“The Terrifying City”

「最恐の都市」 (Saikyou no Toshi)

The Hilarious Saitama and His Many Reaction Faces:

The true blessing of this episode was the sheer amount of Saitama reaction faces we got. Thank you for that, One-Punch Man. In a way, I’m glad this episode didn’t have a massive fight sequence because that meant we could instead some time on the other things that make One-Punch Man so enjoyable. It’s only been six episodes, but my journey with the series has been a turbulent one, if only because I was expecting something massive… and we’ve only gotten than from time to time. Now that I have a better understanding of what kind of show One-Punch Man is trying to be, I’m finding myself enjoying it a lot more. That, and I do think it has improved story-wise in the past two episodes. As I said last week, the worldbuilding and introduction of new heroes makes everything feel fresh, which is what this episode was.

Still, Saitama’s face was the best part this week. All his reaction shots were brilliant (and there were plenty of them). I’m really digging his dynamic with Genos as well, and I can see why there are plenty of doujins about them. I mean, you’ve got to be purposefully avoiding it if you can’t see that Genos’s attachment to his mentor seems a little more than respectful. And because of it, it’s hilarious. Whether it be Saitama saying the most ridiculous things and coming up with a pretend training regime for his pupil, or when Genos brings up Saitama’s loss of hair, or when he reads off the comments from the hero popularity poll (I’m glad that was brought up – that has so much gag potential)! I laughed multiple times throughout this episode, which isn’t something I could say a few weeks ago. So in that respect, this episode definitely delivered.

Trouble Brewing in City Z:

As I said, there wasn’t a massive fight like we got last week, but the confrontation with Saitama and Sonic was enough to keep me entertained. Seeing Saitama struggle as a C-class seems odd on paper, but because he’s too strong for the tasks he’s expected to complete, it’s no wonder it all feels wrong. We didn’t even get to see his fight with the monster at the end of the episode, instead just cutting straight to the boiling pot. The action may have been sacrificed for the comedy here, but it definitely paid off.

We got to see plenty of other heroes while trouble was brewing at City Z (which does seem like a terrible place to live right now – Saitama and Genos should consider relocating). I’ve seen manga fans drop a few names from time to time, but haven’t been able to put faces to those names. Tatsumaki “Terrible Tornado” (Yuuki Aoi) is one that I’ve been most looking forward to, and so far I’m not disappointed. Not only is her design slick and her green hair awesome, but she feels like a big deal after being kept from heading to the scene this week. Whenever she does step onto the field, I expect shit to go down.

Everything about Watchdog Man (Ueda Yuki) is hilarious to me, and Fubuki “Blizzard of Hell” (Hayami Saori – there she is again, popping up everywhere, my favourite seiyuu!) is one I’ve seen mentioned time and time again, so I expect she’ll deliver the goods in the episode after next (going by the endcard). We got to see a few others as well, but they didn’t really stand out, and I don’t expect them to do much in future episodes. Still, there’s plenty more to come, and I’m hyped to see more superheroes in action… as soon as the big baddies decide to make their grand appearance.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Not as massive as last week, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We got to see more heroes, and got plenty of stellar comedy with Saitama and his eager boyfriend pupil. Great stuff all around, and I’m looking forward to more. I’m just glad that One-Punch Man managed to turn it around last week and have me completely on board for the rest of the ride.


  1. Funny thing, his first job as a class hero turning to beat what I would categorize as a high class criminal.

    In a way Genos and Sonic are in the same situation. Trying to reach/beat an infinite power that has no idea how he has come to be.

  2. The Tornado and Blizzard sisters in the same episode! And Blizzard’s group too, and also that detail about the book written by King. Pure fanservice for manga readers.

    And I love it.

    (By the way, what is that about Fubuki appearing in another episode? I thought it was going to be just a cameo)

    1. It’s only just confirmed that she and her lackeys are definitely not showing up in the next episode. Whether she cameos in any episodes after that is anyone’s guess.

      Also, noting that “Gokiburi Buster” is written by ONE and illustrated by Murata Yuusuke.

    2. Adding in more detail about “Gokiburi Basuta-” 「ゴキブリバスター」 “Cockroach Buster”, here’s the summary written on the back of the volume Saitama was holding:


      Contact with Them means death!
      The ultimate violence-action story about men boldly facing
      mankind’s bitter enemy the cockroach (…not really)!

    1. Im not really well versed in the japanesse voice acting scene, but if what you’re saying is true, then I must go to japan and marry this Yuuki Aoi person!

