「カツ丼/プリンアラモード」(Katsudon/Purin a ra Moudo)
“Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl/Pudding a la Mode”

Typically, I eat food for comfort. So I cannot relate to the idea of a lovely meal inspiring individuals to go above and beyond. But the story in our Restaurant from Another World really got to me this time round, telling the tale of an enslaved Lionman forced to fight as a gladiator within the arena, as well as a shunned half-elf princess who spends her time locked up in a tower conducting research. Though strictly speaking these two cannot be classified as human, their attempts to overcome difficulties is something we can all look upon and empathise with.

Gladiator of Katsu-DOOM

Forced slavery is not cool, even if Lionel was taking it a bit far with the unwarranted pillaging. Sold as a slave, with the expectation of fighting the deadly manticore in a gladiator arena, things aren’t looking too hot. Good thing the door to Nekoya appears to Lionel in his time of need, taking him to a realm where he could satiate his hunger and restore his resolve. What I particularly liked about Lionel was that he didn’t default into a tirade of culinary spiel, expressing his enjoyment of food through simple descriptions like ‘Strong’ and ‘Weak’ while giving off hearty roars. Tenshu’s grandfather is such a generous and heartwarming figure, who couldn’t leave the kitty feeling sad. Even after he said he couldn’t pay up immediately, he went and gave Lionel more bowls of Katsudon just to lift up his mood! From our present day scenario, it’s pretty evident that he won a customer for life, helping Lionel go from emaciated to emancipated.

While I find it somewhat questionable that Katsudon is apparently the secret to becoming a legendary gladiator, I’ll happily accept it. After all, it’s so damn delicious and nourishing too!

Pudding Sorceress

If you look at how she goes the extra mile to savour it, Victoria must really love her pudding. Constructing a magical portal to summon Nekoya’s door, and working on the invention of a refrigerating device so that can preserve whatever food she takes away are by no means ordinary. We are also given Victoria’s insight on how best she enjoys her weekly pudding. She first samples a spoonful of cream and gradually picks off the fruit, before committing to the pudding itself.

This actually deeply contrasts the other characters we’ve seen so far, most of whom react to trying a wonderful dish for the first time. For now, I actually preferred the background information we got, explaining the context of what it meant to be a half-elf in the fantasy world. Facing discrimination, they are rejected by both humans and elves and driven to live in segregated settlements or condemned to a life of isolation.

Having said that, it struck me as beautiful: the fact that Victoria does not resent her heritage as a half-elf. In spite of the difficulties, her human ability to consume animal based products and elven ability to conduct magic allow her to enjoy pudding to its fullest extent. Hence it makes me incredibly happy to see her put on this kind of smile, living an extremely fulfilled life.

Concluding Thoughts

Sometimes, our small pleasures in life can work out to mitigate the pains and banalities of daily life, and drive us to reach out further in order to overcome extenuating circumstances. I really felt that this week’s thematic message spoke to my heart, making it my favourite episode. Isekai Shokudou offers such a peaceful and ambient atmosphere that washes away my weariness week after week. Provided I don’t watch it when I’m hungry.

I felt things were beginning to get repetitive, which isn’t a worrying thing mind you. The format of eating food, then gushing like a connoisseur works fine for this series. But with how it’s been shaken up recently, giving us nature documentaries about lizardmen and having a lionman express his love of food through roars, I can confirm that I really enjoy the variations that are being brought to the table. So simple, yet so effective.

Judging from the next episode preview, I look forwards to seeing how the customers we have seen so far will interact!


Zaiden’s Omurice

Omelette Rice!!!

My younger sister hates mushrooms, so I had to leave it out. Otherwise, I’m very satisfied with how this one went! The fried rice was deliciously seasoned, and the omelette had a creamy consistency that you would associate with a French one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work towards a demi-glace sauce due to time constraints. But I will be visiting Kichi Kichi in Kyoto when I go Japan in a few weeks, so I’ll save the 10/10 and have a picture of their Omurice for reference too!

Final Rating: 6.8/10 – Tasted delicious, looked nice. Maybe a tad too much oil was used to fry the rice?


  1. As much as I love the vignettes, I’m happy that we’re finally going back to the already established characters so we can see how they interact with each other.

    Besides that, I’m willing to bet that after the halfway mark next episode the one after that will finally introduce the other maid. Every time I see the moon I just can’t help but imagine what kind of character she is since she’s apparently “living” there as seen in the OP.

    This episode also makes me wonder just how much shit the previous master had to deal with when he was still handling the restaurant considering those doors probably existed during a time of massive strife because of the age old Japanese fantasy classic setting of the Yuusha vs. Maou trope. Every episode they just keep on adding more and more lore to the restaurant as well as the world that they’re becoming a close second as my favorite part of the show just behind the iyashikei food segments.

    1. We know an evil entity was defeated by the Sage Artorius at some point, so I definitely buy into the idea that there could have been an age of strife back in the grandfather’s time. Now that I think about it, hoping there won’t be a twist with Aletta being the Demon King’s illegitimate daughter.

      1. The final guest…



        …only to be defeated by a delicious meal. XD

        Now that I think about it…that takes me back to The Legend of Zelda…

        …Grumble, Grumble…

  2. I want to see more of the Dragon Queen as well as more of Aletta’s story. Is she still living in a deserted barn so filthy homeless people won’t go there? Did the Dragon Queen’s grace do anything to help make her life better?

  3. I’m actually surprised by Lionel’s backstory. Ok, forced slavery, becoming a gladiator and finding success in the arena are familiar tropes. But I didn’t expect the story to point out that he was a jerkass victim and that he was enslaved as punishment for his crimes against a relatively benign demon overlord.

