「サキュバスさんはいぶかしげ」 (Sakyubasu-san wa Ibukashige)
“Succubus-san Is Inquisitive”

Even though I knew what was going to happen, it didn’t make this episode any less amazing.

Succubus Problems

You know, I realized it was pretty difficult to be a succubus but man I never thought that they’d be one of the highest priorities for the Demi taskforce. I guess in hindsight it makes sense that from society’s perspective, someone who can influence the opposite gender to do things in public that already carry stiff penalties both legally and socially would be a huge cause for concern. Especially if the succubus in question was a fiendish one who would cause all those things just “because”.

But instead of diving back into that topic since we’ve already spent a post or two discussing it, let’s instead talk a bit about just how cute Satou-sensei was this week. Instead of the typically reserved lady we all know, it was great to see her break from that and really show some emotions. From getting to hear a lot more of her inner monologues (bidanshi! being my favorite from this week) to watching her get honestly flustered when talking to someone she considers a father figure, there were a range of facial expressions and emotions I never thought we’d get the opportunity to see.

If I had to pick a specific moment though, I thoroughly enjoyed when Ugaki started to grill Satou-sensei about her romantic feelings toward Takahashi-sensei. Seeing how her that topic is typically off bounds due to her reservations about love plus not having a truly neutral character to discuss it with, it’s nice to know that Satou-sensei is continuing to move in the correct direction when it comes to Takahashi-sensei.

Taking Care of the Demis

After catching a glimpse of who’d we see last week during the preview, I was so happy to see Kurtz and Ugaki finally make their debut. Specifically, I was really happy to see Ugaki finally get a chance to interact with number one sensei Takahashi. Or rather, I was happy to see Takahashi-sensei finally get a chance to really go all out with someone else when it comes to Demis. Because when you think about it, a decent amount of time has passed since our last big Demi incident and getting the opportunity to really get an account of how things have changed was rather touching. Toss in the tiny fact that Ugaki is also a great guy and could at this point be Satou-sensei’s dad and you just had a great scene full of interesting tidbits between two great people.

Looking Ahead

With everything at a relatively good point I can’t wait to see where things go from here. And seeing how I didn’t read passed this part when I was researching the show for the season preview, I’m glad to know that I’ll finally be able to happily experience any surprises or changes without any preconceived notions.

And with that I’ll catch you next week — see you!




  1. No! How DARE the outside world seep into this charming low-key slice-of-life school setting! I want this to remain pure dammit! When the jazzy music started playing, I almost thought this would turn into Durarara!! I mean we already have a dullahan, and Saki did mention how “out there” this whole scenario is becoming by calling it an anime. Speaking of her, I didn’t know succubi would be the most dangerous of the demi humans in this world.

    Is it standard to wear special slipper-shoes in a Japanese high school?

    Taki-sensei used to smoke 2 years ago, and he’s smoking again all because he has a guest?? How much cooler can he get!?

    Now I want takoyaki. 😐

    1. Is it standard to wear special slipper-shoes in a Japanese high school?

      Yes. If you’ve watched any number of anime that revolve around schools you’ve probably seen the students stop at shoe-lockers in the morning to switch their outdoor shoes for school-shoes, and again on the way home in the evening. We’ve seen that in this series, in fact.

  2. I really hope they do more with Kurtz! The anime actually managed to slip in more info about what exactly makes Kurtz “immune” to succubi through the scene with Satake, which I’m pretty sure is anime original, which the manga left very vague… It’d be interesting to see what he and Ugaki are all about.

    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Because he said nothing wrong.

        What he said there was “ajin no ko sannin” which literally means “three demi-human kids”, and it’s translated as “three demi-human students” in the sub (at least that how it is for HS release).

        Ugaki also said something about 4 demis in the same place in the previous scene where he talked with Succubus-sensei.

  3. Hikari is too positive that it becomes a flag that indicates that she has a major problem, that is yet to be seen… In short, Hikari’s “always happy” behavior smells like fish to me. That statement of her in the past that she has sucked blood directly to a person once is something that is really need to be expanded

  4. I like they have some Sort of Police that look over the Demis. Why? Let me remind me you with the Anime Charlotte ep: 11 (https://randomc.net/2015/09/12/charlotte-11/)

    They are here to protect them from harm, and of course to protect the Humans from them, too

    And i take the picture these Detective draw about his work and his successor (last scene in car)

    Please go on, you gave a bit more flesh into this World.. But remember the Pacing, do not lose sight of it

  5. I was actually a little bummed we didn’t get more of Satou-sensei’s history, in particular her school life. I have to imagine being a succubus is high school would not be an easy thing at all.

    1. I’d like to know about that too or maybe I don’t want to know.

      I’d hope that the aphrodisiac doesn’t kick in to at least puberty. Even then it could be hell for her having to deal with grown men coming after her.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if Satou-sensei went to an all girls school and even then kept her distances from class mates and fellow students. When I read the manga I got the impression that her determination to live as an “upstanding citizen” has led to a lot of isolation and loneliness on her part from a young age.

    3. Aye, seconded here. I was expecting a glimpse into Satou-sensei’s high school life in the preview and all I got was one brief flashback… (I hope to see a more detailed flashback to Satou-sensei’s high school life in the future, though.)

      On a different note, I can’t help but wonder if Satou-sensei wants to enjoy a day on the beach like a regular person? Though I can see the problems that would arise from that… I mean, if she wore a swimsuit (even a sports one), for all I know, that would cause men to have untimely boners and high school boys to “Eughhhh!” in their pants…

      It would still be interesting to see Takahashi-sensei and the demi girls in a beach episode/chapter if only to see Satou-sensei, Machi and perhaps Yuki get a luminescent blush over a topless Takahashi-sensei wearing only board shorts (with Hikari teasing her demi companions over that reaction).


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