「アフリカの風」 (Afurika no Kaze)
“The Wind of Africa”

Another story arc is starting this week on Dimension W, and like the last one it seems to be multi-episode. I wonder if that’s going to be the trend from now on. Although all of Dimension W‘s story arcs have built on the overall myth arc in one way or another, it seems they are shaping into something big. It’s all but certain that Kyouma’s past is going to be linked to it, and the more we learn of it the closer we get to the ‘main’ story. Of particular note this episode is the introduction of Kyouma’s older sister (and his twin, judging by the dialogue), who seems to know what he’s been going through. I’m surprised she was actually Kyouma’s sister, actually, and not his in-law or somesuch, because usually for the backstories of troubled, jaded characters like Kyouma the sister is usually dead. Along with everybody else he loved. I fear for her life now, because she is a prime target for being killed just to make Kyouma suffer. As the schoolmasters used to say, suffering builds character. So although I enjoyed her elder-sibling-banter with Kyouma, a small part of me hopes we never see her again, for her own safety.

Other than prodding at Kyouma’s past Dimension W spent this episode sowing seeds for the rest of the story, mostly be way of new characters. Now, there’s no way I’m going to remember their names, so for ease let’s call them the tall one and the short one (lazy? Yes. But it preserves my sanity, and I’m too immature to repeatedly type ‘Loo’). They’re purportedly from Africa, but Africa is a large continent. Off the cuff, I’m guessing north Africa, because the tall one fits the ‘glamorous oil-baron prince’ archetype of anime. And, of course, he’s a jackass (an important jackass, maybe, considering how freely sovereign Japan is letting them stomp their warbots around, but still just a jackass). Unfortunately, it seems the only Saudi princes who regularly make the news are oil-rich jackasses, so I guess he’s just playing to type.

I’m actually fairly interested in what these new characters imply, because we’ve seen little so far of how the energy revolution thanks to the coils has played out geopolitically. I was guessing that infinite alternate energy would have collapsed the economy of the entire Middle East, but it seems this royal regime has its money in robotics instead. And has somehow united the entire African continent? Maybe? I’m actually more interested in what’s going on over there than whatever silly challenge has been issued on Easter Island (which seems to have traded cool statues for desolate hellscape). Unfortunately (only for me, likely), Dimension W is strapped for time as it is, and is unlikely to wander too far or wide internationally. What we do know of the global situation still mostly concerns technology, and in this episode the issue of cybernetics is brought up. They seem to be in common circulation and more importantly, are capped at 60% of the human body. Is that strictly followed everywhere? It seems that the entirety of the tall one’s staff are robotic in some way; are they ’60 percent’? And considering how easily the short one trashed four, right after Four demonstrated its badassery, I’m willing to bet he’s overclocked.

Well, there seems to be many interesting angles for this arc (who’s this girl suddenly supposed to be, by the way?), but that has always been the strength of science fiction. We’ll have to see if Dimension W manages to juggle all of them. The pacing for this episode feels a lot more stable than the previous arc, so I hope they can maintain it. I wonder if we’ll have only two episodes, though? This first one was mostly introductory, so I don’t think it’ll be right to end it immediately next episode, especially if we’re going to get into the meat of Kyouma’s past, now that he’s finally up to dealing with it. I’m guessing at least three episodes, but we’ll have to see. I wait eagerly to see how the matchups are going to play out. Robotics corportation vs energy corporation. Robot girl vs robot, er, boy. Whatever your fancy.

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  1. Still muddled in terms of writing but at least I know what’s going on this time. I am not a fan of the big bad boss inserted for two consecutive arcs now.

    And oh. Kyouma loves annoying kids but no well behaved ones like Mira. WTH.

    1. I actually found the writing this time around to be much more consistent (nitpick here and there) so im interested to know why you found it muddled; here’s hoping that dimension w has a chance to slow down and take its time because its a rather well-directed show when it does take its time

    2. I agree that episodes 1-3 are good but the last arc lost my faith in this show. Probably it’s nitpicking but I just cannot accept some random characters appearing out of nowhere then on to become important to the plot without even knowing them. That African dude declaring war feels really sudden and so with Kyouma’s instant kindness to that kid despite being really mean to Mira.

    1. Also guessing she’s the girl walking towards him in the op. Which was probably killed due to something by coils. Hence the hatred….and she kind of reminds me of Mira, which would explain his annoyance of her.

    1. To be fair on Dimension W, DtB had two cours to work with. In fact, we’re only half way through Dimension W. Sure, it’s probably not going to get all into the human condition, but it’ll have its own things it wants to say.

      1. that’s exactly the same way i feel. perhaps dimension w may not measure up to DTB season 1, but it doesnt have to. It can still have its own voice and still make some poignant points in regards to its themes. Not to mention that again, Dimension w is working with 1 cour, which despite that, has provided some good sci-fi thrills with its slick visual and sensory stimulating direction

  2. Speculation time:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    End of Speculation

      1. Knowing the author, he wants it to end.

        This is not a typical shounen jump manga that need to last as long as it can sell.

        The author of Dimension W is well known for concise works that ended when they needed to end (King of Thorn and Darker Than Black: Shikkoku no Hana for example).

