“First Ensemble”

「はじめてアンサンブル」 (Hajimete Ansanburu)

‘Don’t Waste My Time’:

I bet all the people who dismissed this as K-On! 2.0 are feeling silly right now. The introductions are out of the way, for the most part at least – we’re still picking up information at the same rate as the first years, like breathing exercises – so now we can get to the the performances. Even though I’ve been looking forward to seeing them play together, practice is most important, whether that be by yourself, or with your respective section. But what happens when some people just aren’t putting in the effort that’s required? It ends up a travesty. This isn’t K-On! wonderland, where time spent on tea and cakes corresponds to how well the student perform. In Hibike! Euphonium, those who don’t practice or simply don’t care enough to try end up bringing everyone else down.

Taki-sensei is a funny one. First off, he’s not anything like the other teachers we’ve seen from KyoAni, which I appreciate. He reminds me of teachers from my school who were both the best and worst at times; best, because they were approachable and relatable, and didn’t put a barrier between pupil and teacher; but also worst, because when they got pissed off or were disappointed with anyone’s work, you just knew that whatever they were going to say next wasn’t going to be pretty or easy to hear. You could argue that it’s easier just to have someone who is more traditional in approach, so you always know what to expect from them if something goes wrong – but having Taki-sensei say the words: ‘Don’t waste my time’ was more impactful because of that very reason. Going into this, I half-expected him to be kind and considerate with all his students, and never thought he would never push them out of their comfort zones. But he essentially manipulated them last week – or most of them, I should say – to strive for nationals. Clearly, his methods don’t match with his easygoing demeanour, and I like that.

There’s also the case of the missing second years, as well as those that remain showing little interest in the band. Natsuki in particular is destined to get an episode or two focused on her – from the moment she appeared sullen in the opening, I had a feeling she’d be a minor character worth shedding some light on. The harsh truth of it all is that many of the students don’t care enough, or simply don’t believe they have what it takes to get to nationals, and so won’t bother trying. Aoi was the only one to stand up for those beliefs last episode, and even if it goes against the purpose of the series, it’s hard not to have some respect for her. So many of them wanted to do the same thing, but were pressured by Taki-sensei’s methods.

The Truth is in the Details:

One thing I also appreciate with KyoAni is how much effort they put into the details, and how that makes for a more believable and immersive experience. Not many studios put so much into the little things that seemingly dont matter in the grand scheme of things – or at least they don’t if you don’t notice them. The biggest example of this is with Kumiko and her sister, in the short scene we have of them this week. The purpose of that scene was to show how her sister isn’t so keen on the Euphonium, and that both of them aren’t on the same wavelength. That becomes even more apparent when you look at the framing – whether we only see Kumiko’s reactions to the conversation, or we look down at the euphonium that sits between them. But the best moment would have to be the literal canyon between Kumiko and sister. For such a short scene, it was packed with fantastic imagery and framing, showing how distant their relationship is without making it seem forced or typical.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This episode was beautiful and depressing, which, if you ask me, was a perfect balance. I wouldn’t change anything even if I could. We’re going to go through some trials along the way with several characters, but I can’t wait to see how that all plays out. Also, the scene with Kousaku playing the trumpet over the school as the sun sets was stunning. There are some seriously impressive anime this season in terms of production, but Hibike! Euphonium has to be up there as one of the best. Looking ahead, I want to see Kumiko explode. Right now she’s taking a step back, witnessing those around her who aren’t trying, and is clearly disappointed by it. She says she doesn’t want to play the euphonium any more, but when her sister points out that she’s playing it again, her expression shifts in a way that has my curiosity piqued.

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    1. She is also appears to be the nominal leader of the band with how she aggressively backed up the band captain and helped to handle the grumbling amongst the band members after Taki-sensei left the room.

  1. This show is now WAY different from K-On! The problems are real, the atmosphere is more realistic, characters have to pay for their mistakes. This teacher is something else. I appreciate that he never yells but in times like these, the tension is so thick, I think it would just be better if he does! I think we ALL had that stressful feeling like you failed your goals for a class, everyone around you knows it, and your teacher pushes the hammer down on you more!

    1. This kind of passive aggressive attitude is worse. Nothing gets accomplished. He’s like one of those bureaucratic crap teachers who’s just there for show. I would fukkin’ quit the club if I had him as instructor. He doesn’t want his students to waste his time? Since when is a teacher’s time more precious than a student’s? The students shouldn’t let him to waste their time and force the school to find a real teacher.

