「おてがみ」 (Otegami)

I think this week’s episode totally counts as the calm before the storm.

What’s Really Reality?

With a majority of the groundwork finally laid, it looks like the show is finally starting to dive into the true lives of our four girls and their cute little puppy. Not wanting to throw us (the viewers) straight into the thick of things, this week’s episode started to slowly highlight some of the things that I’m sure we’ve all been thinking about. Things like how do a small group of high school girls manage to cope with death literally circled around them? Sure, they’re able to keep their minds off of things with Yuki being a constant reminder of what life was like beforehand, but that can only get you so far right? Which is why what really stood out to me this week was just how many illusions everyone was seeing. I say illusion lightly since I don’t think it’s quite the right word to describe what’s going on, but the episode made a point to show us that someone other than Yuki are seeing things that aren’t necessarily there. Which would lead you to believe that there’s a lot more stressful situations going on behind the scenes when the camera isn’t there. Toss in the growing number of zombies that are gathering outside the school and it all just feels some what ominous.

On the other side of things, it looks like Yuki is getting awfully close to realizing that gap between her imagination and what’s really going on in the world. It might have been my imagination, but I want to believe that the Megu-nee that’s been watching over Yuki is slowly guiding her toward finding reality. Guiding her away from the world she created to cope with the stress of the world collapsing and instead trying to give her the strength to face the true challenges that lie ahead of her.

Pigeons and Balloons

Even though the whole scene was probably more to ease our emotions rather than try to tell us something substantial, the whole idea of sending out messages to the world that there are survivors still out there makes a whole ton of sense. Not knowing just how far and wide the epidemic has spread, wouldn’t it be awesome if the notes they sent out ended up getting them rescued? Now that I think about it, if you’re stranded somewhere, aren’t you supposed to try to make some sort of signal to alert others that you’re there and alive!?

In other news, long live Arnault Hatonishiki Nisei!

Looking Ahead

I don’t have much to say here except I think we’re about to hit another climax soon. So put on a fresh pair of pants and be ready to wipe your face for what’s going to hit in the next few weeks.
Show Spoiler ▼

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ED2.5 Sequence

ED2: 「アフターグロウ」 (Afutaa Gurou) by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)



  1. The entire episode was really set up by the fact that the OP just changed again, this time getting even darker images than the last one. And now Yuki’s had her first bout of really doubting her illusions…. deeper down the rabbit hole we go…

  2. Even with Yuki around the way she is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also a double-edged sword. Sure, Yuki reminds them of happier times and keeps them going with a more positive attitude overall, but they themselves still know that’s not true and those days may never come again, so constantly being reminded of those days and then realizing the reality of the situation in-between, probably weighs on their minds.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Gakkou%20Gurashi/Gakkou%20Gurashi%20-%20ED2.5%20-%20Large%2005.jpg
    This transition scene of the girls presence fading away from the school has me a bit worried.
    We had Megu-nee’s presence fade away for a very saddening effect last episode, so this one right after that episode had me overthinking things a bit..

    Sure, you could argue that its a metaphor for them finally leaving the school for good to search for more survivors or non-zombie territory, but why would the symbolic spade be left behind?
    That alone gives me vibes that Show Spoiler ▼

    1. That’s a fear I have as well.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      On a lighter note, Kurumi insisting on chasing that pigeon was hilarious. I wonder if those flying rats are edible though…I mean, if you’re survivaling anyway…

  4. Hmm. Going by the title of the next episode, they’re probably going to postpone that arc till later. That key Miki found will probably serve to kickstart it, like at the end of the next episode or so. I’m worried though, because half of chapter 23 dealt with the aftermath of that arc so…

    1. I figure the key means we’ll end with Show Spoiler ▼

      Can’t see them going too far past that and have it still feel like an ending. That’ll take 2 episodes, and they still have a few more SoL bits to use in the meantime.

  5. Yes it will be intersting ( The spoiler ) along with what the key does ! It throws more ?? than answers!

    The manga is not finished as the writer is hands on with the anime ! And doing a great job IMO ! The changes / order made it quite enjoyable !

    Oh all those different OP’s / ED’s just to the anime!!

    If there is A S2 either the writer has to do more manga or original material but after sales of the manga went through the roof you would think the former ! So then we have to wait awhile!

  6. I bet the car key that Miki found will be their getaway vehicle in the future. Judging from the previous ED with a wrecked car scene, we all know their escape will go horribly wrong and someone will die.

  7. This episode was very well done. I mean, THAT OPENING SEQUENCE!!! I was caught off guard with it. It’s getting darker and darker and i’m preparing my heart for what is probably going to happen next. I mean, i already know but still, i still have to repair those heart strings for later. This week was nicely done!! Bravo!! And also, i will never forget megu-nee. She’s so nice. (;_;)

  8. “ED2: 「アフターダロウ」 (Afutaa Darou) by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)”

    Probably pointed out already, but, is that the same Kurosaki Maon who sang one of the ending songs of fellow zombie apocalypse series High School of The Dead? Talk about one hell of a casting gag…

    Also, this series really loves its ironic juxtapositions. (e.g.: Yuki’s borderline insane delusion that Megumi is still alive turning out to be the very thing that helps Kurumi, Yuuri, and Miki maintain their sanity and humanity despite the darkness of the situation.)

  9. This just got me thinking,

    In a zombie apocalypse where would the best place be to survive?
    Take into consideration you need
    Access to Water

    I personally think an army base has all this.

    1. An army base will run out of supplies such as food and medical eventually. Where are you going to get those? A green-zone must be set up so “life” can begin to flourish.

    2. I think leaving the city is pretty important, but if I were to stay in the city, probably a tall narrow building would be preferable, and blocking the staircase in some way would be important. And having access to the surrounding buildings through rooftops would be how you’d get around. I like the idea of setting up a perimeter around your building with traps like the way Morgan did on TWD, so then your entrance would be of use. A building with a solid fence would be great, but then we’re talking about specific buildings like a prison or church maybe.

      Supplies you’ll have to get anyway, but a building with a separate power source like a hospital is a good idea, but also a lot harder to defend, which is why I’d choose a tall narrow building perhaps.

      Impel Down Hippo

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