OP Sequence

OP: 「QUESTION」 by 3年E組 うた担 [渚&業&茅野&磯貝&前原] (Sannen E-Gumi Utatan [Nagisa & Karma & Kayano & Isogai & Maehara])

「夏祭りの時間」 (Natsu Matsuri no Jikan)
“Summer Festival Time”

After way too long of a wait, Assassination Classroom or Assclass makes it triumphant return by getting us up to speed and dropping just enough bait to keep us coming back for more.

Simple Introductions

Just like most shows starting their second season, this first episode spent a majority of its time reintroducing us to the entire 3-E class and their little quirks. Under the guise of a Test of Courage event hosted by Koro-sensei, I really enjoyed how we got a pretty intimate look at some of our main characters. From Nagisa being typical Nagisa to Karma reminding us that his thought process is a stark contrast to most of our own, it worked well. However, the kicker had to be seeing the class group together to help Bitch-sensei try and romance Karasuma-sensei. Watching them come together and try their hardest to help her really helped solidify just how close-knit everyone has become. Because as we all remember, the overarching goal is supposed to be taking our Koro-sensei before he blows up the earth! But just as we’ve seen time and time again, the situation has grown to something much larger than just that — something so much larger that a professionally trained assassin like Irina can get caught up in it. And as unfortunate as it was to realize that Karasuma-sensei is denser than freshly dried concrete, we can still hope for the two to somehow end up together, right?

Even Bigger Reward, New Enemies

On the darker side of things, it looks like the threat of the world ending has finally hit home and is starting to attract some pretty scary people. With the reward being upped to 30 billion yen (roughly $255 million) for a successful kill by a group, I can only imagine what kind of crazy stuff will be heading Koro-sensei and class 3-E’s way. Judging from what we’ve seen and heard in the opening to the pretty crazy hit on Irina’s master, it looks like the kiddy gloves are finally coming off.

Looking Ahead

After a solid first episode, I can’t wait for what this season has in store for us. With things getting even more serious with the end of the world looming and a clear indication that things might not be as happy-go-lucky as they were last season, I’m just hoping things don’t get too dark too quickly. That said, I have no complaints with the bonds among class 3-E and all their sensei’s being tested since they seem super strong and I can imagine it’d fun to watch with a possibility of being tear jerking on the side. In any case, hopefully we’ll get some more information on Koro-sensei’s mysterious background since we were left pretty dry last season. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week! See ya!

P.S. Sorry for the late post. I’ve been dead tired after returning to work and spending a few days attending CES. As repentance, here’s a somewhat cool video of me trying to leap to the skies. Also, there’s some more Irina down below too 🙂

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ED Sequence

ED: 「欠けた月」 (Kaketatsuki) by 宮脇詩音 (Miyawaki Shion)

End Card


  1. Say… I’d like to ask. Just how well does this series portray the relationships among the students of Class 3-E? Just wondering. If they’re done well or at least decently, then I might pick this show up for work and research purposes. Other than that though, if I’d have to take a guess at what the official Japanese abbreviation of this show would be, I’d have to say that it’d be ‘Ansashitsu’. So far the most unexpected abbreviation for me would’ve been ‘Haganai’ but that’s about it. Once again, I am gomen about the tangent but still, it’s pretty interesting to observe these things no?

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  2. No dancing in the OP?! For shame! T_T lol

    Kind of interesting some of the “pairings” we got with the Test of Courage. Karma and Manami was pretty surprising.







    …that kid's face XD

    Yukiko and Meg in those yukatas <3

    …and anyone notice the sad lack of Ritsu outside the OP? T_T

  3. Mm the art style has surely become better xD either that or my new laptop is way too HD for my usual views :p

    Regardless, so happy anstatsu is back and I’m looking ahead to the rivalry and the increased bounty 😀 I feel bad for Koro-sensei, I think the fact that they r making him too likeable so that we will be crushed when he goes full evil -.-”

    Ty for your review,

    1. Full evil? Like what, when he leaves to blow up the Earth? As horrible as that sounds, I don’t think it’ll be that bad. He’ll just hang around for the last fight and then die, since I don’t think he has any real intention of ending the planet. That just feels like a motivator for the kids and a reason for the government to let him teach.


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