「この素晴らしい店に祝福を!」 (Kono Subarashii Mise ni Shukufuku wo!)
“God’s Blessing On This Wonderful Shop!”

I’m not quite sure how this happens, but it looks like Stilts missed out on an episode that would have had his fingers moving at the speed of light.

Busty Beauty — The Succubus

Ever since Dullahan got blown to bits through a combination of holy rain water and a giant explosion of fire, I’ve been loving how each episode has introduced some sort of new character to us. While I was a feeling a little let down when I thought it was just two random adventurers that Kazuma met, I was happily surprised to see that there was something much better in-store for us in the form of some well endowed Succubuses. Taking on the typical appearance we see in most animes, I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that they’re running what was essentially a PG-13 brothel. Replacing sex with the word dream, it makes you wonder just how crazy those “dreams” could get with the amount of detail they require on that registration form of theirs. The funniest part of it all though had to be when Kazuma and the Host Succubus got into the nitty gritty details about what was okay and what wasn’t okay. From copyright infractions (which is pretty pertinent to what’s going on in the real world right now) to bringing a 2D girl into a 3D world, it’s not like any of it could be wrong when it’s all just a “dream”, right?

Comrades In Arms

This might be a random side point, but I wanted to highlight something that caught my attention during the dinner scene. For all the complaining that Kazuma does about Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin I think it’s pretty clear that he’s starting to enjoy the company of all of them. While those feelings of friendship aren’t strong enough to overcome that lust of his, I just thought it was nice to hear him be so kind to all three of them — even if it was just inside his head.

Darkness in The Darkness

Oh boy. I’m not quite sure what happened here, but I nearly pulled a neck muscle with all the cringing I was doing in the first few minutes of the scene. By the time I fixed my face though, it was clear that Kazuma was walking down a real bloody path. At least, that’s what I thought until Darkness completely ignored all common sense and actually went along with Kazuma! Completely falling into Kazuma’s pace and ignoring all the alarms blaring in her head, I was getting real anxious to see just how far things were going to get.

Luckily (or unluckily?), the two were interrupted before things got a little too hot and went past the point of no return. Something that was probably for the best since there’d be so many problems to tackle and none of have time for that!

Looking Ahead

While it’s tough to say what’ll happen since the preview likes to cut itself early, I doubt we’ll be disappointed with whatever occurs. Based off of what we saw though, it looks like something big is about to go down since Darkness looked like she was ready to knock someone’s head off. In any case, I’ll maybe catch you guys next week if Stilts has another urgent thing come up. If not, I’ll be lurking in the comments like usual. See you!

Bonus Material

I like Megumin. You like Megumin. Thank god for this link http://megum.in/index.php?xd=2. Provided by Tadashi in the comments.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    That “Aqua’s intelligence” part cracked me, to a painful point; Kazuma had to cry for poor Aqua’s sake.

    Because Darkness was such as HUGE masochist, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Kazuma took his enjoyable time with her without facing any sort of retaliation. On the side note, I am wondering what kind of family Darnkess has, I don’t suppose the father is a big M while the mother was an Sadist but Darkness inherited most of her father’s trait.

    I understand Kazuma must have a good taste for an “onee-san” fetish. But for some reason, after seeing this type of succubus, I feel his fetish will keep changing. T_T How nice it must be, for Kazuma to get reincarnate into a fantasy world, he needs to make full use of it; hopefully Aqua will revive him if he dies again.

    I can tell why they are angry.
    Aqua- “You have a goddess like me, who doesn’t wear panties, and you still want a succubus?!”
    Darkness – “I’m angry you stopped midway!”
    Megumin – “I’m the only loli in this group, you can’t replace me!”

    Kazuma needs this face when he meets the demon lord.

    1. I can tell why they are angry.
      Aqua- “You have a goddess like me, who doesn’t wear panties, and you still want a succubus?!”
      Darkness – “I’m angry you stopped midway!”
      Megumin – “I’m the only loli in this group, you can’t replace me!”

      Sir, you just won an internet and a free Morrigan (or would you prefer Lilith more?) for tonight’s dreams.

