「雨の音」 (Ame no Oto)
“The Sound of Rain”

If this is the direction Sunshine wants to go in, I’m totally down for it.

General Impressions

If there’s one thing that the first run of Love Live didn’t have, it was a sense of dread and urgency related to the real life issues a bunch of high school girls would run into trying to compete in a country-wide idol contest. Not that Muse needed that kind of drama since the story back then was supposed to be a super happy one, but had the writers for Sunshine strayed down that same path we’d probably have a really unfulfilling show on our hands.

Which is precisely why this week’s episode ended up being one of my favorites. Besides the added benefit of getting an episode devoted to both our first and third years, I loved how the story decided to address the problem of what happens when you have a large-ish group that enjoy vastly different things. Instead of just assuming that everyone was on the same page (which I’ll admit was something they were kind of doing up to this point), I loved how we got to see how difficult it was to figure things out. Sure, there was some stubbornness involved between Kanan & Mari and Hanamaru & Yoshiko, but I think it was specifically because both sides were so adamant about not conforming that this week’s episode ended up being so good. What also probably helped was that every attempt to bring everyone together felt like it was something that could have worked. By the end of the episode though, we had a really touching moment where all our girls came together to address the task at hand. With the need to work together overcoming all the shortcomings from earlier, it was fun to finally see some true results.

At this point, I think it’ll be tough for Sunshine to continuously pump out episodes like this. That said, if it’s able to maintain this level of storytelling, I think we’re going to have another situation where a second season to a Love Live show ends up being exponentially better than its first. Luckily, we have the whole situation of the school actually getting closed down looming over our girls’ heads, something that I hope manages to keep things moving down the correct path. In any case, I’ll see you guys next week!




  1. Who knew that if you remove their leader,the Kurosawa sisters would be the voices of reason? I really did like the idea of removing the second years for most of the plot as we get to see a lot of entertaining shenanigans.

    This also provided a interesting contrast between µ’s and Aqours leadership. Honoka is an extrovert who could basically convince very different people to go along with her. Without her, µ’s falls apart without direction. Chika has shown more introverted tendencies and encourages more independent thought. Without her lead, Aqours start butting heads with their own preferences.

    Also, is Chika apparently the sole lyricist of Aqours? She is leading them so I was under the impression she had help last season. But it seems the entire group just sits around until Chika and Riko comes up with a new song. That does explain why she is so close to Riko since they make music together.

  2. HalfDemonInuyasha
    1. I don’t know how I press that submit button ……
      It’s great that we are able to see more personalities of our first and third years in this season. I kind of expect Kanan to be more of a big sister/mediator/straight-man type, but she kind of broke all of that in this episode. I’m not complaining though because it’s cute seeing her like that after having seen her being edgy for the most part of the first season. However, I guess Dia fills in as a better candidate for second leader then haha.
      Chibi Kanan is super cute. I guess I’ll go watch more Happy Party Train for more chibi Aqours. :3
      As for their conditions for saving the school, I’ve read some comments from places saying it’s not so hard… it actually is though. Otonokizaka had better surviving conditions since the school is located in the city, but Uranohoshi’s location is just too far from everything. It would take one hell of a convincing to make someone to enroll to a school that has basically nothing, let alone trying to convince 100 people.

  3. Speaking of leadership style, KamiHonoka’s style is really extroverted and she does “convince and impress” people to see her point and follow her whims as opposed to Chikan who is more off hand and also more autonomous as opposed to KamiHonoka. Both styles has its merits and demerits at the same time of which I think we can logically think through since talking about it here in the comments would end up being a thesis on Chikan’s and KamiHonoka’s leadership styles.

    That said, Chikan does have a vivid imagination and that drawing of OniRiko is hilarious

    Zuramaru: “KamiHonoka’s in her heaven; all’s right with the world zura~~~”

    Detective Dia Kurosawa: “I OBJECT!”

    Velvet Scarlantina
  4. Who knew if you removed the cringe 2nd years, the show becomes fun to watch?

    But really, I always wondered when will they stopped highlighting the 2nd years (it becomes harder when your best girl isn’t a 2nd year…) because other girls have relationship that needs to be explored too. That fanservice censor attempt by Hanamaru is the first in the LL history too. The only ‘dirty joke’ I remembered from this franchise is during the drama CD of MariMaruRiko.

    Also best asnwer:
    Q: What are you doing?
    A: Shining.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Love%20Live/Love%20Live%20Sunshine%20S2%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    Ah, always a pleasure to see more meme-worthy moments from Riko…

    (*Ball bounces, hits Hanamaru*)
    (*Ball bounces again, hits Ruby*)
    Ruby: “Pigii!”

    Unreal Tournament reference aside, talk about improbable… That, or Yoshiko really does have “E-Rank” luck. Well, she’s still entertaining and likeable anyway.

    It warms the heart that despite the many differences between Aqours’ first-year and third-year members, they still managed to find a way to bond together. And I also couldn’t help but smile at the Kurosawa sisters acting as the “bridge” between the two groups. Plus this episode cements Dia as the actual “take-charge” leader of Aqours.

    1. | Plus this episode cements Dia as the actual “take-charge” leader of Aqours.

      Couldnt agree more on this. I was hoping Kanan to be the “Eli” of the group consider how calm she was most of the time. But i guess Ms Seitokaicho is the best when dealing with leadership after all. God am i the only one whos dying to see a Dia’s episode ??? Cant waitt

      Onion Warrior
  6. I love Chika, I’m glad her decision is vital to the outcome to the group and the future of the school. But does it has to be just Chika that realizes a solution? I find it hard to believe that none of the other characters can come up with a solution to preventing their school from shutting down. Sounds like a grown up problem simplified for children.


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