「Chapter.15 将棋おしえて / Chapter.16 面影 / Chapter.17 遠雷1」 (Chapter.15 Shougi Oshiete / Chapter.16 Omokage / Chapter.17 Enrai 1)
“Chapter 15 Teach Me How to Play Shogi / Chapter 16 Image / Chapter 17 Distant Thunder 1”

Just like real life, it constantly feels like Rei is taking one step forward and then two back. At least this week felt like it was only about one and a half instead of an entire two.

Understanding Yourself

Continuing on with last week’s message of teaching Shogi and getting to see Nikaidou out in full force, we got a rather unique look into how Rei currently views himself. Seeing how he’s become a bit of a shut in that’s been turning to Shogi as a way to somewhat escape his reality, it’s been tough to really get a handle of just what kind of person Rei really is. After about two-third of the episode though, I think we finally got a pretty decent peek at what’s hiding under Rei’s gloomy exterior. And surprisingly enough, it looks like he’s someone who’s trying his hardest to find not necessarily happiness, but his own way of progressing through the world. Like, I don’t know if it was only me, but I started to get a little choked up when Rei started to reminisce about his dad and wondered just what he might say to Rei at this point in his life. All of which felt like it was thrown out the window when Kyouko showed up.

Family Ties

I’m not sure how I feel about Kyouko. Besides her inopportune timing, showing up right when Rei had stumbled onto a huge revelation, there’s something about her personality that really irks me. She plays the prissy princess when it suits her and turns into a gigantic bitch right when you feel a little comfortable. She obviously has some strong feelings toward Rei, be it positive or negative, except she’ll pray on his insecurities without even a moment of hesitation. Overall, she seems like a “family” member that I too would love to avoid if at all possible. And don’t get me started on flashbacks that seem to imply she assaulted him when they were younger (that said, it makes you wonder if it was “assault” or just a janky relationship with the introduction of some big dude who beat the snot out of Rei in the past).

That all said, I do hope Kyouko shows up more often. Seeing Rei flip flop between finding answers and being stuck in dark places, the kind of emotions Kyouko evokes when she’s around are completely different and are a nice mix to what we typically get from this show.

Looking Ahead

Man, what a crappy sister. Coming to bother Rei right before his official match against an aging grandpa who’s going to retire if he loses, I really hope nothing stupid happens next week. As much as I’d love for Rei to show some pity to his elders, he’s also a man with a mission and needs to start caring for himself and his needs. Hopefully next week’s episode doesn’t give me an aneurism. See you then!




  1. I wasn’t sure if Kyouko was encouraging Rei in her own way or trying to sabotage his match. Anyways dating the guy that beat him up is probably not a good thing. We don’t know the circumstances to that encounter, but if she specifically asked her boyfriend to beat Rei up then yeah she deserves the worst.

  2. Kyoko is such a fascinating and conflicting character.

    Literally all of her actions and thoughts actively contrasts each other.

    “I felt like I didn’t know anything about you after living under the same roof for 10 years.” and then proceed to being able to recognize that the new futon from Nikaidou doens’t have Rei’s scent.

    Playing the reverse psychology to give Rei an exit. Is it because of the resentment she holds against him, or is it because that she knows his character and wants to give him an easy way out?

    Acting tough to get inside Rei’s room, is it done out of spite, necessity, or care? Keep in mind that she could’ve stayed in any of her friend’s house presumably, but chooses Rei’s place.

    So, so interesting and exciting. Sodachi’s VA too! Not many VA can nail the slithering emotions that Kyoko delivers.


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