「剣士殺し I」 (Kenshi Koroshi)
“Sword Eater I”

This week marks Ayatsuji Ayase’s official introduction!

Manga vs Adaptation

While I try to take the viewpoint of an anime-only viewer whenever I write these posts, even I can’t ignore some of the big changes in how things “felt” in the anime versus the manga. The biggest being how the pacing felt just a little too quick with Ayase and her development. From start to finish, I just wasn’t all that satisfied with the way she was depicted. She literally leapt onto screen after hiding behind a tree and it quickly snowballed into her becoming pretty chummy with Ikki to completely disappearing after realizing she’d have to fight him. Because from what I remember, Ayase is supposed to be one of those characters that really tug at your heart and emotions because of what’s to come in an episode or two.

That said, once I took some time to think about things again, things started to make sense if you look at from the viewpoint that she’ll just be a minor character. A very minor character.
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Romantic Pitfalls 2

I get a little giddy every time I get to write these paragraphs. Time and time again, I love it when our couple of the season avoids the sticky messes that every other anime couple tend to get caught up in. This week, I think Stella had all the right to be concerned with how close Ikki was getting to Ayase. Some of those up close shots were entering pretty risque territory and if I were Stella, I don’t know if I’d be able to hold myself back. Luckily, the two hashed things out pretty quickly and we saw a really cute moment that helped solidify their relationship that much more.

Looking Ahead

With just a short shot of Ayase in all white, it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to find out just what’s she planning to do with Ikki. While things look innocent enough, I doubt you’d randomly call someone out at three in the morning just to have a chat. Besides that, it looks like another jerk has arrived and I’m willing to bet we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. See you guys next week!


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  1. When both Girls are so nearby and give a little bit of their Powers off, like here. Then there should be a Fog raising or a cloud.. What happen if you use Ice to cool an fire?

  2. When this Guys appeared:
    she got very feared, that she hold onto her Skirt

    Looks like they use some kind of force abusing…

    i do not hope, this here:
    ends up, in what my “H-Section + Blackmailing” brain section came up with

    Hope our Ikki, can “heal” her from fear and gain more confidences like Stella has

  3. Although Ayase’s introduction is abrupt, I personally think that it’s fine due to her being a minor character due to her unlikely to appear in the Seven Star Tournament. However, I think that the next couple events will not feel as impact full since we just know her to little to really care. However, judging from the general audience, she did have some effects on the anime-only viewers, especially her introduction and dat thighs :]] This episode overall is a really solid one, but I’m kinda mad at Silver Link when they used the position-fixing segment for fanservice and avoid showing that he fixed a lot of other things, not just legs. Giving a more insight together with the fanservice would have make that scene better and an overall awesome episode.

  4. It’s interesting to compare what Rakudai’s anime writers are doing compared to Asterisk’s.

    Rakudai’s writers have been willing to rearrange and change events and story flow for the anime, whilst Asterisk’s writers have been completely faithful to the story flow as per each volume.

  5. Some extra details from the novel:
    1)Shizuku hardly appeared in Vol 2, except at the end, and to criticize Stella for not being more open with her love for Ikki. The anime’s given her more appearances and extra brocon dialogue, likely to pander to the target otaku viewers.

    2)Ikki fixing Ayase’s stance was less dirty in the LNs. He also corrected her overall posture; shoulders, arms etc. Also likely done to pander to the target otaku viewers.

    Kanata is described as having “…a presence, for a moment, (that) felt more like thick fresh blood…a veil of dense blood fragrance that could not be hidden no matter how much perfume she wore…Both Ikki and Stella felt a fleeting, incomparable feeling of disgust.”)
    Called the ‘Scharlach Frau'(Scarlet Woman), she has actual battle experience, once being enlisted to fight against terrorists and similar groups like the Blazer terrorists from Ep 3.

    4)Ikki was trying to, and unable to, access what exactly Misogi’s powers were. (It’s not healing magic per se.)

    1. I look at Misogi and think, “He reminds me of Kumagawa Misogi from Medaka Box.”

      I see that the “healing” is more like making the wound disappear… It’s just like Kumagawa’s “it never happened” All-Fiction power! Gah!

  6. I think Ayase’s case still passable, the only part they cut out from the original material are the pool scene last episode. I even think this flows better than the original, last episode I can enjoy Stella and Ikki’s relationship conclusion without noise of Ayase’s scattered introduction plotline and now I can enjoy a full brunt of Ayase’s plotline.

    I honestly thought that her original lines when teasing Stella on the pool scenes are a little bit out of character, the journalist girl fit that girl more… Well it’s my personal opinion though.