      But later on the series is probably going to make us see that he’s actually a good guy soon by letting us know he acted this way to make the students “find themselves” or “overcome their teenage apathy” or some kind of bullSh. Hell no.

      Petit Orenji
      1. I also felt that way, until I realised one is looking at it the wrong way. This isnt a music class, hes not the teacher meant to be teaching students music. He’s simply the advisor to the club. Its not a music class, its just an after school club

  2. last time kyoani did something with serious tone(well not so serious there’s always moe element) like this was hyouka, and i really like it, including euphonium. kyoani should try making more anime with serious tone, they definitely could make it great like hyouka

    1. I dunno, personally i think Full metal panic:The second raid and Munto were much more serious. You can argue its a serious anime in an everyday setting though. But yes, hyouka was the last thing that had a more serious tone.

  3. I bet all the people who dismissed this as K-On! 2.0 are feeling silly right now.

    They need to be slapped not less than twice. If they still believe so, God help them.

    Solid episode. I really liked how the drama was handled. The Dvorak piece played at the end hit home(No pun intended). There are so many things going on underneath that I wish this was 2 cours.

  4. Definitely no K-On. Holy crap, this band is messed up.

    The Director/Advisor is AWFUL. I haven’t disliked a character in anime this much in a while. (Well, Orimoto from Oregairu is also pretty bad.) His BS attitude to rehearsal is terrible. What’s wrong with this statement:

    “Practice in your sections until you know how to perform as a group.”

    If you’ve ever been in a good band, you’ll know how messed up his statements are. Sure, they suck, but he ALSO has a responsibility to teach them HOW to perform as an ensemble. You don’t learn that in sectionals. You learn that the hard way, through lots of sour notes, missed entries, etc. At least get them to play whole note scales together, so they get a sense of accomplishment. Ugh. UGH!

    He just wants to direct the finished product, and doesn’t want them to waste his time. SO much dislike for him as a music educator, because he’s doing it all wrong.

    Clearly, it’s not his fault they suck, but he’s NOT HELPING in a lot of crucial ways. And he’s only making things worse with his attitude.

    As a group, they need to figure out what kind of band do they want to be. They have a lot of beginners, and most of them will quit. (Beginners have a high quit rate when they find out just how much effort it takes.) The second years have a terrible attitude, to boot. Honestly, the only way to salvage this club, short of a Deus Ex Machina is to create one small performance band, and make everyone audition for a chair in it. (Like real bands do.) Everyone who doesn’t make it, gets to practice until they’re good enough.

    I’ve seen some tiny bands kick serious ass, because they had no dead weight in them.

    It’s not fair to the people with skill to be saddled with a bunch of people too clueless to follow or too lazy to practice. Conversely, the beginners need a place to get good, and that takes time, patience, practice and GOOD INSTRUCTION, which advisor guy isn’t providing. If you rush beginners to much, they’ll quit!

    Good show, really digging it, but man, I’d hate to be in that band.

    1. The thing that a lot of people forget is he that is not their music instructor, he is a club adviser. He does not really have any of that responsibility. He even pointed it out last episode, if they wanted to go to Nationals he would help them the best he can. Ultimately, it was the bands choice that set their goal, and as this episode shows they clearly don’t want it enough.

      He already demonstrated the sections already suck on their own on a beginners piece. That point made is that its not the performance that’s the problem, its the fact the they aren’t even trying. The horns sections for example would rather play games. As long as they have that attitude, they are indeed a waste of time.

      1. In this situation, I think the adviser is the de facto conductor. A band needs the conductor and it doesn’t seem like anyone else in the band is planning to conduct. The band is essentially sheep without a herder at the moment. Thus, I’m having mixed views about how the story set up his character. On one hand, I feel like he’s being irresponsible, and on the other hand, it looks to me that the adviser is setting up to the “all according to plan” scenario, where he plans to psyche the band to put more effort through a display of negligence and disappointment.

        While I can’t say I hate that kind of style, I can’t say I like it either. It makes for a despicable character until the band earns it’s eventual epiphany, in which they shape up and move on. I’m really hoping they got some kind of twist planned…

      2. Even if he’s only their advisor, ADVISE dammit. “You suck, fixit” is abrogating his responsibilities. And is having a self taught band the Japanese way of doing things? How about some support for the leaders at least. How about checking on the ones that are not serious and either getting them to shape up or throwing them out. This is equivalent to throwing someone off a pier and then saying “ok, learn to swim. I’ll be back later to see how your doing”. At least he’s not screaming at them and throwing things, which I saw a band instructor do.

