OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「ZERO」 by 小野賢章 CV: 黒子 (Ono Kensho CV: Kuroko)

「青い空の日」 (Aoi Sora no Hi)
“A Day with Light Blue Skies”

With the Kaijo arc finally out of the way, the story is taking a step back and finally giving us a good look into Kuroko’s past which goes hand-in-hand with the Generation of Miracles.

Long Over Due

Seeing how the show’s name is Kuroko no Basuke or the Basketball which Kuroko plays, it makes sense that we’d eventually get to see the back story for the titular character, right? While it would have made sense to give us some explanation maybe a season or two ago, I won’t argue that there’s something really fun about watching a younger Kuroko. And by really fun, I mean the shock of watching him nearly get crushed by the overwhelming pressure of Teiko’s basketball team. From his inability to stand out in any category and constantly dropping in internal team rankings, that overwhelming feeling of despair really caught me off guard.

Which in the long run makes sense since I doubt someone actively develop a skill set like Kuroko’s without some sort of adversity staring them right in the face. And even though we know just how far and effective Kuroko’s misdrection has become, what stood out wasn’t how he developed the skill but the reason why he even pursued it — Akashi. Something about how Akashi was able to see Kuroko’s latent abilities and enabled him to improve himself by giving him a glimpse of what to do was downright scary.

Flipping onto the lighter side of things, I was really happy that we got to see just how close Kuroko and Aomine. It’s been clear as day that the two had something special between them but seeing Aomine grow from a simple practice buddy into a true friend just felt good.

Looking Forward

Without the pressure of needing to win a game, the story’s hit a really interesting spot. While it is technically a flashback, the fact that we’ve never treaded here before and the story’s willingness to finally tell us everything means we’re in for one hell of a ride. Even though we all know what will eventually happen as the Generation of Miracles begin to completely destroy their opponents, I can’t wait to see all the things that lead up to that point.

Catch you next week! Also, if you didn’t catch the singer for the new opening, it’s Kuroko’s voice actor — and boy does his voice sound good!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「アンビバレンス」 (Anbibarensu) by SCREEN mode



    1. That’s because many manga scenes have been omitted.

      Though I should be grateful that they’re doing this in order to cover the final arc truthfully, my favourite scene of the bromance conversation of Aomine and Kuroko has been omitted.
      That was a good sign of their friendship that I wished I could see that conversation in the anime.

      That happens in the last quarter of this episode, so you’ll get the feeling it doesn’t fit right, especially Haizaki’s scene looks like it’s been too abrupt.

      Nevertheless, it’s still a good episode for me to watch Kuroko’s efforts in becoming the Phantom 6th man. 😉

      1. According to this tweet, The new OP/ED will be used for 4 episodes, so I’m assuming this means Teiko arc is 4 episodes.

        A good thing, in my opinion, because I heard the last match is the longest and I hope it gets enough episodes. I also heard parts of the Teiko flashback are already covered in the Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off Special so you might want to check that out.

        Kuroko the Best Shooter (Kuroko hype \o/ captain)
      2. I’ve been waiting to see the Teiko arc animated and I’m glad that it’s finally here. I love the new Teiko OP and ED too. I see that people are saying it’s rushed, I don’t feel that it’s rushed, but it definitely seems to be moving at a faster pace.

    1. Loving the new OP! Ono Kensho doesn’t disappoint.

      Seeing Kuroko getting into the first string was so inspiring. Proof that hard work does pay off.

      They all look adorable as teenagers. Great to see how the GoM legends were born.

  1. random viewer
  2. I was kinda looking forward to Kuroko and Momoi moments

    In my opinion, it would’ve been better if this is the kind of animation Kuroko has whenever he uses his misdirection in-game

    Love triangle, anyone? o.O

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. I really miss how magical misdirection was portrayed as in the very first episode of this series and am glad that this episode has reproduced that awesome effect.

    1. “In my first game, I tripped and I had a nosebleed” – Kuroko to Furihata

      We finally get to see that in this episode. Also it was cool to see everyone looking so young!

    1. I don’t think he was being that harsh though. Sometimes, there are talent gaps that hard work just cannot make up for, and if it wasn’t for the assist from Akashi, nothing Kuroko did would have enabled him to make the first team. In the long run, stringing him along knowing he had no shot would have been more cruel, in my opinion.

  3. Is it me or Nijimura doesn’t get enough spotlight?
    Even if he only appears in this flashback arc, he was considered the best power forward, and might have been around Kagami’s level (when Kagami first challenged Kise).

    Of course it’ll be great if Mr Fujimaki is planning to bring Nijimura back in the manga (maybe you never know if he became stronger than before).
    But for now, I would like to see how charismatic Nijimura can be to the team back then.

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