  2. Ginobi47
  3. The two adventurers (Keith and Dust) are from an event that happens between ep 7 and 8
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. What an episode where should I begin.
    I nearly lost it at when kazuma realised that Aqua’s stats are maxed and she would always be an idiot. Or the succubus shop scene, that was really funny. What about the bath scene and it’s aftermath, hilarious.
    Plus will kazuma actually lose in a fight to aqua and megumin? Darkness probably but I don’t see the other two winning in a straight up brawl against him.

    1. Remember that Aqua can hit really hard (see what she did to the Hero that could bend iron). That’s all I can think of, cause Megumin would not be a threat and Darkness would just keep missing.

      A fight over a sweet succubus? Worth it. Please let her reappear.

    1. Yeah, things were off model, which even i noticed and i usually don’t. This felt like a filler episode, and it is surprising that it isn’t. At least the whole thing being cringe-worthy was the point.

      Gouka Ryuu
    2. That was the first thing I noticed when the episode started. That said, anyone who has watched Log Horizon 2 will be versed in the random drop in animation/art quality between episodes lol.

  5. Kazuma is the best MC ever.

    Girl’s panties in his hands? He doesn’t freak out like other harem MCs, he swings those panties around while laughing in victory in front of said girl.

    Given the chance to have the wet dream of his choice? He straight out asks about his perversions and the legal ramifications that come with it. He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.

    His friend comes in naked while he’s still in the bath? No nosebleeds, no panicking, no passing out like other wimpy MCs, no sir, he gives the best shit-eating grin he can give, displays his junk right in front of her face, and orders her to get on her knees to scrub his back while proceeding to give no f*cks. At all.

    Kazuma is the best MC ever.

      1. So if Aqua hadn’t interfered by setting an intruder detection system, Kazuma x Darkness would have gone all the way undisturbed, with them probably hooking up for real when Kazuma finds out..

    1. To be fair on the last point, he thought Darkness was his “dream” for the night, so that’s why he was willing to act so forward with her. He probably wouldn’t have done all that if he’d realized the situation was actually real.

  6. I think it was the first episode where almost every single movement of a female would cause the “tit-swing” up and down. It used to apply to large breasts only, mainly Darkness’, but in this episode, it was EVERYWHERE and all the time! I think only Megumin didn’t display it but I have to check again.

  7. You said it. Stils DEFINITELY missed out on this one. Oh, boy.

    Funny(and also very lewd) episode. Darkness sure has some glorious oppai.
    I actually expected her to be a little more forward in the bath, given her masochistic nature, but instead she was kind of shy.

  8. Loved it. Loved it. Stilts needs to make a special comment but like your review takaii.

    Ok dojin artists you often disappoint me by not expanding on actual encounters in anime and manga, instead going for unrelated fantasies. I need a what happens if Succubus not captured encounter.

    I am not wild about the Japan like of huge very floppy breasts, the type normally gotten only by older women and after pregnancy. But it a big thing in Japan. Japan your trying to drive me into Lollicon. At least have more traditional small breasted Japanese women.
    Late 70’s knew a wife of a older biker friend, who tormented us in the War Game group that meet at their house, who had D plus cups, never wore a bra and was not where near as floppy, actually rather firm.
    Found out later it mainly pregnancy that makes breasts sag and under 20 breasts mostly fiber, in far Asian countries fiber into the 30’s plus making breast x-rays hard. Only after that are they mainly fat and even then they don’t flop unless there pregnancy or major weight changes. Bra’s actually make breasts more floppy as they weaken the muscles which hold them up. The flop is caused by skin being stretched and aging mostly, I’m a breast fan along with fan of all the rest.
    Late 70’s early 80’s was also the experiment with naked images of underage girls, Blue Lagoon, Pretty Baby, Playboy even had several features with them, and David Hamilton and nudest films, teen age girls hardly flop at all. And hey making em accurate makes them less provocative than flopping around. 😉

  9. underrated joke, the menacing mad max looking dude was just an artisan weaver, and Megumin talking how if you offer her a deal with these crabs in exchange for stopping firing off her explosion for a day, she would restrain herself to eat the crabs, then back out of the deal to fire off her explosion

  10. Gotta love the atmosphere of Kasuma’s resident.
    Feels like when you make a trip somewhere with a group of your close friends and just chill out in the night in your hotel room.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2006.jpg
    This succubus having bat wings in her hair is definitely a Morrigan reference!

