「背信棄義」 (はいしんきぎ)
“Act of Treachery”

This week’s episode had a very important lesson that we all could learn from.

Father and Son

Ever since the start of the season, I think it’s been pretty clear that there’s been a heavy focus on the relationship and bond between father and son. From prominent flashbacks between Rin and Shiro to Suguro having a ton of issues with his dad that stem from even deeper problems that have gone on for years, I think it’s pretty clear what message the show is trying to tell us. Something which I’m honestly really happy to see since I think this show is at its best when we get to see the emotional side of things in-between all the action.

Seeing how the focus revolved around Suguro and Rin this week, I almost started choking up as the show decided to show us Shiro’s last moments right after having a bout with Rin. I can’t imagine the difficulities a father must face as their children grow up right in front of them, but I’m sure that even after years of practice it must hurt when your children say they hate you. No matter the circumstances, even if they may not be your flesh and blood, I think we all know just how much our parents have done and will do for us.

Which is probably why I was really hoping Rin would have landed a few more punches on Suguro before their little “confrontation” was broken up. As bad as it was for him to reveal his flames to the entire congregation in the Kyoto branch, I think there’s something to be said for an MC who dives head first into bad situations when his heart tells him it’s the correct thing to do.

All-in-all, I thought the way the story weaved in some emotions with all the talk to advance the plot was fantastic. Honestly, I don’t think I could have asked for a better episode to help get things kicked into acton!

Looking Ahead

With most of this week’s episode serving as a setup for what’s to come next week, I felt pretty invigorated after watching it. The traitor within the Myoda sect was revealed, we finally have the plot advancing, and now we get to see how people react to Rin and whether or not I want to flip tables for people making accusations without getting to know someone. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week. See you then!

P.S. I loved how Rin went and pulled out the “I didn’t choose to be Satans son” card. It’s about damn time he used it and it felt so refreshing that he used it for such a selfless reason. Good on you Rin!




  1. Wonder how long the demon will let their deceived tool go before they betray them or attempt to convert her to daemon.
    We know why no deaths on first or as far as we know second attack, the traitor thought they were just being used by the system.

  2. Seems like Yukio will be back next week! Looking forward to that. I missed him the last few episodes! Ao no Exorcist definitely does the best when it’s mixing up emotional moments between the action. Shiro’s relationship with both of the twins has always been pretty complex and interesting. And clearly, it still bothers Rin a lot that he shouted at his father before he died and that indirectly led to his death. It’s pretty awesome how he tried to stop Suguro from making the same mistake though. “Suguro, I used to think you were cool!” was pretty badass.

    Was it just me or did the episode seem a bit choppy though? Like some of the characters seemed kinda slow to move. It was clear Mamushi was about to do something to the right eye, but the rest of the Myoda sect seemed lethargic to come to Juzo’s aid and do something about it (even though the Director and the senior priests were watching everything on video). I guess they just couldn’t believe Mamushi would betray them like that? Same thing with Shura. It seemed to take her a long time between her decision to stop Rin from blowing up at Suguro and actually stopping him. It’s not like she was too far away from him. Dunnooo, maybe I’m just being nitpicky about how things were animated since I am a manga reader. 😛 Overall, good episode but I just felt like the sense of urgency could have been conveyed a bit better.

    1. @SabishiTomo: Regarding your second paragraph, I had the same impression as I noted in my post below. Whole set up felt lax, but I think it was done to try and add some tension/reason why Mamushi & Toudou can grab the eye & escape without a big fight. Also read the manga, and the issue didn’t strike me to the same extent – I think that’s due in part to the difference in medium.

      Anyway, yeah, you’d think once Mamushi is taking out the guards, that would be ALL the proof needed she was the traitor. Heck, could have had a few select sect members hidden away to stop her once her intentions were known. Not sure how feasible, but what about using a fake eye as bait rather than the real one? Even if she discovers the trick, she’s already taken out some guards, etc. & her intent is known.

      As for Shura, I think that’s a bit more complex. For one, she’s a bit lax/go with the flow at times. Sometimes she is strict, but at other times she’s pretty lax with Rin. Can’t say for sure, but her thought could have been that it’s too late to keep Rin from revealing his identity, but she trusts Rin so it’s worth letting it play out a bit. I’m not sure if Suguro or the rest noticed this, but while Rin did “flame on”, he did NOT burn anyone. Remember, that’s a big deal for Suguro and some of the others (e.g. Konekomaru) – Rin going out of control and burning up friend and foe alike.

