「開拓者たち」 (Kaitaku-sha-tachi)
“The Pioneers”

An uneven second season it may have been—at least compared to the more reliably stellar first—but the final episode delivered a finale worth it all. Log Horizon accepts your quest!

Shiroe-style Raiding To The End

Perhaps my favorite thing about this season was how much they finally delved into late 90’s / early 2000’s style raiding, or as I’ll always think of it, EQ-style. The entire arc with Silver Sword was great, but this was perhaps the single best raid encounter of the series because it was so FAST. From learning that Shiroe was tanking to the final strikes by the original three (were those the attacks they used in the very first episode? Nostalgia!), it was only half the episode, which never gave us enough time to pick at defects or get too complacent. It was BAM BAM BAM, and it was good throughout. I unabashedly cheered when they took the baddie down.

It was also a great example of Shiroe-style raiding. I’ve seen healer tanking a lot, mostly in PvP, but Enchanter tanking? Brilliant! Which was made especially so since Mana Channeling is a skill we’ve seen used many times before, so it didn’t feel like an asspull. The same is true of Shiroe figuring out that the “random” AE was actually targeting the top five on the threat list, and managing that so the raid could survive the attack. Would most people notice that on a first attempt? No, of course not. But they could, and Shiroe has been established as exactly the kind of guy who would. It was all a great tour de force of Log Horizon’s nostalgic-style of raiding and RPG combat.

The Reason Kanami Is Here

Kanami is a tricky character. She has every appearance of a Mary Sue, and could easily overpower the main cast. So how do you use her? This is actually a great example of how to do it. First, keep her away from the main cast! If she were to appear in Japan, she would probably steal the show. It could work, but it’s a risk best attempted later in the game. Second, use her personality and ideas to push the other, more interesting characters to attempt Kanami-like things. Going for the third option—connecting the worlds—is exactly what we all want to happen (yay!), but Shiroe isn’t the type to pursue such an optimistic, idealistic path. It takes a dose of Kanami to push him to doing what only he and his friends can do—the impossible.

Also, Kanami has a kid!? This Kanami? I hope the kid’s father was a mellow guy, otherwise she’s going to be a terror when she grows up, just like her mother.

Krusty, You Son of a Bitch!

Having Krusty appear at the last second was a great way to tease at a loose end that would have been aggravating had it been left completely hanging, while leaving us on a cliffhanger that makes us want more. Touno-sensei, you son of a bitch! I guess Misa’s weapon operated like a Fairy Ring, and apparently, Misa’s arm is still alive (ew, albeit good). The question is, will Misa or Rieze come for him? Though I may put my money on the third option: Lenessia. She misses her monster in glasses, ufufu~.

Looking Ahead – Final Impressions Below

There was no sequel announcement, but that was expected since the material they’ve been adapting hasn’t even been officially released yet (it’s from the web novels). Finale impressions on the second season below.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The best raid encounter of the series wraps up with some shockers: Kanami has a kid, & Krusty is alive and well #loghora s2e25 END

Random thoughts:

  • Naotsugu and Akatsuki’s combination attack was so cool! It’s also another sign that, while Akatsuki was worrying about how well Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Nyanta could cooperate early in season one, now she can do that with them as well. She’s one of the team.
  • “My eyes are drooling!” Oh, Demi-Demi, you’re so tsundere for your hanayome-san.
  • Loved the former Tea Party member’s reactions when they realized that Kanami was on the other line. Even Nyanta was like “DAFUQ!?”
  • Nureha developing a spine and sticking up to Indicus was a bit abrupt (though not without foreshadowing, we just hadn’t heard from here in a few episodes), but damn did it feel good.
  • Just join Log Horizon already, Serara. You spend all your time with them anyway. Plus, they need a Druid.
  • My money is on the alligator, even if that giraffe is going to be one helluva strategist one day.

