Are you brave enough?

Update 8/26/15: Applications are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. We will announce our decisions in a few days, once we’ve have had a chance to go through all of the applications.

It’s that time again. Have you ever wanted to write for Random Curiosity? If so, this is your chance. We’re looking for one more blogger to add to our staff. Just one this time—and yes, I know we said that last time, and ended up picking two anyway, but we mean it this time! *shakes fist*

By the way, this doesn’t mean that anybody is leaving, or that RandomC is dying (you don’t know how much hearing that every season annoys me. Though I’m sure some of you will say it anyway, just to cheese me off. Bakas). We’ve just decided to recruit more regularly, so we don’t have to scramble every time somebody has to leave. Now, onto the deal.

The Deal

The new writer will be expected to cover one or two shows for their first season (to avoid overwhelm), ramping up two or three shows once they’re in the swing of things. They will also be expected to contribute to important posts such as the season previews. We will train you in all the ins and outs, so if you’ve never used WordPress or Photoshop, don’t worry. Here are the most important attributes we’ll be looking for in a new writer:

  • Timeliness. RandomC made its name blogging shows as soon as they’re released. We want to keep that legacy going strong.
  • Consistency. We need to be able to trust that you’ll get your posts out on time each week, and that they’ll be of consistent quality. That means you need to be prepared to write on days you may not feel like it.
  • Writing skill. You need to have good written English skills, preferably college/university level.

Those are the biggest requirements. Pay special attention to timeliness and consistency—life happens, and (nearly) every writer has had to miss a post or two, but those times should be rare exceptions, not the rule. Blogging for Random Curiosity is a big commitment, and likely bigger than you expect, so if whoever we recruit ends up not working out, we may decide to part ways in a season or two. Likewise, if blogging here ends up being more than you can handle, you can opt to bow out at the end of any season with no ill-will. We’ll understand, and a classy exit is always better than working until you break.

If I were to describe the person we’re looking for, he or she will have firm control over their personal schedule. Students are fine, but if you’re going to go AWOL every semester during exam time, you might want to reconsider applying. They will have an insightful and objective outlook on anime, while still being able to inject personality into their posts. They’ll have diverse tastes and a solid anime background. They’ll believe that you can take something seriously and still have fun with it, because make no mistake, writing for RandomC is basically a part-time job (though it’s still fun). They will always act professionally, do their part with a minimum of fuss, respond to emails within 24 hours, and be a team player who is a pleasure to work with.

Understanding Japanese enough to watch anime raw is a bonus. Prior experience writing publicly, using WordPress, or taking screen captures in Photoshop is a bonus. Being a cool person we want to work with is a requirement.

The Application

If you’re interested, send an email to application(at)randomc(dot)net with the title RandomC Application. (edit: We’re having some email troubles. If your email doesn’t go through, send your application to stilts(at)randomc(dot)net, divine(at)randomc(dot)net, and cherrie(at)randomc(dot)net. Thank you.) Include the following:

  • Your anime background/history (e.g. how you got into it, what some of your favorite series are, favorite genres, etc). Please be brief, and include your MyAnimeList or Anime-Planet profile.
  • Why you want to blog for this site.
  • Anything you think that will make us interested or excited about working with you.
  • A sample post on a recent episode of any currently airing anime.
  • A batch of 36 screen captures (zipped) from the same episode your sample post is on.

If you’ve emailed us before asking about a writing position, please email us again with a new application and sample post, so we know you’re still interested. That includes anyone who applied last time.

Please submit your application and sample post as soon as possible. And I mean ASAP! We will be closing applications once we feel we’ve gotten way too many of ’em. I’d rather give you a set deadline, but last time we got approximately 15,532 applications, and nobody here has the time to deal with that again. So I suggest you hustle. I wouldn’t imagine we’ll close them before two or three days have passed, but … well, I would hurry up if I were you.

We’ll edit this post when applications are closed.

If you’re interested in writing for Random Curiosity, I encourage you to apply, even if you’re not 100% the ideal person I described. Passion counts for a lot, and in the end our decision will come down to both who we think will do a good job, and who we want to work with. Good luck, and I look forward to having one of you join the team.