      Again, pure speculation, but Shura’s pretty sharp so maybe she hesitated for a while because she believed in Rin (he did gain a bit of control earlier) and gave him the opportunity to show others he’s not the big threat they think he is.

  3. Overall certainly a faithful adaptation and a pretty good one. Story’s picking up for sure. 😀 A few things came to mind while watching…

    Re. Mamushi. When you put all the parts together (including last week’s intel), I guess her motivation makes sense, but it’s still hard not to think she’s overly trusting. She jumps on board with the plan right from the start all those years ago. Doesn’t even bother to ask her dad or anyone else why the eyes were not destroyed when she first learns about that. Some people are more gullible than other so it’s fine “realistically”, but eh, she’s not giving off the best impression.

    WHY would you unseal the evil eye of leprosy maisa!? Did she need it to warp out of there? If so, HOW would she know how to use it? If Toudou’s baiting her with “We’ll seal the eyes somewhere safe”, well, lucky for you it’s already sealed in a handy, miasma-free to-go jar. No need to take the eye out now, or maybe even ever. Keep it in the jar (the seal does work if left alone), then put that in a safe with seals inside another safe with seals, etc. [Again, I’m spoiled, but for this particular moment the question stands.]

    Works for the plot, including the surprise reveal as to who the traitor is, but IMO they were pretty lax with overall security/taking unnecessary risks when setting the trap.

    Rin is definitely emotional and kind of baka. Him going off on Bon is totally character consistent IMO and he does have a very good point. I did like that part. Still, so much for your secret identity. :/ Also Rin: “Stay out this hag.” Shura: *twitch -> Repeats pain inducing chant over and over* Yep, Rin is baka. LOL

    I’m spoiled so I knew that Mamushi was the traitor, but I’m curious as to those who are anime-only viewers (or perhaps just forgot) thought of the misdirect in terms of the who was the traitor. Last week it was mentioned that the anime maybe pushed Tatsuma (Bon’s dad) as the traitor a bit too hard. Here I wonder if anyone thought that the anime was a bit too obvious with trying to suggest Juzou was the traitor. Not a lot, but maybe a little bit?

    1. About Mamushi unsealing the eye: since she thinks Tatsuma and Mephisto are suspect, by association, the seal is presumably suspect too. Also, I believe she did need to unseal it to warp. If you remember, Todou warped too when he was fighting the twins in the first episode, and he had the other eye.

      1. @SabishiTomo: Mamushi may suspect Tatsuma and Mephisto are incompetent or up to something, but don’t see how that affects the current seal because she knows that seal works – at least for now. Had a magic fire and all before and the seal held. As long as you don’t muck with it, it’s doing it’s job (and I assume that this was a seal from long ago that has worked for a number of years with no signs of weakening). The plan is to steal the eye and “properly” seal it away so no one can get to it (right?). If so, then reason to unseal the eye here for that. Just take it “as is”. IF you need to remove it from the jar, do it when you have everything ready for a “proper” sealing.

        I think the answer is she needed it to warp out (I guess Todou couldn’t warp both of them). That’s the only explanation that would work IMO, though again how would Mamushi know how to use the eye for that right off the bat? Perhaps Todou taught her. IDK. Just seems like Mamushi is awfully trusting of Todou and Todou alone throughout all this time. She takes everything he says at face value and as 100% truth.

  4. …. so let me get this straight. The viewers have to wait 5 years (well, a few weeks, for Rin’s timeline) just so we can see Rin finally gain progress in controlling his powers because it turns out he just needed to concentrate on where to light a candle?!?!? YOU LIGHT IT ON THE TOP, WHERE THE STRING IS! … None of us have this power in real life, and even WE could determine where to light a candle!! This is STUPID!!

    That said, I was happy to see the comedic wild takes returning, if only briefly. I wonder if they had a very Male animation director on this episode- the jiggle physics were a bit more exaggerated this week.

  5. I think I might just like this world a little too much, because I’d be happy with another couple episodes of just the characters interacting. That being said, I AM excited that the action has started ramping up. Bring it on!


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