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Final Impressions

Much ink has been spent on the deficiencies of Log Horizon 2. The art wasn’t as good, the pacing was off, the script writing wasn’t up to par, their budget was non-existent. All true, to a degree. The art never bothered me that much, nor the animation—this has always been a more cerebral exercise, and while ufotable-level animation would have been awesome, its lack never stopped me from watching. The pacing and script writing were more worrisome, but with the exception of the ill-considered Kanami arc episode, it was all pretty good. And honestly, I’m not sure what else they could have done without more episodes, because this last episode wouldn’t have worked without at least one Kanami-focused episode.

I felt this season didn’t have as many of the highs of season one, which was partially a sad thing, partially inescapable—how do you top an example of hydraulic despotism (in the creation of the Round Table) which would have made Paul Atreides proud, or the sterling sacrifice and world-breaking rescue of Rudy?

The Abyssal Shaft raid was a good attempt, and William Massachusetts’ speech on why they raid, why they played this game at all—and took pride in it!—was like an anthem to hardcore gamers, both present and future. The Maidens of Watermaple and their battle against Nelreth provided some much needed Akatsuki character development, and it actually precipitated changes that endured up to the finale episode. The newbie arc … was not that great, though I appreciated the Isuzu focus. And this last arc threw the focus back on the world stage, which is where Log Horizon is at its best.

So yes, the second season wasn’t as good as the first. This is the squishy middle of the story, and while occasionally that nets you an Empire Strikes Back, often you just get a Temple of Doom. Rumor has it that Touno-sensei is planning Log Horizon to be 15 volumes in total, which feels right if the focus will remain on connecting the worlds from here on out. Since we’re adapted up to volume 10 now, they means another two cours to finish it outs … cours whose source material isn’t written, and which may never be greenlighted.

I’m optimistic. It appears that NHK is using Log Horizon to pull more people to its station, so maybe in a few years we’ll get those last two cour, either all together or split into two more seasons. Normlly I wouldn’t bet on it, but the fact that the second season got greenlighted at all gives me hope. It will be a while though, whatever happens, so until then, it has been a pleasure talking about 50 episodes of Log Horizon with you. Please join me in this coming season for more anime fun!

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    1. if i read his Face right (thats a NPC, so gome-ne if i am wrong). He became Jealousy because of this Lovely Dovly talking with them two. His face began to change, when she mentioned the Child…

      1. let me speculate. Perhaps Shiro is the Papa of this Child, when She was as Exchange Student in Nippon… You know she is from Europe or not? Italian? and she knew many “Guten Tag” word in different language, this my friend you learn in MMO’s 🙂

    2. Do not assume malice where stupidity will suffice, and the simplest answer is usually best. The storytelling reason is to tease us, but the in-story reason is that Regan was probably fiddling with it (either to keep it running or “to make it work better”, i.e. in-advisably) and something went wrong. Hasn’t Regan proven his loyalty by now??

      1. No Stilts, no! Regan is evil! From the eighth dimension! Seriously, I am on the Regan has an agenda wagon. An evil agenda.

        I wish they had spent one less episode with the kids and one more episode on the final mini arc, as in this last episode i was like ‘when did Plant whatever guild get to Akihabara?’ Before I realized that we were cutting back and forth quickly.

  1. What Shiroe made him “god like Wisdom beast”, is his Experience with his Tea Party. It is not that he fall from the Sky as a Master Enchanter. So his first Steps was Tea Party. But Shiroe had the skill to learn fast and have Eyes on the Battlefield. His Awareness combined with the Players know how what to do = Full Pro Raid Members

    And yes, i was remembered also of my EQ Raiding Times, with Log Horizon.
    I still can remember my first Time leading a Group in an unexplored new Zone. The “doki-doki” and Adrenalin was awesome. Even long after that my Group members remembered it, that was their best Experience and what they loved about this Game.

    EQ was also the first MMO that let me play with peoples all over the World “Busca groupo!”. Where there i meat my first real Nippon Player, the Guild called “Kaze” (Greetings from old Times!)

