「このろくでもない戦いに決着を!」 (Ko Noroku Demonai Tatakai ni Ketchaku o!)
“A Conclusion to This Worthless Fight!”

Consider the time and place, Kazuma.

Surprisingly Strong, Unsurprisingly Dumb

This is about the time in this comedy series where I run out of things to say. This episode was a lot of fun, I laughed frequently, but it was in the ways we generally expect out of KonoSuba. That’s in no way a bad thing, it just leaves me with a shortage to say. The stupidity of Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness is all well understood, and Kazuma continues to tsukkomi like a boss—though I also got a kick out of him realizing he’d screwed himself out of backup by selling Mitsurugi’s sword, hah! What surprised me was how strong Kazuma’s team ended up being. Megumin, sure, she’s situationally useful, and we knew Darkness was built like a brick shithouse, but I sometimes forget that Aqua is actually pretty damn powerful. Her early Turn Undeads against Verdia were great! I just forget because she’s so lovably stupid the rest of the time.

Welcome to Adventuring With Aqua

Aqua flooding Verdia so much that she spent their entire reward + an extra 40 million eris wasn’t a surprise. If anything, it was too predictably delivered, even if it was necessary to keep Kazuma from becoming a (filthy rich) hikki-NEET. It really enforced how much trouble adventuring with Aqua is. Sure, she’s a goddess, yes, she’s powerful, and yeah, she’s even cute, but she’s also the biggest element holding Kazuma back/pushing him forward. Poor guy. At least I can’t feel too bad for him, since Kazuma is definitely not the good guy here. That title goes to Megumin and Darkness. Yes, the explosion fetishist and the masochist. It’s a crazy ‘ol world, as Kazuma rightly realizes.

Also, did I miss some foreshadowing about why water was the dullahan’s weakness? That felt like it came from nowhere. If I actually watched this show for the fights I’d be annoyed, but since I don’t, it’s merely puzzling. As long as I can see Megumin blow things up, I’m happy, and she’s also happy too. Everyone’s happy, except whoever she blows up, but screw them.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The battle vs the dullahan goes exactly as you’d expect, except Aqua is useful. Then she screws it all up, hah! #konosuba 06

Random thoughts:

  • “I need something big and hard, or I just can’t endure it.” Megumiiiiin!
  • Both Amamiya Sora (Aqua’s seiyuu) and Kayano Ai (Darkness’ seiyuu) were ON this episode. The others were no slouches, but especially these two.
  • Aqua immediately nukes the boss. I think Megumin is rubbing off on her.
  • They’re full-on Sauron-ing this shit.
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  1. yea darkness is definitely the most noble of all the cast members. She is always quick to defend people, and i dont just mean physically. Last ep when mr.generic hero was talking bad about Kazuma, darkness got pretty defensive. But getting back to her defending people, it makes you wonder if she was always just self-sacrificing like that and learned that she got a sexual kick out of it or was it the other way around. I assume it was the former. Look how upset she got when those NPC’s died

    1. If there’s one thing married couples can’t stand about modern anime, it’s the fact that every protagonist is fabulously hopeless around the opposite sex.

      I suppose it was charming when we were young.

      It’s downright annoying today when every anime is stunted by sexual constipation and brain farts. Thankfully, we’re watching Konosuba for the comedy, not the romance.

      But I was growling whenever Kazuma dismissed or complained about Darkness. A character like that is doomed to be frustrated, but she deserves better in the end (we hope in vain). When you have a submissive masochist, who’s sense of loyalty is absolute, and is begging you to take the hint…get on with it!

      Darkness is by far the most sympathetic heroine. Her sense of raunchy pleasure bespeaks the finer tastes in life *wink*.

      1. Megumin is actually a native. She’s just from a different town, full of people like her.

        All the people from Earth (at least so far as the novels have gotten) are Japanese, since they were sent to the fantasy world by Aqua, who was in charge of people who die too young in Japan.

        Still waiting on the weeaboo American teen who got clipped by a car or fell in a manhole on a tourist visit to Akihabara…

  2. ^I agree with those sentiments, Darkness got some bonus points today because despite her extreme perversion, she’s actually very chivalrous and cares deeply about people she’s met. It’s a really good blend of a character that makes her fun to watch, if she was always just perverted she wouldn’t be as likeable.

