「この貴族の令嬢に良縁を!」 (Kono Kizoku no Reijou ni Ryouen o!)
“A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!”

Kazuma is the villain this episode. Except . . . no, yeah. Definitely the villain.

Okay, first off: How good are the seiyuu in this show? You could say that this entire episode sets out to answer the question “Just how good of a seiyuu is Kayano Ai?”, and the answer to that is, spoilers: very. She’s very good. I can’t even begin to describe what I would give to have been a fly on the wall in the recording booth when Kayanon was going to town. But everyone else is friggin’ phenomonal too, and consistently! Fukushima Jun’s Kazuma is always a winner, but sometimes he goes above and beyond, like that little chortle when he’s saying “Lalatina-ojousama.” Amazing! Even Darkness’s father had amazing voice acting, but c’mon, when it’s Inoue Kazuhiko, of course it is. The script is doing them a world of good, though. Good voice actors + good script = friggin’ amazing! Can’t sing their praises enough.

Now, as a few commenters guessed last episode, it was a marriage plot this time, with Darkness at risk of being married off. The main characters having to foil an arranged marriage meeting is a common enough plot—I feel like Love Hina did that back in the day; a Motoko plot, probably?—but while that’s fertile enough comedic soil, KonoSuba took it in another direction: instead of the protagonists being on the same side, trying to save their friend, Kazuma went into full-on bastard mode.

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a group of friends who defend one another above all else; anyone who’s read my fiction knows that. (Buy my books, etc.) So when Kazuma first started showing signs of betrayal, I gave a cry aloud. (Literally out loud. I got my non-anime watching roommate hooked on KonoSuba, so it wasn’t weird. That’s how good this show is!) But, once I thought about it for a split second, I realized how amazing this was going to be. Kazuma, undermining everything—yes. Yes please!

Look, I could explain all the ways this turned out wonderfully, but explaining the joke kills it, right? Just watch it. Watch the majesty. You’ve already watched it? Watch it again! Partway through I went off on a tangent about Walther’s won’t-hit-girls sexism vs Kazuma’s “equality,” but after the rest of the episode I just can’t. I can’t! (I mean, the bottom line is to try not to hit anyone, it’s a good rule to live by.) I can’t talk about anything approaching serious because this was so hilarious it obliterates serious thinking! I’m raving too much, probably. I just loved it. Shit was funny, yo.

Probably my favorite thing was how clear it became that Kazuma is Darkness’s ideal man. I’m a sucker for romance too, so despite the fact that all the main characters are horrible (except Megumin) (and Wiz) (and Chris and Yunyun and)—OKAY, basically just Kazuma and Aqua and Darkness are horrible! Anyway, despite the fact that most of the main characters are horrible, and one assumes that Kazuma would probably be involved in any shipping ’cause this doesn’t seem like a show that’d go for a lesbian couple, more power to it if it does but I’m not seeing any text so far, mostly—despite the fact that Kazuma is uniquely horrible, my hopeless romantic soul still hopes for some romance. It’s a disease, I can’t help it! So when it became clear that Kazuma is Darkness’s type, and she even faked pregnancy with him—ohhh, I can’t help it! Do I dare ship them? Do I dare? I’ll have to consider this. Shipping decisions are important. Stay tuned for more.

That’s it. This episode was great. That’s all you need to know.

Random thoughts:

  • Aqua is the only one that can make a maid outfit seem somehow . . . well. Not fetishistic, at least. That’s not a kawaii maid, it’s just Aqua. Move along, nothing to see here.
  • I forget how busty Darkness is sometimes. Damn. Just damn.
  • Sir Walther is way too good for this world. Get him out of here, I never want to see him again!
  • Author’s note: I’ll be out of town next week, so Takaii will be taking care of episode five. Thanks Takkun!

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  1. Ginobi47
    1. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%202%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2038.jpg
      The father must be proud LOL.

      More importantly, I am SHOCKED on the level of decency this Noble has. I know, for any ideal father, he only wants what is BEST for his son but for him to not give into temptation and do “whatever he wants” to Darkness, just like she wanted, had surprised me. If I had to guess, the dude must have a wife and the wife will likely do something Yandere if she find out about something so scandalous

      1. Well, also remember that the Dustiness family is basically a Grand Duke to his regular Duke or Count or whatever. They’re called ‘The Shield of the Kingdom.’