    1. Shiro was not Tanking, he was Kitting.. Well, some Hits gone through and he could get killed with his paper thin Armor. It was a walk on a small Line, keep being alive, hold Kitting Aggro and not lose the Aggro because of supporting heals, so that they not turn against your Healer support…

      Just hold Kitting Aggro so they could pick one and one out of this “ZERG” Monsters

      in my Days, that was mostly done from Rangers. they had Sow (Spirit of Wolf = Faster running) and little healing abilities or Monks with FD (Feign Death)

  2. A nice last episode isn’t nearly enough to fix this mess at all. People was waiting for proper conclusion of several sub plot and these were given via some random scenes that make very little sense. I’m especially disappointed in how they managed the war between Minami and Akiba. Nureha decided to act on a whim last season’s ending and that promised to escalate the story in some kind of clan war we didn’t get to see at all in all of the second serie. We saw ‘something’ confused during the younglings arc and after that Nureha decided to call it off on another whim on this last episode. Well, that was all. Pity because clan (or cities) wars were another feature from mmorpg that was worth developing. I also thought that the issue related the social instability in Akiba and Honesty clan troubles were introduced in relation to some impending clan war, but that also war for naught and left pending. So, what to expect from an eventual third serie? Kanami and Shiro’s chat should give us leads about what’s to come, except they also did the same with Nurea and Shiro dialogue last time which resulted to nothing. Let’s wait and see. IMHO this season was well subpar in contrast with the former.

      1. Log Horizon is a light novel. There are mangas too, but, as far as I know they are spinoffs (btw, the one about Soujirou’s clan is nice)

        My guess is there was more in the younglings arc about the clan war than what Deen showed us. I’m anticipating the novel book now, to know what really happened there.

    1. I doubt the Lander war is over just like that. Some of those Lander nobles have to thick a stick up their… Yeah, I doubt they’ll stop just because Nureha says so. The Adventurer involvement will likely be lessened though, even if I imagine Indicus would try to prevent that…

      Besides, even if the Adventurer “leaders” will decide not join the war, it’s been continuously pointed out that they can’t control individual Adventurers. Odysseia Knights seem pretty uncontrollable and ready to take up any “quest” that might lead to their death, for example.

      (And just for the record, since you brought it up in your reply above, Deen is still only responsible for the art this season. Everyone else, including the director, involved is the same as last season)

      1. I remember very well how you always tend to excuse Deen’s faults telling about how they are only responsible for the art (which sucks big times, btw). There are obvious changes for the worst not only in art, but to anything else about production too. i.e. just notice how the second season tends to tell plot point when chars are idle instead on how the first was more prone to show plot points by action. (I must not the only one who noticed this, am I?)
        So even if some staff member remained from before, how do you explain all of this?

      2. I’m honestly not sure what part of saying “Deen wasn’t in charge of this” is excusing their faults? I’m just saying that blaming them for something they couldn’t affect isn’t exactly fair, no matter their reputation.

        Besides, I’m not arguing your point about there being problems this season, because there were. I’m not be as vocal about art or animation quality as I’ve seen people be, since I don’t particularly care in this case, but it’s not stellar. In my opinion not as bad as bad as some commenters say it is, but that’s just my opinion and beside the point.
        To quote Stilts since his comparison was darn good, while ufotable-level animation would have been awesome, its lack never stopped me from watching.

        As for directional choices, there certainly were many hiccups and some of them were huge. If I’m allowed a pure guess, I would say the director, Ishihira Shinji, was probably overworked considering he’s been doing Fairy tail at the same time. That’s just a guess though, I have no idea what’s going on in his head or life.

      3. When the firm changes everything changes. Deen has another workflow, priorities and budget for the project, so everybody has to adapt to it, even the members who were imported from the former LH project. Even if the people who produce the scripts and direction is the same, they have to do it for a new team of people who’s going to put it into visuals, who works in a different way from the former team. So a lot is bount to change and that explain the changes. So saying “Deen wasn’t in charge of this” is not going to cut it. It’s actually quite the opposite, don’t you think so?

      4. I have no complaints with DEEN, true there have been some terrible unforgivably badly done episodes this season, and true it does have a low budget feel at times, but they do put money into the more important episodes and battles which redeems things slightly.

        Another thing being that this show doesn’t sell huge amounts on BD/DVD, and for a show airing at 5pm Japan time I would say its been done as well as it can be all things considered. I hope DEEN return for a third season as I can’t imagine who else will do it. I would say A-1 but they have Fairy Tail for the foreeseeable future(Though I could see that ending with A-1 in the next 2-3 years).

