「信頼の時間」 (Shinrai no Jikan)
“Trust Time”

I should have saw it coming when there was only 8 days left before Koro-sensei’s deadline.

Class Yearbook

Starting the episode off on the right foot, we were greeted with a lighthearted first half. Stumbling through E class’s memories through a fury of pictures taken by the one and only Koro-sensei and his nearly omniscient camera, it was rather nice way of giving us a glimpse at everything that’s happened throughout the series.

That and I love how the show has allowed Koro-sensei to continually be moving at 1000%. Ever since we discovered what happened in his past and that there is a less than one percent chance he’ll blow up, I’ve been afraid that the show might slow down a bit and take things easy. Luckily, it’s been doing the complete opposite and keeping both Class E and us on our toes.

Becoming a Teacher

After Nagisa’s mini realization last week, I’ve been hoping that we’d get an opportunity to see it get fleshed out a little more. Amazingly, the show managed to integrate one of Nagisa’s finest skills as an assassin into being a teacher that can truly understand their student. Or rather, one that can get on the same wavelength as them (bad pun intended)!

Seriously though, I thought it was great that Nagisa managed to find something that he can really devote himself to. Not only did it feel great to see just how much Koro-sensei inspired him, but I doubt Koro-sensei would want Nagisa to become a professional assassin.

The Final Assassination and Looking Ahead

Oh boy. When the government said they had a grand master plan for Koro-sensei, I never thought it would involve some of the most grandiose ideas we’ve seen to date. From super charged lasers that fire from space to a giant playpen that prevents Koro-sensei from escaping (I’m assuming it covers the idea of him tunneling out as well), it just didn’t feel right. Toss in how they threw Koro-sensei under the bus when it came to his public persona and it only helps in making you want the government to fail that much more.

With only a few more episodes left though, I suppose it was time for something big to happen. And with the timer slowly ticking away (I believe Nagisa said they have three hours before the laser fires again?), I really hope our favorite group of misfit students can somehow save their teacher from some pretty grim looking odds.

See you next week!

End Card


  1. I felt really sad when Koro-sensei said that if he could have one last wish it would be that he could see his students for one last time. It was as if he had accepted the fact that he was going to die. AND UGH I nearly cried when I saw him spending those last moments tidying up the classroom and working on their yearbook, fuck the finale is going to destroy me. :/

  2. I just got onto the AssClass wagon, and I am on my toes all the more. Yes I may only be on the first season but I can already tell that this anime has no reservations on its bravery. It now feels like every episode comes out EVERY OTHER week instead of every week (yes I am aware of the delay caused by the earthquake in Japan), since i cannot wait to see the finale when I get to it on my own time!

  3. First Thanks Random Curiosity and Takaii for covering.

    I think it’s been sadly overlooked this season and others but Kabaneri Re Zero My Hero Academia are getting all the attention
    For myself this is going to be a Top 5 / 10 all Time Favorite anime

    Lerche / the script writer and Yusei have this anime hardly missed a beat this season. It was a good anime to start but wow they are putting out Top Notch anime and soon a lot of the previoss episodes will all make sense..This has so many life lessons besides thre comedy / action etc.

    Despite what people thought may be some filler or plot twists it has been faithful to the manga ans good editing kept it from being too outlandish

    There was a big change this episode but may have caused problems if they followed exactly. I dont think censors would have been happy. In fact I liked they kept closer to the Class / Koro and Karasuma. If Irina was used it would have caused big reactions including censors. Somebody has their eye on things

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Koro was over the top with the yearbook bit I think pleased that Nagisa wants to be a teacher. Even getiin the school ready for graduation his axxeptance it might be the end but he needs to see the class one more time

    Just so many singe highlights / The Press / The Govt / Karasuma;s Anti Hero / Hero role with his detailed layout of the Mt while pretending to be scolding.

    And the ending with the entire class texting and their duties was a nice nod . They are all in this together.

    One last note they have 4 episodes to cover 13 CHPS where they doing 4-6 at a clip before. The episodes should be very detailed I hope No need to slow down now.

    3 Hours Left. This anime is just flashing by like Koro at speed.

  4. “(I’m assuming it covers the idea of him tunneling out as well)”

    Yeah, they said that the lasers reach underground so there is literally no path for Koro-sensei to escape through unless E Class makes one somehow – probably disable one of the laser emitters or something.

    And seeing the “journalists”…ugh…just like here in the US, it’s become all about sensationalism, drama, ratings, etc. and damn actual researched facts and the truth anymore; just take whatever anyone says and twist it so it fits the more dramatic narrative…

    1. not all reporters are memebers of the Yellow press. Sure here we see this kind of them, even in Hero Academia are these ones. But there are also serious and dignity ones doing their job

  5. I think it’s good that the studio will cover everything in the manga that’s left to be covered. Only four more episodes remaining until this series is done forever. It was a fun ride.


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