「覚悟の重さ」 (Kakugo no Omosa)
“The Weight of Resolve”

Seirin may not have all the answers, but if there’s one team that could pull themselves back up in the face of utter defeat, it’s them. AKA: THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING.

The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays Redux Redux Redux(?)

I’m not sure how many times I’ve used this heading for a blurb but there just isn’t a better way to describe what happened in this episode. With Seirin down by more than twenty points and nearly everyone at their psychological limit, things were looking pretty grim. Toss in the uncharacteristic outburst from Hyuuga that landed him in danger of getting kicked off the court and no one would blame you if you believed Seirin was done for.

But just as the last glimmer of hope was about to fade into the darkness, our main man Kuroko managed to do the impossible and kept that tiny itsy bitsy flame from going out. By standing up in the face of overwhelming adversity and throwing sensibility out the window, his outburst during the middle of the third quarter was just what the team needed to get their head back in the game. But even more than just getting the team back on their feet, Kuroko’s ability to claw back his title from Mayuzumi and in-turn shift some of the momentum back to Seirin is what really deserves our praise this week. I mean, under all the stress of the crowd watching and the idea that he was an outdated and inferior model, it’s amazing that Kuroko was able to keep a level enough head to concoct such a bold plan. Because if all of that wasn’t enough to justify Kuroko being the titular character of the show, the moment where he completely outplayed Mayuzumi and used his higher level specs against him felt so rewarding that I couldn’t even catch myself from screaming out “YES” in a crowded area.

The Mood Making Music

Something else that was also working extremely well this week was the choice of background music throughout the entire episode. Besides perfectly matching the mood of each scene and transitioning seemlessly as Seirin slowly started to turn things around, I have to compliment how well the show managed to integrate the previous opening that was sung by Kuroko’s seiyuu during what most people would call a gigantic turning point. Because as hard as it is for me to accurately describe the feeling that those few minutes brought out, it was for sure one of those moments where you just have to crank up the volume and let the music sweep you away.

Looking Ahead

With Seirin back on their feet and Rakuzan slightly concerned about the position they’ve been put in, it looks like we’re in for a constant barrage of fierce episodes as the rest of the arc plays out. If I were to make a guess about the future though, I can’t help but have this uneasy feeling that Akashi is hiding some sort of ace under his jersey just in case things start deviating from his expected outcome. I mean, he has to have more than just his Emperor Eye and general-like tactical skills, right?

Also, did anyone else catch the stark contrast the episode highlighted when it comes to running each team? One focuses on preventing mistakes by ruling with an iron fist while the other builds off of those mistakes by reinforcing the lessons it teaches and embracing the player with an open heart. Both are acceptable ways of running a team but the whole thing begs the question — which will reign supreme?

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week! Until then, I’m going to go rewind that one scene where the old opening song started playing a few thousand more times.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke%203%20-%2020%20-%2007.jpg
    Feeling Hyuuga’s pain. He wants to win so badly.
    Yeah that’s right Kuroko. Don’t lose that drive to win. You guys came too far.
    The Zone is back. Watch out Rakuzan.
    Akashi: Oh, please. Not on my watch. Did you guys forget I am absolute? You will not win.

      1. I see the Rakuzan team as something similar to Teiko team where a group of incredibly talented players fight together without proper team work. They value pride and victory whereas Seirin values team camaraderie and enjoyment.

  2. Inside the “Ring of Fire”

    I kinda felt pity with Mayuzumi here… It’s like he’s getting the opposite treatment as Kuroko when they’re both very similar & rather unique players

    “Really… They’re friendly when I’m useful, but malicious when I’m not. I’m thankful you’re so easy to understand.” Damn, I was waiting for this part xD You still rock, Phantom V2

    Red HeartGold ZX
    1. Felt bad for Hyuga there. He panicked and lost his cool.

      The last scene shows just how little Akashi cares about people’s feelings. Mayuzumi looks really broken and although I am not on his side, I can’t help but sympathize a bit.

      Kuroko hype \o/ captain
      1. https://randomc.net/image/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke/Kuroko%20no%20Basuke%203%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

        It’s as Kise described, it’s not just about having the skills to be the phantom 6th man, it’s also about having a strong resolve and suppressing instincts. Mayuzumi obviously had a big ego that dictated his actions. I was overly satisfied when Kuroko, rather than just demonstrated his superiority as the phantom 6th man, slapped the reality in Mayuzumi’s face.

  3. Nice blog Takaii! I’m glad you didn’t read the manga and you were able to blog it with much gusto and passion like this.

    Anyways, everything will simply go uphill until the last second of the game. Expect a wild ride. You might wet your pants.

    1. In hindsight I wish I didn’t read the manga but I got too impatient after Season 2. I’m still enjoying Season 3 because I’ve forgotten most except major events and the outcome, and watching it in animation is a whole different experience but I think non-manga readers are enjoying the series a lot more.

      1. While I enjoyed the manga until the final chapter, Season 3 has definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways. I am very impressed by the production team that knows exactly what they are doing with each character and scene.

      2. Was tempted to read the manga to spoil myself on how did Seiren dealt with Kise’s Perfect Copy hax. I went all the way to the end though.

        So I’m not as excited as Takaii going into this episode.

        But still… I’m really looking forward to the remainder of the manga being animated especially that part when…

        Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Kuroko is finally back! Not only did he come up with a new strategy but he also brought back his team’s fighting spirit.

    It’s touching to see Seirin’s team bond stronger than Rakuzan’s.

    I feel a bit sorry for Mayuzumi after he was reduced to a simple passing tool by Akashi.

    1. People should stop undermining Kuroko’s importance. Kagami himself said that he would have given up if not for Kuroko. And Kuroko has been coming up with most of the strategies used to beat the GoM in the previous matches.

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