Bonus: Stilts’ Advice

For anyone applying, I’m going to give you all a little bit of advice. Last time, we got a ton of applications, and nearly all of them started the same way: “I wasn’t into anime, then I saw [insert anime here] (usually DBZ, Naruto, or Bleach), and now I watch a ton!” And let me tell you, after reading the same damn thing over and over again, it all blurs together.

I understand if your anime-watching story isn’t very interesting. I started exactly the same way. (DBZ and Evangelion, for the record.) Bear one thing in mind: If you don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, keep it short. This is true for blogging as well. If you started watching anime the same way we all did, mention it quickly, and then tell us about something that will interest us, and make us want to work with you. Less is more, and big empty paragraphs will bore us to sleep. I don’t mind telling you that I made the same mistake when I pitched to Div, but I wasn’t competing against anyone. You are.

Do the same thing with your blog post as well. Remember, you’re selling yourself to us. Don’t be boring. Also, if you want feedback on your application, include a request in your application. (Address it to me, please—only I’m offering this, not the others who will be reading your applications.) Last time I gave feedback to everyone who applied, but I don’t have that kind of time anymore. I’ll try to get back to anyone who asks, though. Good luck!


  1. Good luck to all who apply! I was in the exact same position this time last year, so I can only encourage you all to go for it if you feel like you’re up for the challenge. You never know what will happen – you might even make Stilts go against his word about only bringing one writer onboard. 😉

  2. Ya tenia tiempo que no se abría la convocatoria y esperamos nuevos “Bloggers” que mantengan el ritmo y el tiempo al cual nos acostumbraron, no digo que el material actual sea malo pero si tardo mucho sin embargo yo visito este sitio desde los tiempos de OMNI y lo sigo haciendo, espero si pueden revivir secciones de Noticias o de música como en su momento los hubo. Saludos desde México!

  3. Another one already? Whose leaving RC this time? 😛

    Kidding aside I do have sympathy for having to slog through what is guaranteed to be a hundred or so applications again (if last time is any indication to go by). May give this a whirl again myself later if I find time.

    Either way good luck to all the applicants, can always use more show coverage after all 😀

    1. I probably should have mentioned this, but we’re not recruiting because someone is leaving. (Though Zani is on semi-permanent hiatus, so we have room.) Div and I talked about how we were doing recruiting after the last round, and we decided to change how we did things.

      Instead of scrambling every time someone leaves and our coverage dips too low, we decided to recruit one or two writers a year, so we’re always getting a fresh infusion of ideas, enthusiasm, and kouhais to torture. We’ve had this planned for like three seasons now. I just prefer to be out ahead of a potential problem, instead of reacting to it in a panic.

      Hope that answers your question! (Though I’m sure others will ask the same thing, grumble grumble)

      Edit: Actually, I went ahead and modified the post, so maybe people will quit asking. Thanks for the question, Pancakes. Everyone else who asks after this sucks. (just kidding) (maybe)

    2. If there was anyone here I hoped would apply, it’d be you, assuming you were interested and all that, which I’m guessing you’re not. Your post are always very articulate and analytical, Pancakes, and interesting to boot.

      Impel Down Hippo
      1. Gee you’re going to make me blush.

        Thanks for the kind words Hippo, for what it’s worth I did actually send off an application. More spur of the moment than anything, I don’t really expect to get chosen, but hey, you never know 😛

      2. Good luck! if you get hired I’d def read your reviews, and hopefully it’d be for a show I was watching so I could read them regularly. It’s definitely a commitment, and I appreciate the time and thought a reviewer puts into it, knowing it’s hard work indeed.

        Impel Down Hippo
    1. Every video player can do it. Or you can just hit the PrtSc button. Don’t worry about quality too much (though do full-size the window if you’re using Print Screen). Just show us what kinds of scenes you would choose to capture.

