「正体の時間」 (Shoutai no Jikan)
“Secret Identity Time”

And here I thought we were going to get another boring episode after last week’s big conclusion. Luckily, I was totally wrong.

Kayano Kaede and Yukimura Akari

With all the twists we’ve had throughout the past few weeks, I’ll admit I never saw this one coming. First, who would have thought Kaede would have been hiding her identity as E Class’s old sensei? Second and more importantly, I doubt anyone would have realized she was cultivating tentacles to take out Koro-sensei. You could say I’m taking a leap of faith here, but after seeing just how detrimental those things were on Itona (who was in pretty darn good shape), you’d have to question the sanity of someone who’d choose to do that to themselves.

In any case, as much as I wanted to sympathize with Kaede and her struggle, there was one huge point that she skipped over – Koro-sensei might have absolutely nothing to do with the death of her sister. Well, at least might not be the person who actually committed the act itself. Judging from the type of project or experiment her sister was involved in, it’s not too difficult to assume there was some pretty serious stuff going on in that building. If anything, the fact that the building didn’t completely collapse when they infused the then unnamed Koro-sensei with whatever transformed him into an octopus is probably a miracle in itself.

Selfishly Doing What You Want

One thing that I thought the episode did do well though was the way it handled characterizing Kaede’s extreme selfishness. Her personality already lent itself to being like this, but by disregarding everything she’s learned and giving up all the relationships she’s made (fake or not), there was a huge inner struggle building up inside of me. Something about seeing this “new” Kaede just clashed so hard with what was already known that I have to give the show a pat on the back for doing it so well.

Looking Ahead

So, even if it makes me sound like a jerk, I can’t really sympathize with Kaede’s sudden decision to strike. It’s already pretty bad that she’s trying to sacrifice herself (which we’ve seen doesn’t lead to anything good even if it’s successful), but she’s doing so without knowing all the facts! Trust me, I could totally be more behind this if there was some more concrete evidence, but as things stand there’s just so much room for error that thinking about how next week’s episode is going to go is starting to physically hurt me. Anyways, I’ll be patiently sitting here waiting for Koro-sensei to do something amazing to bring back Kaede. Because without Kaede how can we have the A-Cup club survive!?

See you next week!

P.S. Don’t even get me started on what Shiro said under his breath as Kaede left.

End Card


  1. I have mixed feelings about this reveal, which is that it is quite well done if the author had planned this all before hand, but Kayano was my least favourite character out of Class E to make me feel any impact. The episode did very well to portray her selfishness, which just infuriated me about her character.


    Show Spoiler ▼

    Looking forward to next week. 😀

  2. I’ve been waiting for this to come out so that we could discuss this big reveal without spoilers. When the manga readers saw this we immediately went Sherlock on the manga and saw (or believed we saw ;p) plenty of clues we missed. Kayano being so low profile and not having any identifiable quirk aside from her sensitivity about her chest size becomes brilliant. She has been lying in wait all this time using her skills as an actress. Her older sister, Class E’s former teacher, was believed killed by Korosensei. She has been hanging around Nagisa so long both to camouflage her bloodlust and to learn from the best how to hide hers.

  3. I enjoyed the reveal a fair bit. First, it gave Kayano some much needed development. Second, in the manga at least, when you look at certain pages carefully you can find panels where they subtly show her tentacles poking out. It’s interesting thinking how long the mangaka had that idea pocketed away, with that in mind.

    Really looking forward to next few eps, though, since it dives into one of the most enjoyable arcs of the series.

  4. I especially loved Kayano’s flashbacks just before the reveal. It’s literally the author saying “Just so you wouldn’t say that this came out of nowhere, here are several foreshadowings!”

  5. I find it extremely dissatisfying listening to that loser white guy explaining her hardship. Maybe there’s a reason, but I would prefer listening more from Itona, giving him more screen time.

  6. I kept up with manga and finished . and I am glad I did . I am seing how the author had it all ahead and every episode counts as there is subtle hints here and there related to the ending.

    No spoiler but the anime is very very faithful to the manga for the most part.

    I cant defend any episode or explanation from the manga as it sp oil the anime only viewers,

    A warning dont asume an ything because the next half of S2 which will have the ending is amazing in so many ways. When it’s done youre going to say this is like The Working anime finish.

    This is one of The Top Shows you should watch for Spring. I know it’s ongoing but it’s my favvorite.

    I think the life lessons get overlooeked

    BTW Kaede kept her ID hidden because of her real job . So dont be mad at her because ………

  7. I agree that Kayano’s reason seems weak. Though I can understand it completely. But they went from the big reveal to her asking to be killed/saved by Koro-sensei way too fast… Maybe it’s me, but both this episode and the second half of last week’s felt a little rushed.

  8. I’m really mixed on this reveal, part of me think it’s pretty neat how the author has been giving out some vague clues throughout the series and had it lead up to this. It also helps to give Kaede more development and depth. Although the other part of me thinks her overall reasoning is weak…it’s as if she learned nothing from her lessons from Koro-sensei, Itona, etc. If she’s so intelligent as people say, why couldn’t she consider the fact that Koro may not have killed her sister? It’s like you said, acting so recklessly without concrete evidence makes for a less compelling case.

    I personally think It would have been more interesting if Koro indeed ended up killing the sister (but probably not since this is shounen), and also if he really did kill her, I don’t see how he can convince Kaede from becoming their ally again. What could have been a really engaging surprise twist is hampered by Kaede’s poor foresight and single minded focus on revenge (we already did the revenge tentacle thing with Itona after all).

  9. random viewer
  10. Oh so this is what it feels to go 0 to a 100 real quick xD I kind of read commens people wrote about ‘a classmate with a different agenda’ a ‘plot twist’ and my eyes have been on Kayano, she seems fake from the start to me dk why, mainly coz she sometimes can be plain stupid but sometimes says the smartest things, so u dk D:

  11. Takaii, there a reason why Shiro said that since he has a conection with Koro-sensei and Aguri. Don’t worry about Kayano since she will be save Show Spoiler ▼

    Also in the next episode, you will get to learn Koro-sensei identity and his past.


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