“The Birth of the Magical Nurse!”

「まじかるナース、誕生!」 (Maji Karu Nasu, Tanjou!)

The Legendary Magic Nurse Idol Girl Wannabe vs The World:

I’ve been rather lucky with the premieres I’ve covered so far this season, pyon. As you will know if you’ve read our Winter 2016 Non-Schedule post, we’re pretty much doing an introductory post for everything that airs this season, pyon. That means the good and the bad, pyon. I’ve got to talk about office ladies and marshmallow lovers in the cutest and funniest short this season, pyon. I got some art school flashbacks from watching Marble Statues Idol Anime, pyon. I covered the returning episode of the most anticipated show this season, pyon. And then I got to talk about Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, which was sheer perfection and I recommend you go and watch that right now if you haven’t yet, PYON.

And now we’ve got the next anime on the agenda: The Many Hair Colours of Hanekawa Tsubasa Idol Anime, pyon. I was only a child when the original OVAs came out, so I’m not familiar with the origin to this reboot, pyon. But going off of what others have said, that doesn’t seem to matter much, because a lot has changed, pyon. Most notable is the sole reason for me checking this out in the first place – Watanabe Akio, the character designer for the Monogatari Series (among others), pyon. The promotional material was rather scarce, so I went into this cold, pyon. To summarise, it’s about a young girl, Pink-Haired Hanekawa, who dreams of becoming an idol who can sell out arenas, pyon. She’s goofy, bad at all her subjects (except music), but she’s ambitious, pyon. One day she runs across Usa-P, who grants her the ability to become a Legendary Magic Nurse Idol Girl, and then defeats a monster made of film, pyon.

But that’s not all, there’s also Pink-Haired Hanekawa’s friend, Blue-Haired Hanekawa, who is the student council president, has the top grades in their school year, is an up-and-coming idol, and does acting on the side, all whilst attending class and being demure and as lovely as sunshine, pyon. There’s also Yellow-Haired Hanekawa, who is a bit of a tomboy, along with Blue-Haired Hanekawa #2 and Red-Haired Hanekawa, pyon. But none of those Hanekawas do all that much this episode, which is all about the titular Pink-Haired Hanekawa, pyon. She discovers her powers and saves they day, because… pyon!

Overview – First Impressions:

I’m not entirely sure why this is getting a reboot in the first place, pyon. Even if the character designs bear a slight/striking resemblance to Hanekawa, the art itself was rather bland and the animation pretty poor, pyon. In fact, the best part of the episode is the 3D concert, but that was all a dream, pyon. Also, the word pyon is a terrible word… but I had to amuse myself to get through this post. If you’ve been anticipating the return of the Nurse Witch Komugi-chan series, or just want to catch a glimpse of one of last year’s biggest disappointments, then give this one a shot!


ED Sequence



  1. I doubt I’d watch this, but looking at the screenshots I can tell some other animes are sort of mentioned in the series (Yatterman). I’m just amazed I know Oraa Guzura Dado, a show released like in the 1960’s is being used is kind of funny xD I’m tempted to watch it

  2. The VA needs to be more smoother. She talks to hard for an Girl. She needs to strech out the words, you really can hear that in the Concert sequence. She needs more long “aaaaaaaaaa” not “aa”(axe slash) stretching training

      1. yes yes, she need to be calm as a river and not be the ocean waves that hit the beach, with her voice. all the rest (emotion and sing) are “All Green!”. Someone should give her a tip of breathing techniques

  3. ep 02:

    I give this Anime my Greenlight.

    Show Spoiler ▼


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