        Poor Kousaka. How did she wind up at this school? Didn’t check the band situation out first? I’m surprised she’s just screaming and not attempting to beat someone to death with her trumpet.

      3. “You Suck” isn’t proper instruction.

        No teacher walks into a room, asks a question, then says, “You suck, I’m not teaching you,” if you get it wrong.

        He’s a teacher. It’s a school. Even if it’s a club, he’s their advisor, and has a job to do.

      4. I guess his attitude makes sense if he’s only the club adviser, but damn, they need a teacher or something. Hard to pick up an instrument and learn how to read/play music without one, even with their senpai helping them.

      5. And we also can’t forget that it’s not merely Taki-sensei’s time being wasted by those not even willing to actually try, but the time of those there that actually ARE trying, like Reina, who is obviously quite serious about playing. Even Asuka, for all her playfulness, based on the things she said later in the episode (feeling pissed, so was playing by herself), is serious about playing.

        If in a similar position, I know I would be pissed if things were being held back so much simply because a section(s) of the group weren’t willing to put in more effort and take things more seriously. It wastes any of the effort put in by those who ARE serious and putting in effort.

      6. Using the metronome, talking about band sections, conducting with his hands; he clearly knows how to run a band, but he’s refusing to do so and dumping all the responsibility for it on the students by claiming they’re wasting his time. He did the same thing when he called for a public vote; how many people are going to go “no, we don’t want to make any effort” in front of their peers? It’s manipulative.

      7. Again the point has been missed. This band club is not some varsity team, its a VOLUNTEER club. Taki-sensei is not their leader. He is not their conductor. He doesn’t even have the authority to tell the club what to do. He is just a club adviser. Ergo, he is a teacher with an actual teaching job and is only assigned to the club to oversee them. This is exactly why he put up a vote, because the ultimate decision on what they should do will come from the members of the club . The things his detractors expect him to do (teach them, instruct them) is not his actual responsibility and would require him to spend his free time to help them improve. Which is is what he OFFERED to the club on the condition that they take their band practice seriously. If the club can’t be half-arsed to do a BEGINNERS piece right, then there is little he can do for them. That was his point, nothing he does for them will improve the band as long they keep that mindset.

        And is having a self taught band the Japanese way of doing things?

        In this particular case yes. This is a volunteer club, or in Japan it would be classified as a hobby club, a bunch of people who gather for common interests. Its very easy to see this in episode 2. They don’t have any instrument auditions, nor any rigid recruitment structure. They just let the members choose whatever they want, and the unpopular ones (most notably the Bass section) get less members. This also means they have no official instructors or coaches but themselves. In essence, they have no prestige nor do they have any official school backing them to represent their school. This leaves only one factor that can bring them to the Nationals: their motivation. That is all they have what Taki is trying to shape..

      8. Again the point has been missed. This band club is not some varsity team, its a VOLUNTEER club.

        And you seem to be forgetting that the varsity team is just as much a ‘volunteer’ club as this one; they have to recruit new members the same as everyone else. Does that mean the baseball coach doesn’t have any responsibilities in terms of training the team? Can he just tell them, “You suck,” and walk off without consequence?

      9. That’s not the same at all. Baseball teams are not hobby clubs they are better classified as educational clubs. They get official backing as they are reponsible for representing the school and they have official staff hired specifically to coach them. And yes Bands can be educational clubs and get official backing if they are prestigious enough. The band we are following is most definitely not.

        Taki is not a coach he is a club adviser to hobby club. The only thing he is responsible for is that that the students follow school regulations. His offer to help them on Nationals is above and beyond what he should do.

    2. I feel like telling them to improve via sectionals isn’t such a bad idea. It’s much easier to single out and work on the problems with the individual parts in smaller groups, improving the ensemble from the bottom up, from the individual to the section to the ensemble. It also fits into the whole Asian cultural idea of senpais taking care of kouhais mindset.

      Ideally, the director should only be stepping in to fine tune or improve coordination between the sections, and it’s up to the individual person and individual section to take care of their individual hang-ups as to not hold up the rest of the group with mistakes that practice would solve. The band’s just too eager to move on to bigger and better things when they don’t have their foundation, as exemplified by the awful performance of even a basic piece.

