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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-Hen – 08

「父子相伝」 (Fushisouden)
“From Father to Son”

Now that’s what I’m talking about — big monsters (demons?) and even bigger problems!

Current Situation — Code Red

Having hit a lull in the action with the story slowing down a bit to elaborate on some of the smaller issues that popped up as we got to this point, I got to say that whatever’s going on now is a lot more interesting than before. Starting with Rin and his relationship with his fellow Exorcists, I’m glad to see things finally back to how they were during the previous season. As a genuinely good guy that relies more on impulses and his heart rather than thought and brainpower, it was tough for me to see everyone treating Rin so poorly and now that it’s been cemented that everyone’s finally opened back up to him, it’s actually really fun and engaging seeing everyone else on screen.

That said, even though the story has slowed down a bit that doesn’t belittle how fun it was watching everyone fighting against the Impure King. While I have to question just why a miasma creating monster would actually be a castle with a giant sporangium at its center, I’ll just not think too hard about the details. Because at the very least, this new revelation sets up a pretty cool area for Rin and Suguro to do some awesome fighting in.

Karura’s Power & Father and Son

Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention or was just tired from work, but was I the only one who was a little confused behind what Tatsuma’s pack with Karura entailed? I get that he’s borrowing a powerful spell from her to convert his life energy into the literal flames of the Phoenix, but what did Tatsuma offer to Karura in exchange? Unless this is a situation where this familiar, who’s fueled by lies and deception, is offering their power pro bono? Or maybe I just missed it and this is one of those “I won’t let you die because you’re using my stuff” situations?

In any case, I’m glad to see that Suguro and his dad finally managed to patch things up. And even though I would have loved for more time to be devoted to the pair, it was still really touching to see Suguro finally find some solace in understanding just what was going on this whole time.

Yukio’s Struggle and Looking Ahead

While it’s been hinted at ever since the first episode, who would have thought this would have been the moment that Todo would start messing around with Yuikio’s head? As a former family man that was driven to do things out of his situation, I guess you could view the situation as him trying to give Yukio some guidance into avoiding a future like his. But, even if that were the case, why would Todo be taking all this time to mess around with Yukio when he has bigger things to fry?

Anyways, even with tons of questions and no answers in sight, I can’t wait to see where things lead on from here. With the story handling two fronts at the same time, I’m hoping that we get a satisfying conclusion from both. That said, I really would like to see Rin unsheathe his sword while simultaneously kicking some ass and not losing his mind doing it.

See you then!



February 25, 2017 at 5:03 pm
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  • February 25, 2017 at 7:25 pmMagewolf

    There were two pacts with Karura. The one with the sect which seemed to have been powered by the leaders lying about most everything having to do with the Impure King. And the private one with Tatsuma which seemed to be powered by him making the entire sect mistrust him. The one with the sect has been discharged because of the info about the Impure King coming out. Tatsuma’s one was still mostly in effect since his secrets have not been exposed to the sect yet he just was not in good enough health to use it.