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「最高じゃねーの?」 (Saikou Jyaneeno?)
“Isn’t It The Best?”

I too wondered what Kagami was thinking by entering the Zone straight from the opening buzzer.

Like a Bathtub

I never thought the concept of the zone was something that was overly complicated but after trying to chat about last week’s episode with a friend, I realized just how wrong I was. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing because I never thought about this concept from the perspective of someone who’s never played in a competitive match before. Luckily, Aomine had a perfect analogy that involved a bathtub and a cute rubber ducky which was super easy to understand and clearly explained that staying in the Zone for too long has its drawbacks. All I know is that the next time someone asks me how to describe it, I’m totally using Aomine’s example.

The Flow of the Game

As the seasons have come and gone, the one thing I’ve missed has been watching the players play actual basketball. What used to be episodes of watching the players exhibit their basketball skills with an occasional fancy move thrown in for good measure has slowly been reversing into a show full of fancy moves and the occasional basketball. This episode though felt like a throwback to the good old season one days where all that everyone had was their fighting spirit — a time where you just had to grit your teeth and keep dribbling forward.

Most of that feeling though probably came from Akashi’s insane ability to control the court down to the exact position someone shot from on the court. I mean, fancy power moves are fun to watch and can definitely change the momentum of the game but what good are they when someone else can control what you do without you even realizing it? In any case, it was extremely fun getting to see everyone actually run around the court while showing us their mastery of the fundamentals.

Kuroko v2.0 and Looking Ahead

The last few minutes of the episode were probably the hardest to watch. Because when you thought things had hit rock bottom for Kuroko when he realized how much he’d messed up his ability to be his team’s hidden shadow, Akashi had to throw salt into the wounds by revealing his new secret weapon — a Kuroko with all upgraded stats known as Mayuzumi Chihiro. Better than Kuroko in every aspect when it comes to raw stats, it literally felt like the show was trying to tell us Kuroko had absolutely no point in being the game anymore.

But what’s awesome about all of this, even though things seem really bad for Seirin as they stand, is just how positive the entire team was even when faced with such a dire problem. Not even wavering for a minute, everyone rallied around Kuroko as he tried to figure out what to do. While the surprised looks at the end of the episode may have been out of the sheer amazement that someone like Kuroko exists, I can’t wait to see just what role the other players who’ve been benched this entire team play as Kuroko attempts to find the answer his team is looking for.

Anyways, after an intense episode like that I’m ready for a nap. Catch you guys next week!



May 9, 2015 at 9:37 pm