      If the individual doesn’t have his/her act together, what hope is there of the section being coordinated? And if the sections aren’t even coordinated within themselves, how can the whole ensemble function?

    3. Well I think what Aoi-chan said in the last episode lands in this conflict “3 years pass in a flash” I mean what Taki-sensei said was that they literally wasting each other’s time because just not playing a beginner piece of Mariner’s Hymn properly just really shows that they are not suited to play in the Nationals to begin with (and the SunFes itself).

    4. It is apparent now why Aoi-chan voted for “having fun” instead of “Going to Nationals” as a goal is validated. Being a third year she knows the history of the club and how they set “going to Nationals” as a goal each year while not possessing any dedication to the point that many 2nd years quit in frustration.

      It was very satisfying to see the our three main girls come the next day after sectional practices canceled to practice on their own despite, the remaining band taking the day off.

  5. I love the subtle scenes KyoAni makes with this episode. For example when Kumiko picks her own Euphonium, she makes a small smile on the reflection of the instrument. It just highlights that despite all her complaints about her Euph, she is clearly has a fondness for it. Again this is KyoAni when they actually care to make an effort.

    Of course, the meat of this episode and the source of much drama is the band politics. I have tip my hat to Taka-sensei that has to be the most amazing passive-aggressive statement of “You guys suck, don’t waste my time” I’ve seen, especially since he never raises his voice or stops smiling. And he cuts through the issue like a knife. The students complain the he needs to point out what’s wrong but he already subtly just pointed out the problem: They don’t really care to put the effort. Now the question would be if that point will sink in the club especially the slackers. It really sucks when people like Asuka put the effort to make it work, but the rest drag everyone down.

    1. She was making a musical plea/statement IMO– as Dvorak wrote this piece when he was feeling lonely and alienated, she’s playing it with that same feeling, and trying to convey her frustration with the current state of affairs to everyone else.

      As one of the few good and committed players, she’s probably frustrated as hell about all the time being wasted on things that are neither practice nor rehearsal. And since she’s stuck in a seniority-based society, the only way she can protest and not face retaliation is in this REALLY indirect kind of way.

      At least that’s how I see it now. We’ll see what happens next week. :\

    2. As a watcher of Shin Sekai Yori I was cracked up last time I was in Japan as I passed a High School (I think) and I heard the band Playing From the New World! Must just be popular in Japan.

    1. if they can finally keep up with the Tempo (metronome) then they should work on their “loudness”. No one needs an Instrument playing Solo, or to silence so that no one can hear it.

      1. Metronome to play in Sync
      2. Volume to blend with the others and not to dominate (Thats the Director job)
      3. “Stamina”

    2. Their biggest problem is half the band isn’t taking this seriously. You’ve got a small subset trying their asses off to do the best they can, another few who makes a good effort to support the rest, and then half the band is goofing off during practice sessions and takes things way too casually.

      Those that are trying their best see the lazy as an eyesore. The lazy simply don’t care. Creates a rift between the band and really affects their cohesion.

      The metronome thing is just the start. My personal opinion would be to ditch it. You aren’t going to have a metronome in the concert anyway, and it’s better to foster your own metronome in your head.

    1. The Road-map i see for the next Episodes

      They try to solve the Problem with the 2nd Year Students and the 3rd
      They try to motivate the lasyness ones, or not focus really on Playing as One
      They try to solve the Problem with this one Girl, that vote only for playing for fun

      Now the line of chronology is up to them

  6. Mmm…Tasty drama.

    Also, Taki-sensei is probably the worst kind of teacher any half-hearted student would meet – Effable, good-looking and gives students free rein, but extremely direct and doesn’t mince his words. The last statement was an absolute nail in the coffin. I liked how there was no music at all, as if to emphasize his words more and the way he says it calmly without even showing signs of anger…scary, but awesome. His all passive-aggressive personified.

    It must be a crime that Asuka continues to be so awesome as well, being a dependable, fun-loving and responsible senpai who loves what she does. Not sure if that is a precursor to a deeper story behind her as well. Knowing KyoAni, that seems entirely possible. Enter Kousaka’s similar reaction to what she did and we have a growing cast of great characters.

