「天蠍一射」 (Tenkatsu Ichisha)
“Antares Snipe: Scorpion Shot”

I didn’t want that to happen ):

General Impressions

After teasing us with the battle to come last week, I’m glad this week’s episode delivered the goods. Between Astolfo being a complete badass and Chiron somehow being even more awesome than that, there was more than enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. If anything, I think this battle may topple my current “best” fight when Avicebron unleashed Adam onto the world only to have Chiron, Astolfo, Siegfried, and Mordred literally obliterate it.

Anyways, getting back on topic let’s start off with Astolfo really kicking things up a notch this week. Empowered by the full moon, I thought it was great to see a Servant that was deemed “a failure” show us that he’s more than just his base stats. Soaring through the sky on his majestic Hippogriff, it was a blast watching him tear up the Hanging Garden’s defense. And as if watching Astolfo be a badass wasn’t enough, the story made time to remind us that a temporary powerup doesn’t let you defy your limits. I’m not sure how to describe the emotion I felt as I watched Astolfo slowly fall apart (I’m sure deflecting gigantic blasts of magic takes a lot out of you), but I think the moment where we see him holding his broken lance and is staring straight down the final beam was where I started to feel a little tinge in my chest. God, if there ever was an episode that demonstrated Astolfo was more than just someone to stare at, it was this week’s.

Changing gears, I think in its own right Chiron and Achilles fight was also pretty epic. Seeing how the two share a long history and never lost mutual respect for one another, it was a little bittersweet watching them duke it out to the death. However, that bittersweet feeling didn’t last long since it was quite clear that this fight was about a lot more than just one servant battling another. It was a fight of acknowledgement between Teacher and Student – a fight where Achilles proved to Chiron he was someone worth fighting to death against. And for those of you who may feel as strongly about it as I did, I think the dialogue between the two before their fight started did a great job at showing us what kind of relationship they had. Honestly, if you removed everything that happened prior to this moment, I think you’d still be able to understand just how much Chiron and Achilles cared for one another.

God, can you believe that there were only two major fights that went on this week? We still have Sieg versus Karna, Atalanta versus Jeanne, Mordred versus the whole damn castle, and whatever Shirou has planned once he leaves the Greater Holy Grail. Luckily, it looks like Apocrypha has no qualms about giving each battle the time it deserves so I suppose it’s just a matter of time until we get to see all of this plays out. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get to see another fantastic episode. See you then!


    1. It was being considered to be used during the battle against Adam, but after scanning it, he determined that it would not have been strong enough to completely destroy it to where it wouldn’t regenerate.

    2. It doesn’t have much power. It only has good aim and can be activated even without saying its name. Also, it has a limitation of one shot a day, meaning he only has 14 shots in a normal 2 week HGW.

    3. Chiron’s NP can only be used once every night and it’s just a bit more powerful than a normal arrow shot, as you can see, it’s only useful to snipe weak points like Aquiles’s Heel and Sigfried’s back

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2020.jpg
    That’s actually a cool power, to stop time like that. Is that Magecraft? Anyway, from what I have seen with Chiron, the previous episodes, and Achilles now, I guess anyone with Divinity could potentially use some level of Magecraft.

    honestly, to not use a Noble Phatasm because you can’t remember the name. Curious, so can’t someone else just remember the name for Astolfo and tell it to him for next time? I do not understand if Astolfo can use his Noble Phantasm even if he is not under a Moonless night.

    I don’t suppose a kiss, from Achilles, would turn Archer back to normal.
    Notably, for Jeanne to be called a child murderer. Geeeeeee, Gilles would feel so happy.
    On the side note, sheesh Shirou is taking his time saying his wish.

      1. Cat is doing nothing wrong. This grail should have been able to help the children’s souls/wraiths, but Jeanne doesn’t care since she’s already decided that the grail should go the Sieg. I want to bite her peach.

  2. Official relationship chart for Fate/Apocrypha

    Sieg ↔ Astolfo “Trust and mutual dependence.”
    Sieg ← Astolfo “Willing to help him out whenever he needs” & “Romantic love ♥”
    Sieg → Jeanne “Love…?”
    Sieg ← Jeanne “Pledge to protect” & “Romantic love ♥.”
    Sieg ← Siegfried “Sacrifices itself to save the boy.”
    Sieg ↔ Shirou “Enemies.”
    Sieg ← Celenike “Jealousy, envy and hatred.”
    Sieg ← Avicebron “Wanting to use him as his Golem’s ‘core’.”
    Astolfo ← Celenike “Please pardon me.”
    Astolfo ← Celenike “Obsessive–compulsive disorder.”
    Jeanne → Red and black faction “Supervisor”.
    Spartacus → Avicebron “Captured by.”
    Atalanta → Achilles “Don’t call me ‘Big Sister’.”
    Achilles → Atalanta “Likes to call her Big Sister.”
    Achilles ↔ Chiron “Has a connection in their past.”
    Siegfried → Gordes “Obeys.”
    Gordes → Siegfried = “Distrust.”
    Mordred ↔ Kairi “Trust & mutual dependence.”
    Mordred → Semiramis “Distrust.”
    Kairi → Shirou “Distrust.”
    Shakespeare “Forever alone.”
    Shirou ↔ Semiramis “Mutual cooperation.”
    Karna → Siegfried “wanting/swearing to battle him again.”
    Avicebron → Roche “Sees him as a student.”
    Roche → Avicebron “Respect.”