    1. Yep, based on how Ayase’s character was fleshed out this episode, I think it was a rather good move for the staff of Silver Link to give the playful confession part to the journalist.

      If it wasn’t called out by LN readers, I was perfectly fine with that scene between Stella and the nosy journalist. It would be really awkward opening up to someone whom you don’t know even if she tried to fish it out from you through some underhanded means.

      While IBO is giving me some slow burn on character build-up and plot progression, Rakudai is picking up the pace which is still fine by me. What I thought to be really rushed is the Anti-Magic Academy 35th platoon. Damn pacing is throwing me off from the get go.

      1. And while I can’t say you’re wrong, stating that anime is always crap-shoot is overgeneralizing things. Sure enough there’s plethora of bad anime adaptations, but mostly because the original material itself is not fleshed out thoroughly, but for those that’s actually good from the original material they tend to become a good anime series. For example how about: Fate Zero? Bakemonogatari? Kara no Kyoukai? Oregairu? No Game No Life? Full Metal Panic? Toradora? Well if you still say that these is also crap shot then sure enough everything else is crap for you…

      2. I never said it was impossible to win at craps.

        It depends on more than the source, though. Plenty out there with great source but lousy anime. Largely it depends on what the studio tries to get away with and how much thought is put into it, like the change to Toradora’s ending as just a small example of unnecessarily going too far.

      3. Wait, if I remember right Toradora’s anime adaptation is faithful to the LN up until the end, I remember watching it and reading it on the same time and I don’t remember there’s notable change. Which part was changed?

      4. Toradora’s ending was quite different from the LN’s because the final volume of the LN wasn’t released yet at that point. The author gave the anime team a brief overview of what would happen in the end, and basically let them intepret it however they wanted. It’s actually pretty amazing that apart from the ending, they somehow managed to get very close to everything before that in spite of the fact they only had an outline to work with.

    1. I think highlighting differences in a positive way makes for an interesting conversation. That and I think it’s cool to know some of the differences since.. it’s just nice to know more about a show.

      I agree though that hating on a show just because it’s not following the source word-for-word is pretty stupid.

  7. That’s the downside of having the big-breasted “journalist” busybody taking over several important bonding scenes away from Ayase last episode. Now, she is alternating from stalker to disciple to opponent to “scary” all in 20 minutes… I’m not sure if the tradeoff was a good one.

    What they’re handling well is the romance aspect. Reaching out to touch hands was sweet and held at least as much feels than mere liplock. Me like!

  8. So many asshole villain and bunch of stupid developpemnt that isnt appealing to me. The only saving grace so far is how hardboil the protag is but I will still ride back to Asterisk.

    ps. MC seems cool but not as awesome as Touma , man i really do miss REAL man. Touma would totally trash that Smug guy by punching him ,
    ps2 I find the villain dude , look like a guy from Tokyo Raven , you know the guy that summon oni and have crazy blade.

    1. The whole point of that scene was that if the fight went on, they’d get expelled. Blazers have strict rules placed on them, not to mention everyone’s personal stuff. It wasn’t a situation they could “win” by fighting.

      1. @pokpokza: He ate the attack on purpose, in the hopes that it would serve to keep the situation from escalating into a full-blown fight. Of course, I don’t think he was dumb enough to just take it like that, probably did something to lessen the force of the blow somewhat so he wouldn’t get a concussion. And besides, they ARE students. It would be a huge problem for students to fight outside of school grounds or sanctioned battles.

    2. I think even without “Blazer” thingy, it’s common sense that athletes in real world will be suspended if they do improper conduct on their free times.

      I also liked Touma, but the way you shamelessly advertise him made me feels ashamed to look at it. Stop it, it will only make other people think Index fans is annoying pricks thinking Index is superlatives to other series.

    3. I’m pretty sure Ikki will slap Touma silly if he’s in Touma’s universe both in strength, coolness and all.

      On the flipside, I’m pretty sure Touma will be expelled right off the bat if he keep his attitude in Ikki’s universe.

      1. In a fight, Touma has bad affinity with Ikki haha. Since Touma is just a peak human with a hax hand and some combat instincts, Ikki has the advantage. He wouldn’t even need Ittou Shura to cut him down!

      2. Considering that they always seem to try talking their way out of a fight first, I don’t think they’d ever get into a serious fight, probably just a sparring match at most just as training. In fact, I think they’d get along quite well.

    1. That was added by the animation studio. It was originally just a quick adjustment of her leg, among other things, and that was it.

      The stripping part though, was in the source. I guess it mainly served to establish how much of a jerk the terrorists were…I do think it was a bit much though.

  9. ep 07:

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