「落第騎士 III」 (Rakudai Kishi III)
“The Worst One III”

The battle between two unstoppable forces (Potential Girlfriend and Imouto) continues — but with a twist!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Normally I wouldn’t have a single shred of compassion for someone stuck in the crossfire between two cute girls. But when it comes to Ikki, I just can’t help but feel some sympathy for the guy. He’s shown that he’s pretty down to earth and in control of his emotions, so it has to be tough trying to deal with two girls trying to get their hands all over him. Luckily, by the end of the episode I think it’s pretty clear that his heart is in the right (or maybe morale?) place.

Acting like a big brother to Shizuku and leaping to Stella’s side without any hesitation, I think Ikki made a fine showing. A fine showing that was only eclipsed by Stella’s ability to put the needs of others ahead of herself and Shizuku’s slick surprise barrier to open up the bad guys to a good beating.

Arisuin Nagi

Another surprise addition to the crew, I was caught off guard with how enjoyable watching Alice was. Besides the occasional joke about his gender affiliation (which I thought the show handled pretty well), I love how he seems to play the straight man for everyone in the group. Level headed and constantly staying two steps ahead, he’s like the anchor that keeps everything from spiraling out of control. That said, he also looks like he’s hiding some secrets of his own and hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of what they might be.

Looking Ahead and Kirihara Shizuya

With this third episode serving mostly as setup for what’s about to come, I think it did a pretty good job at maintaining the momentum from last week (come on, you know it was cool seeing Ikki’s Ittou Shura again). If things slowed down too much for you though, it looks like our next “boss” is right around the corner in the form of scumbag Kirihara Shizuya. With the personality of a rock and what looks to be an overpowered ability to completely hide himself from all your senses, it looks Ikki is going to have some work to do before his first battle.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week, where we’ll maybe see something amazing and then even more amazing happen. Ciao!

Takaii’s Notes:

  • I love it when Ikki gets to look cool.
  • I also love it when Stella keeps her cool even when almost naked.
  • A serious Shizuku — I could get used to this.
  • Alice’s power seems pretty OP, doesn’t it?
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  1. Three episodes in and i still can’t find anything special about this. The double date is stupid, the villains are so hammy it’s not even funny, and their scheme that degrades Stella into boring fanservice (despite being hyped as muh strong Blazer since earlier episode) is very grating. The story presented so far is so-so and nothing else to interest me. Dropped.

    1. Thank you.

      I’m sticking around because supposedly the draw with this series is how quickly it stops using stupid harem cliches, but this episode DID NOT HELP.

      And that stripping scene? HOW IS ANYONE COMPLIMENTING THAT? First off, I’ve seen that exact scene in like ten other anime and/or manga. Why mangakas like to think they’re showing how ‘strong’ their heroine is by having her be willing to strip down rather than just showing how mind-blowingly (and degradingly) sexist they are I have no idea. And as you mention, it’s even worse because in this show (and a bunch of others) the heroine is supposedly really strong, yet always gets neutralized easily so the supposedly weak hero can save the day. Also, the idea that hostage takers just immediately tell busty schoolgirls to strip is screwed up.

      1. I always find it weird how people are complaining when an ecchi show does ecchi things. Seriously, either lighten up or for the love of god get a clue and leave. What you’re doing is making as much sense as complaining that Gundam shows always applies violence to resolve matters.

        You’re not making sense either. Stella undoubtedly _is_ powerful, but having people pointing guns at hostages does cramp your style. And she was not saved by “the hero”, but by 3 friends of her cooperating (enabling her to take out the rest of the henchman while Ikki dealt with the ringleader).

        I seriously think you have the wrong expectations here. Just find another anime.

      2. I’m not sure what your point is, because your other comments are part of the reason I haven’t given up. Supposedly, according to the people that like this series (from the manga and LNs) the big selling point of this show is that fairly quickly it STOPS being a really standard ecchi harem show.

        Are you saying that you yourself, and all the rest who’ve been saying the same thing, are a liar? Does the show just stay a dumb ecchi harem show with Ikki frenching his sister and Stella taking it off for criminals? Because, if so, then yeah sure I’m out. And I think a lot of people are too. But we’ve been told repeatedly that this was different.

        Also, the stripping for criminals scene was not fanservice unless you’ve got a fairly screwed up mind. The string bikini in the bathtub scene from last episode was fanservice, the stripping for criminals should make you feel bad for Stella (like Ikki) as opposed to titillated (like the BAD GUYS). And again, half my complaint wasn’t that she was half-naked, it was that that EXACT SCENE (heroine forced to strip by criminals in order to protect hostages) has been used MANY times in this sort of anime. Just because there are boobs, doesn’t mean the writer doesn’t have a responsibility to use boobs in a novel way. I’m all for new boobs.

      3. Please dont all cap your words ever. I know you want to use it to emphasize your point but you are coming off like you are shouting.

        Afasik Ikki will never kiss his sister again and Stella is never again forced to strip for anyone ever again.