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2015.jpg

    I was actually afraid that BEST GIRL was dying along with Hippogriff because of how the light was emanating from both of them. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.


    What a way to make an entrance – smashing an entire jet fighter into your face, lol.


    So Atalanta is now half Ganon? lol

    And who would have thought that one of the best battles would be just an good old, honorable battle of fisticuffs?

      1. Atalanta wants to save every child and that included the children that made up the embodiment of Jack and she got super pissed that Jeanne exorcised them rather than save them.

    1. Originally I didn’t mind when the comment section originally served as a way for people to complain about FGO for whatever reason. It balanced it out.
      But now I’m finding it irritating when these Apocrypha episodes are now just being mainly filled with stupid Astolfo stuff or waifu crap. Hate to say it, but it really is becoming a toxic fanbase when all people seem to care about are how to bang their waifu.

      1. Grand Order fags were always hated by all other fan bases of all other Fate and Type-Moon series on both sides of the ocean when it comes to discussions related to the Fate and Type-Moon series. Grand Order fan base is also considered the worst Type-moon fan base and main cancer responsiblefor the destruction and deaths of each topic related to the Fate and Type-Moon series on both sides of the ocean.

        Nowadays every time we try to have a topic related to the Fate or Type-Moon series some Grand Order fags will come spamming whatever is happening with his mobage and shitposting about how great the mobage or servants from it are, besides shitting on each Fate and Type-Moon series that is not the mobage and shitposting about how shit all other series and servants from them are. Derailing any conversation that the thread was trying to create.

      2. @SDFGS What the hell did I just read, this can only be a poor joke, you’re criticizing another Fate fanbase while defending cancer like FGO and his fans, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

      3. Apocrypha’s comment section gets more comments than other anime here, but in a bad way. I keep seeing comments like relationship chart or Astolfo is the best girl.

        Being toxic is the ultimate fate of almost all fandoms. The more people it has, the more toxic it is. I don’t say that more people in a fandom is a bad thing, but I have witnessed lots of fandom ruined because of the people.

        One Pinch Man
      4. Apocrypha’s comment section gets more comments than other anime here

        but it’s still far from achieving Aldnoah.Zero threads. Aldnoah.Zero had an average of 205 posts per episode, whereas Apo has an average of 120 posts per episode.

      5. That’s because FGO is a Mobage designed more for satisfying the needs of the otaku audience’s sense of wish-fulfillment. That’s what happens when the Otaku audience’ existence is taken for granted. When that happens, the needs of the otakau pandering becomes more important than history and development of the characters.

      6. @SDFGS You were the first person to mention mobage’s name in this topic. I havenen’t even mentioned gachashit. I’m just sick of people unironically defending Fate/Grand Order as if it’s better than any other franchise series.

      1. Where did i flame against Alfonso? My target was more against the Comment Bots. But perhaps you only saw my name at the beginning and put me on your autohate list without checking the facts

        See, this it how all things start, rushing into things

      2. and? That gives you the right to put all in this thread in the same desk?

        Well, do not rush next time into conclusions. because all jump from the same bridge and others must follow

    2. That is literally the entire modern Fate franchise. It just so happens that the new fanbase only cares about fulfillment fantasies, so they can keep making only that easily marketable shit like FGO.

      1. The vulva isn’t even that puffy. Two of those poses in that image even show off her lack of penis and testicles. I can only assume that this person has never seen male genitalia in their entire life.

    1. – Calls Astolfo a gay
      – Was the first one to attempt to murder Jack
      – Calls the kids innocent despite doing horrific murders to their victims

      Jack should have killed her for being so stupid.

      1. Atalanta lost all my respect ever since she started this whole child murderer crap, the souls of the children that were part of Jack the Ripper were inncent victims of the cruelty of humans but after dear old Jack was born they stopped being innocent, they killed many, many more that is recorded in history, the Mage Association had to sent a death squad to take them down and it was not easy! And what do they do after they are summoned by the Grail? Pick up exactly where they left 200 years ago! Innocent children my ass! Jeanne should get medal for putting them out of their misery.

      1. There’s only one Servant jack. All the other children are completely ordinary children, described as the lowest class of evil spirit that, in all their power combined, could merely plant a weak suggestion of committing murder in one person’s mind. Not a strong compulsion, just a seed of murderous desire that can be easily suppressed.