    And man is Aqua useful, ahaha. If she wasn’t so stupid, she could easily carry the team all the time. I love she just resurrected like three people as if it was just some simple thing to do. Only in this show can they pull off such a blatantly OP ability and treat it as if it was nothing.

    As much fun as the beginner town is, it would be cool to see them all go on a journey though, or at least some epic quest that spans multiple episodes~

    1. No, the water thing totally came out of nowhere and is never explained. It was the same in the light novel. Sure, they call for holy water at the beginning, but just plain ol’ water does the trick.

      Dullahan is still the MVP of this episode, even with Aqua showing her chops, Darkness standing strong and the great noise Megumin made when she fell over. Poor Beldia.

      Unfortunately, they’re almost certainly going to stay in the beginner town for the first season– the group takes a couple of extended trips that are fantastic later in the light novels, but there’s at least two short arcs and one long one in the town before any of that, definitely enough to fill another 6 episodes.

      On the upside, this does mean there’s plenty of material for the anime to draw multiple seasons from, and the anime seems to be popular so I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t do a bunch of cours.

      1. Hate to tell you, last I heard this is a ten episode series. Also, there are SO many reasons why KonoSuba might not get another season. Anime functions more like an advertising medium than a storytelling medium, and even good sales aren’t always enough to get more seasons greenlit. Not when another LN/manga series might get that large initial bump that makes publishers more money.

      2. @Guile & Stilts: First, only ten episodes this season!? That sucks. :< As for another season, it depends. If this show does well/BDs sell well, I think it's possible it gets another season (I hope it does). Just follow the money. 😉

        Besides, Shinmai Maou got a second season. Maken-ki got a second season. Freezing got a second seas– Wait… I'm seeing a pattern here… Hmm, maybe they need to crank up the ecchi parts just to be on the safe side.

      3. Water is typically the element of life and rebirth, but of course that depends on the culture(some use earth, some fire, some wind). We can kinda assume that’s true here, though, because why else would the goddess of water be in charge of the dead? It’s flimsy, but it’s there.

      4. Here’s my take on it. Kuzama’s water didn’t affect Verdai because it wasn’t holy water. Aqua’s did because she’s a goddess, hence it’s holy water. Same goes for the priestesses water being holy.

    2. If Aqua (being a goddess) didn’t have some weakness then she’d be too hax to allow for the comedy. Making her brainless is one way to do it. Everyone in the team has a weakness: Aqua, no brain; Megumin, only a one shot capability; Darkness, absolutely terrible aim. Unfortunately for Kazuma his weakness is the rest of his team. If he didn’t have them (and especially Aqua), his luck stat and brain would overpower any obstacle in his way. If he hadn’t taken her along as his one item he would have been in fat city (and totally bored probably) and we would be out one great comedy.

  3. I just assumed Dullahan didn’t like water because it would rust his armor shut or something.

    Anyways, yet another episode, yet another bundle of laughs. Konosuba stays on point in that regard, from everyone trolling the boss to the bumbling idiocy of its cast members (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). Props for the fight though – it was actually pretty cool, filled with the use of smart tactics by everyone involved (well, smart for their standards, anyways) and the animation looked a bit better than usual too. This wouldn’t be a bad series conclusion, really. Though luckily there’s more, and I hope the climax of the second arc is as good as this one.

    Also, it’s quite funny how chockful of little details this show is as well, as I noticed when scrounging the internet. Like, in the opening, it’s not just feather’s that’re falling down – Chris’ panties are among them too! And I feel like an idiot for not noticing until now that Aqua’s hair-thingie is actually a water molecule. S’like, well duh, what else would it be?

    And yeah, I’m loving Amamiya Sora for Aqua here. She’s got range, man.

  4. Also, did I miss some foreshadowing about why water was the dullahan’s weakness?

    Not foreshadowing, per-se… not in the long-term sense. When Kazuma used the Create Water + Freeze + Steal combo (and failed on the final skill check), the dullahan jumped out of the way of the water, reacting more panicked about it than he had about Aqua’s holy attacks or Megumin’s Explosion. After thinking about it a bit, Kazuma realized “huh, that was weird, lemme try that again” and things proceeded from there.

    I suspect the whole water thing is related to there being some legends saying that a dullahan cannot cross running water. At least, that’s my guess as to why the author decided water would be his weakness.