    On the episode itself, things sped by fast again as we never got to see how Kazuma met those two. That dream brothel and that Succubus onee-san. It’s no wonder Kazuma was mesmerized while she explained with the way she was caressing herself. So apparently Kazuma’s dream didn’t come on time because that succubus who got caught looked like a newbie. And speaking of that succubus she was cute. I wonder she’s just a one time character and her seiyuu sounded so familiar I’ll need to check. And wow so much Darkness goodness in this episode. It was a bit surprising she acted all shy around Kazuma being weird as I thought she was an M.Show Spoiler ▼

    Also Kazuma’s look of pity at Aqua being unable to get any smarter has got to be the best way he dealt with Aqua’s haughtiness.

    1. Morrigan was the who made succubi a common knowledge to all boys and girls.

      Darkness got some nice character development in this episode.

      The funny thing: a masochist who needs to be in control.

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      No one said masochist cant be pure at heart. Darkness is actually shy about actual sexy stuff, as all she knows are weird stuff

  12. This whole damn episode is a dream.

    Someone turned on boob physics and rammed it up to 11. From the beginning of the episode we’re already seeing the main girls jiggling away.

    1. I don’t think we have anything to worry about there. The Blu Ray is ranked 27 in the best sellers on BD/DVD on Amazon Japan, which usually indicates a show is doing very well. The first volume is out March 25, so we should know not long after how well it’s done for sure.

  13. I think Stilts is cursed.
    It’s not possible that whenever life takes him over, fanservice happens.
    Let’s restrain him from 2D life for the sake of free fanservice!

    1. problem here, the Succubus did not deliverer his Dream. So what we saw in this “Trap” was her true form, not Kazuma’s dram girl. She would give him the desired Dream, in exchange for a bit vitality.. the last part is your own mind cinema…

  14. I thought the moment the succubus at the bar began to lose her composure with Kazuma due to his constant questioning was great. On a side note, let’s not forget that if darkness wasnt so “out there” she’d be kazuma’s ideal girl: she’s older, beautiful, and is powerful

  15. HalfDemonInuyasha
  16. “If the recent past is any indication, it ensures that next episode will be amazing. It seems like takkun always ends up covering for me on the most fanservice-a-rific episodes.”
    – Stilts, the comment section of Konosuba episode 8.
    It’s eerie how true this ended up being, as this episode was quite the most amazing fanservice-a-rific episode indeed.

  17. oh boy THE fanservice episode and stilts missed it…
    Succubi Sleeping Service is (after Wiz) next example of monsters adapting to human society in unexpected ways. They have really created quite good level of customer service with detailed “wishlist” for a “pleasant dream”. The poor succubus that fell into Aqua’s trap was even more dedicated to her profession, ready to die to protect her customer…
    Kazuma really seems to start to inadverently befriend his companions. And mysels seeing their dinertime bonding can understand why.
    But the star of the episode is definitely Darkness… too bad the barrier alarm interrupted things, cause she definitely was about to go forward with whatever dream scenario Kazuma invented!
    Bonus points for ehr surprisingly shy side…

  18. My god, If anyone was home while I was watching this episode, they would have thought I was a lunatic for laughing so much. This episode, oh man, way too good. Right when Darkness went in, it was obvious she was the real deal. I especially had a crack up when Kazuma realized he messed up and went to protect the succubus, and started saying one liners with a really deep manly voice “Run away” and “Go”. This how already had hilarious episodes, but I think this one takes the cake.

    I’m very sad that next episode is the last, but with how good the show is, I’ll definitely check out the light novel (and pray for second season).

  19. Kazuma asking whether he can do illegal things in his dreams, and the succubus that showed up looks like Megumin, I think I have an idea what dream Kazuma wanted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Trap Master
    1. Nah, Kazuma stated pretty clearly in his encounter with Darkness that he ordered an inexperienced older woman, but I think people are just to distracted by Darkness’s banging bod to remember. The loli Succubus is just what they sent over to give the dream

  20. I don’t really care much for fan service like this, but this was fan service done right, and it fit the show perfectly. Hilarious stuff. But we all knew Kazuma was gonna get cock blocked no matter what. Poor guy, the show could’ve at least let him have his dream! I guess his run in with Darkness will have to do. Or next time, sneak back off to the stables!

    Bamboo Blade Cat

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