      1. I am pretty sure I answered the first three questions concisely but I got confused with the fourth one. Uhm.. Are you asking for a sample episode review of an anime or is it okay to just cite a comment? Either way, I applied for the position but I threw all the expectations I had upon pressing the sent button since:

        1. English is not my native language.
        2. I kinda bombed the fourth requirement.
        3. I did this for fun since my job has a lot of free time.

        Anyway, the application process pushed me to my creative limit in order to express and impress myself and I am happy with that. Good luck with other applicants. 😀

    2. Samui, if you are worried about your English, don’t be. Sometimes things like this can be a great way to improve your English. Othertimes, when you think you don’t speak English, you’ll find us natives of the tongue are actually worse at it than you. So never fear! Apply.

  4. So it’s come to this again. It sure takes me back… only a year.
    Everyone’s encouraged to apply. I don’t regret doing so (not much. My social life is fine!)
    No matter the workload or the high standards, it’s always rewarding.
    Don’t be discouraged by any horror stories you’ve heard about The Contract (my soul? Wasn’t using it.)

    Honestly, I don’t have any good advice for applicants. I was chosen via admin mistake.
    Each writer is different, each writer has their own approach to anime.
    Let your personal style show in your application. Not just flair, but also your points of view.
    Put some thought and effort into it, of course, but you won’t be ‘wrong’. Just different.

    1. Great way to put it. Very similar to people having different tastes. Even if I might not agree, I value seeing/reading other people’s opinions as sometimes it opens up a new perspective I otherwise would never even notice.

    2. I was chosen via admin mistake.

      Just wanted to say, you being chosen was no fluke. You were always, in my opinion, as a long time reader, one of the most insightful commentators that this site’s ever had. I’d thought to myself more than a few times that you ought to be one of the bloggers- and lo and behold, you did become one…

      1. Yeah PB. You weren’t chosen by admin mistake. You earned it.

        That dart we put your name on got closest to the bulls eye. Totally deserved!

        *winds back with the ‘ol baseball bat* *knocks the newbie down a step or two* Can’t let those egos grow too much >:3

  5. “If I were to describe the person we’re looking for, he or she will have firm control over their personal schedule. Students are fine, but if you’re going to go AWOL every semester during exam time, you might want to reconsider applying. They will have an insightful and objective outlook on anime, while still being able to inject personality into their posts. They’ll have diverse tastes and a solid anime background. They’ll believe that you can take something seriously and still have fun with it, because make no mistake, writing for RandomC is basically a part-time job (though it’s still fun). They will always act professionally, do their part with a minimum of fuss, respond to emails within 24 hours, and be a team player who is a pleasure to work with.”

    You might want to emphasize on this…

  6. Frankly, I only watch anime for enjoyment, and the only thing I really critique are glaring plot holes and the animation (Being an animation student and all.) That, and learning and practicing animation are very time consuming. Good luck on recruiting some talented new writers.

  7. You know…I sort of want to try. Though I’m not sure who’d want to listen to the rambles of a Edo-Taisho era history nerd….do people fangirl about that stuff like I do?

  8. Is the MyAnimeList or Anime-Planet profile absolutely required? I wouldn’t mind setting one up quick, but it’ll be pretty barren.

    Still, I enjoy writing, and am watching three shows already, so I’ll still give this a shot for fun. Good luck to all!

    1. Stilts can probably answer better, but IIRC last time it wasn’t. If you get the position though then you almost certainly will want to make one so readers have an idea of your history and genre interests.

    2. Not absolutely required, but it’s a “nice-to-have”. It’s a good indication of your taste in anime and what you’ve seen rather than you just listing it all in a document or something. If you don’t already have an account, I wouldn’t bother setting one up since it can be time consuming =S Just be more detailed in your anime background I guess ^^

    3. Cherrie’s right, it’s not absolutely required. Thaaaat said, I’d set one up if I were you.

      When you’re applying for a position—and I’m talking about any time you apply for anything, not just here—the interviewers look for any reason they can find to weed out candidates. Even if we only get two dozen applicants this time, instead of six dozen like last time, that’s still 23 people who will get rejected for a single spot. If you haven’t seen much anime, that’s not a problem if all else is well. But if you won’t even spend the time to set up a profile? Hmmmm…

      I try to ignore things like that, and give the benefit of the doubt. I just wouldn’t risk it if I were you. Just a tip, don’tcha know~

  9. The wording in the post says ‘shows,’ but I’m wondering if RC is open to introducing coverage of new manga series or re-introducing past, dropped ones? Actually sent an e-mail just the other week about offering to cover the One Piece manga, but I’ll be sure to re-submit an application for this.