    Well done noticing the canyon depiction Samu. KyoAni’s at it with the brilliant switches between serious drama and light-hearted fluff. Despite the gloom throughout the episode regarding the lazy ones, the bright spot at the end where there’s a ray of hope had me cheering.

    Time for a fightback from Kumiko and co.

    1. They haven’t shown him teaching his classes yet, so how would you know he is a bad teacher? Just because he doesn’t want to volunteer his free time to a club that is just messing around doesn’t make him a bad teacher. Clubs are run by students and teachers are just there to advise them incase they do things out of line with school regulations or need administrative support.

  7. That stomp in the hallway… I.. So, so real, you could practically hear/touch/taste Kumiko’s frustration and anger there.

    Can’t help but wonder if the bench-scene https://randomc.net/image/Hibike!%20Euphonium/Hibike!%20Euphonium%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    when Sapphire demonstrates the effect playing the bass has had on her fingers to Hazuki was a remider from KyoAni that this isn’t K-On! with Hazuki not going: https://youtu.be/n9fKIBar6ZA?t=10s

  8. As the show goes by, this may be the next Shigatsu V 2.0 I mean come on I can sense the drama atmosphere at this moment that I’m gonna expect some more next episode and I think I may expect the same plot as Shigatsu like when Kousei and his journey to bring his talents back same with this band that strives for the Nationals by starting from scratch and the way they use some imagery like the hallucinating notes that means out of tune or disorganize performance kinda reminds me of Kousei drowning when playing or he can’t hear notes.

    Well there goes the saying “COMMUNICATION+COOPERATION=SUCCESS”, that’s what they lack of honestly so if they want to reach to the Nationals then they need to man up. Not sounding like an ass here but after I watched the latest ep, I felt bad for the 1st yrs especially for Kousaka (because of that scene playing “From the new World, I have my respect for this character for the fact that she really wants to be in the Nationals) that they may end up like the 2nd yrs.

  9. I have a feeling this band is teetering on the edge of a Death Spiral. If serious reforms aren’t done soon, the band would become dominated by the unmotivated slackers, and all the motivated would be forced out every year. As a result, competency is completely lost between the sections, training by seniors completely collapses, and the band quality plunges even further. Fewer and fewer Freshman of caliber or prior experience will apply for the band as it gains a reputation for being utter crap. More and more people would start leaving practices, and so on. Finally, there’d be nothing but slackers left, and even many of those slackers would start completely skipping, and only showing up when the Adviser is around.

    Of course, knowing Kyo-ani, this music teacher would somehow turn things around, and our protagonist would play a crucial role in the Death Spiral. The only question is, who is going to be ejected from the band this time round – the motivated dissenters, or the Slackers? I think more blood would be shed, more suffering would be had, and our poor First Years will be caught up in it. In other words, the OP is a cheery lie.

    Also, WTF was that finger game the French Horn Players were engaging in? That is absolutely disgraceful and unbelievable, and I shudder to imagine how screwed up the other sections are – so far, we’ve seen the Bass, and they still seemed dominated by the interested, with the uninterested being a minority. Essentially, I think the Music Adviser is completely in the right – unless the group is motivated, ensemble practice is futile. Now, ideally speaking, the Adviser shouldn’t have stopped with the Trombones, but go down section by section – but I suspect, he was waiting for the students to ask this of their own initiative.

    Asaka is a wonderful character, but sadly, she has to contend with a very, very weak willed President with very little initiative of her own. Also, I shudder to think the results of the Band Politicking. I would like to think that Kousaku’s musical, indirect rant got the section leaders to get their act together… but….

  10. It’s amazing how a simple show about being in a band is packed with such serious topics and realistic situations. Usually, I’d be bored with this kind of stuff, but every single moment is just so well-done and very relatable that I just have to keep watching. Really glad that this show wasn’t a disappointment.

    And Samu, how you write it all out is just perfect! Thanks for blogging this! 😀

  11. We may not be looking for a happy ending here. Realistically, with half of the band slacking off, I don’t know what kind of miracle will be needed for them to finally start practicing and contribute. Those slackers.

    1. I like how my frustrations on the slackers where expressed and vented off by Kousaka’s scream right after playing the trumphet. Really love it. I’ll pretty much do the same if I’m on her shoes. Can’t do anything to reprimand them since I’m just a sniveling first year student.