        Please be sure to remain civil at all times. =)

        I halp
      4. Of course it is not just a “dumb standard ecchi harem show”. It’s not a harem, the main characters are not dumb, and the relationship and relationship development between Stella and Ikki goes very much against _anything_ that’s standard in the genre. Nevertheless, the show is still ecchi, and I have always pointed out that the general setting (magic+swords hischool fantasy) isn’t going to win the originality oscar either.

        This show is about Stella+Ikki. This is what sets is apart from the rest, and this is what I love it for. If you are allergic against ecchi or scenes that have been done before, this is not the show for you. Just don’t criticize a cat for being a cat, please.

      5. Then I honestly have no clue why you said that in response to my post. I never said fanservice is bad. I complained very specifically that that scene was bad because it’s been done so many times and it’s just ludicrously sexist while the writers (in this and every other show I’ve seen that uses it) always attempt to dress it up as some sort of weird empowerment thing.

        I REALLY liked the first episode of this show. The next two have let me down due to a couple of things; harem antics, brocon incest weirdness, and now a whole episode that has been done numerous times before in almost every way. That said, I am holding on because from what everyone has said, the first episode is a much better indicator of the show as a whole than the second or third.

        Again, it’s not really the specifics of this episode that pissed me off. It’s that I’ve seen this episode in exact detail ten times before and that is piss-poor writing. If they come up with some other way for Stella to strip, then sure, but don’t make me watch a whole episode that is a line by line repeat of so many other things again.

  2. Lots of pretty good stuff here, but I think I was most amused by Shizuku breaking out her weapon against Alice when he joked that he might try to seduce Ikki.

    Although the bit with the cream on the girls’ faces thing was also pretty good.

    Anyway, Kirihara seems to be a stereotypical self-absorbed asshole bully, who needs to have his face thoroughly stomped into the ground until he learns better manners.

  3. the demand for a stripping really left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve stuck with this because everyone’s told me it was going to be different, but really… it’s been just like Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei with even more ecchi and incest

    1. No, this series makes far more sense.

      Also, I’m told you should watch the next episode. Not sure why, but LN readers have been saying since the anime started that episode 4 is going to be really significant.

      1. All depends on how fast the fight is done. For once I’m hoping they cut a corner or two and get it done next episode just because while I hate the upcoming fight, it has an awesome payoff!

    2. I already mentioned my rage at the stripping part above, so I won’t go back into that, but I also agree on the incest.

      I’m glad that they’ve at least had Ikki pretty much no-sell every incestuous moment, with any emotion he shows mostly being of the ‘what the hell is she doing’ variety which is nice because it stops him from being a monster (I apologize if that offends anyone but I’m not gonna beat around the bush). But even with his no-selling it there’s still WAY too much incest going on. That needs to move into the background (or ideally just disappear) ASAP.

  4. The LN has more detail on today’s villians.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ikki and the others were also planning to watch a movie, where they finally decided on Gandhi:The Nirvana of Rage(“You said forgiveness is a sign of strength, huh? That’s a lie.”)

  5. I have no reason to like this show, but I think the reason I do is that it keeps the parts of harems i enjoy (occasional sexy stuff, girls with lots of personality) and removes the parts I don’t (dense protagonist, an over abundance of sexy stuff, too many girls too fast)

    basically, it’s hitting the same sweet spot SAO hit for me (and im assuming a lot of other people)

    1. …you know, given that comment, that might explain more of why this is ringing so hollow to me, who most certainly did not like SAO. And this one doesn’t even have the interesting world that SAO did.

      I mean, seriously, Heavy Object’s religious zealots have got nothing on how Comically Villainous this show’s antagonists are all turning out to be so far. And even for LN heroines, Stella seems to have suborned herself entirely to Alpha Male Main Character rather swiftly.

      …I’ll see what episode 4 supposedly has in store, but not holding my breath right now.

  6. I like this show and Stella as a character so please… SILVER LINK, ease up on the fan service.
    (Though, I understand that the target audience of this show is those who like these fan service scenes. I mean, it’s airing very late at night)

    1. I don’t mind the fanservice if it’s written well. Loved it in episode 1, was okay with it in episode 2, was NOT happy with it in this episode. Hopefully it will move back towards episode 1 where it’s sexy yes, but also funny and builds character.

  7. What the, did Stella expect something to happen after the date or why is she wearing those kinds of panties? Will have to check the LN/manga to compare.
    Not that I’m complaining because, so far at least, the fanservice is the only reason why I’m still watching this.

      1. to #2:

        Swimsuits episodes of other Animes, do have the same “less” Bikini part. I think this short mini pantsu, is common in this day and age in Animes. if they want to show us underwear and swimsuits bikinis

    1. I mean the short answer is most likely because it’s a fanservice series, but I actually like to think that Stella just likes sexy underwear. Generally even in fanservice anime, girls are drawn with fairly normal underwear (partially because standard white panties are a fetish in Japan) and yet Stella is always drawn wearing really fancy underwear up to and including garter belts and whatnot.

      I choose to believe she just likes it. There are girls that do and it adds a neat little detail to her character, fanservice-y or not.


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