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Trucks are dangerous Failure to completely cross intersections can be dangerous.


I’ve wondered for quite some time now just what attracted me to Fuuka (the show). Was it the characters? Was it the story? Was it how situations reach a conclusion within two episodes at most? The problem was the more I thought about it, the more ideas I came up with and the less confident I became in any one of them. That is, until today, when I realized just what it was that made me feel so connected to this show.

Diving into some personal experiences, I’ve been in a similar situation to Yuu (minus the part about being the cool bassist in an indie band). Meeting a girl who I thought was cool and getting awfully close with them, I instead ended up dating a different girl who happened to be a childhood friend from my elementary school days. And for a while things were going well (from my opinion) except I never realized that my girlfriend was feeling self-conscious about my choice to date her. Specifically the fact that even though I was close with this other girl and all the signs were pointing to us dating I instead picked my childhood friend.

Skipping all the messy parts that came afterwards, suffice to say nobody ended up in a happy relationship afterwards and our relationships with one another were all screwed up as well. Looking back at it now I probably should have caught the signs of something not being quite right but they say hindsight is 20/20 and when you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship there’s probably nothing except for a breakup that will break your spirit.

Anyways, getting back on topic, it feels like we’re about to hit a climax when it comes to the triangle between Yuu, Fuuka, and Koyuki. And seeing how at this point we’ve covered just about everything up to the point of no return, I’m excited to see just how the story is going to proceed. And on the off chance that everything blows over and somehow Koyuki and Yuu stay together and Fuuka somehow becomes a super famous singer — I think I’d be okay with that too just because of how out there that situation would be.

Strange Pacing

If I had to pick something to complain about for this week’s episode, it would definitely be the strange moment between Mikasa and his dad. Not only did it feel awfully out of place since there was never a point where Mikasa spoke about his troubled home life but the forced addition of even more drama actually took away from the heavy feeling leading up to the performance. Don’t get me wrong, I can see how the story would try to use that moment for something in the future but it would have been nice if they executed it a bit more skillfully.

Looking Ahead

With the band’s future and Yuu’s relationship in jeopardy it remains to be seen just how all of this is going to be wrapped up. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!


    1. Err, why do so many people think this turn of events means Yuu and Koyuki will stay together? From the looks of it, 2 episodes is plenty of time for Yuu and Fuuka to angst over the breakup of the band and for Yuu to convince Fuuka to return to them–by confessing his feelings.

      Incest Emblem
      1. “2 episodes is plenty of time for Yuu and Fuuka to angst over the breakup of the band and for Yuu to convince Fuuka to return to them–by confessing his feelings.”
        ……..well, I have to agree with how someone said “Koyuki deserves that happy ending more than Fuuka.”
        Seeing these sort of childhood memories makes me feel that childhood “onee-chans” are more worthy of a love interest.

        On the side note.
        If some girl appears in-front of me and suddenly destroys my phone, with all the valuable data, I would be in a perpetual state of unforgiving anger where I would refuse to have her as a girlfriend.

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fuuka/Fuuka%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2021.jpg
    Gee, for a second I thought a tractor was going to hit Fuuka, where Fuuka dies from shock, and then she would be reincarnated into a fantasy world.

    Anyway, banzai Fuuka for not getting hit by Truck-san.
    Notably, the fact that Fuuka chose to leave this key-chain behind shows, at least from my interpretation, that she accepts the relationship between Koyuki and Yuu, thus she will no longer pursue Yuu. Ironic, perhaps the relationship between Koyuki and Yuu is what saved Fuuka since she chose to let the Keychain get destroyed rather than suicidally prevent it from getting run over. Hopefully it stays that way, I really prefer Koyuki and Yuu as compared to Fuuka and Yuu. One of the reasons why is, if I recall correctly, Koyuki didn’t grow up with an ideal family, where her only mental support was Yuu, as compared to Fuuka who grew up with an ideal family; so Koyuki is more deserving of Yu compared to Fuuka.

    And gee, even though Fuuka didn’t meet an unfortunate accident, people are still upset. Talk about inevitable rain.

    Anyway, if Fuuka does find someone else to love, if I had to guess, maybe Fuuka will choose the “Otouto route.” I am not sure, unless someone can enlighten me, but I think Fuuka has a little brother.

    On the side note, I am not sure about the manga, but I hope the Koyuki and Yuu route occurred. I stopped reading after a certain chapter.

    1. I didn´t see the keychain destruction that way until you mention it and you are right. It would great if she let things as they are and moves on, Koyuki went through hell to be with Yuu finally so leting Fuuka come in at the last minute and destroy the relationship will really upset me. In any case, this strugle with the relationship is a classic of Seo Koji, your characters not only get together, they have to earn that happy ending by resolving all the problems that life throws at them, jus look Suzuka and Kimi no Iru Machi, thos couples didn´t have easy in the least!.