        He could have just Kazuma’d (read: chickened) out.

  2. Darkness’s boobs were ridiculous this episode. Way beyond D at this point.

    I did love Darkness’s little rant about how she wanted to live her life, though. Especially when she did the line in her hypothetical horrible husband’s voice – and points at Kazuma when she says the line.

    >Sir Walther is way too good for this world. Get him out of here, I never want to see him again!
    I know, right? At least Mitsurugi has his two boyish little girlfriends and his pure virginal love for the Goddess Aqua. Shame the Walther-Darkness fight had to be cut for time, though. Actually, there were like 3 spots this episode where Kazuma had to wallpaper over a scene and keep moving to fit everything in.

    1. What’s even better(and was handled splendidly) is I’m pretty sure she had no idea she where she kept pointing, that she was describing Kazama the whole time, or that she just gave him as massive green-light to just pick a night, walk into her room and have his way with her.

      You know, if she didn’t freak him out like no other…

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%202%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

    I see Lalati…err, Darkness also goes to the same school of Vapor Wear as Aqua. (Also, Darkness in that dress looks like fodder for some Rule 34 fanart.) But speaking of Aqua…


    She does look a little off-model there…

    Time flies so fast whenever I watch an episode of this show. But that cliffhanger(?*) though…

    (* – Either it’s something serious to warrant the cliffhanger, or it may be a setup for something that’s actually mundane…)

    1. Darkness sporting the ponytail and crusader armor is lovely but man was she gorgeous in all her outfits and hairstyles in this episode. And I too was surprised she was pulling off an Aqua under that dress.

      1. She was rocking those frills and hat (and decolletage) in her first outfit, but aside from her hair (which was fabulous) I thought the outfit she met Walther in was kinda crap.

  4. Darkness has been my favorite since her debut in season 1 and that hasn’t changed. That and did my eyes deceive me or was she going commando under that dress. If she was, I’m impressed with Walthier not making a big deal out of it since he’s a genuinely nice guy. Consider me also surprised by Darkness’s father. I was expecting unspeakable rage from him after Darkness said she was pregnant with Kazutrash’s child. He did almost had him and Walthier executed after all.

  5. That mock duel scene in the latter half of the episode was pure genius. Obviously intended to titillate- yet it also showcases just how close Kazuma and Darkness have become over the course of the show. Each is intimately familiar with the other’s flaws, quirks (and fetishes), which each in turn ruthlessly exploits to gain the upper hand. Without the contextual backdrop of a mock duel, one might easily mistake the entire scene for some sort of bizarre foreplay between a particularly eccentric couple, especially towards the end when the whole thing degenerates into bouts of fetish-flirting. All fully intended by Konosuba’s original author too, I assure you. And it’s no easily attainable feat, to titillate, demonstrate relationship development and evoke humor all at once. Stellar execution.

    Even so, somehow I found Aqua to be the funniest character in this episode. I found some indescribable aspect of the random silly things she was doing in the background to be absolutely hilarious- the comedic zenith of this episode for me was (somehow) the koi-summoning scene…

  6. Darkness…………………..she is truly someone who has serious problems, who on earth wants to be abusively hit by some bottle? Someone like Zorzal (Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There!) , Gilgamesh (Fate/stay night), or Riser Phenex (High School DxD) would be the perfect husband for her. Ekaterina Kurae (Seikon No Qwaser) would likely be another good choice. Then again, Kazuma is likely the best choice since he will “abuse” Darkness to his heart’s content; he’s doing a good job whether he likes it or not.

    I am surprised that such a handsome youth was born from such a “stereotypical” looking Noble father. Well, they do say that children resemble their mothers more than their fathers. I guess genetically, in both looks and personality, the dude inherited most of his mother’s positive traits. Speaking of genetics, just what mother Darkness had? After seeing the father, how Darkness became the girl she is now is completely a mystery; well, we have yet to learn anything about her mother.

    “execute these two,” OMG that was priceless.