      1. The legends about dullahans don’t really agree on that point, but in certain mythologies running water can serve as a barrier to all sorts of nasties, or even not-so-nasties.

        However, since these legends get told by so many different people, inevitably someone will think “dude, what sort of lame monster can’t even jump over a foot-wide creek? This story will be way cooler once I take that part out.” (…and now I hear someone saying that in a sterotypical 90s California surfer-dude accent… aaaaaaahhhhh!!) So details like that about monsters can come and go and fade out of public knowledge over time.

        Of course, as I said, I’m just guessing that that’s why the author made this guy vulnerable to water. For all I know he used a Wheel of Fortune style spinner thing with the magical elements and it just happened to stop on water.

    1. Actually in some legend, vampire is afraid of water. vampire and dullahan can be classified as undead. I think the rpg games that kazuma refer is Final Fantasy XII. Dullahan weakness in that game is water

    2. Just a guess here too but it might have something to do with water being a life giving element. It’s just as important as food to survive, and historically a lot of civilizations did start near bodies of water. Going by that thinking, it’s the ideal element against undead. Though from the RPGs I played, holy type magic still generally work. Therefore, since Aqua is a goddess AND uses water type magic, Verdia and his army has every reason to be scared.

    3. Why is this water weakness so important to you (commenters)? Can’t it be just this peculiar title’s world building? It gives us more about Aqua’s characterization as the best card in Kazuma’s possession for subjugating the Evil King armies? Of course we knew from start, but this anime plays a lot with subversion.

      1. It’s just light discussion and no one is forcing opinion or anything, people just want to talk about the things that pull their interest and there’s nothing wrong with stating opinion.

      2. uhm, maybe my tone looked intimidating? Sorry for that.
        I just wanted to know why people is so fixated on this detail cause it’s not just one commenter, but many. Maybe is it about D&D rules being rewritten?

        Also, this Dullahan chars are becoming increasingly very famous lately. Since that Durarara maybe?

      3. @Solaris

        It’s for the same reason I commented upon it—it seemingly came out of nowhere (in the episode) without a seeming reason behind it, so it seemed curious. It’s not important, it was just odd, and possibly the only thing the episode didn’t do well.

      4. If I could share a little spoiler from the manga again, it’s explained there.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        I thought your discussion was more RPG related, and as much I like rpgs, I dindn’t met any Dullahan in my games, so I was curious about it.
        On the other hand Dullahans are being given their share of fame lately, as many characters are from that race. I like Lala from Monster Musume the best. 😀

      5. Verdia did say he’s an undead Dullahan right? The last time I experienced water being a weakness in an RPG was in the Legacy of Kain series, where the main characters (Kain and Raziel) were vampires, and stepping on water or outside during the rain drains your HP. Aside from this game, the other RPGs I remember playing depicted Holy/Healing type elements as an undead’s weakness.

      6. While I could care less about the dullahan’s aversion to water, someone mentioned vampires and running water. This comes from Stoker’s Dracula so it is part and parcel of a vampire’s makeup:

        Van Helsing: It is said, too, that he can only pass running water at the slack or the flood of the tide. (p 246)

        Jonathan Harker’s Journal Oct. 15: To-morrow we are to see the Vice-Consul, and to arrange, if we can, about getting on board the ship as soon as she arrives. Van Helsing says that our chance will be to get on board between sunrise and sunset. The Count, even if he takes the form of a bat, cannot cross the running water of his own volition, and so cannot leave the ship. (p 344)

        Does Aqua’s flood qualify as running water? Does it matter? As long as the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, I’ll let it slide on a lot of points. Another fun episode.

    1. And then there’s the not so subtle stuff as pointed out by Aqua herself, like her name and the her dominant color. Kudos to your sharp eyes pointing out the molecule and the changes to the OP.

    2. There wasn’t any change. The panties have always been there since the first episode. Also, whoever made that screenshot missed at least three other panties. The first one that shows up before the four main characters become visible & the last two that show up right after the panties in that image leave the screen.

