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「転校生/LR/転校生の時間・2時間目」 (Tenkousei/LR/Tenkousei no Jikan: 2nd Period)
“Transfer Student/LR/Transfer Student: 2nd Period Time”

After several hard drive failures, developing bronchitis, among other things, I’m back to blogging, albeit a little weak. Thanks to Stilts as he helps me cap the show, despite being overseas at the moment! Luckily, it’s a perfect time to come back; the plot is ramping up just in time for the second cour. Let’s reflect and see where the series currently stands.

Koro-sensei’s assassin challengers have quickly stepped up their game, especially over the course of episodes 9 and 11. Ritsu (Fujita Saki), the AI artillery, marked the end of sheer talent and into the realm of the fantastical, where mere humans (temporarily) take a backseat to technology and mutations beyond natural human talent. Multicore is her game, the internet is her textbook, and she literally is born mobile. On the other hand, we have the more mysterious Horibe Itona (Ogata Megumi), Koro-sensei’s ‘brother’ whose tentacles sure know how to keep the rain away. Shiro, Horibe’s guardian, seems to be part of an organization that synthesizes science and elements of legendary Japan, further adding to the mystery of Koro-sensei and the various organizations related to him. Now, with a group of scientists and a super secret sect of the Japanese military after him, Koro-sensei’s troubles are far from removed from grades and the principal of Kunugigaoka, who appeared to be the main antagonist just a few episodes earlier.

Robots and mutants aside though, Koro-sensei is never able to completely fail his students and somehow finds a way to be victorious, at the cost of some embarrassment that is. The quick resolutions for each conflict that Koro-sensei faces have gotten anti-climatic, but the overall story that develops from each successive victory is what’s most interesting right now. As Koro-sensei admits, he tries his best to be the non-serious character, lest he reveal his much more serious intentions to the students.

While the artificial assassins may take center stage right now, the end of episode 12 shows great potential for our normal student assassins to make a comeback. Just as the class was able to make a comeback from academic defeat, so too will the class of 3-E be able to overcome even the most supernatural of assassins. It’s a common trope for the underdog of humanity to overcome stacked odds, purely through wit, determination, and plain persistence. The trope totally applies here too. All those notes that Class 3-E has been building up are growing in number steadily. What most ‘elite’ assassins would consider trivial knowledge, the class considers as important puzzle pieces to form a master assassination. Of course, this is precisely what Koro-sensei wants to elicit from the class. Knowledge and physical ability is all fine and good, but what Koro-sensei really wants to instill in them are the moral lessons that will help them throughout anything they do in life.

This mix of moral goodness and a mystery to boot have kept Ansatsu Kyoushitsu a good show. Sure, it’s got its weaknesses in pacing and individual character development, but overall the show’s story is proving itself to be more interesting with each passing episode. On top of Koro-sensei and his brother, I look forward to seeing Nagisa grow as a character too, since there is so much we don’t know about him and his innate assassination abilities.

One cour has passed, but I am happy to see what the next cour has in store. Now that we’ve gotten the foundations setup, how will Koro-sensei deal with an oppressive school, a nefarious research facility, and the everyday troubles of a class simultaneously? We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. HalfDemonInuyasha
  2. Was wondering where this went, glad you’re feeling better now Zanibas!

    Was not expecting a moe AI to be one of the transfer students. Itona however was completely expected. It does seem to be a turning point for the class though, now that they know what’s out there they seem to be a lot more motivated to kill Koro-sensei… looking forward to what they’ll come up with.

    Daaaw, you can stab me anytime Irina…

    1. Remind me of the Female of Lupin the 3rd. She also use her Body and seducing Skills as Weapon against Men. Just that in Lupin she is a Thief and here we have an Assassin

  3. what Koro-sensei really wants to instill in them are the moral lessons that will help them throughout anything they do in life.

    ….in their life that lasts only until next year when he supposedly blows up the earth.

    Seriously though, as a non-manga reader (for the moment) I wonder what his angle is? He’s obviously upset at humanity, or something related, for loss he has suffered in his past as we see in brief flashbacks. I don’t seem him wanting to go through with destroying the earth, but I also don’t know why he might want to die. I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

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  5. I was anticipating for Nagisa to man up and interfere Koro-sensei and his brother’s fight like they did against Ritsu, preventing them from getting the bounty. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but I would like to see more blood lust scenes from Nagisa like few episodes ago.

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