      2. Those are merely the evil spirits that make up Jack’s combined being. It’s not 10,000 Jacks, it’s 10,000 of those spirits create one single Jack. The LN explains that once Jack ‘dies’ and ceases to be a Servant, the released evil spirits that were once Jack are so weak that any Servant can simply digest them all for mana at will, instantly. They’re extremely pathetic by the standards of spirits, and Servants are high tier spirits.

    1. Jack the ripper killed it for me. It wasn’t for being a Loli. That was fine. It was that stupid spin she did with her knife that chopped up the golem. When she did that, I couldn’t take this seriously anymore and I stopped masturbating.

      1. Sorta, fate’s Jack is an amalgamation of spirits of aborted fetsuses and abused children of prostitutes which is why “Jack” murders prostitutes. The idea is nice but her design is obviously fapbait

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20Apocrypha/Fate%20Apocrypha%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    The thing I don’t understand is why would the director and the entire staff for that matter, go to the trouble of making a girl better than their main heroine in almost every aspect, give her quite a fair bit of development with MC, almost more than main heroine got and then discard that completely so main heroine wins even though there’s a perfectly better girl that they’ve just made and developed right there.

    1. To show that the audience’s view on the matter does not equate the MC’s one. He is not us and we are not him. He can like and get together with whoever he wants regardless of the objective truth the audience tries to force on him.

      Note: Not long before, I had posted in the wrong place

    2. -make MC and side girl have good chemistry
      -other characters even comment on it
      -have countless scenes of them getting along
      -main girl will win because she’s main girl, even though her relationship with MC isn’t nearly as developed and mainly consists of the author just telling us they like eachother

      What the fuck is wrong with nips? Why do they always do this?

      1. How is that an excuse? If Jeanne is too busy to worry about love, why the hell is she going to end up with her love? It’d make more sense if the girl who was more worried about putting effort into her duties as ruler missed out on romance because of it. But instead she’ll win “”””fuck Nasu””””

      2. My point is we’re not being given any reason to believe those two would end up together. Jeanne has put in literally zero effort towards Sieg. It’s been all tell and no show. We’ll probably get one short scene of them finally confronting each other, like it always goes in these things, and that’ll be it

    3. People get together all the time. The only thing needed is mutual attraction. All these Astolfofags are sperging out about why their horse won’t win, but does there need to be a reason beyond the fact that Sieg has someone that he likes more? Does the fact that he’s liked Jeanne for a long time already count for nothing?

      1. You’re not getting the point. One relationship has developed over the course of the actual show. The other, which will be the end relationship, has been nothing but “well they knew each other”. I mean for the first fucking 13 or so episodes she was worrying about the red team. Better fleshing out the relationship that won’t amount to shit makes no sense to me

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

        From complete stranger to friends.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Selective memory sure is amazing. Together at episode 5, together at Jack’s illusion, the whole episode where she was strolling with him in the city of Trifas. But nope, none

      3. the whole episode where she was strolling with him in the city of Trifas.

        Can you really tell something like this never means shit? It’s kindness out of kindness, and even if you had intentions that were not made any clearer with that kindness, people still regard to it as just kindness.

      4. I’m not running through the forest to find the area where he was, finding him, getting him onto the forest, then having to calm him down on that place packed full of servants and masters, then go over test questions to help him, walk him to the forest to drop him off … out of kindness
        You’re delusional.

      5. You don’t? You know, it’s one of those pathetic things in life that makes you think you’re doing shit but in reality no one gives a fuck about. If that’s not called kindness then what is it? Because sure as fuck that never works if you’re doing it for a specific reason.

      6. It’s not like she fell in love because I helped her out. Note she was already getting jealous over Astolfo before that point. The take away from the Trifas scene is that Jeanne was realizing Sieg cares to big deal about her. More than she ever thought.

    4. What’s Astolfo really done anyway to further her cause? She’s asked for some of Sieg’s time and made a weird confession. And that’s enough? Up until last episode she’s always been portrayed as an annoyance to Sieg. But muh chemistry.

  5. Fate/Apocrypha Episode 22 Preview [Reunion and Farewell)

    Atalante turned into a beast to take Jeanne d’Arc down and grant her wish. Jeanne d’Arc stands against Atalante in order to fulfill what she must do. Meanwhile, Sieg’s transformation breaks, and he returns to his original form after a fierce battle against Karna. Though using Magic Spell, Sieg tries to turn into Siegfried as soon as possible, Karna stops him and talks to Caules who is in the back.

    Saikyou Kenja
    1. To show that the audience’s view on the matter does not equate the MC’s one. He is not us and we are not him. He can like and get together with whoever he wants regardless of the objective truth the audience tries to force on him.


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