  5. About time that aqua shows at least her worth to the team she has been ridiculously stupid in the early eps so its nice to see that she has some worth to the party… And Having a party member with destructive God level powers is indeed indispensable not to mention her resurrection skill

    Megumin is also a win here hahaha… She keeps on nuking verdia’s castle even though they were told to stop? Thats so funny… Explosion rules!!!! (thanks to Megumin, I am now a Pokemon trainer with 6 pokemon with explosion attack harharhar)

    And Kazuma should really take the path of explosions with megumin… Imagine Kazuma and Megumin combine their explosion skills? That would be armageddon to any enemy I think. How about aqua learning explosion too? “sacred explosion” = 1 OHKO?

    — This anime really beats haruchika and Phantom world as the best anime every Wed. I only watch the other two for the sake of not getting bored.

    1. Aqua can’t learn Explosion, fortunately for us all. It is class-limited to Arch-Wizards only. Kazuma’s class, Adventurer, is an exception that is capable of learning skills from any other class, with the disadvantage that it requires him more skill points to aquire those skills than it would for someone from the proper class.

  6. “This is about the time in this comedy series where I run out of things to say. This episode was a lot of fun, I laughed frequently, but it was in the ways we generally expect out of KonoSuba.”

    I agree that with comedy shows after a while it’s hard to have much to say, but what’s noteworthy here IMO is that 6 episodes in, Kono Subarashii is still funny. That may sound odd, but given how subjective comedy is, at least for me, it’s more exception than rule for a comedy driven show to be consistently funny, week in and week out – especially since a lot of the humor is just some variation of the same theme. But this show manages to do that, and at the risk of repeating myself, a LOT of credit has to be given for the execution and attention to detail. Facial expression and voice acting are spot on as is comedic timing. As for attention to detail, a good example IMO is in this episode when after the battle is won, Megumin nonchalantly floats by to ask Darkness a question. LOL!

    So yes, a lot of what happens was predictable (e.g. damages > reward and Kazuma “stealing” the Dullahan’s head. I was waiting for that), but the execution is good enough for the comedy to still work. That’s not a given. Megumin still tends to steal the show, but I like how Aqua was both hero and goat. In fact, I like how the “three stooges” are, in fact, quite capable in their own right. If they were just bumbling idiots, I don’t think the show/series works as well. That (sort of) balance pays off.

    Very good, consistent first half of the cour, and eagerly awaiting the second half! 😀


    @Stilts: “Also, did I miss some foreshadowing about why water was the dullahan’s weakness? That felt like it came from nowhere.”

    Yeah, I wondered about that myself. Maybe something along the lines of water as a purifying agent (even if it’s not sacred/holy water)? There are some legends about vampires (a type of undead) being weak against water.

    1. Megumin floating by was an awesome shot the animators came up with. Pretty sure it wasn’t in the LN, anyway.

      I do agree that the voice acting in Konosuba is top notch, and it’s SO important to keeping the running gags fresh.

    2. Agreed as well. I think a lot of it though can be chalked up to the subject matter–Konosuba is arguably the first spoof/satire to draw its material entirely from the RPG well. Not to take away from the skits themselves (because they are well done), but some of the humour may be because we have few(er) examples to relate each joke back to. When the same joke gets told/shown over and over again, it becomes increasingly harder to draw out a laugh because we have seen it before and already know what to expect. Humour needs an element of surprise to function best, without it you’re stuck relying on execution alone, and that can be tedious at best (just have to look at the romcom and harem genres).

      As you mention too daikama the voice acting and animation is simply the cherry on top. It’s pretty damn impressive all things considered. Aqua’s VA especially deserves credit, I have nearly been in tears laughing so hard in spots thanks to her 😛

  7. “Also, did I miss some foreshadowing about why water was the dullahan’s weakness?”

    There wasn’t really any foreshadowing, Kazuma was just brainstorming weaknesses for undead creatures in RPGs.

    Water is a common weakness (though more often it’s running water like being unable to cross over a river) for creatures like vampires and headless horsemen.

  8. First thing that came to mind: an obscure internet reference, of course! Just replace the character name and away we go!

    “Dullahan Ball – the game where everyone wins! Except Dullahan. Who is the ball.”

    …how many people are even going to get that…

  9. when Kazuma started speculating about Dulahan’s weakness I was positive he was going to go with a resurrection spell (an lo, Aqua even knows that one), since that is kind of common RPG logic. And how awesome would it have been if they res’d Dula back as a human? He’s probably spend the rest of the show moping around, remembering how awesome he used to be.

    But nooo… he’s weak against water because why not.