      A real live legal loli! I thought those things only exist in my imagination!

      FYI: Tatsumaki is MY WAIFU! No Touching!

      1. Sorry for the double post.

        After google-ing Yuuki Aoi and finding the list of characters voiced by her, I cant help but tip my hat to her.

        Not only does she go for my waifu loli types (Nina & Krull Tepes, Tatsumaki, etc), she even does my waifu kuudere types (Urushibara Shizuno from World Break and Fremy Speeddraw from Rokka No Yuusha)!

        But what impressed me the most is her role as Clementine from Overlord. Her deranged and arrogant voice really brought Clementine to life! Too bad Ainz killed her off so quickly.

        Never the less, Yuuki Aoi is versatile as hell!

        I may not be well versed in the japanesse voice acting scene (the only one I know of is Rei Kugimiya) but I will definitely etch Yuuki Aoi’s name into my long term memory banks

      2. You must be one of those pigs that watch Anime based on the Voice Actress 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        (Quote from Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de that had me rolling on the floor!)

        Hey, that’s why (U.S.) dubbing will never, in a million years, come close to the work
        the Voice Actresses (and Actors) put into their craft. The voicing of the part, for me
        at least, can make all of the difference in how I perceive a character. But I digress…

        Loved this episode (and all of them up to date). You don’t have to see how he defeated
        lettuce monster, but it was with one punch, you can be sure. I was wondering how a series
        based on this concept would actually play out – it’d be pretty boring if every episode had
        him fight with the inevitable outcome. But I’m really getting into the situations the
        Anime sets up around his skill….

        You know what, go find that girl (but not in a creepy way, ‛k?) – you only live once!

      3. Yeah, Aoi Yuuki has been my favorite Seiyuu for a long time. Aside from wide range of voice from loli to those twisted sadist… she also melt my heart every time she voiced a sad scene especially as Madoka in Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica and Freamy in Rokka no Yuusha… whenever her voice start cracking my heart will melt~ d’awww~

    1. Seeing that he patrols the most dangerous city by his lonesome and hardly gets a scratch from those said patrols daily, he had to be preposterously powerful. However, we do not see much of him in action.

      Could he be the Onebark Man?

      1. Watchdog Man is actually genuinely powerful, patrolling City Q by himself. You’d think he’s a joke character but isn’t. Prior to this episode we only got a brief look at him when Professor Genus was looking up data on Mosquitos Girl. He pull up profiles of 3 S Class Heroes: Watchdog Man, Metal Bat and Superalloy Blackluster.

    2. it’s been stated that watchdog man wears this costume so he can be popular with the kids and don’t scare them off.

      as for why he thinks he’d scare them off to begin with, we can only guess. maybe people are right, he might just be like Saitama?

  3. Seriously people , Saitama has neurological issues !!! If he reported that he defeated that monster he could’ve easily been a top ten class A right now
    instead he goes around looking for purse snatchers …

  4. Bamboo Blade Cat
  5. Actually the biggest joke this episode is that Saitama is in fact the terrifying monster whom everyone is talking about, all the destruction we saw this episode wad done by him in previous fights and the funniest part is that he doesn’t realize it nor does the Heroes Association, it seems he doesn’t even realize he lives in a ghost town… It was one of those “Oh shit” moments when i realized that the ghost town is a actually the part where Saitama lives, suprised no one mentioned this.

    Also Mustache dude was pretty cool.

    1. I’m just guessing, but it’s entirely likely the town deserted, not due to the frequent monster attacks, but due to Saitama defeating them and killing most of the populace, or terrifying them while saving them.

      After all, the other A-class heroes thought the aftermath with Saitama was another monster, and they didn’t seem to want to meet it.

      Alexander Morou
      1. I’m thinking that it goes this way. The town residents moved out because of frequent monster attacks. Saitama, who can defeat these monsters, is the only resident. He onepunched the monsters, leaving behind remains that become the basis of rumours to other monsters about a really strong entity living in that particular town. So the monsters, who do not know any better, all come in droves, seeking a challenge or a leader, all of whom got onepunched. This then lend credence to the rumour which encourages even stronger monsters to come pay a visit, who also got onepunched.

        The cycle continues. Residents don’t want to stay there because the monsters who come are always stronger than the last and the monsters themselves all get onepunched.

      2. It’s more likely terrifying them while saving them, although I’d say his overpowered attacks and fights (like with the Giant) caused some serious collateral damage and probably caused civilan deaths that he isn’t aware of.


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