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OP: 「夢色パレード」 (Yumeiro Pareedo) by Rhodanthe*

「はるがきたっ」 (Haru ga Kitta)
“Spring is Here”

One of my favorite slice-of-lifes finally makes its return today! Seeing how this is the second season for Kiniro Mosaic, I’ll leave it to you to watch the previous season if you want to get caught up. There’s a lot of small nuances between the characters that you can only really catch if you’ve watched it and there’s a couple surprises that I’d rather not spoil for you. With that said, let’s jump straight into it!

Tsundere Sensei!?

The first of a few new characters, Kuzehashi-sensei might be my new favorite side character. On the outside she looks like a professional teacher who’s ready to educate today’s youth. But on the inside you have a true tsundere who just can’t get enough of her students. Combine the two together and you have someone who I have no problems rooting for while getting a few good laughs as she stumbles between trying to find a nice balance between being too strict or too lax.

Also, she has an adorable pink scrunchy that gives her a memorable side ponytail. When have you ever seen an evil character in an anime that has such unique but acceptable hairstyle!?

Shinobu and Alice

Something that I totally forgot about while working on the preview was the intricate relationship that Shinobu and Alice share. I remember the jealousy part quite well but I forgot just how close the two really were. Little things like Alice constantly reminding us she’s in the same class as Shinobu or the two trying to force certain situations to not hurt the other’s feelings sometimes — it’s the epitome of cute that sometimes gets a little too hard. Not in a bad way per se but sometimes if one emotion gets overloaded you just don’t know what to do! At the same time, how can you not love Alice and her attempts to really understand Shinobu? ;__;

Episode Recap

While I may have started the post saying you should watch season one before leaping into this one, I think the episode did a good job at both newbies and veterans back up to speed. Not diving too deep into anything too specific while giving all the characters a chance to show us some of their trademark quirks, someone who hasn’t seen the first season wouldn’t have any trouble getting the gist of things.

But for those of us who’ve seen the first season, there’s things like Shinobu growing up a little since season one that makes everything completely worth. From dropping some totally deep and out of character words of wisdom to being a little devilish and not verbally saying certain things, you can really that sense of growth.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week!



  1. Kiniro Mosaic never fails to make you smile. Just can’t enough of Karen too, and I’m guessing she’s gonna be interacting with Kuzehashi-sensei a lot. That was also a nice throwback to season one, how Shino was chasing after Alice when they first met. I also forgot how stealthy Shino can be. Also…


    …it looks like there’s a few more new side characters, like Karen’s friend Honoka and Yoko’s siblings. I don’t think the girl on the very right hasn’t been introduced yet though. Her hair looks a little bit like Shino’s.

  2. Until I get Gochumon season 2 im going to have to love Kirino Mosaic again – and thats not a bad thing at all! The first season was one of my favourite SoL’s and its impossible not to love the characters on this show

    1. IIRC, they hired an English speaker (presumably from England) to coach the VAs into sounding more authentic and less Engrish-y for the first season, so it is better than most. At the very least, I’ve noticed that Touyama Nao (who voices Karen) sounds pretty decent with English even in other shows, though I can’t recall a role where she speaks English from before the first season of Kiniro to see if the coach had a noticeable effect or if she was decent to begin with.


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