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Kuroko no Basuke 3 – 12

「最高の選手です」 (Saikou no Senshu Desu)
“He Is The Best Player”

Even though a friend of mine decided to spoil what the outcome of this game would be, there was never a point where I felt “team a stole the game from team b”.

Everything On The Line

If there’s something that Production I.G. does well, it’s their ability to somehow take something that we mentally know is going to be awesome and then kick it up another notch. While there were a ton of things that were done extremely well like the pacing and the execution of that final shot, the little things like replacing the opening sequence with an epic montage to kick things into gear really managed to get me really amped up.

Getting back to the show itself though, boy was this episode perfect in every sense of the word. With everything building up to this point, we got a nice blend of action on the court and well timed flashbacks to help accentuate everything that was going on — all of which culminated together to create an extremely satisfying ending to what felt like an insanely long game. From Seirin almost conquering Kise’s Perfect Copy to the last second pass to Kuroko to seal the game, I was honestly surprised the show was able to do so much with the last 30 seconds of the game.

That and I don’t know how to describe the feeling of watching Kuroko sink the final basket to win the game. Among all of those mixed up feelings though is definitely a sense of extreme satisfaction. Also, it was nice to see Kaijo’s entire team engaging in such sportsmanlike behavior afterwards. Such good guys even after losing ;_;

Kuroko’s Dark Past?

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say about Kuroko’s past and how it related to Akashi. As surprising as it was to hear Kuroko’s been playing basketball from a really young age, I was so angry to watch the episode cut to the preview right as Kuroko was about to hit the really interesting part! Whatever happened though, I’m dying to find out what Midorima meant by “two Akashis”.

Looking Ahead

After a lengthy run it seems that we’re finally about to hit the home stretch. With a national title of the line and more questions than answers, it looks like we’re in for a bit of a doozey. So while a lot might be up in the air, I think it’s pretty clear that whatever comes our way should be really fun to watch!

See you guys next week!



March 28, 2015 at 11:23 pm