「夢のお告げ」 (Yume no Otsuge)
“The Dream’s Revelation”

Hi everyone! Takaii (or Takkun) here covering Boruto this week. Let’s dive into it!

General Impressions

As a huge Naruto fanboy, you can bet that I was loving every moment of this week’s episode. With the typical Boruto shenanigans out of the way, I loved how the focus finally shifted back to the nitty gritty details I’ve sorely missed from the original Naruto series. Specifically, we finally got the opportunity for the show to address the awesome power known as the Byakugan and what nifty powers it bestows its wielder — something I’m sure all of us older fans know way too much about (like the blind spot above the first thoracic vertebra). That said, I can understand the show needing to prime newer fans of the series about all this fancy ninja stuff and if anything it was rather nice to be living in a world where all the main players are literally babies in terms of technique and knowledge.

Getting back on track though, with the way everyone was behaving when Boruto revealed he’d awakened his Byakugan, it makes you wonder if that’s truly what’s appearing on that left eye of his. And no, I’m not questioning whether or not it’s the Byakugan on his eye but something more along the lines of is it possible for someone to have a partially activated Byakugan? If I remember correctly it takes a considerable amount of chakra to sustain the thing and with all the new Genin sounding pretty clueless when it comes to the finer points of ninjutsu (specifically Chakra manipulation), it doesn’t sound too crazy to think the thing showing up on Boruto’s eye could be something a little atypical. Plus, when you compare how it looks to anyone else in the Naruto Universe who has actually used the Byakugan, it’s clear that it looks a little different too.

At the end of the day though, even if the thing on Boruto’s eye becomes a moot point, I thoroughly enjoyed everything that the reveal brought to the story this week. Between Brouto channeling his inner Karamatsu to finally seeing Naruto out of the office and interacting with his family, I hope that the show can create more moments like this where the past and the present get to interact with each other.

And with that, I’ll catch you guys down in the comments! I believe Zaiden will be back to resume his coverage of Boruto next week so be sure to give him a warm welcome then. See you later!




  1. The Kamina shades were cringy af. But that was overshadowed by how Hiashi turned out like EVERYONE expected he’d be like. And Hanabi is still beautiful as always (matched/surpassed only by Hinata)

    What I’m taking from this so far though is, Byakugan or not, THIS is when Boruto learns Gentle Fist. I felt that it was missing from Boruto’s earlier brawls, and now I can see where he’d get it from

  2. The appearance of Otsutsuki Toneri from The Last: Naruto the Movie is a major hint towards the true nature of Boruto’s eye. Or the Naruto staff is just trolling us.

    1. I’ve seen people commenting that it could be the Tenseigan, or a variation of it. But how? The (prequel?) movie made it sure to explain that it’s not a power that can be achieved so easily.

  3. Hiashi wants to test the limits of his keikaku. Good.

    Personally, I think that Boruto is going to be very disappointed next episode, for I suspect he won’t find a way to activate his special eye. And since he stubbornly refuses to tell his father and the other adults about his ability to see the strange possessing beast, he will be left with no proof of what he, his academy friends and the audience know: his right eye is not normal. It doesn’t matter if it’s Byakugan or not, a magic eye is always a boon for a ninja.

    Still, it’s good to see the Hyuga side in the spotlight. I remember how at the beginning of Naruto the Hyugas and the Byakugan were presented as a big deal, comparable to the Uchihas and the Sharingan. Contrary to Naruto, who grew up alone and without support, Boruto and Himawari can boast a whole clan of relatives.

    And soooo happy that Himawari’s Crowning Moment of Awesome in that one-shot/short was acknowledged… which actually undermines all that talk of “you need a lot of training to use the Byakugan”. No, no, you only need to rip apart a teddy bear. Boruto knows it too well.

  4. Very solid episode. I’ll never turn down more episodes with Hinata and Himawari. Seeing Hanabi was just a bonus.

    I’m sure his eye won’t activate and he won’t discuss being able to ‘see’ that dark chakra with anyone because you have to have easily solvable misunderstandings in anime – you just do.

    1. This is both entirely true of anime and more true of life than you’d think. Speaking as someone who is currently raising his teenage nephew (I am nowhere near old enough to have a teenage son, life is just weird sometimes) kids will hide completely illogical things from you all the time. For no discernable reason except that they want to be able to tell themselves they’re an adult and they don’t need you.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Good old times, very ironic that Naruto mentioned a certain scroll. Imagine a 12 year old Naruto time traveled and met Boruto, would be nice to see another time travel movie.

    Someone has chilled, wonder why there is no grandma?

    1. There was only a glimpse of Hinata’s and Hanabi’s mother in the anime, and she was absent in the manga. She doesn’t even have a name. I wouldn’t rule out that she died prior to the events in Naruto.

  6. To be fair to the new main characters’ lack of knowledge regarding chakra manipulation and ninjutsu and so on, the first naruto series began when Naruto was already finished with much of his time at the academy and was going out to be a ninja, this series starts when they’ve just entered, which leads to a pretty fundamental difference in what these characters know versus what the Naruto characters knew at the beginning.

    These characters are actually rather advanced for their age compared to the originals.

  7. Incase anyone didn’t notice, the novel adaptation explained that a Hyūga descendant of a more diluted bloodline, like Mukai Kohinata, may end up only awakening Byakugan in a single eye. Himawari seems to be a special case.


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