      5. @ Solaris

        Correlation does not imply causation, though that’s an easy mistake to made (I made one such mistake in assuming StrikerS killed Nanoha anime for a while, when it actually sold fairly well). To my eyes, it’s a combination of weaker source material, a time crunch around the Kanami arc I don’t really know how to fix, a lower budget, and the same people making some mistakes.

        Yes, the DEEN system may have been weaker, or less suited to the people working in it this season, but that’s likely not the biggest reason. So I’m not excusing them so much as pointing out the more likely reason … nor am I blaming them, because they gave me the gift of entertainment, and I won’t hate them even if it could have hypothetically been better.

      6. I give up. This season was terrible but it’s nobody’s fault. As pointless as this can be, can we go back to the real faults and highlights of this season or is it too much bother? Why discussions always get derailed on the stupidest things? There is a lot to say especially in those arcs whose pacing was the worst like newbie arc. There was a ton of new elements threw out like that and never addressed thereafter that deserve a little discussion. Or do you think I imagined these too?

      7. I quite liked this season personally. One of the main differences between this and SAO is that Log Horizon is basically one long drawn out story in this world, where as SAO has bite sized chunks which makes it easier to conclude each and every season.

        I can imagine when SAO Season 3 is made, people not being happy where it ends because the current arc is basically one long super arc that could take multiple seasons to finish.

      8. W-wait a moment. It’s not that I dislike Log Horizon or anything, ok? Actually it’s quite the opposite. I think Log Horizon is a wonderful take at the game survival genre, and far better than SAO in any single aspect. What I noticed here is that ‘something’ went bad in the second half of the season season and the reason albeit subject to debate is pointless after all. Better to discuss on other topics left open in the anime itself, IMHO. IE: notice that even the worse arc (newbie arc) had a lot of interesting developments worth discussing.

        PS: Akatsuki arc was easily my favourite arc after all.

      9. @Solaris: I was actually under the impression that Deen did just the art and all other strings were in NHK’s grasp… Turns out I was wrong about that. Now I understand your argument about Deen’s influence much better.
        Anyways, agreed on discussing the story itself being better. I did enjoy the discussion we had here though.

      10. A lot of complaints as far as I can tell are in the source material. There is no anime producing fault here unless you like your anime to be major deviation from the source and the one time they really cut short source with Kanami everyone panned it. I liked the world building and seeing the young adults develop. But yes the plot slowed down but the only thing I have heard is stuff was still cut from the story to make the anime.This is the challenge of world building when you have a big world and keep adding characters. The story is going to slow as you cover what everyone is doing. Me I can suppress my what is the next big shoe to drop desires if I get the more detail I want. Your milage may vary on how much world building and character study you can stand waiting for the next big plot change.

    2. I actually liked the “taking the third option” solution echoed/remind me of the scenery in first season – after the initial trio cleared the helm’s palm’s deep dungeon.

      Nureha and Shiroe’s dialogue in the first season actually resulted in something – Nureha is now trying to break of the rein set by Indicus to control her, which might stir up more conflict in Minami in the future novels.

      1. All of the part regarding Minami (and Odyssey knights) introduced several interesting plot points that weren’t developed well enough afterwards, not just the miss of an open conflict between cities resolved for ‘reasons’. Instead of focussing in what was on the table, the story took another turn with the early introduction of the third party. Interesting, but quite too soon for its own sake.

    1. Almost missed this, but Ga-tan FTW!
      For those who don’t know due to botched Kanami “arc”:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Part of the shift from game to reality. Some people are now way more powerful than other people like in a story not a game where every player has to be special and none to overpowered. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. and apparently, Misa’s arm is still alive (ew, albeit good).

    So, Krusty is armed and dangerous in China, eh?

    Hmm, that would also mean that for a short while,
    all Krusty had as a companion (before meeting Kanami & gang) was his right-hand man’s right hand.
    …………………that sounds so wrong lol.

