「転校生をつかまえろ!」 (Tenkousei wo Tsukamaero!)
“Catch The Transfer Student!”

In the world of idols, nothing is ever truly fair. Luckily, Sunshine understands this and isn’t throwing success right at the group soon to be known as Aqours.

The Riko Show

With a majority of the episode focusing on the Riko’s internal struggles, it was nice to see that it didn’t get completely wrapped up in the span of a single episode. Because as nice as it would have been for Riko to be in full form and in idol-music-composing mode, I’m glad we’re instead going to see how she grows from here on out. We know that something happened in the past and her mom was a influential factor for her love of the piano and in the present we haven’t seen her mom yet. Sounds like a certain show we covered on the site a few seasons ago! In any case, I’m also glad that the show managed to get Riko on team Aqours because I don’t know if I could take anymore of Chika pestering Riko.

Dia’s Facade is Slipping

So, as I pointed out last week, Dia is totally a school idol fan. Accidentally letting some prime information about the whole Love Live event itself last week, she completely ripped on Chika and her less than amazing knowledge about the best group in the god damn world. Getting set off after Chika called them U’s instead of Muse, I can’t really find fault in Dia’s little outburst. Because even though I wouldn’t normally appreciate someone acting like that, especially in an anime, I couldn’t help but smile as she demonstrated just what it means to be a fan. Since judging by her demeanor and the little smile she let sneak out when Chika answered a question correctly, she’s probably just doing all of this simply because she’s such a huge fan. Something I’m sure we’ve all done for something we’re passionate about – even if we don’t want to admit it!

Ruby and Hanamaru

On the first year front, I’m loving both Hanamaru and Ruby. And while I’m patiently waiting for Hanamaru to get an opportunity to show us just how cool she really is, boy do I love Ruby. The definition of a shy little kid, I love it whenever she graces the screen. Like this week, where she was coaxed out from her hiding spot with a simple lollipop. And as bad as that sounds, you have to give some props to Chika for being so slick about it (she even got a flying lollipop to land straight into Ruby’s mouth!).

Looking Ahead

As much as I wish the story would kick things into gear, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying everything we’ve seen thus far. With the characters getting the focus and the story limping closely behind, I hope each of our girls get a chance to really wow us with whatever their appealing factor is. Besides that, I can’t wait for the next insert song to grace our screens, haha.

Catch you guys next week!


ED Sequence

ED: 「ユメ語るよりユメ歌おう」 (Yume Kataru Yori Yume Utaou) by 高海千歌(伊波杏樹)、桜内梨子(逢田梨香子)、渡辺曜(斉藤朱夏)( (Takami Chika (Inami Anju), Sakurauchi Riko (Aida Rikako), Watanabe You (Saito Shuka))



  1. The fact that Dia, the stereotypical ojou, is a closet µ’s fan is hilarious to think about. She’s even a bigger fan than I am, since I was able to answer her trivia on the spot right until she blindsided Chika with a question on lyric skipping. I sympathize with Chika, nothing is more intimidating than having your fandom challenged by trivia minutiae.

    Speaking of Chika, I’m enjoying her a lot more now. Between her love for u’s, growing friendship with Riko, and coaxing a loli with candy I can actually see how she’s will be the future leader of Aquors.

    PS. No screenshot of the ChikaRiko ED sticker? That was the best one!

    1. Hello everyone! It has been years since my last time here. Anyway, this anime is my Top 1 anime of the summer and I have enjoyed it very much. Love the hatesex going on between Chika and Dia. Yoshiko is my best girl. And that finger-touching scene between Chika and Riko is so, well, touching.

      John Hayabusa
  2. Probably the only disappointing thing I got to say about this episode is Mari was completely absent, save for the opening and ending animations. Aside from that, I loved every second of it. From baiting Ruby, to Dia’s Muse trivia barrage after Chika’s mistake. Her OCD tendencies from the drama tracks came out in such a great way that all it took for Dia to snap was Chika mispronouncing Muse’s name and she knew even minute details about them. I didn’t even know “bokura no live kimi to no life” had a shortened name. I had to go back to episode 1 to check if Chika mentioned Muse, so it looked like all this time Chika knew them as “Yuzu.” Dia’s ojou-sama accent made it even better that I loved Dia’s “Boo boo desu wa” lines. Not to mention Dia was going all fangirl mode for the entire school to hear.

    It was a nice touch that we got introduced to Chika’s sisters, Shima and Mito, with Shima being voiced by none other than Asumi Kana. And of course so you can’t forget their dog Shiitake. I like how they referenced Mito Sea Paradise and Awashima Marine Park, which are both also in Numazu. Not to mention how that scene at Chika’s place shows Riko does not take kindly to slacking off. When Riko makes that face, be afraid. Also, I get the feeling a “yume no tobira” Riko version will come out eventually.

    And for some random thoughts: I gotta wonder if Yoshiko has been absent from school since day 1. If she was, I’ll be surprised she got away with it. And while Riko and Chika’s balcony stunt was very touching, it was simply dangerous and I got worried for those two. And lastly, that ED was just lovely. I liked both the song and animation.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Love%20Live/Love%20Live%20Sunshine%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2007.jpg

    Dia’s little Muse outburst was great.

    Most of You’s costumes being some kind of uniform, lol.


    The part with Ruby was adorable.


    I’d love to be Yohane-sama’s little demon, lol.


    So now who is scarier? A tired Umi? Or an annoyed-at-you-slacking Riko? XD

      1. Stand corrected on that one. Anything flying at you at Mach 5 will likely hurt. It’s still pretty scary though just thinking what an angry Riko will do. Chika and You never bothered to find out.

  4. The Dancing animation are clever, they are a mix of hand draw pictures in closeup (mostly) and CGI. Looks great, i did not saw any “uncanny valley” here

  5. Velvet Scarlantina
  6. Dia outing herself as a fan of μ‘s with an accidental broadcast… XD I’ll admit that I’ll find it hilarious if her schoolmates and her (future) fellow Aqours members will never let her live that down.

    Also…damn, that water looks deep… OK, maybe because it’s not yet summer there and the day wasn’t that bright, but not seeing the bottom of that sea gives me the chills because I have no idea what’s down there. Totally different from when I went snorkeling in Coron where I could still see the bottom somewhat.

  7. “In the world of idols, nothing is ever truly fair. Luckily, Sunshine understands this and isn’t throwing success right at the group soon to be known as Aquors.”
    Pleb! You mispell Aqours.

    1. Aqua, if you take a look at Wikia (or some websites that includes that), Aqours has a furigana of Akua in hiragana (or Katanana? I forgot)

      One of Mari’s LLSIF skill voice has her shouting “go! go! a-ku-waa!”

  8. I love how Sunshine becomes hillarous in its own way. At first it seems to be just “another U’s” (9 girls, 2nd girls as center, a yellow colored MC, also don’t forget that school closing case) but it’s not. Chika becomes likeable and I really like her childish-ness XD

    By the way they did not mention the school closing one though. Did the idea scrapped or just not yet? (some theory speculates that Ohara family is going to be the one that closing the school for business)

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