「デュラハンは時空を超えて」 (Durahan wa Jikuu wo Koete)
“The Dullahan Surpasses Space Time”

That was probably the best intro to an episode I’ve seen in a while.

The Second Machi Episode

While I have an undying love Satou-sensei and the struggles she faces, my personal favorite character is still Machi and I’m so happy that we finally got another Machi-focused episode. But before jumping to that, let me just repeat that this episode’s opening skit was freaking hilarious. It may have only been about 20 or so seconds, but there was just so much to giggle at. That and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I rewound that part where Satou-sensei nearly spits out her coffee more times than I’d like to admit.

Takahashi-sensei is The Best

Boy, I never expected things to turn out the way they did this week. With last week’s preview leaving me wanting for more, I’m so glad that there was such a wide array of things that occurred. Starting from the beginning, I’m really happy that we got to see a more emotional Takahashi-sensei this week. As an educator it’s a given that disciplining your students is a part of the job, but I still doubt anyone wants to do it. Especially when you’re the type of sensei like Takahashi-sensei who ends up befriending most of his students. That said, getting to see that he has his student’s best intentions at heart and only accidentally started to yell at Machi because of how much he cares about her left some butterflies fluttering in my chest. God, can Takahashi-sensei do no wrong?


Even though I’m pretty sure I would not want the ability for my head to exist separate from my body, I must say that here are some pretty good perks involved with it. Besides being able to continue watching my shows while I send my body off to do tasks, it looks super handy to be able to raise your head as high as your arms can go — can you imagine how handy that’d be at concerts (well, minus the danger of being in a packed environment filled with inconsiderate people)?

Ignoring the benefits that could come with being a dullahan, who would have thought we’d be able to explain Machi’s situation with the power of physics? I mean, sure I guess it makes sense since everything else thus far has had an explanation backed with science but did you at any point assume we’d get a basic lecture on quantum physics? From explaining the basic theory of observation to talking about quirks and wormholes, I really enjoyed watching Souma getting caught in his own wormhole of thoughts as he hypothesized about just how the connection between Machi’s head and body worked.

And as I said earlier, overall I think the whole latter half of the episode actually ended up working rather well. Something that I have to give props to the story for since I thought it might have been really boring.

Looking Ahead

With these latter episodes focusing on a specific girl, it looks like Hikari is the one who’ll get the special treatment next week. However, I’m not sure things are going to be with that preview giving off some awfully somber vibes. In any case, I’ll see you guys then!




    1. “Wow… Machi is really tall with her head attached.”

      Well, that can be attributed to the growth spurt that usually starts during puberty. That, and we’re used to seeing Machi carry her head around, so there’s this appearance/image that she looks just as tall as the others.

      Still, one could say she is…ahead of the others height-wise. (I’ll see myself out…)

  1. I wish he’d just realize Satou Sensei is interested in him and ask her out, dammit. I want her to have a happy ending and he certainly would!

    I see a dark cloud on the horizon and it’s that vice principal.

    The end scenes where he’s imagining Machi as a normal girl had me tearing up a bit. Just because she seemed more confident and self assured.

    1. I’m hoping the Vice Principal is just concerned with how much special attention Takahashi-Sensei is giving the girls from an educator stand-point. That’d be better(and easier to fix) than him complaining about Takahashi-Sensei not focusing on his Biology teacher job enough or just being an ass because he doesn’t like Demis.

      This show doesn’t need a villain.

  2. If the second episode didn’t make me well up inside in sympathy toward Machi (it did), THIS one sure did too, maybe even moreso. It was her time to have a good cry, though I do wonder why she chose such a lame excuse of an approach to get a kiss from Taki-sensei. NOT subtle at all, Machi. And why did they have to go and show me Machi as a regular human being with a neck?? I would’ve been fine with the feeling of not imagining that so I can avoid the tears.

    Science Guy is hella cute. I would LOVE to see an anime just with him as the star!!

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    That look says it all: “If science can unlock the secrets to how Machi’s wormhole neck works, FTL space travel is a possibility!”

    Considering that I’m absolutely down with sci-fi stuff and actual science stuff (Thank you, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!), I’d say that was the most entertaining portion of the episode.

    On a more serious note, I’m hoping that Machi being able to catch her own head was down to her instinct as a Dullahan. Although a dojikko Dullahan might be cute for some, if that clutziness impairs that instinctive ability to catch her own head, well…let’s just say the result won’t be pretty. No wonder Takahashi-sensei got worried sick.

  4. “T-Takahashi-sensei, would you like to know more about my body?”
    “Yeah, I definitely would.”

    Damn it, Demi-chan. Why must you tease me with things that Takahashi-sensei is too much of an actual adult and human being to ever do?

  5. I can’t help but think introducing Souma is making the animators have an easy time haha

    And even Takahashi-sensei’s temper is out of concern, how nice of him. Also nice are his abs. I mean, his friend has testimony that he’s been training that body for many years lol

    Really interested in (my) best girl Hikari-chan next episode. Can’t wait.

  6. The fun part of the second half of the episode was that most of the science was pretty sound. Some of it pushed into theoretical and quantum physics (which is pretty much a best guess anyways) but most of you could probably find in a real publication. It’s nice that that author/studio put the work into it.

    1. Dude, this episode showed the classic double-slit experiment from the field of quantum mechanics, which is a real phenomenon in Physics. Go look it up. It delves into the nature of light’s dual nature: light exists both as a particle and wave. Only in Anime will I see real scientific experiments seemlessly integrated into the random ramblings of an Anime Physicist…

    1. Also, her Body is likes Rock Lee’s. The Body knows how to move inside th house even without looking.. Rock Lee’s body works on its on, even if he gets unconscious

      “Machi, could you feel the Bath Tube water if its hot enough?”.. her Body run on its own, and she still watching TV.. Impressive work!!! 🙂


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