      1. “Koyuki went through hell to be with Yuu finally so leting Fuuka come in at the last minute and destroy the relationship will really upset me.”
        Indeed, to be frank, I always hate the sort of “setting” where a heroine “suddenly appears” in the protagonist’s life when our Main Character already has someone who likes him, for so long since possibly childhood, and it’s obvious that she treats him well (not to mention Koyuki is more worth of being the love interest, due to how she has so many positive traits, compared to the heroine, where Fuuka’s first encounter with Yuu was considered negative).

        In all honesty, maybe because this occurs in many anime, I always hate how a main character never choose the “girl just right for him.” Typically, in most anime, the heroine is someone who often treats the main character as trash, at least in the first few or some later episodes, compared to how the protagonist Already has a girl that loves him, and obviously shows it, yet he apparently is only attracted to the abusive/violent heroine.

        I am up for recommendations, since I rarely see an anime/manga protagonist pick the girl “just right for him.” In Naruto Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. I am eagerly agree with your thoughts cause I have had the same all this time. The end of “Naruto” made me feel like Kishimoto had not enough fortitude to make the two of them together. It was a difficult task for him to change direction of his thoughts even when the developments started going another way by themselfs.

    1. Just for the record, a “female titular character” doesn’t necessarily mean “love interest.” If you have heard of Akame ga Kiru then you know what I mean where this is one of the “rare” cases a female titular character wouldn’t be linked to romance.

  2. Is this anime still following the manga or they literally went to a anime only plot? I am reading the manga and I don’t remember reading this events in anime unless my memory is wrong

  3. “And on the off chance that everything blows over and somehow Koyuki and Yuu stay together and Fuuka somehow becomes a super famous singer — I think I’d be okay with that too just because of how out there that situation would be.”
    In regards to this statement
    So, does anyone think Koyuki and Yuu’s relationship will increase now that Fuuka, the former lead singer of the Fallen Moon, has left the band? IF anyone recalled in Fuuka Episode 6, traditionally speaking in anime, childhood promises are often destined to come true.

    This may be a cold look from things, since this is because Fuuka left, but maybe Koyuki will now be the Lead Singer of Yuu’s group. That way, like how they promised each other as kids, Yuu will be playing instruments with the singing Koyuki.

    To be frank, it makes one wonder if Fuuka actually left the band, where she is hiding her true intentions, because Fuuka knew herself that she was being an obstacle for Koyuki and Yuu to work together with their dream. Now, since Fuuka says she wants to “do things solo,” nothing is holding Yuu back from being with Koyuki.

      1. True. But if you ask me the truck hitting her would have felt like something that was tacked on just for the sake of getting a shocking response. I don’t think it would have added anything necessary to this story

      2. I don’t deny that part in particular, I was talking more about the parts after that and the character growth and story progression. TBH the manga should have ended at For You

  4. I had a feeling that they were gonna chicken out on this after they changed stuff in episode 8 or 9 and apparently they actually did. In doing so, they kinda cheapened several things which were riskily done in the manga and, at least in my opinion turned out pretty well making a lot of things more meaningful rather than the somewhat shallow way it was done in this episode.

    Manga v Anime change (spoilered to be safe)
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Been a while since I last commented on here.

    Watching this show ’cause as a Suzuka fan, I also read the manga and wow… so many things were changed from it. I can’t tell yet if it’s better or worse, it’s just different. At least, I don’t feel the rage I felt while reaching the part of the story reading the manga hahaha.
    Really looking forward to the anime development !

  6. Ok don’t hate me for asking such a question, but I’m not following the anime right now. Too busy to watch, but from the comments, is the anime going with an original route than the manga? If so, I think that this is a good thing. It provides a fresh outlook on a series that we all know and love so we don’t expect the obvious. I’m also curious how much of it was allowed by Seo and if he had any input.

    1. It followed the manga pretty much until the confession by Koyuki then went total original route from there.

      I personally feel like some of the highlights from the manga were trampled upon by going the original route and changing some things around. I can’t say I like it, right now it feel like it cheapened some of the majoir points of the manga, but we can wait and see when all things come to an end

    1. I guess Seo doesn’t give a Fuuka’bout faithful adaptations as long as he gets a rise out of his own controversies. Everybody was watching this trainwreck to watch Fuuka die, only for him to “rectify” the trainwreck that his manga has become.

      Kouji Seo is a hack.

  7. The only anime I can think of that went with an original route is Full metal Alchemist, but that was because they had not enough source material to adapt, and possibly Akame ga Kill but that was at the end. Does anyone know of another series that went with an original route?

    1. There are actually a lot. Most of them because the source material wasn’t complete or they didn’t want to give away the “ending” assuming there was enough. Just a few examples are Ichigo 100%, Soul Eater, Capeta, Rosario Vampire, Noragami, etc.

  8. I didn’t really care for Fuuka but I hated the path the manga took after “the event”. The romance became terrible and I wanted Koyuki to have a bigger part in everything. Like shipping aside, so far either way the triangle ends I’m way more okay than how the manga is developing with all the cheap drama from the last manga arc.


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