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「桜の中の占い師」 (Sakura no Naka no Uranaishi)
“A Fortune Teller Veiled in Cherry Blossoms”

I think this was the best episode of this show to date.

Festival Time!

Just like your typical beach episode where you have cute girls doing what cute girls do, a festival based episode is pretty common in this genre of slice-of-life. The thing is, there was just something so good about this one that I’m having trouble putting my feelings into words. With the focus revolving around Kei, Chinatsu, and Makoto instead of the festival itself, there was a distinctly different feel then your normal festival episode. And for some reason, with everything more down to earth and super focused on the characters, all the humor seemed to be spot on. Honestly, it makes me wonder why all the episodes couldn’t be like this (I know why and it’s also another charm point for this show)!

If I’m being honest though, I think I was also really happy we got a huge dose of Chinatsu combined with just enough Makoto and Kei to balance things out.


If Chinatsu is my favorite character, Inukai comes in a razor close second. Had she appeared earlier in the series, she might have been able to gain an edge over the best girl of the show! Getting back on track though, everything about the latter half of the episode was completely perfect. From start to finish, we had all the elements that make up some of the best episodes of any slice-of-life. There was a new character introduced, said character was actually super entertaining and had a great back story, and there was a perfectly timed gag that spent its time building up for one of the best payoffs of the century.

While I won’t go into details about the specifics since you can just watch the episode, I hope and wish we get more Inukai in the future. She’s just so adorable with those mini outbursts and when she’s calm and it just gets better! And even though I hope she does manage to find a way back to her cute human form, she’s rocking that dog look pretty well. Also, if Kei were a real person, I’d tell him she’s my type too.

Looking Ahead

I’ll be honest, last week’s post might have felt a little lukewarm. Maybe it was because I was tired or something, but boy did this week’s episode make up for it. Reigniting my passion for the series and giving me everything I ever wanted in a single episode, I don’t think I could have asked for any more. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week when we get to see more of Makoto and the rest of the gang.

See you!

April 30, 2016 at 7:14 pm