    Heck, when a legendary hero was the one who captured him I suspected that he was going to be revealed as a “hidden villain with good publicity”, but perhaps according to the laws and customs of that fantasy world the hero was indeed doing a righteous job.

    1. At first, I was wondering why an Elven Hero would work under the dominion of a Demon Lord. Then it turned out that the Demon Lord was actually doing a good job of governing things.

      If that’s the case, where there’s a society of many races being ruled over by a demon lord, why doesn’t Aletta choose to live here? Or possibly the discrimination against demons exist in spite of the ruler being one?

      I still really disliked Alexander. I don’t blame him for being arrogant in his own skills, but bragging about his lower sword was uncouth and too far.

  4. Speaking of katsudoom, Hataraku’s author says he gets a lot of questions from fans and associates on whether another Hataraku anime will be made.
    He’s tweeted that despite being its creator, this alone can’t guarantee the creation of a S2, and “since anime’s a business”, fans won’t necessarily get a S2 despite demand.

    IMO, Hataraku’s publishers would have the most authority and influence to get another season made, provided they think the 2nd season can push the sales of LNs and Blurays as well as the first.
    To my knowledge Natsume Yuujinchou’s one of the titles which meets such targets, hence the new anime seasons every few years.

    1. Hey zztop! I already knew this actually, since I have a friend who only watched Hataraku Maou-Sama and asked me when the next season was going to come out. Had to break the news to him softly :/

      Too bad about the situation. It is what it is, eh?

  5. Ah, Hataraku Maou-Sama…an underrated reverse-isekai comedy series. (Another khatsu-dum!) And that good old “victory” pun with that dish strikes again. (Last time I heard that pun was when the Student Council/Turtle Team had some pork cutlets in that breather episode of Girls und Panzer before the final match.)


    Damnit… Whenever I see pudding, I can’t help but remember KanColle‘s Prinz Eugen and her fan nickname.

    That aside, I almost thought Victoria was voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (who recently played a certain busty, snack-eating silver-haired girl in Dagashi Kashi), until I confirmed on MAL/ANN that it was actually Yukari Tamura. (Would have made for another clever casting gag… Oh well, can’t win them all.)

    Finally, that squeeing (embarrassed?) face Aletta’s making in the preview is cute AF.

  6. Though strictly speaking these two cannot be classified as human, their attempts to overcome difficulties is something we can all look upon and empathize with.

    You can exchange her race with parents. i mean, (example) father German, Mother US, and they are all living in Nippon… Do you thing they will recognize them an full flagged Citizens of Nippon? (in their heart)

    Same with me, i speak German, i think in German. But when they hear that i was born “outside” Germany they are surprised, and are thinking i am joking

    1. Hey Worldwidedepp! Sorry if the implications I made were offensive, I had not intended for them to be perceived that way.

      When I talk about humans, I refer to something beyond nationality. Of course, they all belong to a nationality, but that doesn’t change your species. You can be a Lionman belonging to London, and another Lionman can belong to Berlin. Those two are still Lionmen at the end of the day, and that’s not something that can be changed unlike nationality.

      So, if they’re born with something that cannot be changed, then it’s possible that Lionel and Victoria may face discrimination through the course of their life. Which is exactly what happened this episode. And I more or less wanted to highlight the fact that they succeeded in overcoming their respective problems and difficulties from a less progressive society within a fantasy world.

  7. All these succulent, delectable, exquisite foods, yet so little money and know-how on my end. I WILL BE SATISFIED!!! I MUST SEEK THESE GLORIOUS INVENTIONS!!! WHERE!!!??? WHERE DO I FIND THEM!!!???

    And YOU THERE ZAIDEN!!! What is your secret to making the egg wrap around the rice? I’ve been trying for many many moons but my efforts have been in vain. Blasted eggshells! I cri evrytim…

    Nishizawa Mihashi
    1. Nishizawa Mihashi. Git gud, scrub!

      Jk. Anyway, there are various strategies and I advise checking YouTube on how to go about it. Off the top of my head:

      1. You can put the fried rice onto the omelette, and fold it over in the pan.
      2. You can fold the omelette in the pan when it hasn’t completely cooked, put the lump over your fried rice, and split it with a knife to get it to spread out like a flap of jelly over your fried rice.
      3. Make the omelette, and just flip the pan upside down to put it onto the fried rice. Adjust position, and fold the edges underneath the rice.

      As for eggshells, you want to get a good singular crack for your egg on a flat surface. If you do it on a curved edge, the shell will just cave in and potentially splinter into the egg, possibly breaking the yolk too.

      If you want to become a wizard with eggs, I recommend checking out Jacques Pepin. The guy is not just egg-cellent – he is truly egg-ceptional!

    2. Magnifique! Tricks and tips. A most egg-cellent resource! Merci~ I shall attempt to make them sometime in the upcoming weeks then monsieur!

      By zhe way mon ami, I know of your gentlemanly upright demeanor but I must step in and defend my refined tastes and absolute love of blood sports. I, Mihashi Nishizawa thoroughly, unapologetically and unashamedly adore gladiatorial games and extreme games of fisticuffs, in addition to good old-fashioned prime homo sapien exercise and sporting in the nude. Glorious possibilities of the past now laid to waste in fantasy and raging desire due to imbecilic senators, emperors and kings. The CHEEK that those homo idioticii express depresses me to no end. But such is the way of life dictated by primates displaying little foresight.

      And let’s not forget, that I found the sex joke of the “blade down below” hilariously amusing. Sue me, restrain me, do whatever thou wish, for I have little boundaries!

      P.S… If Greco-Roman persisted on and it was our primary reality, we’d still encounter the occasional temple prostitute every now and then. Think, think of the possibilities! And no, I don’t frequent them but it’s most interesting that exotic traditions will continue to live on~~~

      Nishizawa Mihashi

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