    (Show is still funny as hell. Slightly miffed that Megu didn’t take Kazuma along for her castle-nuking expeditions. They had so much fun together last time.)

      1. Darkness actually reminds me of my Crusader back in the good old RO days.

        99 vit 90 int 32 luck.

        99 vit coz no self respected masochist can do without taking a hell lot of beating.

        90 int coz eating Megumin’s Explosion spell at point blank range means Darkness has quite a lot of magic resistance.

        32 luck coz REASONS!

  10. Actually Stilts, what made me wonder a bit was why Verdia’s army attacked Aqua alone. I kind of didn’t buy Kazuma’s reason that undead are naturally drawn to something that’ll grant them salvation. I thought it was more on the lines of Aqua is a holy type character, so they naturally have to finish off first the biggest threat to them.

    Shout out to Solaris’s comment “Kazuma’s lack of money has a name: Aqua,” because this episodes proves why. The moment I saw the aftermath of Aqua’s water spell I already knew it was going to spell money problems for Kazuma.

    Darkness again was so fun to watch, and it’s good to know at least her M has a limit. So she actually gets embarrassed for real when she gets overly dramatic in public. I didn’t see Aqua’s Resurrection spell coming. Gotta give props to the staff for somehow making you feel for the backgrounders. Darkness even mentions them by name. That female mage who was first accused of bombarding Verdia’s castle with Explosion too appeared again I believe.

    And finally Kazuma has motivation to defeat the Demon King, and it’s not exactly something noble like saving the world. No, it’s because he wants to get away from that crazy world. On bright side, at least the other adventurers respect him in a way now. Can’t say the same for Megumin though. I didn’t know adventurers in town knew her as a crazy girl, so her request for Kazuma to remember their faces so she can use Explosion on them later on cracked me up.

    1. @Zhinvu

      Yeah, I was assuming they were just going after her ’cause she’s a goddess, but not for salvation so much as the threat she implies. Didn’t bother me too much when it was happening, ’cause it was funny and they at least tossed out a potential reason.

    2. Aqua’s thing with the undead will get explained (or is that lampshaded) later this season. Turns into a running gag.

      About Megumin being known as That Crazy Girl (‘Mage with a screw loose’ in the LN), remember that by the time she met Kazuma she’d basically been kicked out of every party in town and on the edge of starving.

    1. playing soccer with enemy’s head…
      along with Celty’s head being stolen, dumped in public place, stolen again… this makes for Dullahans everywhere being overly abused…

      seriously though I have been touched by Darkness being only one concerned about the fallen comrades
      she might be pervert, but she has golden heart

      meanwhile Megumin secretly continuing the daily nuking of Dullahan’s castle and dragging Aqua into that was pure comedic gold

    2. The reason why Konosuba works so well is that we never feel badly for any one party member for long.

      Kazuma is the long suffering straight man, but then he steals panties and holds them ransom.
      He shouts at Aqua about being a useless goddess, but then Aqua just cost him 340 million dollars.
      It’s his own fault of course, she specified her water magic was ‘flood-class’. What were you expecting?

      And so on, around and around.

  11. @Stilts: Water is one of vampires’ traditional weaknesses due to its supposed ability to purify, and vampires are traditionally undead so…

    In the manga (didn’t read the LN), Kazuma uses Create Water out of desperation to save Darkness since he couldn’t think of anything…and Dullahan immediately jumps away a few tens of meters. Kazuma didn’t think too much of it at the time, but when he was trying to think of a possible weakness later, that extreme overreaction clued him in to Dullahan’s weakness to water.

  12. Another funny episode! Yeah Stilts I can see that from how you blog that by this point in time it’s rather hard to make a review of a comedy anime since you’re just gonna call out again those established facts and interactions about these characters that still makes it so funny.

    But anyway, geez guys you’re not gonna point out that this reminded me of a certain All-Seeing Eye?

    Also see this video about Aqua being compared to a chimpanzee back in the previous episode:

  13. Apparently on /a/ someone said that in the LN Dullahan avoided water because the Dark Lord put a special oil on his armor to increase his protection from holy magics and he didn’t want it washed off.

