「箱の花嫁」 (Hako no Hanayome)

Yurika’s Past:

I didn’t expect an extensive backstory on Yurika and Reia, but I’m glad that’s what we got for the first half of this episode. It did a good job of making me feel sympathy for Yurika before everything turned out horribly. We get flat out confirmation that Yurika is a bear – there is no mystery behind it; she’s a bear who was abandoned at the foot of the school’s doorsteps, saved by a boy who channels Dorothy heel-clicking goodness. We also got some insight into those boxes, surprisingly enough. I always made jokes about them and thought that was meant to symbolise where the deceased go in Yuri Kuma Arashi. As it turns out, the boxes are what Yurika inherited from her traveling saviour before he left for something else. I’m glad that the boxes really mean something – a place for the unsullied and things of importance and placed. Does this mean that all the girls’ portraits that have been shelved will return at some point and become relevant to the plot? It’s possible, but it may just be a place that Yurika keeps so that their memories aren’t left in tatters.

Things were going so well with this flashback. I was starting to think that my hunch about Yurika being the final villain were misplaced, but she just had to go and kill Reia. It all comes down to the necklace (as well a Kureha being born). That piece of ribbon got passed from Yurika to Reia as a confession of romantic love, even if Reia didn’t feel the same. It was sad to see that Yurika knew that she never had a chance, an all too common reality for anime girls attracted to other girls. Tamako Market comes to mind straight away. Regardless, that does not justify Yurika killing Reia; she simply couldn’t accept that Reia was loving and affectionate to others. In typical Yuri Kuma Arashi fashion, we don’t see the killing, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a terribly unfortunate event. I could have had sympathy for Yurika… but she threw all that out the window.

The Present Drama:

The last few minutes of the episode were quite shocking and almost fitting for a finale. Prior to that moment I was already satisfied with the episode a whole, but the confrontation between Kureha, Yurika, and Ginko was a perfect balance of high strung emotions and intense drama. Everything is clear now: Yurika is manipulating Kureha to do what she wants, hiding her true identity without flaw (except for her shadow, of course), and is pinning the blame on Ginko. She’s the girl who ruined everything for her. Yurika clearly despises her, but I don’t quite know if she hates or loves Kureha. Clearly she thought low of her upon first meeting her, but she must see Reia in her now and feel like she needs to protect her… or be the one to deal the final blow. It’s all intense stuff, but then Lulu appeared and added another layer to this whole mess. What did she say? Did Kureha really kill Ginko? We need answers now but I’m certain we’re going to get them next week.

Overview – What’s Next?

The past and present are intertwining as everything starts to become clearer. There’s still mystery in the air, but it all makes sense now. I really enjoyed this episode – it focused on what matters right now and revealed the perfect amount of the mystery whilst hiding enough to keep us wondering. The art direction this episode was also very nice; I liked the long panning shots and the frilly frames that gave me Mawaru Penguindrum vibes. Whoever thought Yuri Kuma Arashi was going to be plotless pandering were so, so wrong.



Information Digest:


  • A long time ago, a planet Kumaria exploded and its shards fell onto Earth, causing the bears to attack the humans, resulting in the Severance Wall being built to separate them from the humans.
  • However in the present time, two bears, Yurishiro Ginko and Yurigasaki Lulu have arrived to Tsubaki Kureha’s school, disguised as humans.


  • Kaoru’s partner in crime turns out to be a bear, issuing her a swift death as Kureha looks after the injured Ginko.
  • Yurika has Kureha promise to take down the bear with her mother’s necklace, but before long Kureha realises that Ginko was the friend from her past all along.


Details Digest:

Mysteries in the Past:

Ginko is Sumika’s…?:

  • What exactly did Lulu say at the very end? We know that Sumika was killed by Mitsuko, but we also know that Ginko watched the murder and didn’t stop it.
  • What part did she have to play in what happened with Sumika? Whatever it is, Kureha ain’t happy about it.


  1. Yurika hates Kureha for taking Reia’s love away from her, yet in a twisted way, loves her for having Reia’s love inside of her. More of the show’s “We hated you, yet we loved you” stuff. Quite a twisted woman indeed, yet a pitiful one as well. A box forever fated to be empty, no matter how badly she wants to be filled.

    The Green One
  2. That Dorothy heel-clicking boy really looks like kaoru in that umbrella picture; albeit with longer hair and different hair and eye colors. I doubt it means anything, it’s just funny.

  3. That is the sexy way… It feels like it’s gonna rain soon? Shaba-da-doo!

    cue storm erupting halfway thru “final confrontation scene” and drowning out the most importasnt lines!

    Curse you Ikuhara for such blatant – and perfect use of Chekhov’s gun!

  4. ah I disagree on your assessment and correct you that it wasnt specifically jealousy that pushed yuriika to kill reia, rather it was due to her giving away the necklace to ginko, making it seem as if if it was worth nothing to her.
    in this case, I really am edging more on yuriika as she did try to hold out, but that was the turning point that pushed her past the limit. if reia hadnt given it away, she and yuriika would probably have just gotten all cuddly and sweet with reia comforting yuriika…

    id say its just bad luck really. but I push the blame more on reia if anything, she really shouldnt have given away the necklace and just give ginko something else maybe.

  5. here is a theory I came up with after watching this episode:
    Show Spoiler ▼


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