    1. Later after giving back the hand:

      Crusty: Hey Rieze i took good care of your hand.(Give it back)

      Rieze: Thanks (puts back arm). Hmm Strange.. It is stronger than my other arm. Did you train it?

      Crusty: Train? hmm yeah… “Train”

  4. Mamare sure seems to like the “connecting the two worlds” thing, considering he did it in Maoyuu too. Not complaining though, because it was equally surprising in both.

    On Kanami, she’s basically a stereotypical shounen protagonist who works out everything “just somehow”, but as a side character. That setting makes her pretty interesting, actually. Soujirou’s another such case, except he’s a harem comedy protagonist.
    Did not see taht daughter reveal coming though. If the little girl has even a tenth of her mama’s energy, poor World. And poor Shiroe.

    I liked how it was actually pointed out that the raid party’s levels were “all over the place”, especially after Stilts critized the choice last time.

    My money is on the alligator, even if that giraffe is going to be one helluva strategist one day.

    Taken out of context, this might just be my favorite sentence in your post =D

    Also, all the skills used in the raid made me all giddy inside. Spent some time looking them up from one of the Log Horizon wikis ~ (hardest ones to find were Singularity which is listed as a Sorcerer skill despite being used by Shiroe and Ikkakasei since crunchyroll mistakenly translated it as Ikkigase)
    Seriously, the amount of thought Mamare has put into those skills is frfeaking amazing.

      1. I’m more partial to Giraffe Minori myself (except when it comes to pairing Shiroe), but Alligator Akatsuki sounds good too. Something about a seemingly carnivorous giraffe just strikes my fancy.

        And you’re welcome =)
        Actually, after tasting it for a while, it jumped straight to my favorite out of context sentence, trumping my previous favorite from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon:
        “Are we supposed to accept importation of ramen and vodka because of the Apocalypse?”
        (brownie points for anyone who can guess the context correctly. It was unfortunately cut from the anime)

  5. There has to be more seasons, right? Please do ;_;

    Log Horizon battle sequences never fail to disappoint, there were so many flashy skills used in this episode but I have no idea what some of them even do. While I’m all for the idea of them finally introducing Henrietta in battle, they made me unhappy because they decided to prevent her from utilizing any skills (jeez even Isuzu did some bard things).

    Not really to spoil, but Kanami herself holds a lot of position in the hearts of the tea party gang (you can see why the original TP members were so shocked when they realized Shiroe was talking to Kanami through the device). It’s also why the now split up TP has a lot of unnecessary drama with one another.

    I like how immersed log horizon is with their story arcs but there’s just too many things going on at the same time, it can be a little hard to keep track of everything.

    1. The skill ‘Mana Channeling’ is the only strategy that matter in this raid, and its function is already well explained. Otherwise it is standard raid-y stuff: tank, aggro management, buff, debuff, heal, dps. All those flashy skillz don’t need to be explained one by one unless it has some relevance to the plot.

      Anyway, some skills in this episode:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I checked some translated rules for Log Horizon TRPG and found this:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Some of the skills from the other Log Horizon wiki (mostly updated based on Mamare’s online notes, but doesn’t include all those notes):
        Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Naotsugu and Akatsuki’s combination attack was so cool!

    Fastball special’s are always cool.

    There were also a lot of subtle implications in the scene between Indicus, Kazuhiko, KR, and Nureha; Indicus’ controlling personality being shown again for example. At some point in the future we probably need to find out if that’s because of the Tea Party’s breakup or part of why the Tea Party broke up.

  7. Final raid, and a new quest accepted…
    Searching for the “best ending” allowing people to freely travel between the worlds – you may call Shiroe antyhing but lacking ambition! And he has the skills to support that ambition!

  8. So Roe2 found what looks like a Delta IV rocket down at JAXA, it goes without saying what that will be used for.

    And Kanami’s group, they are all DPS or DPS builds, charging forward and simply plowing through obstacles fits her personality.

    1. Speaking of Kanami, being able to quit an MMO to raise a kid during the grueling first few years makes me consider her more mature/aware of responsibilities than her personality lets on.