    Gouka Ryuu
  14. Nice episode this time, without any difference from the manga to notice. (daaaw~)
    Highlights are all on Aqua: She was depicted as useless, money eater and stupid, but now you really see her worth as sacred class spellcaster. And everything was so toned down you hardly notice her talents in the commotion. Hell, she herself does underestimates her own talents, LOL
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Let’s say in advance: Anime adaptation looks very very good by adapting 1:1 to the novel.
        But manga version does one step over that already good level, making the comedy even better. That is very rare to see, as usually the best version is the printed paper novel.

        I wanted more series to be like this. (Gate, I’m still looking at you, damn!)

  15. Being a tabletop RPG parody, I think Dullahan’s weakness just happen to be water and Kazuma just lucky that he casted water and Dullahan avoided it, giving that weakness away. Remember, his luck stats is OP.

  16. Just started to watch this a few days ago and it might be my favorite series of the season. Really feels like the unofficial successor of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. Not surprised to find out that the director is actually the same.

  17. Gotta love the VA of the Dullahan. You can feel every emotion of him, his anguish, anger, embarrassment, confusion and frustrations. Poor Dullahan just wanted to spend his day peacefully in his castle rest house.

  18. Also, did I miss some foreshadowing about why water was the dullahan’s weakness?

    Not really.

    However, the novel explains Kazuma’s reasoning much more clearly:

    1. At one point during the fight Kazuma thinks Darkness is getting a bit too “turned on” by having her armor destroyed and casts “Create Water” above her as a tsukkomi.
    2. Darkness thanks him for the abuse, but Verdia leaps back in panic to avoid the water.
    3. Kazuma wonders why Verdia was so panicky, then freezes the water to seal Verdia’s movements.
    4. Later, Verdia is about to strike her down.
    5. Kazuma wracks his brain to try to figure out what to do.
    6. He recalls Verdia’s panicky avoidance of water, and remembers that, in many RPGs, vampires and other undead are allergic to, or harmed by, flowing water,
    7. Then drenches Darkness and Verdia just as the latter is about to kill her.
    8. Darkness chides Kazuma on his timing because she’s actually fighting for real here. Then realizes she has been saved since Verdia dodged the water rather than killing her.

    1. I was really sorry to see Verdia taken out. He was too good a foil for Kazuma.

      OMG, that would have been fantastic if Kazuma kept the head and it would up constantly complaining about getting no respect and getting threatened with being the “guest of honor” at a soccer tournament

  19. About the only thing Aqua seems to have understood is the value of the money… even too well. In the previous episode she managed to extort 100k from whatsthename hero, and in this one she went:

    “We won thanks to my abilities, so we should go 90/10.”

    Of course no one payed attention to her, ahah
    Then, after realizing their debt, she tried to silently escape only to get hold back by Kazuma grabbing her hair (so he WAS paying attention to her while ignoring her nonsense).
    Finally, we see her fixing her hair and saying:

    “W-We can split the debt into equal parts…”

    … and got totally ignored again 🙂

    This show is full of these splendid scenes.

  20. IMO with comedy timing and delivery are everything. This cast is so good it hurts. The opening scene had more jokes in it than most shows have in a whole episode. Stilts you could have written a whole post that was just a list of the jokes. Each of the girls had their place center stage but Megumin and Verdia stole the show for me. I don’t remember a villain that was more put upon than him. Castle blown up (repeatedly) for no good reason, head used for a soccer ball, nobody quaking in fear. Hell, even the rock his horse was on turns out to be little more than a small boulder. Great voice acting with him showing such frustration that no treated him with the respect an evil henchman deserves. Megumin was just as good with the “I need something hard…” line that you pointed out. Her asking Kazuma to remember the faces of all the people praising her (as that crazy girl) so she could blow them away later shows that you shouldn’t make comments about a girl who has explosion magic. 😀 Oh, and her floating by as Darkness was praying. Best episode yet.

    1. I try not to just list things that happened. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. If I can’t provide at least a little value added, I’m better off keeping the post short so we can all get back to watching more anime.

  21. Despite Darkness’ M nature, protecting her comrades remain her top priority. Also, I give good points to Kazuma for his leadership & his smart way of using his magic & skills despite being a novice adventurer. Using wits or wisdom that you don’t need an OP character to take out a high lvl boss monster, in that world that is.

  22. How Kasuma discovered Beldia weakness in Light Novel is because
    Beldia keep dodge create water skill
    and Kasuma keep spam on him before he shout the confirmation

    In Anime it feel a little rush to get to the point that Beldia weakness is indeed water


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