      It’s quite similar as to how Shirou expressed the audiences’ thoughts and desires when Gilgamesh slashed Illya’s eyes and stabbed her chest in UBW.

  12. Slackers, what do mean slackers? Is it unreasonable to expect that some people simply don’t want to work super hard in a school club to enter a national tournament?

    “Nationals? I joined hoping we could be an umpa band for school festivals.”

    Why don’t they just form an “Aim for the Nationals” club?

    1. Because those idiots were given a chance to vote… and most of them voted for Going to the Nationals rather than having fun, perhaps for reasons of political correctness and not taking the vote seriously. Now, the idiots who voted against their own personal preferences and honest opinions; in an overwhelming majority to aim for the Nationals, are suffering the consequences.

    2. As Andmeuths said, the members were given a chance to make a decisions for themselves. Sure, Taki pushed them into aiming for it, but if they were really that against aiming for nationals, they should have been honest and raised their hands like Aoi did.

      1. As Andmeuths said, the members were given a chance to make a decisions for themselves. Sure, Taki pushed them into aiming for it, but if they were really that against aiming for nationals, they should have been honest and raised their hands like Aoi did.

        Easy to say; much, much harder to do. Don’t forget the Principal of Conformance in Japanese schools. Aoi going against the tide just by itself shows amazing strength of character.

        I think that’s part of what aggravates me the most about Taki. He subtly pushed “going for the Nationals” as the conformist response, so even those who aren’t quite so committed to the idea felt pressured to vote that way. It’s all too easy to mock them after the fact, or as a third party that’s not directly involved.

        And of course, Aoi’s comment about 3 years passing by in a flash is interesting, in that it explicitly does not include Taki. As a teacher, he can be there for the next 20 years and not have to lift a finger until the convenient coincidental coalescing of the mix of students that meet his demands shows up.

        Not that his passive-aggressive style isn’t effective; I’m sure it won’t take long for those who were more interested in having fun to drop out, and have the club be largely left with just the ‘serious’ students.

        But there’s a part of me that really hopes that those who do come together as a band turn that passive-aggressive rejection back on him. If you’re not interested in helping us out, then you don’t get to claim any of the credit or glory from it, either. Given that he’s acting as conductor, and thus the most prominent and recognizable position in any band, it would be very easy to set up any victories of the band as ‘his’ success.

        I don’t remember if he was involved with the band last year, when everything went to hell. Need to rewatch.

      2. @David

        He gave them very clear instructions. “Get back into your individual sections and PRACTICE!”

        The individual sections are not playing together, so when you bring all that together as an ensemble it just sounds a giant mess. He is more than willing to help them as an ensemble but there is no point attempting to build an ensemble out of parts that are made of mush.

  13. So…those posters who were bashing this and KyoAni based purely on the first episode as “another K-ON!”…what do you have to say now?

    Anyway, a big split on Taki-sensei from what I’m seeing, but I really have to side with him on this. Coddling, being all nice and buddy-buddy won’t always help in improving the individual efforts of students who clearly aren’t willing to put in the effort to begin with. It’s not like they’re serious, but simply having a bad day that a little pep talk can make them feel better. In this case, doing so would only make Taki-sensei look like a doormat that they can walk all over and continue to be lazy. Sometimes being direct and blunt is the only way to get a message across while, as people have mentioned, he simultaneously DOES give them the answer to their main problem; put in actual effort and don’t expect everything to be handed to you.

    There would be no point in Taki-sensei telling them more precisely what they’re doing wrong if it’s clear such students are not going to actually work on improving themselves afterwards.

  14. I see a lot of hate for the teacher and i think its all about where you are looking from

    If i were another student who just happens to pass by i would just interpret it as taki applying some psychology to his students so that they become motivated.

    If i was a member of the club i think it would go like this:
    me: call the adviser to see as play
    after playing…
    adviser:your performance is not yet good
    me: What is our problem?
    adviser: your tempo is off.
    me: any advice to help us improve?
    adviser: figure it out
    adviser leaves clubroom…

  15. I think Taki is great, he said he would support the band with their decision and he is doing exactly that.

    This isn’t even a matter of whether he is properly teaching them, he is not their teacher. They chose to go for the nationals, and then so many of them do not even try to practice? What other response is there besides “don’t waste my time”.

  16. I think the split over Taki-sensei is going to be based on whether you’ve actually BEEN in a band before or not. I was in bands from elementary school through college. I was sometimes in good bands and sometimes in bad bands. Some competed, some didn’t. Some won competitions, some got clobbered. Some were high drama, some low.