    2. I didn’t mention the Roe2 part in my post, but that was a nice touch. It’s nice to have a powerful onee-chan running around :3

      On Kanami—to be fair, she also leveled up a new (I assume? Maybe she had the Monk previously) character when her kid was still three years old. She’s probably pretty good at it by now, but where do you find the time!

      1. About Roe2 and the traveller’s thing.
        It would be nice if some traveller would pick up Kanami’s old PG from Tea Party. (And meet poor Shiroe like that) Think about if that traveller would be an enemy instead, or side with Minami. There would be lots of nice development. I hope Mr Mamare will think about it.

  9. Just tossing this out there. If they had put the full Greatest Party ever arc out there they probably could not covered everything and ended it where they did. There is going to be a good stretch of time between now and when enough novels will be finished to add new material. We have only seen an outside view of the party, when they interacted with other people. Could they be planning a season which covers Kanami and Pals from their POV and possible some other aspects of the world?

    1. At this point anything is possible(Because the anime has caught up with the author literally and we have no idea whats next from the chapters..). I hope the author returns to focusing more on Shiroe instead of the kids. Shiroe deserves a longish arc where he is the sole focus and everyone else is secondary.

  10. Kanami! That’s… almost enough to make me trying catching up and finishing the series (I haven’t watched this since they so thoroughly shortchanged Kanami earlier).

  11. Oh that was totally wonderful. It really got me in my heart when Kanami told Shiro no she does not want to go home she wants to bring her daughter here to a new home.

    The author got me worried with Shiro’s idiot ball, but not to worried as other characters were giving stay conversations. I was worried as way to many stories where people are stranded away from home the author falls to thinking they have to send them back even when the world they are stranded in is a mighty nice place to be for some.

    The Genki is often used as a secondary humor shallow character but the Genki type can be just as deep as the rest of us. The Genki is just on the surface. I recalled thinking on it as it was 30 years ago in collage but my Marketing Fraternity won awards under the leadership of a female Genki and a male Genki so I know that type can drive people to great achievements even if their personalities can make one underestimate them or rub some the wrong way. As major in human resource management and a US Army Reserve Infantry Officer I can tell you I liked Log Horizon for it’s leadership examples. I just wish Kanami’s leadership moments were so compressed by a single episode compression. But what she did is what good leaders do in those situations and people reacted like they would to someone who earned their trust.

    Log Horizon shows that the successful leadership Genki in both the getting things done and how uneasy that force of personality can make some. I do wonder if Shiro had a crush although daughter might rule that out now Shiro has too many girls who don’t want to share already.

    Loved the MMO team work. Got to find a more old fashioned work as team MMO as two big ones are way to nerfed that way. Probably when the industry realizes that you can’t make those who like a good story and a harder fantasy world happy with the same game that that will please the rather skip leveling up end content only types who dislike things like ammo as it ruins their desire for a first person shooter in a MMO desires.

  12. wow Just think we would have a Outbreak Company situation of Earth and the world of Log Horizon have a portal. Except that in this case I assume people from earth get translated coming over into a level one. And a level one firing a level one machine gun will not even be able to kill a People of the Land warrior let alone Adventurers. Plus technology already introduced to world of Log Horizon still it would be fun with Earths reaction.

    Now Kanami needs to get her daughter a giant tiger like in Utawarerumono for her kid. Nothing cuter than a giant tiger curling up it’s girl and girlfriends. Only problem being I’m sure Kanami’s daughter would have to ride the tiger into battle even though you told her to stay home.
    For reference watch the Utawarerumono anime opening. Tiger is immune to cutting weapons unless wet which is a secret known to few.

  13. Did anyone else see the news about the author Mamare Touno being caught for tax evasion? He owes the Japanese government 30 million yen as he allegedly didn’t file the 120 million yen royalties from his Log Horizon/Maoyu printed novels.

    I have no idea how this will affect Log Horizon Season 3 as its part funded by the government but assuming he pays up, I would hope this goes away and we get our Season 3 at some point.

    The story is on animenewsnetwork for anyone wondering. It just goes to say though that these authors make a pretty good living doing what they’re doing.


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