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「僕らはもう」 (Bokura wa Mou)
“We No Longer”

This week’s episode wasn’t a happy one.

Aomine’s Breaking Point

I’ve been a huge Aomine fan since we first saw just how nice of a guy he really is — and this episode did not disappoint. Not because it showed us just what pushed him passed the tipping point but how it all came together to create the Aomine we saw during the first season. Because when it comes down to it, everything that happened stemmed from victory taking precedence over everything. Be it the passionate friendships or the love for the game, none of it managed to trump the cold-hearted need for victory. That said, isn’t it really sad that the Head Coach dropped out when he did? Because had he been able to nurture and control the players in a way that could have kept them from straying too far apart, can you imagine how different the world in which Kuroko plays basketball would be? Sure, there’s always the possibility that their individual skills would eventually break them apart but maybe it would have happened without everyone’s relationships taking a huge hit.

Akashi’s Awakening

There couldn’t have been a better way for Akashi to awake that Emperor Eye of his. Facing the tallest member of the team in a head-to-head battle and completely demolishing him, it felt so good to see Akashi exert his dominance over the cocky Murasakibara. On the other hand, it’s a shame to see that kind faced Akashi has been replaced with the scary looking one. What used to be a pretty cool guy has turned into someone who has an extremely creepy smile no matter how you focus on it. Throw in how he can talk about having a split personality without even batting an eyelash and you have the making of someone who could be absolutely crazy.

Team-Play & Looking Ahead

With Akashi abolishing team-play and opting to focus on the individual talents of the each player, it looks like Teiko’s transformation to what we know today has nearly come to fruition. And as things slowly start to fall apart, it seems that next week is setting the stage for Kuroko to quit the team. But as much as I don’t want to see Kuroko break away from the people whom he cares about the most, I’m a little excited for things to flip back to the present. Because as soon as we do come back, it’ll be time for the fated match between powerhouses to begin.

See you next week!



April 19, 2015 at 9:02 pm