「トップ!」 (Toppu!)


The Concert of Destiny

With the end of the season rapidly approaching, I suppose it was only a matter of time until the show went and did something crazy. Before jump into the end of this week’s episode though, let’s backtrack a little to the insane concert that ended up happening. Thinking back to last week’s episode, I think it was pretty clear that Yuu was going to have a rough time but boy who would have thought that the asshole who joked about throwing a glass bottle was really going to do it? I figured that there might be hecklers and even someone who might interrupt the performance but who honestly brings and then throws a glass bottle at someone? All things considered I’m surprised someone didn’t just go and sock the guy straight in the face!

Luckily, with some quick thinking by Yassan and a powerful opening song that replaced our normally scheduled opening sequence, we were treated to a very entertaining concert. And even though the “shut them up with skill” feeling didn’t perfectly translate from the screen to my chest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some happiness listening to all the hecklers get put into their place.


I’ve watched enough K-Dramas and Animes to realize just where the story is going with this “sudden stress induced illness” that Koyuki is dealing with. Seeing how she drew inspiration from her unrequited love for Yuu and used it to empower her singing, it’s not all that surprising to see that she’s having some trouble moving forward since a bunch of her wishes have all been fulfilled. That being said, I hate it when stories try to stir up drama or push things forward with sudden afflictions like this since it always ends up feeling flat and forced.

But, in true Fuuka fashion, it ends up disregarding the norm and leapt straight into a resolution without making us (the audience) suffer for too long. That and I don’t know how long I could have handled any more of the Koyuki can’t sing idea.

Looking Ahead

With tons of things being tossed at us I have absolutely no idea where things could go from here. You have Fuuka trying to take a backseat to her relationship with Yuu, Koyuki trying to do the same and failing completely (which is good for her though?), and a bunch of other side characters who are just trying to keep us from forgetting about them.

In any case I’ll catch you guys next week — see you then!


  1. Similar thoughts here.

    I am enjoying the anime very much, though. I realize it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s put together well enough for me to look forward to it every saturday.

  2. I don´t read the manga at all but somebody told that this is starting to differ from the source material, maybe this is a good thing since we can´t guess who is going to win in the triangle anymore. My money goes to Kuyuki all the same, I like her chracter way more than Fuka´s.

  3. I have been reading the manga and that scene in the last part of the episode didnt happen anywhere in the current translated chapters (well unless my memory is unreliable now). Looks like we will go to a anime original pot or something. And it excites me…

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Fuuka/Fuuka%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    oh my goodness, look at these people, what a bunch of Losers (I can’t imagine any celebrity that would want such worthless low-lives as their fans). Honestly, those thugs need to get a life, seriously.

    I can’t even understand how is it that such thuggish “fans” are not even arrested by the police? If I saw a group of dangerous looking thugs, especially if they start harassing a woman (with a Dangerous look, in their eyes, that tells me that the idea of rape was in their minds) or start throwing bottles, I would call the police without question.

    I honestly like this paring more than Fuuka and the main character. Childhood girlfriend, that are like your “onee-san,” are number 1; that’s better than just some “random girl” from my view.

    1. They’d most likely disappear easily amongst the crowd the moment the police got there. I’d rather have some bodyguards rather than police ~ they’ll always be more reliable 😛 Koyuki should hire one or two in the future, heh.

      No need to wait for their payment in money or whatnot the law decides, they’d just get their just rewards right there. Hell, that bottle could’ve left a permanent injury.

      Manly Tear
      1. Doesn’t that school have like some Karate or Akido club? I am sure there are many violent guys that would gladly do some violent charity work. If I was Heiwajima Shizuo, I would gladly throw those trash into the dumpster where they belong, seriously. The world doesn’t need such worthless losers as fans, I would like a singer because of how well she sings, not because of how I secretly lust for her.

        And seriously, not only did they break expensive property but, as you said, there could have been permanent damage where those glass shards could have hit the poor kid’s eyes; or that bottle could have hit the kid’s head which would lead to a severe cerebral stroke. If I was a bystander, I would make sure to record every sort of violent act, as well as possible big crime like rape, so that those losers can rot in prison. Violent Animals should stay in cages, not walk in the same environment with civilized humans.

  5. Fuuka’s fairly awesome herself, her genki attitude is what made this band happen in the 1st place and pushes ’em foward – no one could replace her in that regard. But Koyuki’s part is truly spicy and way more rare when it comes to anime, probably because it’s more common and easier to set up a romance with the genki, kinda tsundere girl than the more sensible Koyuki ~ but I’ll be damned if Seo’s not doing a fantastic job here.

    Oh,and speaking of Seo, knowing him, I’d thought he’d make Koyuki have more serious voice problems all of a sudden. Glad he didn’t take it that far though, it would’ve been too forced, even for him.

    Manly Tear
  6. Perhaps I can’t stand the cheap drama.
    Of course, Koyuki being there as the flat childhood friend cliche is part of it.
    Sure this thing being from the author of Kimi no Iru Machi makes it difficult to expect for more.

    Pretty much everything he writes has the depth of a razor blade and the sharpness of a wrecking ball.
    Often I end up thinking even donkeys learns from mistakes, but not Seo Kouji’s characters.
    Sometimes I believe I am myself a Seo Kouji’s character, watching again one of his shows to be yet again disappointed.


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