nine other languages) probably won’t get them into a great college, but they act as a great practical application of Koro-sensei’s own teaching methods. What fun is it to learn all theory without any practice or application? With P.E and English covered, and possibly chemistry and science joining their ranks in the next episode, the classroom of 3-E is really starting to look like not just a fun school, but an effective one.

The introduction of Irina Jelavić (Itou Shizuka) followed the same formula as the past three introductions: false sense of success, Koro-sensei’s inspirational moment, and self-improvement in that order. However, ‘Bitch-sensei’ did show us more of Koro-sensei’s human and…adult sides as a result of her introduction. Today’s dirty joke was inevitable considering Koro-sensei’s nature and the stereotypes regarding tentacles, but it did humanize Koro-sensei’s character as someone with their own urges, desires, and needs…for snacks and perhaps the smallest of fetishes involving retro PE uniforms. It is thanks to these human-like desires and flaws that Koro-sensei isn’t completely invulnerable, enabling his students to feel empowered to beat him despite the odds. Not only that, but said flaws also make Koro-sensei a strange character to relate to, both for the audience and the characters. As a potentially threatening character, Koro-sensei is still able to gain the student’s trust and participation by acting human and at times, vulnerable. The same goes for Irina, whose newfound sense of humility and practicality will help her relate to and teach class 3-E.

There’s not much else of significance for today’s episode, but it is interesting to see how the class is slowly improving over the past few episodes. The results may not be visible now, but Nagisa’s notepad files and the continuous addition of assassination experts show promising potential for the future. If I’ve missed something blatantly obvious, since today’s post is especially short, let me know in the comments! However, please avoid future spoilers if possible, and remember to wrap them in spoiler tags if spoiling is necessary.

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  1. I don’t trust this face. The question in everyone’s mind: What did Koro Sensei do to Bitch Sensei?

    Koro Sensei’s Weak Point #5: Boobs. Even tentacle monsters can’t resist the power of Oppai.

    ”You’re incredible in bed. Repeat after me.” Class-E getting top-tier education. The award for best teacher goes to…

    1. Something that struck me about the “You are incredible in bed” line was that while the written English was just fine…the spoken English by Irina wasn’t much better than what the students gave back. For an assassin who went about the world, and presumably did so without being noticed very easily by things such as accents, she has a pretty noticeable accent. It’s something of a tall order for Itou Shizuka to get down pat, if she’s not someone fluent in English, but it did take me out a bit.

      1. @Taiko, Crook: Could this be solved by hiring foreign VAs/recruit foreigners to voice English lines for their anime? I recall it worked quite well for Free Eternal Summer’s Sydney episode.

      2. “Whats the matter. It’s nothing isnt it?” in how she pronounce and stretch the sounds, she must be from USA. Try to let a Nioppon seiyu saying the same, and you get my gist of pronouncing

      3. @WorldwideDepp

        Her name is Yuki Kaida and from what I heard, she is a Japanese seiyuu who studied in US for few years during her university in San Diego so she knows English more than the other seiyuus. She’s more suitable to voice Prof. Bitch instead of Shizuka Itou. I wonder why they didn’t use her instead.

        Here is the direct link to that Kuroko no Basuke video with her in it. Her English is not perfect but better than most.

      4. @Aschente

        And it#s not only her speaking, also her behavior. Just imagine how a Nippon “alex” would react infront of these Guys. i only say Pantsu shoot. Nippon girls would turn red faces and other typical things. But US Girls? She is not naked, i have underwear on..

        So, they research the US Alexandra Garcia right. Even her Culture difference

    2. the strong points of “bitch-sensei” except being an top assassin. is her Temptation skills, to reach her goal, i just hope she only teach the languages temptation skill, and not the “body” part of it. this is a show for non-adults 🙂

  2. I can’t seem to enjoy this series much. I might drop it soon. In the beginning it seemed like something like GTO but it pales in comparison. More of the same in every episode. Not my cup of tea. Although Death parade has been doing a good job of keeping me interested in spite of it’s Stand-alone-episodic-ish nature.

    1. It definitely starts getting mixed up a little after this. The manga is also very episodic in nature and there isn’t a shortage of small, character-focused arcs, but there’s lots of variety. The story is slow to start, but it really makes it a point to have you care about the students first so that you’ll be able to appreciate what they’ll be capable of doing.

      tl;dr it gets really good dude you’ll be missing out

  3. Dafuq
    1. I’m no stranger to the Japanese making Japan the center of world maps, but it seems there wasn’t much proofrea proofscanning done. Locations of Indonesia and Malaysia are totally off. Eg Borneo isn’t what its supposed to look like either.

  4. Koro-sensei’s success to be accepted from his Students, is in how he put himself not to high above them in being a Superhuman being. He shows them that also he has his flaws, so he is not that much better as them, except mach 20 speed and smart one. His secret or of this entire Anime, is his social bonds with humanity. he is one of us, even if he looks like a octopus 🙂

  5. Poor writing of the latest episode I mean come on I thought she’s a pro assassin but using of lead bullets to kill Koro Sensei instead of Anti Koro Sensei BB’s (I don’t know what the hell this bullets called)that was prescribed by the government given the fact that she also works in the government is just WTF it was prescribed by the agency yet she didn’t intend to use it at least she could have done some research on her primary target not just being too cocky. And also at least instead of not doing anything in class, she could have asked the students some information about the target not only Nagisa himself. But still I enjoyed this episode thanks to the jokes and the entertainment.

  6. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I just realized I should probably be doing Google searches for this using ‘Ansatsu Kyoushitsu’ instead of ‘Assassination Classroom.’ If I keep searching for that I might get the FBI knocking on my door. 😉

    Can you imagine trying to explain this show to the FBI. “Sir, are you listening to him? He’s obviously high on bath salts. Let’s just tase him and go get some Denny’s.”


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