    I’ve had to work under directors who I’d call “psychotic tyrants” at best (and that’s being kind), others who were so loosey-goosey with their attitude towards discipline that things sometimes got totally out of control.

    And I had the pleasure of working with a few excellent directors who knew how to push the group’s buttons and motivate us to perform at our highest level. Those guys were a joy to perform with. I was always motivated to perform better, and never felt demotivated.

    But NONE of them EVER walked out on a rehearsal. No matter how bad we were, or how bad they were, they ALL stuck it out and tried to fix as much as they could, or teach whatever they could, because it was their JOB as music educators to do so. Anything to make the band sound better, anything to move forward.

    That’s the main problem I have with glasses boy. He walked out on them like he’s hot stuff or something. So he is failing them as an educator and as an adviser. Before he complains about them being unprofessional, he has to look in the mirror first.

    As a director/coach/adviser whatever you want to call it– adult ultimately responsible for a gaggle of kids– you have to help them figure out how to shape the group they have into a functioning unit of some sort that can at least perform at a level to entertain people. He’s not doing that. This group can’t entertain anyone right now.

    1. He isn’t their coach or a music teacher. Hell, even a PhyEd teacher who knows nothing about music could become their club adviser. He is literally just volunteering to offer some instructions if they are serious about it.

      1. No, he’s their advisor, and as such, he’s the adult faculty member responsible for them.

        He even took charge of the whole group from episode 1. If you take charge, you are the leader. Moreso if you’re the adult.

        If he’s offering to lead the group, then he needs to do his job.

        Do you think the “advisor” of the baseball “club” is simply helping out the team and offering advice on baseball? Oh, hell no.

      2. Nope! Haruka, the club president is in charge, not Taki-sensei. Clubs are run by students and he offered them help “IF” they really want it and in this case, no. As for your Baseball club analogy, those guys want to win so their adviser is helping them in full. Baseball is serious business in Japan so those guys only join to play or get benched. If they baseball club only has 10 members and just 1/3 of them want to go to Koshien, while the rest just mess around, i doubt the adviser will train them for Koshien. In a band you can’t really bench anyone that doesn’t perform unless they want to play with only half of the members.

  17. They really need more Asuka.

    The lack of seriousness in the other band members actually explains Aoi’s vote last episode. Their attitude will really pull morale down. Putting goals that are sky high without putting any effort will only make the fall a lot harder, especially for those that are serious about it, like Kousaka. You can probably see it’s most obvious effect on Goto. Though I suspect it is also the reason why Natsuki lost her enthusiasm. That scene where Sapphire asked about the second years really showed a lot. Even Asuka reacted to it.

    I also noticed that a lot of people here are expecting too much from an adviser. They expect a teacher or a coach. Advisers tend to be very hands off, unlike coaches or good teachers. I think his only mistake was proposing them practice Kai Heitai, as it seems to hurt that ones that are really into it. His advice not to go to SunFes was probably spot on considering their current goal. If they lose members from the SunFes result, it might make the goal far more unachievable. Try to compare to what the vice-adviser has done.

    What the club needs is for their leader to step up or a coach. Team spirit is really needed there. “What is an ensemble”, that was the right question to ask.

  18. Nobody gets it yet?

    The adviser isn’t trying to make them better.

    He’s trying to get the slackers to quit, so he can get the good (and motivated) second-years to come back to the band.

  19. This is a very small detail but I’m curious, are the subs wrong? When they practice breathing are they actually calling it circular breathing?

    Circular breathing (breathing through your nose while still exhaling through the mouth) is a technique that not very many bother to master, its not something that first years would learn. The practice they are doing looks like normal supported breathing.

    Sorry I know this is not an important detail at all, it just surprised me to see it mentioned!

      1. I don’t know if humans are capable of that or not, but that’s not *really* what circular breathing is. In circular breathing your oral chamber becomes a sort of lung in itself. You let your cheeks fill up with air, then you ‘spit’ the air out slowly as you breathe in through your nose, filling up your real lungs. This allows you to sustain a sound while breathing in at the same time.