    1. We mainly cover anime so we’re looking for writers to cover at least one show and if you want – manga coverage would be optional if you can manage your time.
      Subsequently, we want to see your sample post based on a current anime. In order to look at your caps, it would have to be an anime (manga is usually only a frame or two). Hope that answers your questions.

  10. well im not really good in english and i often type in small caps (and even you will consider “communicable” english, i will soon have a work). so for now i will PASS, i am fine with posting my thoughts and opinion about an episode through the comments section and interacting with stilts the, thus far most frendly blogger after divine.

    anyway good luck to those who will apply and congrats to those who will be inducted to randomc blogger “hall of fame”.

    1. D’aaawww, you! *blushes*

      The others are super friendly too. They just spend their time actually watching anime instead of trawling comments. Except for Cherrie, who’s just super busy. She’s my comrade in always being behind on all the shows! *high five!*

  11. As per usual, I wish I could go for this, but I’m not even from an English speaking country. I’ll probably try blogging on my own first someday. Good luck to all others, however!

    1. Usually, that the pay is too low. Which is exactly the case here, lol

      But to clarify, our current average tenure among our writers is ~3 years. Which is pretty good for a time-intensive public hobby, I think. Part of that is just that we’re getting better (or luckier) at choosing appropriately maso writers 😀

  12. I have a dream , that one day , every animes that come out for each season will all be blog.
    It pains me when I visit randomC each week and don’t see my favourite anime here.
    For this season for example – overlord

  13. Writing skill. You need to have good written English skills, preferably college/university level.

    Well, that is my problem. But i still continue to support you as an Veteran Anime fan, if you do not mind

  14. You know, I’d love to submit my own application for the website. Especially since I’ve been around since the days when Omni was here and I’d love to give back to the site. But that “must have it out before English subs” gets me every time. 🙁

    Not blaming anyone except me on that part. I just don’t have enough of a grasp of Japanese that I could do the raws. Oh well. Not meant to be. 🙂

    However, to those of you that do and can apply, good luck on it! Can’t wait to metaphorically see who the new face is. 😀

    1. I wouldn’t let that put you off applying. Stilts was more referring to the age before simulcasting, when fansubs could take several days to come out. Nearly every anime each season is simulcasted somewhere, so having to watch raws before fansubs shouldn’t be an issue. Heck, if I watched the raws I wouldn’t understand anything.

    2. What Samu said. Please still apply! I edited the post to make the requirements a little clearer.

      Our actual goal is to have posts out ASAP after English subs are available (since most of our readers watch them in English). Within 24-48 hours, preferably. So knowing Japanese isn’t required, though it is a nifty bonus.

      1. Ah, man, I just read this. WOW! So I could apply? WOO!

        Whew. Alright, I’ll try whipping something up soon. Hopefully not before you close it. Going to try finishing it here shortly.

    1. Our current images on the site should be 1280×720. If you can maintain the same size, that’d be great. Other than that, any standards we have on RC for images will be taught to you if you’re hired so you don’t have to worry about that. We just want to see what caps you have and how you limit yourself to 36.

      1. No, Cherrie, it’s not. That fits fine, and zips fine. It says that my email looks like “spam” and cannot therefore pass. Sorry for the inconvenience… I don’t know why Google has decided they hate my emails today.

      1. Cherrie, would it be possible to send it directly to your RC linked email? I’m thinking that the block might be because the RC application email is receiving too many identically subjected emails and is blocking them as a result…

  15. I have one query. Where can you find high quality (preferably 720p) raw versions of anime episodes for the purpose of screen caps? I think I’ve visited almost every single fansub out there that may release HD raws but unfortunately, none of them seem to. Instead, I have already sent my application with screen caps of a subbed version as a compromise, and have subsequently taken as many useful screen caps as possible without the inclusion of subtitiles…will this be all right?

