「あのとき」 (Ano Toki)
“That Time”

I think this might be the last episode where we get any hand holding.


After getting a glimpse at the world right before whatever out there started turning people into ravenous zombies, I think the best way you could describe a majority of the episode would be bittersweet. Focusing on specifically Megu-nee, it really kind of sucks that she never got a chance to really reaffirm that her decision to become a teacher was the correct one. Seeing her in action, it’s clear to us viewers that she’s the type of teacher who really empathizes with her students by creating a strong bond that in-turn opens up an avenue of communication that only the two share. Something which I’m sure we’d all want something for our own kids (if you have them). Sure, she may have her weak points when it comes to establishing the boundaries between teacher and friend, but without that she would be a completely different person! And my goodness, don’t even let me get started about how she never got a chance to talk to her mom before all hell broke loose. Seeing how many messages she missed to realizing just how gruesome her demise was based off of that quick call from the other sensei, it’s amazing that our beloved Megu-nee didn’t just break down on the spot.

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Yuki’s PTSD

I’m sure most of us already understood that Yuki’s condition was probably related to some traumatic stress and this week finally confirmed it. I mean, even under ideal conditions (is there even an ideal condition for a situation like this?) seeing someone killed right in-front of you is pretty terrifying – zombie or not. At this point though, you have to wonder what’s going to happen should everything fall apart and Yuki ends up in literal danger? Sure everyone else is good at managing the situation but if everyone ends up stuck in a sticky situation, do you think she’ll be able to pull through?

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Looking Ahead

With the third episode done and over with, I think this series has done a great job at luring in unsuspecting viewers and keeping them on the edge of their seats each and every week. Dropping in tons of hints and clues about the past and how it’ll affect the future, an observant viewer will probably get twice the value from each episode. But even if you aren’t looking too deep, there’s more than enough going on each episode to keep your mind from wandering. In any case, I can’t wait for next week’s episode since it looks like it’ll dive into Mii-kun’s back story! One that I’m very interested in how they’re going to tell or alter since there’s only nine more episodes left and a lot more stuff to deal with.

Thanks for reading the post and I hope to catch you around for the rest of the season! On a side note, please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments. Not only are you ruining someone’s experiences, but because this is an adaptation, it’s possible you could be spreading misinformation! So, please abuse that spoiler tag and if you want to talk about anything related to this anime or if you wanted to ask me something specific, shoot me a tweet @rctakaii!

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  1. This was a great episode! Although I’m a little confused about the camping scene. Was Megu-nee alive during that scene or was it Yuki’s delusions again?

    Caesar Orzell
    1. We don’t know because the anime is doing its own thing. In the manga chapter the camping scene comes from Show Spoiler ▼

      It could honestly go either way.

      1. I think you might be confused, since Show Spoiler ▼

    1. …ooh. I hadn’t actually seen that before you mentioned it. That extra is chilling, and manages to avoid the common pitfall of not sounding like something natural to write in such an extreme situation. I like.

  2. You know, I think this show breaks my heart worse than any other I’ve seen. Instead of a fast break like a character death you might know is coming but still just happens, it’s a slow one, like someone is turning a knife inside a friend’s gut while I just have to watch. The suspense, intrigue, and desire for the girls to somehow get out of this alive are just so good you can’t stop watching, though!

    The other part has a lot to do with the genius that was the first episode. That set up a feeling that for me has only grow: that this show could have been any SoL/RomCom before all this. Pick your favorite, then imagine as soon as the last episode ended, a zombie apocalypse broke out. That’s some Grade-A attachment they’ve given us to the characters, especially with this little glimpse further into who they were before. They were just normal, happy, incredibly sweet girls, then…

    It was good how they kept drawing attention to Megu-nee’s cross this week, considering where else we’ve seen it. Major props to that teacher that called her. Even with hell breaking down her door, she still managed to get a final warning out to a friend and save four lives. Show Spoiler ▼

    Takaii, about Yuki: Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Also, just a little question about the recent manga chapter that’s been bugging me(sorry for the double-post, feel free to ignore): Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Shocked: Take a hard look at her outfit when she first appears, then think about where/when she was found. Only open this if you really want to know right now: Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about chapter 36 but i can’t find it anywhere.The last chapter uploaded on Batoto was 35 and i looked at the site of group and couldn’t find it there either. Are you reading the Raw?

  4. ….well. That was really, really expanded from a few short panels in the manga, and really, really effective – that lack of sound during Kurumi’s first time with the shovel was goosebump-worthy. I’m not quite a fan of the continuous news reports, explosions in the city, and such – that kind of thing’s been overplayed a lot, even High School of the Dead used it – but otherwise that was top-quality anime original material.

    1. Yup.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  5. The “censoring” of the scene where Kurumi killed her Senpai was beautifully done.

    This is a perfect example where you don’t even need to show the actually event happening for it to have an emotional impact on the audience.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Gakkou%20Gurashi/Gakkou%20Gurashi%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2019.jpg
    The initial hints of an outbreak.
    The town eventually overrun by them zombies.
    First contact with the enemy and realization dawning upon the main characters.
    Damn, the first half of this episode really reminds me of Resident Evil 2, and that’s a good thing for me.