        I think there’s one work that he had to end very early because he burnt through too many major characters way too fast. It’s the one about cats.

      2. @iron2000

        But.. but… i love to Speculate, it is like the Salt in the Meal.

        Also, i do not want to Spoil me with reading the manga, i have done it with some Animes and lost the will to continue them, so i try to stand firm, and be an Anime only viewer for Dimension W

        also, yes. i can see the little hints of our MC…Why do you think they show us his footstep in the ground?….i can read between the lines

  3. Much better pacing this episode. I hope they keep it up.

    Loo (AKA the short one) sure is intriguing. Since seemingly all of the tall one’s staff is robotic, it’s safe to say Loo is a robot as well. In which case, is he really capable of emotions on the same level as Mira? The tall one is an expert in robotics, so something like that shouldn’t be surprising. But then why would the tall one create such a robot? Wouldn’t it be counterproductive to make him capable of emotions since they can make him get out of control, like Loo clearly did here? And why is he particularly important for the tall one in the first place when surely the tall one can create another, more controlable combat robot just as powerful? It all ties to this easter island challenge I bet. Just what does the tall one think is there? And will Kyouma really go there, considering the ghosts of his past are there?
    I’m more excited about this arc than I was for the last one. I think it’ll be a blast especially with Kyouma’s past about to be revealed along with all the possible parties that can be involved in this challenge (like Loser maybe).


    P.S.: The main reason I came here isn’t to comment on this episode. It’s for this full-length 😉
    Arigatou Passerby.

      1. That’s another possibility. Because realistically, not many robot makers should be able to make emotion capable robots like Mira’s family was. But if he’s a cyborg, then judging by the way he trashed Four, I’m guessing most of his body is made of cybernetics, in which case it’s kind of a surprise he’s still behaving like a brat when his behavior should be more like Makoto Kusanagi’s from Ghost in the Shell. I tend to be awfully confused with cybernetics as to which organic part of the body is responsible for emotions within the realm of Science Fiction. In this case, part of Mira’s brain is organic, and it must explain why she’s capable of such emotion. Maybe Loo’s organic brain was reserved. And speaking of Adam Jensen, I can’t remember which part of him remained organic which would account for amount of emotion he had left. It’s been a long time since I played that game.

      2. @yoloalchemist
        The limit on cybernetics is supposed to be 60% robot in this world, but of course it’s a rule that’s bound to be broken. Even then, I’m don’t think there’s anything, in theory, that requires a brain to be organic to have (or emulate) emotions.

      3. @Passerby

        The 60% limit reminds me of the fanfic Mass Effect: Human Revolution, in which the concept of the Uncanny Valley (though it was named with another term) was discussed. To paraphrase the paragraphs heavily, when augmenting a person, you have to either augment him lightly (e.g. replacing a faulty heart with a mechanical one) or turn him into an almost-full-body cyborg (e.g. Adam Jensen). This is because anything in between will cause an Uncanny Valley effect which will drive the augmented person insane.

      4. @Mincemaker
        That’s an interesting angle; a psychological rejection of cybernetics in addition to an immunological one. I can’t really see a reason why such a reaction would take place, really, and I doubt that Dimension W will go deep into what it feels like being a brain in a robot, but it’s worth thinking about.

  4. I hated that nigerian prince 5 seconds after i saw him, they have succeeded in making protagonist for this arc.

    I’m betting looser is going to be the last boss, it’s a really old move for neutral character suddenly turn into a bad guy, hasn’t been done for a while too.

  5. NEWS: Dimension W will not only get a broadcast dub, but it will premiere on the cable network block Toonami on February 27th! This explains why Funimation could announce the dub but not any specific ways to watch it until Toonami told us the news themselves.

  6. I may be misunderstanding something but my impression was that Azumaya Tsubaki, the owner of the kimono shop, was the older sister to the “Miyabi” whose grave Kyouma went to see, a grave which has the Azumaya name on it. Furthermore, I’m guessing the girl caught in the rain in the flashback at the end (the last few seconds before the ED) is Miyabi. Up until now we haven’t seen her face but she is in a scene of the OP where she walks up to Kyouma in the reflection of some standing water.

    Just some guy
  7. Hi Passerby, I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who was more interested in how someone had united all of Africa. 🙂
    Easter Island has its own rich history though and I am both glad it’s getting name-dropped in a popular show and sad that’s it’s actual history will probably be ignored. It looks pretty clear that any trace of its current culture has been replaced by desolate hellscape. :/

    1. Unfortunately, I think most people (including myself, I’d freely admit) know of Easter Island mostly as 1) having them Maoi statues 2) being remote, and I suspect that point 2) is what Dimension W is after; that is, it can be laid to waste in isolation from the rest of the world.

      1. In the OP we see that the Dimension W power towers form an icosahedral mesh on the globe. If that geometry is necessary to whatever magic they perform, you’re going to need a vertex somewhere in the south Pacific, and Easter Island may be the only option available.

  8. Ep 07:

    They do not hold back with the Story progression, and i approve of this

    Show Spoiler ▼

    inside the Spoiler are not really Spoiling things, but i just hide it to be save


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