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「勝利ってなんですか?」 (Shouritte Nandesuka?)
“What Is Victory?”

We’re finally back to the present.

Total Scumbags

Just as I was starting to get comfortable with the Generation of Miracles becoming the way that they were at the beginning of season one, I never thought they’d stoop as low as they did. Throwing any sense of sportsmanship out the window in favor of trying to keep their games alive and well, I was praying that someone would have smacked the crap out of all of them (maybe not as much for Kise since he at least expressed some grief for humiliating Kuroko’s friend). Even though we all know that wouldn’t happen since they’re technically the protagonists and have about six-plus inches on everyone around them, I just couldn’t stomach what they did.

On the other hand, watching all of this after the fact makes every victory Seirin had against the Generation of Miracles feel that much better. Because what better way is there to metaphorically smack the crap out of a sports player than defeating them in a match?

The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

I’ve always wondered why Kuroko puts so much emphasis on trying to play his style of basketball. Besides all the obvious ones that highlight the merits of team play, camaraderie, and anything else that comes from synergizing with the people around you, I can totally get behind Kuroko being gung-ho about his beliefs as a way of making it up to his old friend since a pretty idea is nice and all but a pretty idea fueled with something as powerful as the despair and sorrow of someone you care about is something you shouldn’t take lightly.

Looking Ahead

The stage is finally set for the final battle — and things are somehow even more heated than they were before. With the participants and their beliefs completely out in the open, all that’s left is for two teams to assemble on the court and put their money where their mouths are.

Also, wasn’t it great to finally see Seirin again? Even when they aren’t playing, it’s always nice seeing the group all together. That and who wouldn’t want to see Kagami get his head continuously bashed in? HAHA.



April 25, 2015 at 11:18 pm