    On slightly off-topic to RE fans; RE 2 is getting a fan-made remake which will be released in this summer for free soon. Just google Resident Evil 2 Reborn if you’re interested.

  7. just a bit off topic but still related, i wonder how the zombs spread fast in this story? because if we think of it, this are just walkers and correct me if i am wrong, i havent even seen special zombies, that can actually run and chase you in manga. because the point is, they are slowpokes that are just waiting to get their heads smashed with anything solid. and i dont think that zombs having some sort of thinking abilities like humans or “retain their memories” would even give the zombs in this story some sort of a real major advantage to actually cause an uncontrollable outbreak like in the story because they are limited with their own speed. any able human with good strength stamina and endurance can just smash-dance this zombs to their 2nd death once it is realized that the zombs “are not humans”.

    or was the shock too high enough to paralyze those people in the story’s thinking processes (specially if it was their love ones who turned) and let themselves get a bite and join the Z league because even our MCs are technically prone to this with, Show Spoiler ▼

    — or lets just say this is one of those unexplained secrets of anime like how some non magic MCs suddenly wield objects that are pulled from a certain pan-dimension?

    1. Kinda agree with this… And also learning about the enemy is the best way of survival once you got that covered the undead would be just like ants getting flamed in their own anthill.

      ANYWAY do you have an idea what timeline is covered in the anime? It is evident that Show Spoiler ▼

      so it means its after that event in the manga right? Or there is no timeline in this adaptation?

      1. Miki already being at the school skews things a bit, but it’s mostly the same as the manga. It just means that one of the first thing they did was go to the mall Show Spoiler ▼

    2. That’s pretty much always the question with slow zombies, I think. I’m guessing a lot of it has to do with the time-period between the people thinking it is some kind of disease that can be treated and realizing that once someone is bitten, they’re gone. Everyone gathers to treat a disease they think they can help with, a lot get exposed before anyone knows how deadly it is, and once word gets out about being bitten, people scatter, prioritize their own interests. There isn’t anything left to break the growing horde’s momentum, while the ignorant and those in denial infect their families and form new hordes. Pretty soon the uninfected are vastly outnumbered.

      Also remember that human strength is held in check by our brains–an average person can rip a wooden door off its hinges and put a fist through a car window, but the pain it causes our muscles or the thought that we’re doing something wrong stops us. Zombies have that pain and thought turned off, hence when they seem slow and someone gets careless, the person is screwed as soon as they’re grabbed if they’re alone. You have to know what you’re dealing with.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I hope the city name is not racoon city (or anything near the same meaning with it)….
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @Alex your posts remind me of one of the few zombie materials/media that have handled the topic of spreading. If you’re curious, and if you haven’t yet you should check out World War Z (the book), not the movie. iirc the author also had another zombie book where he tackles zombie outbreaks throughout history.

        What’s interesting in his book is how it starts off as an isolated unknown case, with a varied gestation period per victim. The infected would unknowingly spread the virus through blood transfusions, and organ donation. And he ties it with black market organ selling/transplants, human trafficking and illegal immigration all contributing to the spread. At which point once the virus sprung it already had multiple starting points, most of which I assume in high density 3rd world slums.

        Really good read.

    3. I think the first infection was caused by something else, like contaminated food or water and then it took hours/days/weeks to turn the infected into real zombies. All those news seem to imply that the outbreak happened simultaneous at different places causing all kinds of accidents that allowed the zombies to bite the helpers and spread the infection during the chaos.
      Even at school it didn’t look like a horde of zombies marched through the front gate but instead some of the students turned and infected everyone else. Yuuri even mentions that the other members of her club didn’t show up for some reason and i think they didn’t show up because some of them turned into zombies first.
      So right now they could be turned into zombies by beeing bitten or if they stumble about the stuff that created the first zombies. Which means even if some people managed to get to some safe space, there is always the chance that someone infected was with them, even if none of them were bitten.

      1. So basically this is highly similar to the events of the zombie outbreak in Resident Evil 2 & 3 video games…

        You have to wonder if there’s also a secret bio-organic weapons research facility somewhere in the lore of Gakkou Gurashi.

    4. Zombies are completely out-of-whack creatures to begin with – if they’re dead, muscles dont work, period. And living ones would have to get basics like water and food which is impossible due to lack of mind capacity. Thoretically zombies could work if they devoured their victims but that would limit the spread of the disease… Kinda similar case is with rabies in the natural ecosystem, infected animals die due to dehydration, and most cases of infection is not by bite, but by carnivores eating dead victims…
      So this is like counting how many devils you can fit on a tip of the needle…

      1. yeah, i had this idea. What will happen to these Zombies bodies. An normal human body would run out of energy when you do not eat and drink. But perhaps their body cells transformation need lesser water to run.. But even then, sometime they dry out.

        And perhaps that is the Outside rescue idea. Give them 1 week or more then this Problem would die out from alone…

        But Zombie movies, was never that easy right?

