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Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo – 04

“It Looks Like I’ve Fallen For Yamada!”

「山田のことが好きになったみたい!」 (Yamada no koto ga suki ni natta mitai!)

Clichés and Kisses:

Yamada-kun is unique in the way it has the constant kissing that is so often seen as impossible in other anime, but this episode definitely revelled in the clichés you’d expect to see in a typical school anime. School trip? Check. Onsen episode? Check. Girls grabbing each other’s boobs? Double check. Those common set-ups and tropes aside, this episode was still just as funny as what we’ve seen before, even if the gags were repeated on several occasions. Once you take these typical hijinks and garnish with plenty of kissing scenes, you’ve got something pretty entertaining.

Yamada is still doing a terrible job at acting as Shiraishi, and she’s just using their body swapping as an excuse to get some studying done. Still, their relationship is progressing, and they had their longest kiss yet. It’s also nice to see Shiraishi opening up with the others girls after Yamada sets her up for the late night girl talk. No major developments, but sometimes the baby steps are what makes it all the more worthwhile once you reach the end point.

Odagiri Nene’s Attraction:

As expected, it’s Odagiri’s presence in the story that shakes things up for the better. Things would get a little boring if we were just going to get body swapping for 12 episodes – now we’ve also got attraction via kisses! I remember when I first read this part in the manga, I was laughing hysterically over Miyamura and Itou falling for Yamada and fighting for his affections. As is common with this adaptation so far, a lot was shifted around and some of the funnier moments were cut (like Miyamura sensually blowing on Yamada’s neck). I suppose there’s always the manga to read if you want to experience the story in full – which I would definitely recommend.

Even though this episode was mainly just for kicks and giggles, the most important part has to be that Odagiri clearly knew that Yamada’s kiss wouldn’t affect her, and that something quite different would happen. It seems like he’s lost his body-swapping powers, but without spelling it out for you, this is called Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, and two of the seven girls in the OP are Shiraishi and Odagiri… the first time he kissed one he developed the ability to swap bodies, and the second gave him the power of attraction. Only five more to go.

Overview – What’s Next?:

I definitely preferred this episode to last week’s, even if there was less to chew on. It was a return to the gags and kisses that made the first two episode oh-so hilarious. We also got a pretty funny omake this week, which had Yamada and Miyamuya playing puppets. The highlight, though, was Shiraishi’s blush over the cute plushie. Isn’t Shiraishi just the best?

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May 4, 2015 at 3:18 pm