    1. Torrents, specifically Nyaa. You will be hard pressed to ever find raws directly from sub groups, you need to look up rippers and Nyaa hosts most of the ones used for English subs.

      1. I usually stream myself, and since I think I will actually try this year, that is how I will do it. I can always go the torrenting route if I actually get the position.

        Gouka Ryuu
  16. I don’t think I’m ready to apply. I am green as green can be, I started blogging 2 days ago. If anyone could give me some advice for new bloggers it would be much appreciated. I linked my ugly blog to this post 🙂

    1. Read a lot. Write a lot. Find someone who writes like you want to write, then write like them until you learn to write like yourself. Don’t give up until you’re good enough to know whether you actually like this or not, instead of just quitting when it gets hard. Because it will. Read and write more.

  17. I’m WAY to much of an asshole for such a task. You’d have to include “ANGRY RANTS!” to the title of each of my posts :P.

    Maybe one day I’ll be able to simmer down a bit………….not likely though :3

  18. Although its known that the RandomC team is made up of a few bloggers across the world united by the internet, have you guys ever considered an actual meetup somewhere?

    Eg the entire gang celebrating New Year’s Eve together over some nabemono / hot pot. =)

    1. A few of us have met. Actually, now that I think about it, I may be the only senior writer who hasn’t met another writer. FOREVER ALONE!! ;_;

      But in all seriousness, that’s expensive and we have jobs and whatnot. Also, we have shows to blog. ‘Tis not likely, though it’d be fun if it happened!

    2. Awwww poor Stilts ='( It’s because you live so far in and in the middle of no where… >_> lol
      I’ve met a few writers. I’ve met 4 writers on RC and we usually just do coffee or dessert somewhere =) Except Zephyr. He likes curry on a hot summer day -__-‘

  19. I would love to apply but being at the last stretch of my studies (thesis and all that shit) makes it pretty hard time-wise. You’ll hear from me next time though! 😉

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Also, I love the picture choices in these posts. Last time’s Nanana one was great

  20. I have a crush on one of the writers so I might apply. Hee hee =^.^=
    Maybe it will work out? It has before! >:D
    I want to blog shoujo~~~
    But Spanish is my first language so I might not be good enough. 🙁

  21. Sadly, I’m with Erimaki here. I’m on my last year of college too and balancing school stuff and watching anime (16 shows this season!) is already a pain in the behind. But aargh! I’d really, really love to apply. Sigh Those things aside, I do know that I won’t be able to handle blogging a show or two every week with what I have on my hands right now. So I won’t be applying this time (assuming of course, there’s a next time :P).

    Let me just say that RandomC did well in the picks last year. I like Passerby’s sense of humor and how he can’t seem to take himself seriously at times – always cracks me up. I found that my tastes in anime often overlaps with Samu’s, so no problem there – though I still wished he blogged SHIROBAKO when it aired, lol XD

    Good luck with the applications and I hope you’ll pick another good one this time!

    Best of luck to the applicants, may the worthy anime-lover win! Kyubey’s waiting…

  22. Gambatte to everyone who applies! I think I’ll stick to popping by (read: arguing with people) in the comments and doing stuff on my own blog. Going to be starting uni though, so I’ll probably end up doing less of both.

    I’m also sure that I need to work on my reviewing – and on my penchant for getting into long arguments and/or letting them take a negative turn and/or letting my stress at other things get into what I write – before I apply to anywhere else than my own little corner of the internet. An Oxford English degree should sharpen all that up! 🙂

  23. I actually took the plunge. I had been thinking of starting to blog, or perhaps do same kind of thing but on YouTube, for awhile so I figured I should give it a shot. I have a job now but at least I still have a good amount of free time.

    Gouka Ryuu
  24. Good luck to everyone who applies! I have sent mine off and eagerly await the results. I thoroughly enjoy this site and would love to give back to it, and considering I have been contemplating setting up a blog this seems too good an opportunity to miss.