    Anyway, Jesus, so Darkness is carrying Kazuma’s baby. And look at the father’s reaction; will be sad news if he finds out it is a lie. Aqua’s reaction is priceless, that may show she was really into Kazuma to where she was stunned to hear about a “baby.”

    On the side note, why is it that our dear new glasses Onee-san keeps going to Kazuma when new monsters appear? It’s like saying every time everyone time people hear a new Demon Lord appears, people then suspect that I am the Demon Lord.

    1. Takaii covering KonoSuba instead of Stilts… Megumin’s gonna end up in either a succubus outfit or using her staff as a stripper pole.

      Not both. I don’t think the world could handle both.

  7. When Kazuma grabbed Darkness’s arms, used drain touch and gloated about how she shouldn’t be surprised that he would fight unfair, only to have him yell out in pain as she practically started braking his arms with her brutish strength was so funny that I almost feel off my chair.

    I was really looking forward to this season after the first seasons and I’m happy that the humor and voice-acting and generally hillarious premise keeps up the high level. More of this please. XD

  8. I’ve wanted to before and I REALLY want to now, but I just can’t ship Kazuma and Darkness. Masochism is one thing(that can be really hot!! XD) but when the girl full-on wants to be kidnapped and broken? Nope, then my strange brain wanders into trust issues and I just can’t do it. I mean, sure, she’d be the most loyal woman ever until it happened(and the nights would be off the chart!!) but that little voice every time they went out adventuring saying that she wants to fail would always be there…

    But then again, stopping her friends from being hurt wins over/works with masochism, so she’d buck up and fight to the end, plus they’d never actually leave her behind. But then AGAIN, she might reach the point one day where she goes out alone and just disappears into a dungeon forever… But before that happened, Kazuma’s life would be way too awesome if he’d just embrace it… GAH! *brain explodes*

    Seriously though: Kazuma, get her out of her armor more often. Like, always. Hide the armor under your bed and leave her only that torn dress. You’ll both be happier, and we’ll all thank you for it.

    I regret nothing!!

    1. Actually the way to get rid of Darkness is to just expell her from the party and ignore her. If you forgot, Chris was nice to Darkness so they hang around each other. If you are nice to darkness you will just get yourself deeper into that trap. Because at the end of the day, Darkness is turned on by abuse, but she will be loyal if you are nice to her.

      Kazuma does both soo he’s stuck with her now!

  9. The problem with Kazuma/Darkness is that Darkness wants a dominant sadistic asshole who loves her. But Kazuma is just a sadistic asshole who likes her. The big stumbling block is the dominant part, Kazuma is just not naturally controlling he might like it in small doses like with the collar of death ova but he mostly seems to find it to much work. He tries to lead the party because everyone else is insane but if one of them was competent I am sure he would be perfectly happy to be the sardonic sidekick.

  10. “The problem with Kazuma/Darkness is that Darkness wants a dominant sadistic asshole who loves her. But Kazuma is just a sadistic asshole who likes her”

    exactly; this is a very important distinction i believe. If it were to evaluate the three girls of konosuba, it’d be something like this: out of all the girls, megumin is the only reasonable one. As a matter of fact, it feels to me that megumin is the true heroine of this series and not aqua (or darkness). It’s something about the way this series is written that leads me to believe that. The author puts a bit more character into megumin than he does the other females. Aqua and darkness can become pretty one-note but megumin escapes that trap.

    Also i think darkness is a “delusional masochist”…in that she just revels in the idea of being a masochist or being a perverted deviant. When push comes to shove, she probably would never go through have the shit she spouts

    1. She’d never abandon a friend/comrade, and despite the weirdness Kazama would never let her just get hauled off by baddies, so she’ll never get the chance to find out if she’s really down for “capture play”. If someone else was with her she’d always been too worried about them to “enjoy” herself, and she’s too smart to ever go into serious danger alone, so she’s got mental safeguards whether she realizes it or not.

