「才能の時間」 (Sainou no Jikan)
“Talent Time”

Based on my previous posts, many of you know I have grievances with the ‘trouble of the week’ format of this show. Many of of the character developments would be more impacting given at least another episode. Fitting conflict with resolution in 20 minutes just isn’t enough time. Today’s conflict goes against that trend. That scum of the earth is gone from the school just as soon as he arrived. I only wish that he’d have left sooner.

This is not a statement on the show’s quality though. It was a pleasure seeing Takaoka Akira (Miyake Kenta) get a proper beat down by Nagisa and Karasuma. The two of them don’t get to employ their physical abilities often, so who else to show off their sleek skills other than a terrible sadist? Yeah, seeing Kanzaki and Maehara get beat down was hard to watch, but man, the look on Takaoka’s face when he got told, especially after all that smack talk, was golden. I’m sure this isn’t the last time we see Takaoka though, since his jealousy towards Karasuma and his grudge against Nagisa would be wasted if he just stopped here. I fear the day that he does come back, but I know for sure he won’t succeed.

Although infuriating, Takaoka’s presence makes sense from the perspective of the Ministry of Defense. With 8 months left until the presumed end of the world, it is entirely understandable for humanity to employ extreme methods to preserve itself against an external threat. Takaoka represented a government’s desire to expedite the process, perhaps rightfully so from their eyes, just as the introduction of Shiro and Artillery seemed plausible to deploy despite their consequences. The pain and even loss of a few students matters not when a few billion people’s lives are on the line.

We as an audience though do not share that perspective and conclusion…or at least I hope we don’t. Apart from the hope that Koro-sensei won’t actually destroy the world, it is hard for us to see children who have grown on us for 12 episodes go through such immediate, excruciating, unfair, and above all malicious pain. It is not a necessity for these students to be killed for an example, but it is the twisted view of an individual corrupted by their own jealousy, who happened to garner the attention of a few worrisome leaders. Takaoka makes for a poor villain in this regard, as even chairman Asano disagrees with his extreme methods as ineffective. However, with Takaoka’s departure also marks another step up in the complexity and magnitude of Korosensei’s opponents, both within the class and from government organizations. His presence was necessary for us to really understand to what lengths the world will go to save itself, even if it’s not pretty. Long gone are the simple methods of hiding a knife under a poem; let us welcome the really juicy stuff that makes for a compelling plot. Let the games begin, however brutal and challenging they may be.

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  1. Well, it seems the anime has finally reached the point I left the manga at. So, unless someone recommends otherwise, I think I’ll be jumping in starting from next episode.
    P.S.Nagisa is a badass.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2023.jpg

    Nagisa gives me Kuroko vibes, not only are their hair and eye colour the same, their disposition is also similar in that they are analytical and both have hidden talents in their respective professions.

    Yes, it was nice to see Nagisa kick ass and I also really liked how Karasuma’s personality is revealed, he is easily misunderstood because of his professionalism yet kindhearted, I really admire those kinds of teachers.

  3. Food
  4. I was glad that other students got some more exposure!

    Takaoka Akira is gone ??? Yea he was a disgrace !

    Nagisa just took a big step forward !

    I am also glad that Karasuma is also starting to play a bigger role!

    1. No, military does not do that kinda of training by beating people. Its rather counter productive for the type of soldiers you really want. However, some training is very dangerous and can kill you if you mess up; but there is a lot of protocols and people in place to keep that from happening.

      Also, you have to keep in mind; one of the main sacrifices soldiers make is to give up some of the basic human and civil rights civilians enjoy. Its one of the reasons why UMCJ exists.

      One of the issues that zani is addressing is the 20 min bad guy and done wrap. There is little time to actually communicate a threat and what is going on to build a story. The show takes a few pictures and allows the viewer to construct the reasons themselves, based on a very simplest understanding. Mostly driven by time and show format; and if anything is more complicated you will loose people; including staff writers…. There is actually a lot wrong with that picture when you stop and think about that, but then again, that is not the purpose in the story.

      Most of the show was nothing more than to illustrate that the boy, who is not a girl, hero; has potential to do great deeds…hopefully it will add suspense to future character development that will come in 3 min burst :/


  5. I didn’t expect chairman Asano would show up and be the one actually having the final words in this matter.

    Was he taking advantage of the situation by showing his power, surpassing even the Ministry of Defense’s authority ?
    Or was he really against such brutality that he decided to intervene ?
    Or yet, is he so convinced that his own teaching method is the only correct one, that he decided anything else must be eradicated, even if it may be necessary to save humanity ?

    What’s your opinion ?

    1. 1. Unlikely that he’s showing his power, because the students were actually happy at the end, so that’s the opposite of striking fear towards Class E
      2. He doesn’t care about the well-being of Class E
      3. He cares about education more than anything else, he won’t let Ministry of Defense interfere his school
      4. He have high confidence in his teaching methods, but he also enjoyed the competition of philosophy between him and Koro-sensei. He wants to beat Koro-sensei to show that his teaching method is the best. He hasn’t beaten Koro-sensei yet so he haven’t convinced anyone yet.

      So I think its just the clash of philosophy, he only want elite within his school. He said he decides who can teach here, that means he can actually reject having Koro-sensei here if he like. So why did he keep Koro-sensei? I think its because Asano acknowledges Koro-sensei as a teacher who have an interesting philosophy. But Asano doesn’t not acknowledge Akira’s disgrace philosophy.

      1. Correcting myself, although I don’t think Asano is showing his power towards Class E, but I do think its for Koro-sensei, Karasuma and Irina Bitch. Asano haven’t fired them means they’re doing fine as teachers, yay!

      2. I think of power, in this case, as authority. What the chairman was showing is that he has absolute authority over the school. Whatever happens at the school is completely under his jurisdiction. The students were oblivious to the fact that a mind game was occurring between him and Koro-sensei and Karasuma.

      3. He actually WAS showing off his authority, but at the same time, he truly does not believe in educating through physical violence. And there is a reason why people like that kind of piss him off.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2030.jpg
    I’m against violence, but this just looks right to happen to this douche-bag.
    If only Koro-sensei can have his way with him. I would have thought he would look all black instead of red to show his wrath.
    I do hope they let him join them.

    random viewer
  7. I think one important point that was glossed over in this post was Nagisa showing natural talent for assassination, and Karasuma’s hesitation as a teacher on whether or not he should be nurturing such a talent in his students. This show actually raises some important points on education philosophy amidst all the assassination madness and there are probably a few connecting lines to be drawn.


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