        And i am not watching for the Zombies, no i am watching of their social behavior with themselves

      2. The only thing I can think of that could work would be an parasitic organism that could grow it’s own fibres to move the body, feeding off the decomposing tissue. But how would it sense without keeping the eyes and visual cortex alive? Without a massive supply of oxygen and energy, the head would just be a big chunk of meat.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        maybe its the writer choice to not elaborate on my question since the plot is technically SCHOOL LIFE with zombie apocalypse?

      2. Game: The Last of Us, Resident Evil series

        Army: Hold a City under Control, to prevent spreading the Virus. So, they wait until this Virus die out from alone. Or worst Case Scenario, Nuclear Strike. A Bomb of 1000 Suns to burn the Virus and all living things inside

        Background somehow: With this Examples, you can get the Outside World reaction for this here. the Anime is focusing on the surviving Peoples of inside.

    5. Perhaps it could be some sort of Blood-C type situation where the whole city, somehow secretly, minus a few “key” people or something, is just one giant testing site of some sort and all the “news broadcasts” and whatnot could be fake.

      1. in the 1970 Year, there was a film, that perhaps is the inspiration here. An Alien Lifeforms fall together with a Satellite back to earth, and these Crystals turned the Human Blood into material that was poison for them. The Air was the spreading them. And some Nuclear Self-destruction security, would even spread this Virus over the World. So, a last change to stop the self-destruction, and simply Rain and Ocean water salt, was the Solution

        Link to wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Andromeda_Strain

        Modify this with Zombies, and voila, you could get the same Base for the Outside World in this Anime, or perhaps the Source of this all.. But of course this is my Speculation to give myself a background so far

  8. Did you guys notice Megu-nee hair in this ep?

    – Megu-nee has short-hair in the scenes where she is the only character on the screen
    – Megu-nee has long-hair in the scenes where she’s with Yuki and co. and in the flashback.

  9. Y’know, it’s easy to get cynical about a show like this. Zombie apocalypses are rather overplayed lately (especially in the west), and just throwing a bunch of cute girls in one seems to be rather lacking in creativity from a writing standpoint. Despite those misgivings, however, it manages to use its elements well to an utmost degree. This show just nails it. The horror of the situation, the feeling of a life of survival, the looming threat in the background, all of it.

    I especially love the show’s subtlety. It doesn’t need to show us gore, because letting us imagine it is so much worse. Every cute-girl element only serves to give a bigger contrast with what reality’s like. The show takes its time with its character,- and worldbuilding, letting it flow organically. And characters don’t even have to say anything to give us hints about the situation – the looks on their faces often tell us enough. It’s a show that rewards your attention, and you constantly notice new things on repeat viewings.

    This episode especially exemplified all those things. We see society collapse from the eyes of a bunch of happy girls and their teacher, all that they have taken away from them in an instant. The scenes of Kurumi killing the boy she liked, the phone call from the teacher’s office and even simple things, like Megu-nee’s interactions (of lack thereof) with her mother have a special type of horror to them. And Mii-kun’s face always betrays whenever they’re hiding something from Yuki again. Makes me wonder about that camping trip, I very much doubt it was actually Megu-nee outside that tent…

    If Gakkou Gurashi keeps up this level of storytelling, it’s a fast rank up to my favorites of the season at this point. Gah, I hate having to wait another week for the next episode!

  10. Do not Forget, Japan is an Land with Earthquakes. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yeah. But if you take the idea further with Fuel Driven generators…

        i mean, if some writer need an inspiration for energy sources. These Fuel Driven generators are just rotating some Magnets in a circle. Why not combine a windmill alike construction as external force, and voila, you have nearly noiseless generator.. okay, perhaps with some Car gear in between to rotate the generator faster..

        i mean, if you try to combine the Nature as an external drive to replace electricity (post Nuclear worlds). Some kind of combine Today’s community with Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind

        I am looking to someone special here… *cough*

      2. so if you take my Example, this is my Mind Picture:

        And Half Car Wreck, where some Windmill construction is combined with the drive-shaft, and this Drive-shaft is still combined with the gearbox and works, the shaft after then drive a modified Generator at Home, combine it with rechargeable batteries for the Night or less wind… You have your today’s standard civilization.. Of course there is nothing that prevent power from working (ESP effect of Atomic Bombs). Yeah, you could use some Mad Max universe for the world building. But also “Akira” could fit here

        Okay, i hope i could bring you my Mind Picture near. And perhaps you (dear Writer) can use it

  11. I just noticed something based on the flashbacks, Yuki’s life isn’t as happy as it is, being bullied by classmates, having bad grades,having no friends and the fact that zombie outbreak appeared and Show Spoiler ▼

    may actually triggered her delusions. And the irony is that her classmates that bullied her are her friends in her delusion.

  12. Namaewoinai
  13. Another show I couldn’t watch because of illness, but catching up felt great. Megu-nee’s past told us more about the cast than her, and fittingly since she lives on inside them.

    More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/gakkou-gurashi-03/

    Shovel Knight’s way of getting over unrequited love is something many girls should learn from; if you can’t win his heart, spade him as many times as you possibly can.

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