      She did basically become a Crusader so she had an excuse to get hit while adventuring, though…

      1. “She did basically become a Crusader so she had an excuse to get hit while adventuring, though”

        which, if you think about it, may have been some sort of twisted psychological manifestation that arose from always being so sheltered. She never had friends and properly never go out a lot so her sense of adventure and being thrusted into danger grew; apparently to the point where she has masochistic delusions of danger and being treated naughty. See where im going with this: darkness’ upbringing made her want something opposite of what she was used to. She doesnt want the proper life, or the arranged marriages, or the sweet guy. She wants to completely detach herself from all of that which is why i feel that she’s more of a “delusional masochist”. Perhaps there’s a part of her that does thrive off of punishment, but that’s probably because it reminds of her of not having to be sheltered; the thrill of having danger in life. It makes her feel alive. However, all that other shit she says, im pretty sure she doesnt have the balls to go through with it and the show has provided us hints to this (mainly ep 9 of season 1). While darkness may devolve into a one-note character for the most part, there are still moments of nuance to her. When you look at it from this angle, there is a bit of intrigue in darkness’ character.

    2. I don’t see the megumin thing, first she’s way underage for him, he said so himself. Second, he tried to get rid of her, from season one he never felt that she was really worth keeping around. EVEN recently, he told her to STFU and that they were gonna go to a dungeon, and that she was basically worthless in a dungeon.

      I see a Darkness/Kazuma ship more since 1, he was captivated by her beauty the first time he saw her, and 2,this development.In fact they shared more hentai and adult situation then any other girls combine. Goddess Aqua’s not happening, too old for him.

      1. Me stating that megumin is the main heroine doesnt indicate that im stating that she and kazuma should hook up. Besides…kazuma is only 3 years older than her..a bit over 2 years to be exact actually so she is not underage

      1. Haha yea i can see where “reasonable” may be a tad bit strong in describing her but she definitely can be reasoned with much easier than the others. I mean last ep had kazuma convince her without too much fuss to not come with them into the dungeon for obvious reasons. Even in this ep kazuma mentions her being smart i.e she pays attention thr most out of the girls

  11. All I can say is… Darkness? Dayummmmm Gurrrrl!Darkness the kind of girl you want between the sheets ya hurd?

    Ahem, on another note, The art quality went down again. I guess they are saving it for special effects and the last episode.

    1. eeeyyyy, it’s not a case of the art quality going down. It’s the animation director’s style. This was a very sakuga filled ep in terms of character animation. Everything was exuberant as all hell; it’s actually one of my favorite konosuba eps in terms of production

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%202%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2031.jpg
    The face of Lalatina’s ideal husband. Lol

    I can’t blame the father for dropping that bottle of wine. Wonder how expensive that was, poor Aqua would be licking the floor for such good wine.
    I am not sure what sort of person is the Demon Lord. From a stereotypical view, the Demon Lord should be a sadist that enjoys torturing young maidens in every way possible. Someone, like that, would be Darkness’s ideal. The fact this never happened, yet, is either because the Demon Lord is a lolicon or no one, which includes Darkness, knows where to find the Demon Lord.

    On the side note, I wonder if she was wearing panties. A maid that doesn’t wear panties……..that sounds nice.

  13. One of the things I liked best about this episode is that there was some give and take on the “abuse” (for lack of a better word). Execution helped a lot for this. The “hee-hee” moments were great. It’s the little details like that along with just good, consistent execution (incl. voice acting) which make the show.

    Anyway, as I mentioned last episode, I think the group dynamics and comedy work best when there’s some balance, some give & take within the group rather than one just be the joke butt-monkey.

    On the downside, this and last episode were Megumin light. I expect that to be rectified going forward now that the band party is back together.

    Personally I liked Aqua in maido outfit, but Season 2’s general not-so-great visual quality didn’t help much there.

  14. How was Aqua able to repair that picture using rice bits? Unless it’s magic rice.

    And Darkness’s breastplate must be really constrictive because she’s humongous in a dress. That or in the several days she’s been away she gained weight in those places.


    Seriously, I was laughing my ass off from one end to another. It’s like they amped Darkness’ craziness to eleven just to make up for the two episodes without her.

    Oh, and the bouncing… that armor must be VERY constraining; fridge logic, she IS a masochist after all.

    Weird D
  16. when Lala… erm, Darkness went on a rant about her perfect man i was like… “Kazuma desu!” with every description she gave. Too basd Kazuma didnt realize that because he is too unaware of his failings…


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