        Now, I was looking at the Reddit forum and the actual term used by Haruka-buchou is 腹式呼吸(Fukushiki Kokyuu) which translates to “Abdominal Breathing”. There’s several misconceptions as to what this actually means, but it’s basically a deep form of breathing to expand lung capacity in order to allow for a more intense exhale. You breath in such a deep and relaxed way that your abdomen extends outward. It actually has nothing to do with “working the diaphragm” as many American school musicians have been taught to believe.

        So in short, yes, this was a mistranslation on the part of Crunchy Roll.

      2. an reverse example from me:

        Try to drink a Full bottle in one try. And breath in the meantime. When you need to breath you “close” your throat and fill your mouth with water, while you breath air. When you done breathing, you open your throat to gulp the water that you collect meanwhile in one swoop, repeat it until you empty the bottle.

        now to play these instruments reverse my example and exchange water with Air

  20. If you all are wondering what makes this 2D Human, i mean. What is the secret to give these Chars Souls? You ever saw Quantic Dreams “Kara” Tech Demo (Youtube)? If you are touched from her performance, then you answered yourself your question. Try to understand “The Secret of give Sketches Soul”

    And i think this Anime here is really good in transmigration us their Soul

  21. I bet all the people who dismissed this as K-On! 2.0 are feeling silly right now.

    Isn’t it lovely to be covering the show AND serve up the extra helping of Schadenfreude Pie? Yummy! Hater’s eat the ashes of their dead dreams.

    1. hahaha i personally didnt understand the whole k-on 2.0 assessment to be honest; then again most ppl tend to grasp at straws when it comes to anything that may have a remote similarity to something else

      1. To be fair, KyoAni kind of purposely marketed it as such. Mind you, I never saw the K-ON! in either Eupho or SoraWoto. The story is about Kumiko and those around her rather than the quartet of Kumiko, Reina, Hazuki, and Sapphire as KyoAni has depicted in the PV/OP/ED. Characters other than Kumiko have gotten equal scre…panel space in the manga, manga/novel key visuals also include Taki-sensei, Asuka, and Shuuichi, and interestingly enough, Asuka is a melancholic figure featured on all three novel covers so far. Plus the character order on the official novel site: Kumiko, Reina, Shuuichi, Hazuki, Sapphire, then Asuka.

        …Though, I only read the available manga chapters and was too lazy to read the novel excerpts, so idk how far the manga strays from the source material.

  22. I am liking the big sisters designs from KyoAni recently. Hyouka, chuuni. They should make a spin off staring them.
    I think people tend to forget little touches in animation and remember the big effects. I find myself more impressed with the subtlety of KyoAni versus the over the top action of Ufotable in the Fate series. Yet I hear more praise and awards end of the year for Fate. So thank you for pointing out the little touches every week.

  23. i had an Idea.

    To let them gain practice to play as One. They should gather together.

    In a Music Band, the “Metronome” would be the Drummer or the Gutair Bassist

    Well, in this Show let only these ones, start playing. They are the Bands Metronome
    Then when they sync together as one, they should slowly start playing the other Instruments. Some kind of Sound Pyramid, one step after another. As a sideeffect, the Itruments that are playing longer, gain Stamina to hold their “metronome” in Mind.

    Let them first try with an easy loop. if all of them can play together, then they should advance with more complicated things.

    First of all, they need to learn to walk in the same Footsteps of Lead Instruments. Learn to be following, accompany or Lead Instrument

    Do not trow them all into cold water and hope that they can row the rescue boat in sync on their first Try. Let them build confidence slowly, one by one

    1. the Drummer would lead the Way with his Hard Sound sticks, where the Bassist stroke the Way with his Hands, his Sounds are softer then the Drummer

      But both are the Leaders

  24. Following = to give their Leader more “Flesh/Volume”. in this case BOOOSSTOO!!! (Forca!)

    Accompany = Hall effects, to “paint” the sound. in this case feelings!!! (Cressendo!)

    Lead = You walk in front, show the others the Way Leader (Tutti!)

  25. Asaka is an interesting character to me. With her personality and the personality of the president she could destroy the club, but I love that she realizes this and makes it clear to everyone that she supports the president 100%. I even wonder if some of her over the topness is an act to make people less likely to support her against the president and thus create a rift.

    1. well, not really Spoiling, but to be save…
      Show Spoiler ▼

  26. I was expecting the instructor to go all J.K Simmon’s “Whiplash” with the students. XD that would have been crazy. So far the anime is cool. I love the drama that’s happening here and I need more Asuka Tanaka.


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