  25. Good luck to anyone and everyone applying. However, I won’t apply as my grammar isn’t great and I’m sure my opinions, would probably be controversial sometimes lol(That Aldnoah discussion was kinda fun though..).

  26. A long time ago, in a far away galaxy. I wanted to become a writer here, it was during the time omni decided to leave the team. the news that he was leaving made a much greater impact on me than graduating from high-school, but being lazy as i am, and english being my second language……. i guess what i am saying is, good luck you new writer.

  27. It’s a shame that I’m more capable as a proofreader than a writer. I don’t know why, I can understand any plot, no matter how complicated it is. But when it comes to writing, my vocabulary is magically diminished somehow. Before I knew it, my mind is blank and I don’t know what to write about. Then I realized something and said it to myself, “Oh, now I know how it feels to have a writer’s block.”

    I have something to say to everyone who applies as a writer here. Even if you write simply as a hobby, don’t underestimate it, as your passion could change your course of life as a professional writer, like Stilts here.

    Good luck.

  28. I’ve been reading this blog for about 2 years now, but i just lurked without posting (except for the one episode of Log Horizon s2, that William motivational speech was just too much to keep quiet about) i remember seeing this announcement last year and having the temptation to try but thinking “Nah its not gonna work, i never did something like this, english is not my native language…” and some other thoughts like these
    I had these very thoughts this time too but screw it, if its not gonna work then i will MAKE it work;

    Since its just one place and there are so many appliants i’m aware that my chances are slim but that’s not gonna stop me from giving my best

  29. To be completely honest, i was wondering if this was going to happen again after last year. I was regretting not applying since i was in the midst of trying to graduate college. Now that that hurdle is over and done with (woot!), i’d like to try something new. Especially if there’s chance i could potentially add to RC.

    I used to lurk here a lot and ever since i started posting, RC became a frequent stop for me while floating around the internet. Personally, i’m not the best writer, half of the things i put out on a page sound so boring compared to the life-changing “Stand and Deliver” speech i have playing in my head. Perhaps all the math and physics reports I’ve had to deal with has made me boring. ._.

    Well anyway, here we go… I have some catching up to do since this was posted a few days ago.

  30. I’m not really sure if I’m the only one thinking this, but RC has really diverged from the time Omni used to blog. Back then, our anime preferences for every new season has almost run parallel to each other, which had probably compelled me to come to this blog almost everyday in great excitement and anticipation to read what Omni thought about the latest episode of anything. That was probably a decade ago.

    But don’t let a nay saying like me deter the writers who have yet to come. If you put your mind to it, you will be able to do it.

    I would have raised my hand to this challenge as well, but after seeing how poorly the blogging of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was handled, I think I would stick my hand out of this one. Not saying it was anyone’s fault in particular, but that series could have been handled a lot better. As a decade old reader, I hope you can read that as constructive criticism.

    1. Whoops. Flew off on a tangent and totally didn’t say what I was going to say, but good luck to whoever gets the position. Remember that you getting the writing position isn’t the end goal, its the starting line!

      Good Luck.

    1. As mentioned in the post, we’ll close applications whenever we feel we’ve got enough. Last time we had way too many, so we’ll cut things off then. If you’re thinking of applying, I would apply ASAP.

      1. THanks, Stilts. Should I CC my application to everyone just to make sure it gets through or should I just try the first e-mail and then send it along that way if it doesn’t work?

      2. Actually this raises a good point. Next time Stilts maybe you guys should try to set up an automatic response system letting all applicants know if their emails have been received.

        For example I know mine sent to the main application email, but not if you guys got it or not, basic Gmail sucks like that 😛

      3. @Styx

        In the future, it’s probably best to follow instructions 😛 We’ll still read it and judge it without penalty, though.


        Did you apply under the name Frosty? If so, we got it.


        Last time we didn’t have any problems since Google didn’t break email right before we started. We didn’t think about sending an auto-reply ’cause honestly, this is all an (overly serious) hobby, none of us are in HR in our professional lives, and we just didn’t think about it, hahaha.

