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OP: 「YPMA☆GIRLS」 by ギャル子(和氣あず未)、オタ子(富田美憂)、お嬢(高橋未奈美) (Galko (CV: Waki Azumi), Otako (Tomita Miyuu), Ojou (Takahashi Minami))

「ギャルな女の子って本当ですか?」 (Galkona Onnanokotte Hontoudesuka?)
“Is True You’re A Gyaru?”

I’ve watched a lot of short-format shows in my time, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve liked one this much right from the start.

General Impressions

Oshiete! Galko-chan has such a unique vibe to it even though it looks and feels a lot like other shows in this genre. You have a group of girls who shoot the breeze over whatever happens around them — except there’s something special going on when it happens in this show. With most of the topics tiptoeing between dirty to downright awkward, it’s a little refreshing to see everyone talk about things like pubes or areolas like you would amongst friends in real life. Sure, at times you can see a tiny bit of shame since it’s rare for someone to talk completely nonchalantly about these things, but it’s not anything more than a quick blush that’s brushed over with how smooth everyone is.

In terms of characters, I really like our three girls. While we haven’t seen much from Ojou, Galko and Otako jive well and that really resonates with me. Being close with one another, it really accentuates their boke-tsukkomi relationship. With Galko as the former and Otako as the latter, they keep things going by never letting a joke sit for too long. Throwing in some teasing from Otako just for good measure, I don’t see things getting old any time soon. Specifically though, I think I really enjoy Galko’s balance between having that mean girl exterior and a super cutesy and cheesy girly girl on the inside. Because, how can you not like a girl who can talk about BDS with a straight face?

Besides that, it’s your pretty standard fair when it comes to short animes. Luckily, with a run time of seven minutes and fifty seconds, there’s a lot more to see and hear. As an added bonus, the production value for this one is pretty nice with lots of details — especially in the close up shots. In any case, I know I’ll be sticking around to see more of Galko’s antics — hope you’ll be too!

P.S. Did you notice that the sensei’s seiyuu was Nakamura Yuuichi? Seeing how I just heard him in Owari no Seraph, it’s kind of fitting he’s playing another sensei, right? 😉


  1. i’m actually surprised on how much i enjoyed watching this, because i don’t usually watch shorts. this is one of the few shorts that i’m following. hopefully it will maintain it’s quality

  2. This one of those shows where I found myself noticing the background characters because of how different each were. I have the feeling Galko and company will interact with more of them with each episode. This show reminded me of another old short format anime show: Gokujyo. The difference being compared to Gokujyo’s main heroine, who is pretty nasty to her friends, I like how Galko is actually friendly. As far as I know normally in other anime shows, characters of Galko’s archetype aren’t friends with girls like Otako so it’s a nice change how they’re friends here. You’re right, Takaii. Galko maybe be a bit cocky and rude but she’s still likeable.

  3. Really liked this one. I didn’t know what to expect going in. I honestly thought it was going to be your generic cute girls doing cute thing, but it certainly wasn’t just that.

    This series asks the hard-hitting questions. The toilet humor definitely caught me off guard, but it all has a charm to it. Plus, Galko is pretty cute.

    Anyway, all the shorts this season are excellent.

  4. The shorts are strong with this season.

    Went into this with -0- expectations, came out entertained. It works well as a short, too. I dunno if it would work as a longer form series, but it works well as it is.

    Reminded me just a touch of SYD humor-wise.


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