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Kuroko no Basuke 3 – 14

「。。。ワリィ」 (…Warii)
“… Sorry”

Everything went from super cheery to absolutely frustrating in a matter of a few minutes.

The Generation of Miracles

After last week’s episode of hard work and dedication, this week’s brings with it a completely different atmosphere. I clearly remember starting to feel a sense of unease as the episode began but by the end of things there was an overwhelming sense of frustration and despair. While we all technically know how all of this will eventually play out, watching it firsthand really helps you realize just how grave things started to get before Kuroko stopped playing at Teiko.

I mean, when we first saw that scene where Aomine completely lost his drive to play his hardest during games he was technically the protagonist. Pompous and prideful, it felt like he was just looking for reasons to stop giving the game his all. But when you look at it from this side of the fence, it’s clear just how traumatizing being too good something could be for someone who has so much passion for the game.

Akashi Seijuro

I was really excited to see that Akashi actually had a rather nice side to him in the past. Playful with the girls but strict enough to lead a team to victory, he feels like the embodiment of everything you could want in a leader. Toss in his excellent ability to realize the potential of others and it makes you wonder how he hasn’t somehow taken over the world! That said, it looks like next week’s episode is when everything comes crashing down. With the team starting to fall apart and Akashi unleashing his terrifying Emperor Eye, it seems that things are about to go from bad to worse.

On a small side note, did you notice both of Akashi’s eyes are the same color? Instead of having heterochromia, they’re both red!

Broken Promises

I’m not sure what Ogiwara was supposed to do for the overall story since he basically showed up and then immediately left but I do know that listening to him tear up as he called Kuroko really hit me hard in the chest.

In-fighting and Looking Forward

As the Generation of Miracles slowly start to break free from their leisurely days at Teiko and start to discover their unique skills, I’m dreading the upcoming argument and/or fight that’s bound to erupt when the strong start to butt heads. Judging from the preview though, it doesn’t look like it’ll be pretty. If I had to put my money on who comes out on top though, I’d put it all on Aomine (;

Catch you next week!



April 11, 2015 at 9:55 pm