        I can tell you we got yours, though.

      4. @Stilts Sorry for the late reply but I didn’t send it under the name Frosty I sent it under the name Jason with my sample post being about the current Yu-Gi-Oh series. Should I resend it since it seems like you didn’t get it?

      5. @Jason

        Yes, please resend it. It appears we didn’t get it. Send it to stilts(at)randomc(dot)net, divine(at)randomc(dot)net, and cherrie(at)randomc(dot)net. That oughta get through. If it doesn’t, send it to me alone, or my other email, stiltsoutloud(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll make sure it gets to the others.

    1. Wash away all your doubts! Have confidence in the time you spent preparing your sample and the courage you had to submit it! Nothing to lose but everything to gain! Be positive!

  31. Arrgh I’m so tempted and I really would like to do it but I’m just not sure I’m critical enough with the anime I watch and I’ve only been watching one show this season. I’m so fickle and flakey sometimes. I just don’t have enough passion and my interests change with the wind. Well maybe next time.

    1. Although I would probably learn a lot from it and if I treated it as a job I would most likely keep up and it seems like it might also be fun sometimes too. As an aspiring writer there’s a lot I could learn and a lot I could benefit from with the experience. Ah, it’s frustrating being so torn. I wanna do it but at the same time I’m not sure I’d be able to.

  32. Mm might as well try again :p Though I am not sure my ‘current airing anime’ pick will be highly appreciated xD but it is not my fault I went through around 700 episodes in no time -.-‘”

      1. I wouldn’t worry about it. Samu wrote about Haikyuu!!, which I had never watched, but he made me WANT to, so I knew we had a good writer on our hands. We know enough about anime to know what you’re talking about even if we don’t know what you’re talking about 😀

        (For the record, mine was Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Unconventional choices can work.)

      2. That’s not what I meant T__T I kind of watch all animes aired each season so there are many to choose from, but yet I chose the most predictable anime there is :p mainly because I am so obsessed lately (after stopping for around 7 years). It is far too predictable T__T’

      3. Oooh. Interesting, Samu did Haikyuu!!. So Stilts, he made you want to watch it, but my question is: Did you end up REALLY watching it? My bet is that you didn’t. If you did, that’d be good surprise though. Lol

      4. @Mi-chan

        What’d you blog, and what name did you apply under? Didn’t see anyone as Mi-chan at least, so wanted to make sure it got in. Also, wanted to see if you blogged what I suspected you blogged, lol


        He made me want to watch it, but he didn’t give me the time I needed to watch it. He did get Divine, though. Not bad, me thinks ^^

      5. Making Divine blog the rest of Haikyuu!! is enough for me. Stilts doesn’t know what he’s missing + S2 is out next season so this is as good a time as any for him (and anyone else) to catch up!

      6. I know you love Haikyuu!! Samu, but I didn’t know it was also your application piece. I’m with you here. Anyone with 10 hours to spare in their whole life has to give it a try. That show was my gateway to sports anime and led me to Chihayafuru, YowaPeda, Baby Steps (which I found out I love more than Haikyuu!!, thanks to Enzo) and many more to come.

        I mean, it’s just 10 hours! Go marathon S1 now.

        Also, I’m excited to see who’s gonna cover S2. Will Divine blog again or will Samu get it… Stay tuned on BlogWars no Samu.

      7. I could spend 10 hours on an anime, or I could do the rewrites for a pair of novellas.

        The strange thing is, the thing that I need to do is also the one I’ll have the most fun with. Because I’m turning into a workaholic. Yay! \o/

        Either way, it’s one I’d like to see, but so are sooo many others I’d like to see as well. Maybe I’ll take another overseas trip (or three) soon and watch a bunch on the plane(s). Long plane rides really help with clearing out the ‘ol backlog—unless I get one of those shit airlines that don’t give ya power plugs. Which I usually do. The bastards.

      8. @Stilts:

        I am pretty sure your suspicions are into place and I dk how I am able to escape them at this point xD

        Ah I think it is under Colonel Mi, though I just realized the name would be “M M” -.-‘


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